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Mute Part 4

Part 3

Genre: Angst
Words: 2,046
Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: Rape mentions, hmmm possible cheating (pls don’t read if this will trigger anything & also i’m here to listen if anyone needs to talk)
Summary: Bucky doesn’t know what to do when traumatizing events result in your witty remarks dying down to nothing.

You vaguely remembered Bucky helping you brush your teeth of the acid that had come up before putting you back to bed. The memory was hazy, but you could still see the hesitation in his movements as he draped the covers over you. As he was walking away, you had reached out and gripped his metal arm with a strength you didn’t know you still had. You barely saw his confused expression before you drifted off once again.

The next couple of days were very experimental. Bucky would attempt to touch you in the slightest and most innocent of ways, always respecting your boundaries in the process, and he would always observe your reaction. It took a while, but three days after the incident he realized why you had accepted his touch in the bathroom, and why you did it on certain occasions the past few days. It was the metal. While the touch of his flesh hand still made you jump and kick out at times, the metal relaxed you as soon as it touched your skin. Nothing about it could remind you of the days you spent in pain. It solely belonged to Bucky and solely reminded you of Bucky. It was a reminder of his safety and his presence.

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explains me

Since Disney owns the MCU:

Merida is actually the daughter of Clint and Nat. The Winter Soldier kidnapped her as a baby and Hydra used her in a time travel experiment. She ended up in medieval Scotland.
Meanwhile, her parents were heartbroken. So, Fury erased their memories and told Clint that he was married to Laura and he and Nat are just friends. Only Fury and Laura know the truth.
Before Bucky goes back under, he states that he remembers Clints daughter and Clint has a memory relapse.

Cayden gasped when Crystal began to cry, oh gosh this was his fault! He has to fix it!

“N-No! Don’t go! D-Don’t cry, please! I’m sorry for upsetting you! Y-You belong here! With all of us! I j-just had a bad memory relapse! That’s all! Not your fault, at all!! I am very sorry! Honestly!!”

He scratches the back of his head awkwardly…

“I-I’m sorry I upset you, I’m gonna go, just so I don’t do it again, okay? You’re a nice person!!”

He looks at Glacie.

“I believe you’ve got this?”

He nods at everyone before sprinting off, he feels awful…

Soul Work Recharging from Heavy Retrograde Energies

I will admit lately i’ve been losing my mojo. I finished nursing{for those who don’t know, that’s hormonal overload. I’m getting my body back which i haven’t since 2012! Interesting date}, I’ve been hard working on the library and ecourse plans, dealing with my kids one is getting the awful molars and I was just burning myself out blantantly.
The energy has been heavy, leaving us drained and really feeling like i was suddenly unproductive and going backwards.

So I decided to step back and do some soul work.  When in doubt, go within.

I went back to my unplugging rituals, decided to slow things down, and have been coloring mandalas in the morning. Taking time to do nothing is amazing in this energy. Wow just this simple change has been helping give me back relaxation and release the built up energy of retrograde. It really put things into perspective and felt very heart healing. 

This Retrograde is pretty heavy and resistance if we’re letting it.

Advice for Retrograde:
 Go Deeper into the Subconscious Activities 

Retrogrades Highlight the Subconscious. 
I recommend going into the Right-brain activities.

Creativity. Decorating. Baking. 
Slowing down.
Intention settings - Manifest juice.
Gratitude - Any way to start raising the vibrations.
Watching the Synchronicity and deja vu patterns coming up  
Going within, talking to the universe/higher self/guides
Soaking in Imagery - Pinterest, tumblr, instagram good places for this.
Embracing the Inner Child - play, imaginative wonder, 
Comfort activities - Movies, Games, TV, nature,
Feeling more instead of over thinking, allowing yourself to let go more and letting intuition guide you during this energy. 

We are coming into the Lunar eclipse energy on the 17th. Therefore this will feel like a double dose of divine feminine energy.
Heavy intuitive right-brain feeling space.

The Left-brain processing will feel a bit off. Brain fog. hard to do more logical things.   This results in what some would call “short circuiting”. You begin to experience brain fog, memory relapses, a brief moment of dyslexia, inability to focus on tasks, inability to read for very long, lack of focus, forgetfulness, thinking words but not speaking them, scatterbrained, losing interest very quickly, feeling overwhelmed with understanding the concept of communication and language. 

