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I loved you so much once. I did. More than anything in the whole wide world. Imagine that. What a laugh that is now. Can you believe it? We were so intimate once upon a time I can’t believe it now. The memory of being that intimate with somebody. We were so intimate I could puke. I can’t imagine ever being that intimate with somebody else. I haven’t been.
—  Raymond Carver, Where I’m Calling From: New and Selected Stories
Once Upon a Time's Jennifer Morrison on Emma Swan's swan song

Warning: This story contains major spoilers from the season finale of Once Upon a Time. Read at your own risk!

The Savior made the ultimate sacrifice during the Once Upon a Time season finale.

After the new curse left Emma (Jennifer Morrison) with no memories in a Storybrooke run by the Black Fairy (Jaime Murray), the ABC fairy tale drama came full circle as Henry (Jared Gilmore) was forced to once again try to get Emma to believe. Her family and friends, meanwhile, were sent back to Fairy Tale Land, where all the realms began to crumble at the Savior’s lack of belief.

Though Gold (Robert Carlyle) ultimately killed the Black Fairy, breaking the curse, the Final Battle was not abated — the Black Fairy had ordered Gideon (Giles Matthey) to kill Emma, who refused to murder an innocent, thus she sacrificed herself. Fortunately, her son Henry’s kiss resurrected her, leading to what appears to be a happily ever after alongside her family as Morrison exits the drama after six seasons. (Read part 1 of our interview with Morrison here.)

“I’ve always wished for Emma’s happy ending,” Morrison tells EW. “As the woman who plays Emma — and even as a fan of the show — of course my heart’s desire is for Emma’s happy ending. I don’t think there was ever any part of me that was wishing for her death. I just always wanted to have an end to her story, at least in what we’ve seen so far, be something that was a fresh start, a new start for her, her facing life with new possibilities, with her walls down, with growth behind her.”

Unfortunately, our heroes are all missing in action sometime in the future, where — in a scene that echoes the pilot — an adult Henry’s (Andrew J. West) supposed daughter (Alison Fernandez) comes to him with a storybook, exclaiming Henry’s family needs his help. “I’m excited to see what this means,” Morrison says. “I love this idea that they’re rebooting it with the future Henry. I think that gives them a lot of room to do really fun things in the story line. The way that we jump around, and leap through time, and go between lands, it sets them up to have endless possibilities for the show to continue with really interesting and creative possibilities.”

While Morrison is exiting, Colin O’Donoghue will continue on with the show next season, as OUAT reframes around his character Hook, as well as Regina (Lana Parrilla) and Rumple (Robert Carlyle) — see who else is exiting here. While Morrison is slated to return for one episode next year, ostensibly her story will somehow continue on through Hook and adult Henry. “I have no idea how they’re planning on doing that,” Morrison says. “I don’t know what the pitch is for the one episode that I’m doing. I’ve always blindly had faith in them having great plans for those things, so I’m excited to see how they choose to set that up. I’m very happy for Colin continuing on the show, and I’m sure they’ll find a creative way to make it work.”


To this day, the BEST season finale and BEST adventure, for me, on Once Upon A Time is the season 3 finale. The time jump with our babies, the CS movie, the kissing Captain Hook while the current Captain Hook gets jelly, the Rolly Joger, the first dance, the EVERYTHING.

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All Too Well | Pt. 5

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Epilogue

Summary: You and Yoongi shared a loving relationship with one another until you both agreed to end things and pursue your separate careers. But two years later, Yoongi is a member of the ever growing Bangtan Boys, and you are a new makeup artist for their upcoming tour.
Pairing: Yoongi | Reader
Genre: Fluff/Angst/Smut; Idol & Makeup Artist AU
Word Count: 5,434


You wish that your natural inclination toward Yoongi’s gestures, thoughts, and emotions was something you could flick off like a light switch. You wish you could turn off certain memories and knowledge, how you could tell and understand so readily about what Yoongi was thinking about.

