memories overflowing

Hufflepuff x Hufflepuff friendships: They’re waking up in glorious light, the gentle, tripping peace of the morning. They’re unexpected gestures, food or thoughts or blankets for the cold. They’re compliments, smiles turning skyward, thumbs dragged over soft skin, let me know you get home safe texts. They’re running through flower fields in the spring, hurricane petals fuelling runaway hearts, maps and compasses that always point back to home. They’re pulling you closer, letting you in, trusting you with your barely-there breath on their neck. They’re sun cracked smiles, flowers blooming in the palms of your hands. They’re eyes so soft they could be made of silk, kiss-bitten lips and cheeks made of roses. They’re the first easy breath after years of suffocation, knowing that whatever happens, you’re going to be okay because they’re beside you.

Hufflepuff x Gryffindor friendships: they’re blanket forts with secret passwords, a world built up from nothing. They’re laughter late at night, choked noises when you know you should be silent. They’re back to back, spinning, a wild desire to protect, to love, to have forever, not just today. They’re boxes overflowing with memories: cards and pressed flowers and lipsticks from first kisses you don’t really remember. They’re smiles wider than the sky, promising the universe if it means having each other: the sun, the stars, the flowers, the moon. They’re giddy, excitable, endless, maddening fun; the beauty of innocence embodied in the breath between your lungs. They’re hiding but always being found, secrets neither of you can keep. They’re falling asleep under a mountain of words- dreams and adventures and the promise of a better world tomorrow.

Hufflepuff x Ravenclaw friendships: they’re constellations made by far away stars, places you haven’t visited yet. They’re hiding in empty swimming pools, night spilled fracture lines, light reflected through a broken mirror. They’re staying up too late and waking up too early, weary yawns into knuckles and kisses pressed onto delicate palms. They’re smiles like spun sugar at breakfast, seeing the universe reflected in each other’s eyes, reading poetry from lips shaded pink. They’re gasping breaths when no one else can hear, hiding hurt no one else can see. They’re talking pain into silk, weaving misery into tapestries stained with desperate last words: I love you, I need you, why wasn’t I enough? They’re picking up pieces of each other and examining them, studying them, dusting them off and putting them together again. They’re arm in arm, skipping, dancing to a rhythm neither of you can hear yet. They’re reaching, reaching, stretching across the void, pulling back, pulling in, safe in each other’s arms.

Hufflepuff x Slytherin friendships: they’re knees pulled up to your chest, hushed whispers in the early morning. They’re a hand at the base of your spine, subtle touches, smiles, small and fleeting. They’re silence hanging through water, eyes closed, warm, gentle, calm, safe. They’re slamming books down, lightning cracking the sky, thunder rolling in your breath. They’re losing oxygen, hurricane hearts and lungs swimming with poetry. They’re still, so still, static thought made art on canvas skin. They’re pulling back, helping up, balancing on someone’s shoulders. They’re secret meetings in dusk-hushed corridors, tears when you can’t hold them in. They’re light crossing the sky in the early morning: possibilities pressed gently into the palm of your hand. They’re reaching for someone and knowing that they won’t let go- not unless you tell them to.

Twenty One Pilots is so colorful.

The shows are red. The shows are the color of headlights through the rain, the rims of your eyes after you cry, the feeling a shout gives you. They are crimson and bright, bleeding into the heart and souls of those who can witness it.

The people are magenta and yellow, green and brown. Josh’s voice is pink-red filtered with yellow. He is summer. Tyler’s mind is green, to remind us of the trees he once screamed to. His heart is brown, for brown is made up of all the colors. And while others may call it an ugly color, I know it is a burden of an overflowing mind.

The memories are blue. Moonlight filtering through ocean waves. It is the light in the drowning, in the swimming. Memories are what remain of old shows, old speeches, old tweets, old faces. The memories are so, so blue. 

And then there is the music. It filters in where the other colors cannot reach, and therefore binds them all together. It is a pallet of broken hearts and teary eyes. A painting composed of final triumphs, and written words. It its visible when nothing else seems to be.

This is a colorful band.

Memory Lane

Part I

More Risace AU

It’s driving him mad.

They have no idea who he is, only that he’s suffered a head injury and was found by some do-gooder.

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Bloodline (Part 2) - Carl Grimes & Negan Imagine

Part 1

Part 3

requests: Hey, I know you’re probably really busy with other fanfics and stuff, but if you could, would you write a fic were the reader is dating Carl in Alexandria and Negan is her father/step-father but they got separated in the beginning of the apocalypse and she highkey hates him? This would probably take place after the lineup. Thanks loads!