Lunar Eclipse is very internal, reflective, & emotionally driven. 

There is lots of push and pull going on. Be the Eye in the needle. 

Take Time to do Nothing. Step Back go outside the mind and Find the comfort in the stillness. 

Remember this is the past baggage. don’t hold on too tight.

Wishing you Smooth sailing,
Bucky Barnes x Reader (Love Kills) Part 1 *Requested*

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Request:  Can u make Bucky x reader where reader is a super soldier mentioned in ca:cw and is recued by the avengers from another base of hydra with the days bucky start to feel more than friendship to her and decide to take her on a date final fluff

Word Count: 707 (sorry if it’s short. But hey, it’s the first part :/)

Warning: Whatever :/

A/N: Hey guys, so this is my new series! I hope you like it! If so, message me if you want to be tagged! Thank you! Love ya <3


October 4th, 1980

You couldn’t remember anything. Your mind was blank. Unable to form and thought, let alone memories. A man stood in front of you. You were tied up to a machine. His voice was muffled, but it almost sounded Russian to you. Suddenly the words made you winced in pain. Every syllable, every letter felt like pure agony that you had no escape from. You shut your eyes tight from the pain. Your muscles began to constrict. You No longer had any control over your own body. You screamed, hoping someone would here you, but you knew it was no use. You were trapped. You fluttered your eyes open again, trying to get a glimpse of what was happening to you. But nothing. You felt nothing. Then, everything went black.

The man stopped speaking and walked over to where you were confined, surrounding by the abnormal machine attached to you.


“Ready to comply.”

Present Day; Bucky’s POV

Bucky looked around the room, sipping his coffee quietly. The room was completely white. White walls, white table, white chair, even his clothes he was wearing were white. One of the walls was almost completely made of glass. Behind the glass was a swarm of doctors and other people he didn’t recognize, busy with writing something down or talking to one another for them to even notice he was staring at them. He did see one familiar face. It was T’challa, the man who had helped you in more ways than one. Bucky told Steve that it would’ve been best for him, for everybody, to go back in cryostatis until they could get all of Hydra out if his head. So he could start becoming the man he used to be, before the Winter Soldier. He gave a faint smile the Black Panther, raising his mug to him. T’challa smirked, walking through the doctors to the door. He opened it with ease, shuffling his feet towards the chair across from Bucky.

“Welcome back, Mr.Barnes.” He smiled, shaking Bucky’s hand. His grip was firm, as Bucky remembered.

“How long have I been-”

“Several months.” T’challa interrupted. “7 to be exact.” 

Bucky sighed at the number, raising both his eyebrows. “How is everything? How’s Steve doing?”

“He’s doing well. He comes here often to check on you.”

“Yep, sounds like Steve.” Bucky chuckled, looking down at his hands. “I always told him I’m with him ‘till the end of the line. But now, I guess he’s saying the same thing to me.” T’challa pulled out a file from his jacket and placed it on the table. Bucky grabbed it instantly and quickly flipped it open. “What’s this?”

“We believe we found a way to get everything Hydra did to you, out of your mind.” T’challa stated, shifting in his chair to get a better look at the information. Bucky formed an almost relieved smile upon his face, growing bigger and bigger as he read. 

“Thank you.” Bucky muttered.

T’challa patted Bucky on the shoulder. “You’re welcome Mr. Barnes. We just want to help you get back on your feet. Now let’s say we get you something to eat.”

“Yes, please. I haven’t eaten in forever.” Bucky grumbled, squeezing his stomach as he and T’challa made there way to the door. 

T’challa laughed, “Only 7 months.”


A week had passed since Bucky had been woken up, and progress was moving quickly. He did everything the doctors said without questioning. He soon grew to feel better. He could sleep better, he could dream better. The first thing they did was replace Bucky’s metal arm. He was happy to see that the red star the tortured him for so long, was no longer there. The only thing he didn’t like about the treatment was how painful it was. Day in and day out, he had to relapse agonizing memories from his time as the Winter Soldier. The only thing that kept him going was his will to be in control of his life again. After a while of testing, he was finally finished for the day and decided to rest in his room for the remainder of the day. During this time, he would look back at his journals he had written in long ago. He would smile at the pictures he’d find in old newspapers and such. So much he had missed, yet all he could think about was the future.