The boy use to always be a stellar liar, able to cover up his emotions well in the form of a defense mechanism, but over the time you got to know him and date him and love him, you’ve always been unbelievably good at reading him. You understood better than most about how the air around him hung and what kind of emotions were always just brimming underneath the surface.

But you hate having that kind of knowledge now. You hate knowing that even after all this time, all this distance, after that heartbreak, Yoongi still cares. He cares so, so much, that desire swimming underneath the surface, he cares so much that the thought of you running off with Hoseok is enough to make his blood boil.

You never wished you could unlearn something more. You wish you could forget the way he looked at you that evening in Tokyo, telling you he didn’t care about you and he didn’t care about you and Hoseok when it was so glaringly obvious that he just cared too much.

That’s probably where things started to change between the two of you.

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America+England Relationship Analysis

I can’t believe myself… writing up a really in-depth analysis of APH America & APH England’s cannon relationship. Kind of addresses the England and America being related subject, blows holes through it, actually.  

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Once Upon a Time's Ginnifer Goodwin on Snow and Charming's 'bittersweet' goodbye

Snow White and Prince Charming got their happy ending after all.

During Once Upon a Time‘s season finale, the future looked grim for everyone. The Black Fairy had unleashed a curse that separated a now memory-wiped Emma (Jennifer Morrison) from her family, who were sent back to the Enchanted Forest as the realms began to crumble at Emma’s lack of belief in fairy tale characters.

As the curse overtook the Enchanted Forest, Charming (Josh Dallas) nearly died climbing back down a beanstalk with Hook (Colin O’Donoghue), but Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) found him and — in a scene echoing their true love’s kiss from the pilot — was able to revive him with a smooch.

Ultimately, Rumple (Robert Carlyle) killed the Black Fairy, while Emma sacrificed herself to prevent Gideon from turning dark. Echoing the climax of the season 1 finale, Henry’s kiss resurrected Emma, and the storybook ended, making the heroes realize they get their happily ever after. For Snow and Charming that meant living in Storybrooke, with Snow back to teaching and her family all together. Even though the heroes are missing in action when an adult Henry’s (Andrew J. West) daughter Lucy (Alison Fernandez) tracks him down 10 years in the future, for now, the Charmings have their happy ending.

The finale comes in the wake of the news that Goodwin, along with Dallas, Morrison, Emilie de Ravin, Jared Gilmore and Rebecca Mader, will not be returning to Once Upon a Time as series regulars next season. In an email interview, Goodwin exclusively tells EW about the impetus behind her — and real-life husband Dallas’ — exit.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What came with the decision to leave Once Upon a Time?
GINNIFER GOODWIN: What came with the bittersweet decision to give these characters a happy ending — and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect for that — is room for a new story to grow and flourish as Snow and Charming’s did.

What was that conversation like with Josh when you guys were deciding this would be your final season?
“Hey, let’s call Eddy and Adam to talk about where our very special arc is headed.” — Ginny
“What a wonderful notion, Ginny. You have EXTRAORDINARY ideas! And have I told you lately that you’re ALWAYS right?” — Josh

How do you feel about how the story ends for Snow and Charming?
Selfishly, I’m pleased as punch. They got exactly what they wanted: dramatic, epic love balanced with normalcy (Snow’s word) and the space to indulge in both. Actually, it’s not an “end.” The final chapter of this story line is a continuation… which is kind of Snow’s own point in the finale.

Would you return in the future — either next season or for whatever ends up being the series finale?
In keeping with the aforementioned continuation-as-happy-ending, OF COURSE I (and we) will be back. It’s merely time for ONCE to focus on something new because ONCE does “new” extremely well.