Part 2 please this is amazing ❤❤

pairing: father negan x reader

a/n: this is angsty and emo as hell… you have been warned

word count: 1,117

tagged users: @deeindarkwonderland @namelesslosers @styles-grimes 

You woke up in an unfamiliar room. You had been set down on a bed in the corner, with a pile of clean clothes and some boots on the floor beside you. You remained in the bed for a minute, trying to ease your pounding head which was overflowing with memories of the night before. 

Your father had taken you back with him. You missed that after blacking out. It was the only reasonable explanation, though. You slowly forced yourself out of the bed and glanced at yourself in the mirror propped up against the wall. You looked like shit, to say the least. 

Your hair was a ratted mess, and your lips were dry, cracked, and peeling. Your skin had become unbearably red because of your forgetfulness when it came to washing it. Those were the least of your concerns, though. You had no idea how far away from your family you were, or if they were okay. 

You left the room without changing into the clothes by your bed. You didn’t want anyone to get the idea that you were staying. You opened the door and found yourself in a huge hallway. Beside your door stood a man with a burn covering half of his face. You felt bad for flinching a little when he faced you, but he didn’t seem to notice. 

“Hey, kid,” he said. “Come with me.” 

You stayed put, your arms at your sides and your hands balled in fists. “Where am I?” 

The man was stern and seemed emotionless as he stated his response. “Just come with me.” 

It wasn’t like you had any better option. You followed him down the hallway until he stopped outside two large doors. He knocked a few times, and a woman in a black dress cracked one of the doors open. She seemed unimpressed by the man’s presence, but her eyebrows raised when she saw you. She nodded at the man and went back inside the room. 

You almost asked who he was, or who the woman was, but you didn’t want him to think that you were scared at all. You waited silently outside the doors for a minute or two. For what, you were unsure. 

The door swung open once again, and your father stepped outside. The man with the burned face nodded at him, then left. Your eyes followed him, as you wished to leave by his side. You weren’t ready to see your dad. You couldn’t. 

Before you could stop him, your father hugged you. You didn’t return the favor, though. You stood uncomfortably with your hands at your sides and your eyes shut. You tried your hardest to forget where you were. All you wanted was to be with Carl again. He was the only one who could get you to relax. 

“I thought you were dead,” your dad whispered. “I woke up one day, and you were gone. I thought someone took you.” He pulled away from you, but left his hands on your shoulders. “How the hell did you end up with those pieces of shit in Alexandria?” 

You looked at him in disbelief, taking a step away from him. “What are you talking about?” 

“They killed my men. We didn’t even know who they were until they killed everyone in one of our outposts.” 

You finally connected the dots. Your father was Negan, the man whose people raided your first group, the Hilltop, and had then gotten a hold of Alexandria too, somehow. 

“You stole from the Hilltop,” you said. Your voice was cracking, and your nose began to run as tears welled in your eyes. “You stole from my family.” 

Your dad shook his head and stepped towards you, but you shuffled further away from him. “I am your family. I saved you from those people in Alexandria. You can be with me again. You can stay here, and you can have whatever you want.” 

You shook your head violently as he continued to try to persuade you. “What do you mean, you saved me from the people in Alexandria?” 

Negan remained silent, shock evident in his eyes. 

“Those pieces of shit from Alexandria are my family. What do you mean, you saved me from the people in Alexandria?” you repeated. 

His face flushed pale. “I made sure they would never try to get you back.” 

Your breathing quickened, and your chest heaved, making your effort to steady your breaths evident. “What the hell did you do?” You took a step forward, facing him with the sternest look on your face you could muster. 


“I swear to god, if you put your fucking hands on any of them I’ll kill you right here,” you threatened. 

Your dad put his hands on his forehead and walked away from you, ignoring your yells. 

“What did you do?” Your voice boomed through the halls, but you didn’t care. You had to know what he did to your family. 

“I killed them!” 

Your mouth fell open, and you couldn’t stop hot tears from rolling down your cheeks. 

“They took you away from me. I had to scare them so they wouldn’t try to take you away from me again,” he said, coming back to you. You placed your hands on the wall and rested your forehead against it. 

“All of them?” you asked through tears. Not that it would make you feel any better, but you had to know that Carl was alive. 

“No, no. Not all of them.” 

Your mind was subconsciously playing a guessing game. You couldn’t remember who all was there, but you couldn’t imagine your life without all of your family. You needed to know. 

“Who did you kill?” you asked, your voice scratchy and raw. Your dad remained silent, shaking his head at the ground. “Don’t make me ask again.” 

