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A moment on the Stan o’ War II, post-finale, where one of those better-left-buried memories of Stan's rears its ugly head. Luckily, Ford’s well-versed enough by now to handle it. Brotherly fluff with a touch of hurt/comfort because I can’t resist.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

Ford paused in sketching out the ship’s course for the following day’s journey, fingers curling around his feather pen. He had a knack for drowning out background noise whenever he became intent on his writing, a habit picked up from working in rowdy New Jersey classrooms and then even rowdier community colleges.

Certainly, if he could study for his doctorate during the week leading to spring break, he could ignore his brother’s attempts at breaking his admittedly impressive paddle ball record.

After another ten minutes of continuous tapping, however, Stanford began to suspect that he’d overestimated his abilities.

He groaned. “Stanley, would you please stop that incessant racket?”

“What?” said Stan innocently. “I’m entertaining myself. No harm, no foul.”

Staking his head, Ford asked tartly, “Where did you even get that toy?”

“Found it,” Stan replied, shrugging.

Which basically translated to, “You stole it.”

His brother smirked, utterly unabashed. Ford snorted.

“Better not bring the Coast Guard down on our heads again, knucklehead.” Or as his brother so fondly called them, the Ocean Police.

“For what, aggravated paddle ball theft?”

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You need to obtain her from Captain Vane, alive and unharmed.
And you need to return her to Carolina, to her father - and when you return her, you’re going to explain to Peter what it is you are trying to accomplish here.

A Nassau that can self-govern, pardons for your men, and a stake in their own future.

Miranda Barlow Memorial Week: most empowering moment


Future!Canon AU: Persistence of memory 
(ten years after the Mortal War)
(part 1part 2part 3part 4 part 4,5 part 5)
written by ourheartsbeatas1 & dnteverdoubtme

Things had changed, Alec had grew up, but he never stopped caring. Making sure Jace was happy had been a goal of his since childhood. Back then he hoped to be the one doing so, but now, Alec was glad being the guardian of his friends feelings and just that. Jace was miserable right then, surrounded by ten years of a packed up life about to be up and gone, Alec had a hell of a job to do.

29/08 is the sinnamon roll’s birthday!!!! he’d be 20 this year c’: i hope by that age he’s happier and safer than he is at 18. good luck in ep 5 and beyond, nate, you friggin dork.

&. message > idiot 😡💙😍😤
  • alexa: why do girls keep asking me about you just because i was seen at that stupid event with you?
  • alexa: like why??? i swear i was just at this shop and this girl went like
  • alexa: 'oh my god, you were with bas bristow at that event, weren't you? what's he like? i bet he's awesome, he's so hot'
  • alexa: do you have any idea how annoying that is?