When you look back at your time playing Snow, is there anything in particular you’re proud of, a moment that will stick with you?
I’m most proud of taking the job in the first place. That pilot was so refreshing and inventive and not-done, which could have been a recipe for disaster. But I took the plunge and was rewarded immeasurably. And as for moments, everything about “Snow Falls,” in which the Charmings fell in love, will stick with me. And I won’t ever forget sitting on a Neverland log with Emma, who found herself by admitting to herself that she was a Lost Boy. I also won’t let go of the scene in which Regina first ripped out Mary Margaret’s heart and then put the thing back in again, all while standing at Regina’s front door.

Do you have any regrets? Anything you wish you had done differently? Anything you’re glad to give up?
I wish I hadn’t been so hard on myself when I had trouble concentrating at work after having my first baby and learning what it is to be up all night… forever. As for wishing I had made different ACTING choices: Oh yes, all the time, and that’ll probably never change.

How do you think Snow has changed over the years?
I think she let more and more of Mary Margaret in.

How do you think you’ve grown and changed during the run of the show?
I’ve learned and learned and learned as an actress and teammate. And, I mean, look at my life! Over the run of this show, I met Prince Charming, fell in love, got married, and had two babies. It doesn’t get better than that.

How did it feel returning to the pilot in many ways, shooting Snow and Charming’s true love’s kiss, but in reverse?
Since I’m so nostalgic about the pilot, it was a gift. And in true ONCEfashion, the narrative was twisty-turny, which was invigorating and fun. And after that many episodes, “fun” is an exception to the general rule.

What’s next for you?
I’m performing in the play Constellations at the Geffen Playhouse in Los Angeles. It’s one of, if not THE, most challenging, demanding role I’ve ever tackled and I’m doing it live, so I’m shaking in my freaking boots, which is AWESOME. I’m completely infatuated with the writing. I adore everyone involved — ridiculously talented Allen Leech costars — I try not to fangirl out over the Downton of it all— and I’m director-crushing on Giovanna Sardelli. I’d been obsessing over a homesickness for theatre when this came into my life (which is all very ONCE UPON A TIME.)

What would you like to say to the fans who have followed you on this journey?
Thank you.


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LI's walking in on the warden having a cute moment with their baby?

Alistair: Honestly, he didn’t think it was possible to love her any more than he already did. He stood by opting to not disturb them, his heart swelling with love and pride as his beloved continued with her coddling. Though, his plan of not disturbing his beloved and their child did not last long, taking only a moment to scoop the both of them up in his arms. He had a family, and Maker did he love them.

Leliana: Oh she can’t help herself, they’re just so cute! She joins in with the both of them, creating a cuddle pile: the warden snuggled tightly beside her and their child laying on top of them. It is, for lack of a better word, perfect.

Morrigan: She just stands there, silently observing with the smallest hint of a smile spreading across her lips. Dozens of questions passed through her mind, “Was mother ever like that, once upon a time? When does the time for childish tomfoolery to end and learning life lessons begin? Will the child-my child-be a mage?” She cannot-will not become her mother. This child is her’s, her’s and her lover’s. Things will be different.

Zevran: When he walks in on the two of them, he spends a moment trying to commit every little detail to memory. The shape of his beloved’s face as a smile stretches from cheek to cheek, the soft coos and tiny hands of their child, the peacefulness and purity of the situation… he hasn’t had many moments like this. “Ah, now if you only played with me like that” He says with a coy smile before setting himself down beside them, not intruding, but not separate either.

Kat’s Fic Recs: Mechanic!Derek


*Shortest fics on top, longest on the bottom. For @thetokenhuman

Derek Needs a Creeper by fangirl42 (T 2,051)

Next installment in the Stiles Stilinski prompt week.

Derek picks Stiles up at the library after work to save him from walking home.

ADHDecaf by pleaseletmetouchyourbutt (T 2,765)

Stiles is 25 and runs his own coffee shop. Derek doesn’t know this. Derek, a mechanic, thinks that Stiles is 17 and jail-bait.

Misunderstandings ensue.