“I can’t tell you! Shit! If I knew you cared about them-”

“No! You don’t get to pull that bullshit on me! You don’t get to be the good guy. I hate you! I would kill you right now if I could, and don’t think that’s an empty threat.” 

Your dad wiped the tears that fell from his eyes, and you stepped closer to him. 

“The second I get the chance, I will kill you. You’re not my family. You’re not my father. I want one of your people to take me home, and I never want to see you again.” 

Your eyes bore into those of your father, and he could tell you weren’t lying the slightest bit. You had never wanted to kill anyone in your life, but that all changed as soon as you found out your family was hurt. 

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if the stars didn’t elevate
your laughter higher than
the wind chimes placed
horizontally in my chest
& every decision leading
up to pulling your lips
apart for memories
overflowing in everything
but a cup of pride for
your hands to learn the
depth of, we wouldn’t
have met - you smile
& I forget everything I
was going to say, but I
would rather follow your
thoughts into fragments
that keep you missing the
whole, than savor three
words I can easily
rearrange into


Memory Lane

Part II

Part I

“You got an idea yet?”

It’s been three days since the redhead with eyes the colour of honey in sunlight first introduced herself and Asce can safely say his stay in hospital has brightened significantly. He’d still rather be out of here, but given his injuries he’s confined to bed.

But hey, at least they’re giving him the good drugs and allowing him good company.

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Dark Secrets - Part 2

Context: You are a Slytherin who enjoys long walks in the Forbidden Forest, keeping dark secrets, and falling for a guy you never thought you’d fall for.

Warnings: This talks about spiders for all my arachnophobes out there.

Part one

A week passed before you took another trip out to the Forbidden Forest. The last time was when you stumbled upon Draco’s dark secret. After you two left the forest, you checked on him daily to make sure he was okay. Today was no different, except he was nowhere to be found, so you decided to take a quick stroll through your favorite forest to clear the clouding thoughts and memories in your overflowing mind.

It was pitch black out but your wand was your guide, giving you light while you brushed through trees and bushes, finding a good spot to sit down and stare up at the dark shapes the trees made. You reminisced about the times before terror took hold of Hogwarts and how easy it was to sneak through the quiet corridors and out into the silky night. The dangers that lay before you were nothing but adrenaline rushes that kept you moving, never stopping to rethink your decisions. If you got caught, it could mean life or death, but you had no intentions of chickening out. Your thoughts traveled to last week and how Draco held onto you, needing someone to comfort him. Your mind reeled at the thought of his blonde hair soft against your cheek as you rocked him back and forth, his scent still lingering in your senses.

You shot up from where you were laying, shaking your head vigorously trying to forget what you just thought, but the feeling you just experienced lingered. A branch snapped and you shot your eyes in the direction of a tall figure. You stood up with your wand at ready.

“Who’s there?” You demanded.

Draco stepped out of the darkness and into sight and you sighed, letting your wand fall back to your side.

“You scared the living daylights out of me.” You said, sitting back down onto the fallen tree.

“Sorry.” Was all he could manage before sitting next to you. There was a piercing silence before he spoke.

“I just wanted to thank you for being there for me.” He said, twiddling his wand in his hands. “I didn’t think that I could go through with it and I still don’t, but it’s nice to know that someone cares for me and doesn’t see me as a monster.”

You looked into his pale blue eyes, finding truth behind his words. “I could never see you as a monster, Draco. You have a heart like everyone else, it’s just the way you show it is a bit…different.”

He smiled and you felt your chest tighten. Why did you feel these things? Surely you hadn’t started to like him.

“What are you doing out here?” He asked.

“I like to take nightly walks in the woods when my anxiety is high to clear my head. I can’t sleep when nights like these are upon me.”

“It’s dangerous out here. You sure you know what you’re doing?” He gave you a sloppy smile and it made your heart skip a beat.

“Of course. Danger is my adrenaline rush and I guess I’m a junkie for it.” You said, relaxing a little. You weren’t aware of how tense you were. “What are you doing out here?”

“I saw you leave the castle and decided to follow you. I was curious as to why you would leave all alone at night and enter a forest with a reputation.” You both smiled.

“It’s like a comfort for me. It sounds weird, I know but I really enjoy coming out here, surrounded by the mysterious.” You felt him move and looked over to see him straddling the tree, facing you, his eyes intently watching you.

“Well, I can see why. You’re a mystery yourself.” He said. You too turned to straddle the tree, facing him.

“Am I? What makes you think that?” You asked, giving him a cheeky smile.