Suddenly, his door busted open with a loud slam to the wall. Steve walked in, completely clothed in his Captain America uniform. 

“Steve? What are you doing here?” Bucky questioned, his eyebrow raised in confusion.

“Bucky, I need your help.” Steve said. His voice was serious, causing Bucky to grow nervous. 

“With what?” He hesitated to ask. He didn’t know what to think. Steve just stood there, trying to figure out a good way to tell his best friend what he had discovered. They both hadn’t changed much, appearance wise, accept that Bucky had shaved his stubble back a little. Steve looped his shield behind his back, securing it between his shoulder blades.

Steve sighed, gazing back up at Bucky, “We’ve found another Winter Soldier.”

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abandoning me

alone alone
and all alone
then, and now, but more alone
I chased away
the one I love
my sun, my light, my mourning dove
to save her from a life of pain
of must and swill and acid rain
I freed her from a life of me
from this monster misery

this wild animal
this mad hatter
this dark decent down Jacob’s ladder
this rabies ridden lunacy
this rotten decay that was me
impossible cohabitation
hopeless recluse rehabilitation
impossible love
no sensation
impossible life
slow castration

so I lock myself away from you
there’s nothing left but this to do
I bar the door hide the key
never found never free
never will I see her face
no more life in empty space
never remember what it’s like
no more love it’s just a spike
no more heart no more fear
nothing lovely lives in here
board up the windows
cut the lines
leaving all but me behind
pour out my water pour out my soul
moldy rusty leaky bowl
feed the birds and ravenous beasts
everything I had to eat

I throw my shit out the window
freaky fodder freaky kindle
I trash and burn everything I own
a reminder that I’m all alone
break and melt my valued things
every guitar song note and string
everything that made me smile
I found a new way to defile
art and beauty ripped from walls
no more sex life, no more balls

carefully I lay her dark dark locks
on her picture in a box
inside this precious drawer I lock
rests a locked and hidden box
I kneel before the picture drawer
bruised knees skinned from floor
I will see her, never more
(if I can’t see her, I can’t miss her
if I can’t feel her, I can’t kiss her
If I can’t steal her, I can’t kill her
I leave behind the things I will her)

then I throw the fucking key
and every hope that’s left in me
out the window to the ground
to the lover lost and found

drizzled discontent, scribbled hate
bloodied colors, no more paint
written on walls so I won’t forget
every single fucked regret
my shit and shame stare me down
no more glory, no more crown
if my eyes forget I’ll just remind them
of the brain that lurks behind them

everything is gone
it’s all destroyed
there is no song
there is no void

and now my world, my life, my being
is dripping water from the ceiling
and chipping paint from these feelings
everything I see is trashed
everything my anger’s bashed
all my love reduced to ash

I set my true love free from me
the way it always has to be
the one who suffers should be me
her silent burning memory

I’d like y'all to consider these (primarily stucky) headcanons for missing Cap scenes from Bucky’s POV:

  • Bucky missing Steve after he’s deployed
  • Bucky keeping some sketches Steve drew, taking them out when he needs an anchor
  • Bucky hallucinating Steve while he’s imprisoned
  • Bucky and Steve falling asleep next to each other
  • Bucky watching Steve interact w others with a mix of pride for Steve and bitterness over people not having cared about him before he was Captain America
  • Bucky’s mild surprise at Steve still choosing to spend most of his time w Bucky
  • Bucky and Steve getting some looks from other soldiers over their intense closeness
  • Bucky fonding over Steve’s inability to interact with girls still
  • Bucky watching Steve draw and complimenting him or making silly comments
  • Bucky feeling jealous over Steve and Peggy’s relationship
  • Bucky supporting Steve at every turn even though it hurts
  • Bucky seeing Steve fade away as he falls from the mountain
  • Bucky’s brainwashing relapses, memories of Steve and his old life slipping into the cracks of his mind before they’re forcibly taken away again
  • Bucky’s epiphany before Steve falls into the water, then him jumping in after
  • Bucky walking away to try to cope with all of the things he’s done
  • Bucky writing in his journal, first to keep track of his memories, then just because it helps
  • Bucky researching methods, foods, etc to help w his memory/brain
  • Bucky smiling for the first time since he became the winter soldier and then going blank again because he isn’t sure he deserves to smile anymore
  • Bucky moving from place to place until he finally tries settling down and reclaiming his life
  • Bucky conversing w some of the locals but still keeping a relatively low profile
  • Bucky doing normal things like taking walks and cooking dinner
  • Bucky dealing w PTSD and hypervigilance in his new place
  • Bucky slightly panicking anytime he hears any of the trigger words
  • Bucky watching Steve look through his journal
  • Bucky and Steve talking after his arm is released from the press and Sam eyeing him suspiciously
  • Bucky, Steve, and Sam sitting in slightly awkward silence on the ride to meet Sharon
  • Bucky asking about Sharon, frowning when Steve admits he doesn’t know her very well
  • Bucky dealing with the loss of his arm, Steve waiting by anxiously as Bucky’s arm is operated on
  • Bucky thanking T’challa for everything he’s done
  • Bucky and Steve hugging before Bucky goes under
  • Bucky waking up some time later and the moments of dysphoria before everything clicks back into place
  • Bucky asking the same questions about his head repeatedly because he needs reassurance he isn’t going to attack someone
  • Bucky having to undergo a test where the trigger words are said to him to make sure he’s okay
  • Bucky having a panic attack, but when he calms down realizes his mind is still his own
  • Bucky unable to keep the tears of relief from his eyes
  • Bucky reuniting w Steve again, hugging and tucking his face into Steve’s shoulder
  • Bucky’s fingers gripping Steve’s shirt like a lifeline when Steve says “I missed you, Buck”
  • Bucky moving in w Steve / the team
  • Bucky remembering that he no longer has a journal and buying a new one, clipping a picture of Steve to keep in it because it doesn’t feel right otherwise
  • Bucky interacting w the team, training w them, just hanging out w them
  • Bucky asking Steve about Sharon and his conflicting feelings when Steve says that they decided to stay just friends
  • Bucky trying to ignore the comments that the others make about his and Steve’s relationship
  • Bucky glaring at Sam when Sam just comes to him one day and is like “are you gonna tell him or are you gonna force us to watch you pine for the rest of our lives?”
  • Bucky finally kissing Steve on some random regular afternoon, then pulling away only for Steve to lean in and kiss him back
  • Bucky and Steve pausing when they hear Nat wolf whistle from the doorway
  • Bucky and Steve smiling at each other when Nat says “took you long enough”
  • Bucky and Steve learning there was a betting pool on when they’d hook up
  • Bucky and Steve and the rest of the Avengers living long happy lives like they deserve ok bye
I know you don’t love me anymore, and I want you to know that that’s okay.
I want you to know that I’ve stopped crying over you at night.
I no longer feel like there’s a ghost in my bed, sending chills down my spine that can never be warmed by the daylight.
I want you to know that you’re not the first face that I see in the hallway.
I know you’re no longer mine to search for.
I want you to know that I can listen to our song without a relapse of memories.
Last weekend my friends and I blared it out of the car windows.
I want you to know that the first snowfall is bearable now.
I know we danced in it once, but I’m okay with dancing alone.
I want you to know that I’ve stopped being bitter.
People fall out of love, it’s okay that you did too.
I want you to know that I can love again.
I know more about love than I did before.
I want you to know that I don’t hate you for leaving me.
I know I am not what you made me think I am.
—  I learned more from heartbreak than I did from love -t.m.l

I have arrived in thought, numerously,
to those places inside my mind, where,
light never glints and the fading corners fuse;
I always find, doors tightly shut,
windows boarded closed;
It is inconsequential,  
to debate the reasons for this obscurity,
from my own self,
for in a way everyone is concealed,
behind shells of their own making,
safe-keeping parts of them,
pure and unadulterated;

Here I have sequestered,
a lifetime away from scrutiny,
festered into relapsing memories;
I am not complete, I am best ambiguous,
Yet I am not incomplete?