My Saving Grace by Finduilas (T 4,706)

When Stiles gets into a car accident, his jeep is brought into “Hale Mechanics”. That’s where he meets mechanic Derek, and his uncle Peter…

The Stars Between Us by charlesdk (G 5,387)

Stiles is an X-wing pilot stationed on general Argent’s base and under her command, and Derek is utterly and ridiculously in love with him. Which is never a good thing.

if you get lost you can always be found by orphan_account (T 8,956)

Stiles is delirious and dehydrated when he stumbles into Derek’s auto shop with a broken down jeep. Afterwards, for some reason, Stiles can’t seem to stay away. Even if he’s pretty sure Derek hates him. A lot.

Cars and Canines by tesha198 (E 20,387)

Stiles rolls into Beacon Hills one day and sets up shop as a Mechanic. Derek brings in his totalled car after yet another supernatural fight and is immediately taken with him. Slowly Stiles becomes part of the pack. However both sides are keeping secrets that could change everything. Stiles is on the run from his past in the Irish Mafia. Derek has been keeping Stiles in the dark about the whole werewolf thing, not to mention the fact they are actually mates. What happens when Stiles old Mafia life catches up to his new seemingly normal one and everyones secrets are revealed? Will Stiles remain in Beacon Hills with Derek? How far is the pack willing to go to save Stiles and does Stiles actually want to be saved in the first place?

BEFORE/NOW by KilledTheQueen (M 27,093)

Once Upon A Time AU ~

The one where Stiles was once a Gypsy in The Enchanted Forest but now due to “The Curse” is a Radio DJ in Storybrooke with no memory of his past.

Drive by thelogicoftaste (E 40,073)

All that Derek does is drive. That’s it.


Where Derek is a getaway driver/mechanic and Stiles is Scott’s dad.

Cause I Built a Home (For You, For Me) by noneedforhystereks (E 59,719)

Mechanic!Derek and Daddy!Stiles

Derek Hale is a mechanic in the sleepy town of Beacon Hills, where he has lived all of his life. He spends his day in a simple routine: wake up, fix cars, go home, sleep. It’s what he’s good at, and it keeps things simple and uncomplicated. Derek doesn’t let people in and remains emotionally distant from everyone except his sister, Laura, and her daughter. This all changes when Boyd tows in an old blue Jeep that needs a lot of work and Derek meets the owner of said Jeep.

Because once Derek meets Stiles and his kids, he can’t stop himself from caring. And he doesn’t want to stop.

Hometown Glory // Part 1

“I want to hop in the nearest bus I can find, buy a one way ticket and just… make it big.”

Synopsis: You were nineteen when you said goodbye to Taehyung, swearing that you two would forever belong to the world. You thought your story with him would never ressurge; but, three summers after he hopped on a bus to make it big, he returned to the ghost of your small town in the most unexpected way possible – with an awry guitarist who owns the world with him, along with their music.


Pairing: Jungkook x Reader x Taehyung // rockstar!au

Genre: Fluff, Smut

Word Count: 6.5k

collab w/ @sugajpg

SERIES: Prologue || Part 1

A/N: at last!! :)

It was as vivid as you could remember, the startling beauty of the evening sky — the night Taehyung bidded farewell to you when he hit the high road. Three summers had passed since his junket without destination, and the mere thought of it graced a smile on your lips every time. Never once had you let the sorrow if his departure to overshadow the pride of his achievements; let alone, the sight of his face on television made you feel something other than a blissful nostalgia.

Those moments when he sang to you until dawn swirled into your memory like creamer in your morning coffee, conduits to other time-frozen moments. Every time you heard his voice you were drawn back to the countless times your friend sang to you in the privacy of a quiet bedroom, to the everlasting ebony horizons that never left your heart.

The setting sun splattered upon the crystal skyline as you walked through your store door, the faint sound of the bell greeting your ears. Another day was passing, and it would be the same like every other. You happened to feel more at home within a dingy record store rather than the confinement of your apartment, even if you had to deal with random surges of customers when all you want to do is listen to the distant radio; diving deep into the melodious chords of forgotten songs.