“Well, most people would run after seeing the dark lord give someone a dark mark.” He paused, pain washing over his face for a split second before it disappeared. “But you didn’t. You stayed and helped me and took care of me and I really do appreciate it.” He touched your hand lightly.

You felt a shiver run through your spine as his cold fingers gracefully trailed across the back of your hand. “Why weren’t you in your classes today?” You asked him, distracting yourself.

He shrugged and looked away. “’S nothing.” You knew he was doing deeds for that vile beast and you understood. He was Voldemort’s property now and had to obey his every command or his family and his friends lives would be in danger.

“I’m sorry.” You said. “I can understand if you don’t want to talk about it, but please don’t forget that I am here for you.” You reached out and touched his cheek, not knowing that you had the ability to do so, but you felt the urge to comfort him.

There was a moment, between the two of you, that sparked a fire deep inside you, and for some reason, you both started to lean towards one another as though gravity was pulling you both into a space between the two of you. Your hand was still on his cheek and his hand was still on your other one. You were inches apart when you heard voices in the distance. Breaking the trance, you both quickly got up, Draco pulling you to his side.

“We have to hide. If they find us, both of our heads will be on the headmasters desk for display.” You said, taking Draco’s hand and running. You didn’t stop running until you felt as though your heart would beat out of your chest. You paused and bent over, hands on your knees trying to catch your breath. You glanced over to see Draco doing the same.

“I didn’t know you could run like that.” He said, in between breaths. You let out a small laugh before straightening back up.

“What can I say? I have a knack for adrenaline.”

He smiled at you before you both started to take in your surroundings. You hadn’t been looking where you were going and ended up in a part of the forest you hadn’t seen yet.

“Well this is new.” You said, trying to lighten up the mood. He side eyed you before taking out his wand and lighting up the area. You felt the air tense as things started to take on shapes.

“What the hell..” You said, trailing off before gasping.

The biggest damn spider you ever did see was standing only feet away. You felt fear rise in your chest as your anxiety overtook you. You backed into Draco, never taking your eyes off the giant.

“Y/N, you alright?” Draco asked you, taking your hand and pulling you behind him.

You weren’t aware of your body literally vibrating with fear. “Have I ever mentioned my biggest fear is spiders? Like biggest fear?”

“Well, now was a great time to have told me.” He said, pushing you back until you both hit a tree.

The spider started to delicately move towards you, taking light steps before you both decided that now was a good time to book it.

Taking off into the woods, holding hands, you both ran without a real destination in sight. You peeled behind you to see if the giant was still following only to realize it was right on your heels. You screeched, running faster than your body had ever gone before, dodging branches and fallen trees.

If you had really been paying attention you would have noticed the giant person standing in front of you before you and Draco both slammed into him.

“Whoa there, what are two kids like yourselves doing this deep in the forbidden forest?” You heard Hagrid’s voice and immediately stood up from the spot you had fallen to get behind him.

“Hagrid…Sp..SPIDER!” You screamed. Hagrid looked up to see the giant spider standing there.

“Oh this fellow? Hey, go on back to your pack. They’re not food. Sorry.” He said to creature before it turned and sulked back into the darkness.

Draco was stunned as he sat at Hagrid’s feet.

“Now, mind telling me what you two are doing out here? Hope no funny business, if you know what I mean.”

Part Three

A/N: I have the biggest fear of spiders on the planet earth. I hated writing the part but I literally wrote it as if it were me facing the big spider. Also, i locked my keys in the car the other day and there were some really nice people to help me unlock it. But turns out they messed up a locking mechanism in my driver door and now my driver door doesn’t work so i literally dukes of hazard my way into the front seat. Moral of story: Have a spare key located on your car for reasons like that.

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Arc V Episode 142 Cast+Summary

Episode 142: あふれる記憶 – Afureru Kioku
(Overflowing Memories)
Yuya, Gongenzaka, Sawatari, and Tsukikage engage in a Battle Royale in the Volcano Field. During the fierce battle, Yuya suddenly regains memories about the Synchro Dimension…

Yuya, Gongenzaka, Sawatari, and Tsukikage engage in a Battle Royale in the Volcano Field. As Yuya and Sawatari duke it out in an intense Entertainment Duel, Yuya suddenly regains memories about the Duels in the Synchro Dimension. What are the meanings of those memories, and what exactly is Akaba Reiji’s true motive!?