Now my senses are sublimated,
induced drugged with foibles,
as I begin to furiously dig
away seeking, the shadows, with every step,
the chiaroscuro...the dance of dark and light within me
I feel myself elongate like the flame of a candle,
and curve and break into an abstraction;
Then I congeal in the hands of the nefarious incubus
who has eyes of amber;
I feel love take me in its hideous paws,
and break my wishbone-backbone insouciantly;
I become the lake, aloof, mysterious, placid…
and then just as quickly I erupt into the crashing waves of the sea,
that dab my fires and evoke a different turmoil;

I am stymied by my half-humorous perversities,
my attempts at dissecting my whole;
The inexorable irony of it,
that my fugues should be the sole reason I query,
into the dismal,
without any means possible,
to define these blurry prints permanently.

© SoulReserve 2015 

I think what is going on in the undercurrents is Newcomers are stepping on board and we’re feeling them. As we are ONE collective consciousness we can easily feel the others stepping on. The emotional triggers seem to be occurring for everyone which is a sign of the brain rewiring or people being triggered inti their awakening. Some may even get a taste of dark night of the soul recap or begin experiencing their own dark night.  Many people will begin to face their shadow or antithesis as the veil gets thinner and thinner. 11.11 is coming which is a stargate and a catalyst for change. For me it is easy to see people are changing they are getting sick, flu symptoms, having life triggering moments, death and the energy is hard to contain. You may be euphoric one minute and burst into tears the next. For others we are sensing more strength and with that comes our minds getting stronger and stronger. Our abilities are heightening but it feels much like were in limbo or void space needing a direction. Spurts of wanting to “ create” then suddenly lacking motivation. Our minds feel murky and our bodies heavy not sure what to do as if we are stuck in two different worlds at once. 

It feels as if we are dying yet being reborn within the physical. The old paradigm is losing it’s bearings which means the Old consciousness is dying and the new evolved consciousness is being born. This means there will inevitability be a DEEP resistance that we need to let go of, some may even have memory relapses where you feel crazy or still trapped in the illusions then the next minute you are free of them. There is an intense push and pull as the ego loses it’s bearings over our consciousness. It wants to fight for control but we just have to let go. It can feel like an direct purge of our reality, you may want to retreat from the world but at the same time you want to be emerged into it to help others. As the resistance deepens there is soooo much egocentric playing the victim, you just have to let go. Cleanse. Purge. Release. This is a strong one and it’s only going to get stronger the more we recalibrate towards these new energies. Its not the end it’s only the beginning. I’m  very excited for what’s coming, we are beginning to watch the world change right before our eyes. Its kinda unbelievable but this is very real and bigger than you can imagine. Evolution is real and it starts with us.

V | Remembering You Fic ft. Baekhyun

Part V of Remembering You featuring Baekhyun. angst, romance, feels, friendship.

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four


You can’t find the hunger inside of you despite missing dinner the previous night and skipping breakfast offered by Kris earlier in the morning. How can you eat when the last thing you imagined could happen today; happened?

Baekhyun sat across the breakfast table, slowly eating porridge that he had mad and he stared at you. He wondered why you weren’t touching your bowl of it and why you looked so aghast.

This was like any other day that you had ever woken up to.

“Any plans today?” Your husband made simple conversation and awaited a reply. But you didn’t say a word; you were still in disbelief. “Uh, you don’t have a shift at the office?”

He remembered. Baekhyun remembered something that had occurred during the same time of your wedding.

“I.. I qui-” You stopped yourself. If he had remembered, then he didn’t know about the relapses in memory, right? “Mmm. Actually, I’m thinking of quitting that job”

You had to patch bits and pieces of your life back together just so the picture would make sense to him. You still had no idea of the complete mindset of Baekhyun and whether he was truly regaining his sense of memory.

Maybe you should have called the psychiatrist, psychologist or therapist, the moment that Baekhyun remembered you as his wife. But for even just an hour or two; you wanted to escape that reality and have the Baekhyun you’ve been waiting for, all for yourself.

“Why? You love your job” He gave a warm smile, one that only a husband could give, “Is there another career that you’re thinking of pursuing?”

You couldn’t tell him that you had been his caregiver for almost over a year and that his parents and your own had been sending money every week just to get the two of you going. 

“I was thinking of something along the lines of a caregiver” You answered, curious as to how he would respond.

“Woah, really?” Baekhyun was genuinely happy as he sipped his orange juice, “I never took you as the kind, but then again, you’re my wonderful wife. You do such a great job of taking care of the both of us… sometimes I think that I’m not good enough for you”

“Hey, don’t think that way” You sighed before making your way towards him so you could kiss him on the cheek, “I love you; and the day I married you; I promised that I’ll always be there for you”

Baekhyun kissed you in return, ever so sweetly on your lips. You didn’t realise how much you missed his touch till this moment. 