Moments like those, when you fall under the spell of your urban town all due to a dingy tune, gave you peace. It was from the tranquility of the calm streets to the vague, comforting scent of old records; from the equilibrium of that immaculate piece of land to the immersive cosmos that embraced you every time you arrived at work. And it never broke; no, not even when his band sounded through the old speakers.

The mere sound of his voice surged a notion of reminiscence within you, and the ghost of his face on the television miraculously refreshed you like a dream; yet, it is all painful, as if his arrival home would only remain as faithless hope for a miraculous day.

Afterall, Taehyung  never said when — or if —  he was going to return.

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Date the boy who fell in love with entropy, once upon a time. She taught him how to smile at decay and introduced him to Death and Inevitability. She took his memories and burned them in her hands while they laughed together, because all things fade and nothing ever comes back.

Now the love has disappeared along with everything else, and the boy is alone. He lights candles no matter how expensive they were, and is never scared to enjoy what he might forget forever. One day his love will die away and wither into ash along with his body, but for now, he’s still burning, and the fire is bright. Date him.

It would be my honor

Summary: Feyre recieves news of being pregnant and tells Rhys about it
Disclaimer: All characters belong to the genius Sarah J Maas. This is just a post acowar fanfic about Feyre telling Rhys that she’s pregnant and I wanted to share it with you all. Also, this is my first time doing this so if the format for how fanfics are usually posted on tumblr is wrong, I apologize and please let me know. And I would also appreciate it if you gave me feedback on this and tell me what you thought, so without further ado:

I already knew.
I already knew deep in my gut, my bones about what was going to be confirmed by the court healer.
Excitement bloomed in my gut as Madja opened her mouth and told me her findings. I quickly jumped up off the bed, hugged her, and ran off to find my mate.
Walking through Velaris was a blur. I kept thinking about what’s gonna come nine months from now and I imagined different reactions I would get from Rhys when I told him.
Tears. A huge smile. Speechlessness.
The images flicked through my mind as I walked up the hill to the town house where my mate and I lived. The town house where someone else will soon reside in as well. I listened to the heartbeat deep within me as I opened the door.
“Rhys?” I called.
“Up here,” my mate called from our room.
I walked up the steps, my heart thrumming powerful beats with each step leading up to the second floor. I passed a couple doors that led to empty rooms on my way to our own. The door was closed but I swore I could’ve looked through the door and see the glow of the somewhat gift I had made for Rhys and hidden inside. I opened the door and as I looked inside, I could almost see the decorations that would soon fill it for the arriving addition to our family. I closed the door once more and continued on my way
I finally reached our room and looked inside to find the beautiful male standing before the window overlooking our home while flaring his wings. Wings I hoped would be passed on to our newcomer.
I stalked up to him with near silent steps. I put my arms around his waist and hugged him tightly. “I have something to tell you.” I said quietly, unable to stop the spreading smile on my face.
My mate shifted in my arms to look at me with raised brows, “Oh really?”
I nodded, biting on my smile. On the way here, I hadn’t really decided on how I would tell him. Whether I should come right out or show him the moment of Madja telling me or by sending him an image of what the very near future would hold.
I did know one thing though. It was that along with the announcement, he would also receive a painting I had made when I first suspected the news. All I had to decide was how to lead up to that moment.
I looked into those brilliant violet eyes, my heart swelling with love and emotions I still am not sure how to convey with words, even after all these years we’ve been together. As I looked into my mates eyes, I let those feelings guide the words out of me instead of my brain. “Today I had an appointment with Madja. She told me something that I had known for a week or two, but I wanted to have it confirmed before I told you.” Rhys’ eyes filled with curiosity and interest. I smiled more at the look he gave me along with it. “I think it would be better if I showed you instead.” I grabbed his hand and led him to the room I had just looked inside moments ago.
Before opening the door I said to Rhysand, “Close your eyes.” He obeyed, but I used my magic to create a makeshift blindfold just to make sure the little sneak didn’t peek when I wasn’t looking.
Rhys felt the magic and chuckled, “Don’t trust me Feyre darling?”
“Not even a little bit you sly prick.” He laughed a laugh that sounded like heaven on earth as I opened the door.
The painting still sat on the easel it was painted on with a blanket thrown overtop it. I let go of Rhysand’s hand and walked over to it to pull the sheet off. I looked back, making sure he still couldn’t see and turned my head back around to observe the painting for a quick moment.
It was a portrait of my mate and I holding something in between us. Our faces were the reflection of love and awe and pure happiness. Our eyes filled with wonder and affection and gentleness as we gazed down at what we held in both of our arms. Gazed down at the bundle of joy as he gazed back up at us with his violet eyes to match Rhys’. His face a perfect reflection of his fathers as his mouth curved into a smile that was identical to mine.
Before I removed Rhysand’s restrictions I sent a replay of my appointment with Madja down the mating bond. The bond that I cherished so much with everything inside of me. The bond I had come so close to losing forver, once upon a time. Soothing strokes against the wall of adamant built around my mind. I shook the memory from my head and watched the replay of my appointment along with Rhys so that I could know when to stop it.
It went on for a couple moments longer and before he could hear the news, I removed the memory along with the magic blindfold.
Rhys blinked his eyes open and they landed on me, eyes wide with anticipation. I met his stare and watched as his gaze roamed across the room until they at last landed on the painting I’d made to help me break the news. I watched as he studied the painting, eyes widening with shock, the intervals of the rising of his chest between breaths becoming shorter and shorter.
My mates eyes darted back to me, then the painting and then darted to my stomach. I looked at him and didn’t know what to say as he kept staring at my stomach for a long moment, as if he could see what was growing in there. When he finally met my stare again, his eyes were lined with silver. In two graceful strides Rhys closed the distance between us, grabbed my face with his hands and kissed me. Deeply, passionately. A kiss filled with love and happiness and a joy that couldn’t be faltered by anything.
My mate pulled back and I saw the most beautiful smile I have ever gazed upon in my long years of life spread across his face. A smile that words wouldn’t be able to describe, for it would never do it’s beauty justice. I saved the image in my mind and tucked it away to cherish forever and maybe to paint it one day if I was feeling up to the challenge of recreating the sheer beauty of it.
Tears slid down his face, that beautiful smile unfaltering as he said, “We’re gonna- We’re having a baby?”
I nodded. A smile forming on my mouth-our childs mouth- just as big as his.
Rhys’ breathing became shallow-uneven. His smile still stayed and his tears kept running down his face. “I just- I don’t- I cant- I can’t really… find the words to describe how happy and excited I am. How excited I am to add on to our family that we have and become a father to our child.”
I nodded again. The smile still on my lips and tears now sliding down my face. I took his hands in my own and said, “I know. I can’t really find the words either.”
Instead of saying how he was feeling, my mate sent his feelings down the bond connecting our two minds.
He was right. There really were no words to describe his feelings. It was like the perfect mixture of happiness, bliss, excitement, love… and a little bit of fear.
This time my smile faltered, “Why are you scared?”
Rhysand’s face completely changed and his tears weren’t those of joy, but of sadness as he said, “What if I’m not a good father? What if our son and the rest of our future children hate me? What if they see me as a monster like so many others did before the war with Hybern?”
“My sweet High Lord. You don’t have to put up that façade anymore, haven’t had to for so many years. Why would they see you as a monster?” His mouth opened but I cut him off, “I have no doubt in my mind that you will be the best father our children could ever have. They’ll see in you what our family, our court, and I all see in you. Your courage, and selflessness, and kindness. They’ll see how big and unending your capacity to love is. How protective and funny and graceful you are. They’ll see how you will let them make their own choices while also making sure that they have a long eternal life filled with happiness and peace and love. They will see all of that because that is the type of male that you are. Because that is the reason why I love you so fiercely, just like how our family loves you and how our son and future children will love you. They will love and cherish you and will never see you as a monster because that isn’t who you are.”
The tears were steadily falling down his face now. He didn’t bother to wipe them away as a small smile bloomed on his lips as he brought them down to mine.
I pulled back and took my hands from his and wiped the tears off of his face as he had done so many times for me before. I looked into my mates eyes. The eyes of the person I love most in this world, the eyes of someone else who would no doubt have my heart as well. I smiled wide and cherished this moment that we were sharing.
Rhys brought his eyes to my stomach and swallowed. He once again looked me in my eyes as he said, “It would be my greatest honor, Feyre darling, to have a child -and many more- with you, my mate.”
I took his hand once more and said, “It would be my honor to have children with you as well, Rhys.”
He grabbed me and our future son up in a hug and we held eachother there for what felt like hours. When we finally broke apart, my mate and I grabbed eachothers hand and walked out of the room. Walked out of the room and right into the next beautiful chapter in our story.