Sakaki Yuya
Hiiragi Yuzu
Kurosaki Ruri
Gongenzaka Noboru
Sawatari Shingo
Hiiragi Shuzo
Yamashiro Tatsuya
Harada Futoshi
Ayukawa Ayu
Nico Smiley
Sakaki Yoko
Sakaki Yusho
Akaba Reiji
Akaba Himika

Script: 前川 淳 || Maekawa Atsushi

Fic: How Lucky We Are (13/14) (M)

Author’s note: We’re almost at the end, folks! Just the epilogue is left. I hope you’ve enjoyed this ride as much as me!

Also posted: / AO3

Chapter 13

Killian drummed his fingers on the hilt of his sword, trying not to stare out the window of his cabin. The hours since he parted from Emma felt like the longest of his very long life. What had he been thinking, choosing to sleep out on his ship while his princess stayed in the castle? But as he explained to Emma the night before, he was an old sailor, and with that came a healthy respect for superstition and tradition.

Emma tugged her cloak tighter around her shoulders, the hood obscuring her face. It felt like no time had passed, that she was still the rebellious princess, sneaking off to see her lover. But Killian was being ridiculous! After all they’d been through, it seemed absurd that some old wives’ tale could keep them apart the night before their wedding! She tried to sleep in the bed they’d shared, but all she did was toss and turn. She missed his arms around her, his firm body tucked against hers. After the cramped bunk on the Jolly, their bed felt far too big for her.

Above all else she missed him.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc V 142: Overflowing Memories

Alternate titles:

  • A (Un)Timely Valentine’s Day Present from the Arc V Staff in the Form of FRUITSHIPPING GALORE
  • Yuya’s Overflowing Memories Gives the Arc V Fandom Overflowing Tears
  • The YGO franchise continuously proves it cannot draw babies well
  • THE MAN GONGENZAKA completing Yuya’s catchphrase is what we all needed in life
  • The KING JACK ATLUS makes a not so grand cameo in this arc
  • Yuya establishes once and for all the difference between a bike and a D-Wheel (”BIKE JA NE, D-WHEEL DA.”)
  • Cause of Sawatari Shingo’s death: Entermate Discover Hippo and Gongenzaka and Yuya’s Friendship
  • The Ultimate Sakaki Yuya Formation of Yuya, Discover Hippo, and Odd Eyes is Created
  • Hiiragi Shuzou Solidifies His Role as Best (Living) YGO Dad and Mentions Hiiragi Yuzu First in the Pendulum Dimension
  • Natsumeme Can Sleep In Peace Now that Someone Remembered Crow-sama
new politics

A/N: This is a lil drabble I made listening to the New Politics Album ‘A Bad Girl In Harlem’, I wrote it with peter in mind, but I didn’t use a name so you can read it with whoever you had in mind from the x squad <3

Warnings: angst, lowkey depression, drinking, let me know if I missed anything

masterlist + request

The smell is intoxicating.

He’s walking through the mall, passing a fragrance counter on his way out of the crowded place when he catches it. His hands are shaking, but his whole body freezes when he gets about three feet away from the glass counter, whose surface is crowded with bottles and containers of scents that interest hundreds of other people. The sugary smell of roses coats his throat and it’s like he forgot how to breathe.

Memories come flooding back, overflowing from the barrier he put up several months ago.


He remembers meeting you at that party, the catchy New Politics song blasting through the cheap, blown out speakers. Your perfume was strong to him then, an unfamiliar scent that he wanted-needed, to investigate. He ventured to you at the slow point in the song, when the chorus was ending and the bridge was beginning. Your wild eyes met his and the whole scene happened like they show in the movies. A mere short countdown, a few words that were supposed to signal a new beginning for the whole world meant nothing to him. When the crowd chanted the words ‘Happy New Year’, her hands were on the nape of his neck and pulling him gently down toward her. The fireworks went off and the chorus continued reverberating through the crowd.


He remembers Berlin, most of all. He remembers surprising you with the tickets in your shared, beat down apartment while you sat on the mattress, which was covered in dirty sheets and lying on the hardwood floor. He remembers you tackling him and crashing into the messy sheets and pillows. Her remembers the way that you looked over him, arms resting on either sides of his head and your hair hanging over one shoulder. He remembers, probably in too much detail, what happened in the hours that followed.


He remembers you two walking through the downtown streets, clad in clothes made of fine silk, expensive furs and precious diamonds. He remembers how you carried the bottle of upscale champagne that you stole from the restaurant, taking large gulps of the amber liquid as you walked through the puddles that lined the streets. He remembers the way the knuckles of your free hand felt against his lips. He remembers how smooth the cobblestones of the street were as you sat on the edge of a bridge to watch the setting sun. He tries to forget how the light played off the shininess of your hair and your cheekbones.


He remembers when you both returned.

