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i just saw that harry s truman was ranked the 6th best us president and i feel like bucky would be very upset about this

I’m very upset about this

I actually wrote an essay once that was partially asking the question of why Truman is remembered so fondly compared to how he was viewed at the time (lowest approval rating at the end of his presidency in history) and the only answer that I can come up with is the distorted view of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

I can’t remember how much of this story I put in this fic but for my followers that haven’t read Heaven and That Other Thing, here it is:

Basically; Truman did that to prove to Russia that he had nuclear bombs. Japan had been trying to surrender for a while but couldn’t because of the US’s policy of “unconditional surrender” (thanks FDR). Japan wanted to surrender but would only do so if they were assured that their emperor would be allowed to stay in power

Now, before the bombs were dropped, there are three important bits of context:

The first is that Curtis LeMay (nicknamed “demon”, though I may have spelt his actual name wrong because I’m typing this from memory) had been running a long-term policy of firebombing Japanese cities, which was particularly effective given that these cities often used wood and paper liberally as construction materials.

The second is that, at that time, no one really knew how devastating nuclear war could be.

The third thing was that Russia had just invaded Japan as part of the push to finish off the war.

So, when you take these things together, what you realise is that the events of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were completely pointless. The imminent US invasion of Japan, no doubt costing many US lives, was a myth created after the fact because even Truman wasn’t stupid enough to invade a country that was trying to surrender anyway. Japan did not accept the US demand for unconditional surrender because of the bombings; as noted, they were used to Japanese cities being wiped off the map, and didn’t realise how serious these two occasions were until later. They surrendered because they wanted to stop the war before Russia took too much Japanese land which may not be returned afterwards. As a side note: Russia and Japan are technically still at war with each other, as they never solved the land disputes that arose enough to sign a peace treaty.

Mad? I am. But somehow the worst part about this is that, after killing all those people because the US refused to let Japan keep its emperor, Truman then let him stay in power anyway.

And of course Truman kicked off the Cold War because he genuinely believed that Russia would never be able to build a nuclear bomb and thought that America would be able to use the nuclear threat to impose their will wherever they wanted. But this story doesn’t fit the narrative that America likes to tell itself, so Truman’s legacy was invented by the myth of the “necessary evil” instead of what was, in fact, a war crime

Now, because I hate him, here are some more facts about Truman:

  • His middle name is literally just the letter S. His parents couldn’t decide what to call him
  • He started his career in business, having not one, not two, but three of his businesses fail. Which is to say, every one of them.
  • After his last bankruptcy, he was invited to become a senator by Pedergast, a man who ran a political machine
    • Truman was Pendergast’s fourth choice. The first three turned him down
    • When asked why Truman, Pendergast is quoted stating “I wanted to show the world that a well-oiled machine could send an office boy to the senate”
    • Truman earned the nickname “the senator from Pendergast”
  • He wasn’t elected to office, he was merely the vice president when FDR died
  • FDR didn’t even want him to be the vice president. No one wanted him to be the vice president. It’s just that the current guy, Henry Wallace, had some enemies from right-wing democrats (that was a thing at the time)
    • They called themselves “the conspiracy of the pure in heart”, no kidding, and were lead by this guy Jimmy Byrnes, most famous for putting a stop to anti-lynching legislation and for destroying strikes
    • They convinced FDR to drop Wallace from the ticket and letting the convention chose, simply by telling him that they’d split the party in half if he didn’t
    • Byrnes had his own enemies in the party, so the alternative they settled on was Truman, simply because he wasn’t important enough for anyone to have any strong opinions about him
    • The convention was shut down by a conspiracy member due to an invented fire hazard, and opened again the next day. Overnight the conspiracy had bribed their way through the democratic party
    • A gallup poll before the convention had Wallace at 60% and Truman at 6%. Wallace actually won the first vote, but not my a big enough margin
    • The second vote had a huge swing towards Truman, because all the corruption had kicked in
  • As president, Truman fired Wallace and relied heavily on the advice of the people who’d placed him in power

In sum: History ranks Truman so highly because otherwise the US would have to admit how badly they fucked up

I love how victors knowledge of the ppl who got into the Grand Prix is just
-The loner guy who no one knows
-I think he’s from Canada?? Maybe??
-the guy who can take excellent selfies
-my Swedish friend


Αλήθεια μου λείπει ο καιρός που γυρνούσα από το σχολείο, πετούσα την τσάντα και απλά έβλεπα “Γατόσκυλο”, “Φλορισιέντα” και “Ανυπότακτες Καρδιές”…

i already made some quick textposts but here’s a quick list of what i caught during baekhyun’s live ig story thing (let me know if i missed something!!):

  • baekhyun said he ate lots of good food today 💕😭 
  • baekhyun really looked so tired and sleepy and was yawning and in bed and stuff during the whole broadcast and was acting like it was 2 am but it was 2 pm soihfeowijefoiwjefwe
  • his mother changed his sheets/bedspread to pink lmfao (i’m assuming he’s at his parent’s house ant not the dorms)
  • myongryong’s legs hurt bc he’s been running around a lot and welsh corgis’ legs hurt very easily apparently so he has to take him to a hospital soon :(
  • there are baekhyun posters put up all around his room that fans gave him and im crying
  • someone asked him to speak in english in the comments and he got a little embarrassed and said ‘hi my name is baekhyun’ he’s so cute
  • and he also read a comment that said ‘good english’ and laughed (i’m unsure if the comment was in english sounding korean or actual english though)
  • he put his face so close to the camera to read comments and it was so cute im ded also he covered his face a lot w/ the blankets and looked super comfy im 💕💘💗💟💓💖
  • after showing his room really quickly he giggled a little (i d*e) and he was like ‘it’s really clean huh??’ (as in his room) he’s so neat and organized wow