“And I hope I can be there for you… because I really do love you” 

Later in the day, you had figured out on your own that Baekhyun was living in the period two weeks after your wedding.

It was two weeks before the honeymoon incident that made him this way.

The thought of consulting the psychiatrist and psychologist didn’t cross your mind at all. You wanted to be greedy; you wanted this Baekhyun all to yourself. But you knew it wasn’t right. So you thought of telling Kris.

You had called a few of the boys over to hang out with Baek at your place, hoping that maybe it could help with the relapse and give them a chance themselves to remember the Baekhyun that they knew then.

Sehun was the one most overwhelmed by the news. He almost bawled his eyes out when you had called him; you could even hear the sobs about to start. Chanyeol was skeptical but glad to hear it and was looking forward to chatting like old times with his good friend.

At the same time, you had called Kris over to the cafe at the corner of the apartment block’s street; you were going to tell him the good news.

“Sorry I’m late” Kris apologised as he joined you at the table furthest away from the front doors, “I was out of town for a few hours, had some people to meet and things to do. But enough about me, what’s up?”

You tried to hide the smile on your face but also hoped that he’d reciprocate it at the mention of Baekhyun recovering his memories.

“Baek… he remembered” You gave the news straight away, waiting for his reaction, “He remembers me, he remembers our wedding. It’s like it’s all a dream but I’m so happy that I had to tell you and-”

“-it won’t last long” 

Only four words came from Kris’ mouth and they were enough to kill the mood. You thought that he would be the least bit happy for you. But apparently not.

“Sorry, what?” 

“Having your husband remember a few minor details doesn’t guarantee that he’ll keep remembering and that his memories will stay” He appeared solemn, his expression much like that of a true psychiatrist, “You can’t bet all your happiness on it”

Why couldn’t he bask in the moment? Would it hurt him to do so?

“I’m not taking this for granted at all!” You didn’t want to be mad at him but your emotions got the best of you. “What would you know?! You’re not even a practicing psychologist or psychiatrist, or whatever you think you are. I thought that we were at least friends, Kris, why can’t you share the few seconds of joy with me?”

You didn’t wait for an explanation nor a response. You immediately rose up from your place at the small cafe table and stormed out of the cafe; now heading home.

As for Kris himself, he slumped in his seat. It wasn’t the first time he had seen someone react like that. There were a couple of times where he had to tell a patient’s family and friends that their relapses and short bursts of memories were transient and fleeting. 

And then there was the one time where it was Kris who was the one who wanted to believe that even for a day or two, that he could enjoy the fact that his own fiancee could finally remember the man that she was supposed to marry.

OOOOOH. Did you guys like this chapter? the angst is up a level LOL. I also hope you guys are starting to picture the back story to Kris and what happened with him before~~~~~~ Anywho, thanks a bunch for reading! 

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EDIT: P.S the oc is not / was not Kris’ fiancee previously LOL 

Till the next chapter!

Déjà vu Dreams

I had a dream last night & during my dream i remember thinking/having the sensation of déjà vu/have lived it before.. why is that? how could it be?

Déjà vu is something i speak of often throughout the blog this is because the universe is quite humorous and likes to play around with us. If you’ve ever seen the matrix there is the scene where Neo experiences Deja Vu which causes him to pay attention and realize there has been a change, a GLITCH in the matrix…well reality works a bit similar. We experience these deja vu glitches because it is a way for our subconscious mind to trigger a response, a memory relapse into Awakening. Reality is a WILD. This probably happened during your dream because we can often experience dream memories where we experience something within our dream that we have experienced within a different past life or universe even. Often dreams are usually more symbolic but this CAN happen because this is technically the work of your subconscious long term memory, the connection to the Akashic. The Mind works from memory and we often have the ability to experience these deja vu glitches when we need to see and acknowledge something we generally would miss if we’re not paying attention. Symbols we need to see and encounter to better understand ourselves. 

This is all memories and sometimes we need to time travel in that sacred spiral to get where we need to be, to heal and release. Your mind was probably just doing some subconscious processing to heal and release what you needed to move forward. 

love <3