That’s probably the worst one.


He remembers when you left, and how he would sleep on the hardwood floor because your smell was still on the sheets. He remembers how he didn’t fix the dresser for a month because the shelves were still open, and you’d forgotten one of your sweaters at the bottom of the top left drawer. He didn’t touch it for two months. By the time he finally did, the only smell lingering on the wool fabric was the dust that had seeped into the stitching. It no longer smelled like you, and maybe that was a good thing.


He’d forgotten the smell of your hair, the fabric you liked, your favorite color, he’d forgotten all about you.

At least he thought so.

He was fine until he walked past that perfume stand.

No, not fine. He was particularly average. He didn’t eat at his favorite restaurant anymore; it reminds him too much of you. He didn’t put much effort into his schoolwork, or his training at the mansion, or his job at the movie theatre. Come to think of it, he didn’t put much effort into anything anymore. Not since you left.

He’s trying though, trying his absolute hardest to move on.

He goes on dates, ones that his friends set him up with. They’re nice, but there’s no reason for him to lie to himself, or to the person that he’s seeing. They’re over quickly. Sometimes there’s tears, sometimes there isn’t. Usually he’s slapped and left standing alone in front of his door.

He’s not fine. He feels like shit. All the time.


The cashier is a little confused as to why a guy who clearly hasn’t slept in days, is clearly alone, is buying a bottle of perfume that’s very rarely purchased. He brushes it off, telling the cashier that it’s a gift. He doesn’t elaborate, because his voice is about to crack.

He gets home and realizes that it was a stupid decision to buy the small glass bottle. He leaves it on the desk, still in its packaging and stares at it for a few hours, debating whether or not to return it, or trash it or something.

His phone rings, and he picks up, still looking at the bottle in its foiled packaging. Soon, he’s going out the door, meeting up with a few friends at a bar.


He practically crashes through the door, a bottle of Jack Daniels still in his hand. Even in his drunken state, he can’t stop thinking about that damn bottle sitting on his desk.

Finally, he gives up.

He falls asleep, still in his clothes and shoes, clutching his pillow close to his chest. For a moment, he forgets that the pillow isn’t you. He forgets that he’s smelling the store-bought perfume off of his pillow, and not your hair when you’re safe in his arms.

Float- Jughead Jones Fic (Part Two)

A/N: Part two of the fic! Its still a pretty slow beginning, but I decided to combine parts two/three so its not as slow rolling.  Here’s Part one and Here’s Part three and here’s part four

Words: 2764


    I woke up in a cold sweat, my hands shaking slightly, and the beginnings of sunlight filtering through the trees and into the lot. These days, waking like this wasn’t peculiar. Ever since I left my home, I often found myself unable to sleep, and when I did, it wasn’t necessarily the most delightful of times either.Now was not the time to think of that. Chiding myself, I shrugged out of my jeans, opting for some leggings and an old sweater that may have been slightly too big. Tossing my hair up, I grab my things and make my way towards the outhouse-esque bathrooms. It was the first day back at school after a long summer, and I’d be damned if I looked the way I felt.

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Dear you
刀剣男士 team新撰組 with蜂須賀虎徹
Dear you

Dear you || from Musical Touken Ranbu -Bakumatsu Tenroden-

English translation below cut. Feel free to correct any mistakes;; decided to TL as it’s personally my favorite song from the whole album (if you can, do consider purchasing it because all the tracks are great!)

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Wandering Traveller

Time didn’t give me any seconds,
To mourn my loss of you,
I was sent to pack up my small suitcase,
Now overflowing with memories of you.

I was deported out of your life,
Because of an expired visa,
Never to return again,
Because you told me this was the end,
I had to go home all alone now,
Back to my country, in a town called heartbreakville.

Sent to catch the plane at two,
To the destination named Future, one year later.
Travelled all around the world,
Yet I can’t seem to find a place to call home.

With my small suitcase of loneliness,
And my expired visa kept in my back pocket,
I became a wandering traveller,
No home, no place in mind.

Uta no Prince-sama Song Starters: STARISH ver.

Welcome to Urapri World!

  • “Come on, it starts from here!”
  • “Our melody and lyrics overflowing with our dreams!”
  • “I love you my Princess!”
  • “Don’t let go!”
  • “Deliver these feelings!”
  • “Do you know the meaning behind a smile?”
  • “Our happiness is descending!”
  • “To you, I will sing of love.”
  • “At any time, I want you.”
  • “I’ll be by your side forever.”
  • “It seems that surely everything is coming true!”
  • “Sometimes, the tears will overflow, and there will be unbearably lonely nights…”
  • “If you’s like, I’ll sing!”
  • “I wonder which we can become?”
  • “It starts from here, a story for your sake only!”
  • “It seems that always, I want to hold you close!”
  • “See? A smiling face suits you!”
  • “You are like my angel!”