There Is No Escape - Part 7

Note: The plot thickens! Just what is Pan up to? Don’t forget that if you would like to be added to my tag list just send a message my way :)

Peter Pan/Killian Jones x Reader

Words: 1561

Warnings: None.

Disclaimer: None of the gifs are mine. All credit is given to those who made them <3

Hours seemed to have dragged by since Killian had forced Felix into the island’s forest with him and his patience really was beginning to wear thin. There was no possible way they were still yet to find you. Yes this island was big but the pirate had been here enough to know where he was going….or at least he thought he had anyway. His brows furrowed in a mixture of both confusion and annoyance at the situation and although the younger boy in front of him couldn’t see this look on his face for himself he knew all too well he was getting annoyed.

The frequent jabbing of the sword into his back to get him moving was one clear sign of this.

Finding it all rather amusing the tall blonde didn’t even try to hide the laugh that escaped from him.

“What are you laughing at boy?!”

“Your stupidity….no wonder the boys all call you ‘codfish’ around here. They’re hardly known for their intelligence now are they?”

An animal like growl escaped the pirate as he reached his hook out towards the boy and drove the sharp end into the boy’s clothing – not to hurt him (just yet anyway) but to get a hold on him so that he could pull him in closer to him. When their bodies collided the sword went up to Felix’s throat and his lips forced themselves onto his ear.

“Insult my intelligence again boy and you will find yourself unable to speak again. Now….what do you find so bloody funny?!”

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Can we get a reaction to the Inquisitor being a bloodmage?

I’m doing this for the Inquisitor not performing human sacrifice for power, just using their own blood or that of their enemies during combat.

Cullen: He’s horrified. The first time he sees the Herald use blood magic, he feels like he might throw up, memories of pain and betrayal almost overwhelming him. It takes him a long time to trust the Herald, but it helps that they never summon demons or kill anyone for their blood. If Romanced: With how strained their relationship was in the beginning, he takes a lot longer to trust her enough to enter into a relationship, but once he does it’s no less intense. Yes, she’s a mage. Yes, she uses blood magic. But she’s still a protector and a good person. Eventually, he sees her call upon the power of blood and feels relief because it means she’s even more powerful.

Josephine: Like Cullen, she’s horrified at first. She recommends keeping that aspect of the Herald hidden from public eye. There is, after all, a very powerful stigma against the practice of blood magic outside of Tevinter. If Romanced: She’s hesitant about the power the Inquisitor wields, but she can’t help but be charmed out of her fears. It’s just another aspect of magic, she realizes after a time, as long as it’s not misused.