Rainbow Dream

  • “It’s starting now!”
  • “To the next stage, we’ll go together!”
  • “I’ve kept you waiting…”
  • “This feeling’s the greatest!”
  • “Starting a new song, a new road.”
  • “I promise it, I’ll take you there.”
  • “These hopeful feelings are important!”
  • “If being alone’s scary, I’ll be here!”
  • “One step forward will give you courage!”
  • “It’s alright!”
  • “Hold tightly to my hand, and don’t let go!”
  • “Your smile will open the door!”
  • “This dream with both hands I want to convey it!”
  • “Let’s fill this song with the words “I love you!”
  • “On that day, I swore to you!”
  • “This bond of ours, that for eternity, I absolutely will not forget it!”
  • “Those tears, let’s change them into tomorrow’s light!”
  • “Come this way, Princess!”
  • “It’s probably fate, that’s what I believe.”
  • “This feeling, this has to be love, right?”
  • “Softly, I’ll wipe them away… Gently, I’ll hold you close…”
  • “It’s okay to cry… I’m here.”
  • “That kindness of yours, I’ll praise you for it every now and then.”
  • “Because you’re so important to us!”
  • “Love is forever!”

Tenkuu no Miracle Star

  • “The rainbow dream we’ve built with everyone  will become a bridge to the next legend!”
  • “Right, for instance, it’s not necessarily the stars that brighten the sky…”
  • “Believe in me with all your heart!”
  • “Let’s create a miracle!” 
  • “Let’s put a smile on your face!”
  • “Enough to make the sunlight envious, let’s create a shining world!”
  • “Believe in your dream! That’s right, believe in our dream!”
  • “Connected by a constellation of dreams through an endless kiss, you’ll know of my love once again!”
  • “Suddenly looking back at the path we’ve tread. For all the overflowing memories that have blossomed, I thank you.”
  • “I could shine because you were there,  it’s means I’m not alone.”
  • “You see, that’s because I want to show you even more scenes you’ve never seen before, so come along!”
  • “Let’s experience an amazing future together!”
  • “Forever I’ll protect you!”
  • “Let’s aim for the top!”
  • “Believe in your kiss! That’s right, believe in our kiss!”
  • “A constellation of love I’ll create with you our hearts united.”

Maji Love 1000%

  • “Are you ready?”
  • “Let’s sing of our dreams!”
  • “Let’s sing to the sky!”
  • “Let’s make our story burst forth!”
  • “Love will change the star!”
  • “Check it out!”
  • “Which do you choose Princess?”
  • “It’s enough to make my head spin!”
  • “My heart is flustered.”
  • “More amazing than a kiss.”
  • “Let’s create a world out of song!”
  • “A one time special life!”
  • “this isn’t in any text book!”
  • “Oh honey, it’s yours alone, a brand new melody!”
  • “Believe heart and then release it, sing!”
  • “Shining more than a rainbow let’s kick it up another notch!”
  • “Hey, isn’t this the best time to go on a journey?”
  • “Even if we fail millions of times, this love passion will never be crushed!”
  • “Even now, I want to hold you close!”
  • “Because I seriously want to protect you!”
  • “For tonight it’s just the two of us…”

Mirai Chizu

  • “Within this vast star, how did we meet, looking up at the sky?”
  • “I’ll make your happiness with the lamp of constellations!”
  • “Always, let’s be together!”
  • “I want to believe in our future.”
  • “Because you’re not alone, right?”
  • “Let me protect you.”
  • “Truly, you are resounding within my heart.”
  • “This map points towards tomorrow dyed in seven colors.”
  • “Growing up is a little frightening.”
  • “Could I…?”
  • “What will be able to do for you?”
  • “Should I…?”
  • “Absolutely it will transform into a miracle!”
  • “I’ll welcome it because it’s something called love.”
  • “Let’s walk together, share your tears and weakness”
  • “Let’s do so like a movie scene, so that we’ll smile as we sway in the wind.”