Solas: He doesn’t mind. The Inquisitor clearly knows the limits of the morality of it and doesn’t cross them. He finds it rather fascinating, in fact, but isn’t bothered by it in the least. If Romanced: He worries about demons hurting his vhenan as a result of her practice of blood magic and takes great pains to ward her dreams, but he’s actually sort of proud of her for practicing such an art.

Leliana: She’s seen blood magic do terrible things and she’s seen it do great things. She keeps a very watchful eye on the Inquisitor and looks for any sign of demons or abuse of power, but otherwise she doesn’t interfere or make any comment.

Vivienne: She’s disgusted. It’s uncouth and it’s a big contributor to the stigma about mages in general. No one should ever use blood to fuel their magic. She makes her distaste for the practice known.

Dorian: It reminds him of home, and not in a good way. He spends some time talking to the Inquisitor and making certain they won’t use blood magic for harm or to control others. Once he knows that they’re careful with it, he leaves the matter alone, though he does watch them closely. If Romanced: He mentions, briefly, that they might discontinue the practice for a lot of reasons, but if the idea is met with resistance he lets it drop. Like Solas, he takes pains to help ward his amatus against anything that might hurt him as a result of the magic.

Cassandra: In the beginning, it fuels her conviction that the Herald must be guilty. And even after what she sees at the Temple of Sacred Ashes, she’s wary of them. It’s unnatural, an affront to the Maker. She tries to hold her tongue, but she can’t help but ask why. If Romanced: Her views change. She’s not unreasonable, after all. The magic is just another power, just another ability, and the stigma comes from those who abuse that power. And yet a bad politician can do the same or more damage and not suffer the same repercussions as a blood mage. And if a politician kills a lot of people, all politicians aren’t punished the way mages are. Blood magic isn’t the problem; people’s fear is.

Blackwall: He can’t say he’s pleased, but he doesn’t have a strong opinion one way or the other about it. He believes in forming his own opinions before judging; after all, who is he to say what’s right? When he sees that the Inquisitor is using the power to help rather than hurt, he just grunts and accepts it. If Romanced: He worries about backlash from people and from demons. He wants her to be safe, but he wouldn’t ask her to change for him. He wants to protect her.

Iron Bull: “Demons shit up everything,” he mutters as the Herald uses blood magic. He’s uncomfortable with magic in general, though less so than most Qunari, but blood magic just has to be bad news. He keeps his mouth shut for the most part, but he’s always on the other side of the battlefield from the Inquisitor when they use blood magic. If Romanced: At first, it’s not a factor in the relationship. They’re having sex, they’re unwinding, the Inquisitor needs somewhere to be able to let go. The magic isn’t a factor until he realizes that it’s not just sex, it’s not just a way to unwind. He cares for the Inquisitor and it’s looking more and more like they care for him, too. That’s when he gets worried. What if they get possessed? What if they get lynched? What if Thedas turns on them because of the magic? It’s as he’s having these thoughts that he realizes that his only problem with their blood magic is the potential risk to their safety, not to his or anyone else’s. He’s not afraid of their magic, he’s afraid of them getting hurt for it.

Cole: Slice and it’s warm, flowing, glimmering with power. I can do this and not be corrupt. I can do this and help people, not hurt them. I don’t have to hurt them. But you worry about demons. Don’t worry about them. You’re still safe.” He comforts them whenever they start to feel unsure about what they’re doing. He doesn’t mind the magic. It helps.

Sera: Ew, no. Magic alone is bad, but blood magic? Extra bad. Is the Herald one of the baddies she needs to stick arrows in? She can’t tell. It’s confusing. Why can’t it be simple?! If Romanced: No one is allowed to badmouth Inky! She still doesn’t like the magic, but no one is ever allowed to say that! Her honeytongue is hers!

Varric: He’s seen the kind of damage blood magic can do. But he’s also seen the kind of damage the stigma against blood magic can do. After all, Daisy couldn’t hurt a fly if she tried. He waits until he knows the Herald better before deciding if it’s a good or bad thing that they practice blood magic.