Maji Love 2000%

  • “In the star-filled sky, love is a shooting star!”
  • “I need you.”
  • “I feel you.”
  • “I miss you.”
  • “I kiss you.”
  • “I believe you.”
  • “I hold you.”
  • “I want you.”
  • “Give me your love.”
  • “Just 1000% isn’t enough!”
  • “Love is explosive!”
  • “Can you hear it?”
  • “The voice of my heart, it’s pulse is beating with excitement!”
  • “Life is just like a rhapsody!”
  • “Let’s smile!”
  • “On the wings of our dreams, we’ll play this harmony!”
  • “With you, we’ll paint a melody the color of love!”
  • “Let’s make a rainbow-colored love song with this symphony!”
  • “If you’re lost, look up at the sky and call my name.”
  • “See, you’re not alone!”
  • “We’ll continue together, hand in hand!”
  • “Ba-Bang! Ta-dah!! Love you!☆”

Dreamer’s Symphony

  • “I want you to try placing your hand on my chest for a bit.”
  • “You can feel it, right? A warm sound, this gentle sound is a melody just for you.”
  • “Both joy and courage, and the tomorrow that comes after this, are woven together with music and even tears.”
  • “Let me shoulder half of the entire burden.”
  • “I’ll always be by your side!”
  • “You are who you are!”
  • “Let’s go together on this star road.”
  • “You can cry whenever you want to cry, I’ll still hold you and all your tears close!”
  • “After the rain, the sun will always rise illuminating the map to the future.”
  • “Though we may not know what kind of story awaits us at the end of the this road, no matter the darkness, it can  never erase the light of hope!”
  • “Everything about you, ah, I love you so much!”
  • “I’ll protect your for eternity!”
  • “To you who are chasing your dreams, this song will shine.”

Maji Love Revolutions

  • “Surpassing 1000%, next after 2000% is a great revolution of love!”
  • “Experiencing together this revolution!”
  • “This overflowing revolution!”
  • “This greatest revolution!”
  • “Let’s aim for this revolution!”
  • “This glittering revolution!”
  • "This resounding revolution!”
  • “Everything is this revolution!”
  • “A future tied to the stuff of legends, we’ll depict it together!”
  • “Glittering more brightly than diamonds, this bond, this miracle, our wish to the stars!”
  • “We can fly!”
  • “It’s not just for show, the power of love!”
  • “I’ll embrace you tightly!”
  • “With our own originality, our hearts weave a union of beats.”
  • “Toward a stage we still can’t see, we’ll try for it!”
  • “The only thing we’ve believed in, we’ll catch hold of this miracle star!”
  • “Nothing’s impossible with love!”
  • “It’s a great revolution of love!”

Thank You

  • “I love you so much, it’s enough to move me to tears.”
  • “Being apart from you for even a little while, and marveling at how much you can do by yourself…  Suddenly, there’s a slight pain in my chest.”
  • “Although I say it all the time… Thank you!”
  • “The brightness when we met, is changing into this song.”
  • “All kinds of things become tender memories, we’ve had fun laughing together until we cried.”
  • “I’ll never forget these feelings.”
  • “Sorry for being so ordinary about it…”
  • “How long can we go until we can have fun together again…do you suppose?”
  • “Your smile, your tears, let me see them as much as possible!”
  • “Thank you… Thank you for you!”

Maji Love Legend Star

  • “Of course when everyone’s together, our hearts beat faster, right?”
  • “The star I aim at is shining even when I extend my hand, why don’t I touch it?”
  • “But I absolutely won’t lose we’ll join forces and don’t give up!”
  • “We’ll put our hands together, join our hearts and risk our lives!”
  • “A song letter that imitates a kiss which’s part of the Milky Way.”
  • “A shining-star ring called “eternity”, on your ring finger.”
  • “I won’t look back anymore.”
  • “I’ll start to smile towards the other side of tears.”
  • “A kiss until the day we meet again.”
  • “I’ll take you with me again to the best dream in the world, look forward to it.”
  • “Trails we’ve made together, do you remember them?”
  • “To an unforgettable past, and the present, and to the future from now on, will you come along with me?”
  • “I swear with my lips an endless love.”
  • “I’ve wished to the gods that I could be born in this star so I could meet you.”
  • “You should just believe in the days we strongly embrace.”

Mirai, Yume, Arigatou!

  • “When you feel afraid of the dark there, hold out your hand!”
  • “The days we were filled with ‘thanks’ gather everything together.”
  • “What was there in the future’s map?”
  • “There are things I have yet to tell you!”
  • “The following words are the words we will form with the you of the future into a miraculous legend!”
  • “By having someone with you it’s smile magic.”
  • “A smile’s real meaning is right there.”
  • “Let’s play like we did today!”
  • “Words alone aren’t enough, so…”
  • “We won’t say ‘time, please stop’, let’s live today to the fullest!”

*some lyrics changes slightly in places from the plural references to singular references.