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/noun/ the peace of being indoors during a thunderstorm

Summary: Bookstores have always lured you in with the promise of the quiet, the serene, and, most recently, him.
Pairing: Jimin | Reader
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 2,644
Author’s Note: This story was on one of my old Tumblr writing accounts that I just deleted, but it was one of my favorite stories and didn’t want it to collect dust in my drive.


You’ve always had an endless fascination with books and novels of various different shapes, sizes, and lengths. The way someone could paint an entirely different world with the mixture of just 26 letters, whisk the mind away from reality, stir emotions inside someone—emotions of laughter or sadness or one of complete contentment. The influence a simple novel could have on a person’s viewpoint has always fascinated you.

During your younger years, you would find yourself trekking to the nearest bookstore, if only to simply run your fingers along the spines of all the latest releases. You would open a random novel, just to skim the first sentence, allowing the words of a complete stranger to fill you with familiarity.

Not much has changed in the years following your childhood. Something about corner bookstores have always lured you with the promise of peace and quiet, an escape from the harsh reality you occupied yourself with. You constantly looked forward to the days you could run away and hide within the shelves of the shop, no matter rain or shine, sleet or snow, 30 pages of homework to get done during the night, you always made an effort to visit at least once or twice a week as soon as you entered college.

Today is no exception to the rule. With midterms rapidly approaching, you’re already drowning in papers, projects, and upcoming tests, the stress practically eating you alive. But still, instead of returning to your apartment, you find yourself turning down the familiar sidewalk in the opposite direction. The rain overhead is steadily pouring down today, serving as little warning bells that perhaps making the trip to the bookstore might not be the best option.

Judging from the gray clouds, it’s clear that the weather has other plans for the remainder of the day—the lightning that suddenly shoots across the sky is a clear indication of that—but you find yourself not minding much. The heels of your boots clash gently against the sidewalk, your hair curling slightly as the water comes in contact with it, but all those worries and annoyances dissipate off your skin like steam as the familiar shop comes into view. With the lights on inside, the place looks like a beacon of hope, allowing the smile to spread itself across your face as you quicken your pace to shoulder open the door.

The bell rings overhead as you gently shut the door close, running your hand through your hair quickly to rid some of the water trapped in your locks. After exchanging a smile with the familiar cashier at the counter, you make your way deeper in the store. Like usual, there isn’t anything in particular you’re seeking, but just being surrounded by text, aisles and aisles of hardcovers and paperbacks fills you with comfort.

You’re just starting the turn into contemporary novels, when one particular black, hardcover spine catches your attention, causing you to stop dead in your tracks, eyes widening with recognition as you distinctly remember this particular novel being one of the very few you’ve wanted in your own personal collection of books: John Green’s Looking For Alaska.

Your lips curl up into a smile, momentarily unfazed by the fact that the book had been placed on the highest shelf, towering a few inches above you, even as you stand on your tippy toes, even as your fingers barely manage to graze the book you want. It takes five times before you plant both feet firmly back on the ground with a gentle huff, considering the next movement to grab the book.

You’re just about to consider getting a running start between the two shelves, before a slightly amused voice cuts in through your concentration: “Need some help?”

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Call You Mine || Min Yoongi

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Word Count: 1.5k

Genre: Fluff

There was a glimpse of light from behind the curtains as the morning light fluttered in through the open window. Cold autumn air swept in, stirring the sheets around you, rousing you from the comfortable sleep you had found yourself in.

Bright sunlight flittered across the room, bringing your attention to the body next to yours. He was stretched out, his body shifting slightly as he tried to find the missing warmth from when you had moved.

The light seemed to glow, highlighting the expanse of pale skin that laid next to you. Yoongi’s back was exposed to you, reminding you of what you were now able to call yours.

It was nice to finally be able to see Yoongi like this. For him to finally have a day off to be with you.

He usually spent most of his days at the studio, forgetting to come home and do things with you, but he had booked off this specific day to help you out.

The two of you had just recently moved in together and you were supposed to spend the day putting away boxes and setting things up. The living room still needed to be painted and you thought about conquering that.

He stirred softly beside you and you held your breath as he let out a little huff of breath. One eye seemed to peel itself open and he looked at you, just staring down at him.

The gummy smile you had found yourself becoming more and more familiar with came across his face and the both of you just stared at each other.

“Good morning sleepy head.” You whispered quietly. Yoongi’s arm came up, without saying another word, and he pulled you close just hugging your bottom half. You didn’t say a word as your hand found it’s way into his mop of grey hair.

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Does it ever just hit you at how much Bangtan has grown and changed in 3 years? Their music as much as them. Their music began with things we could all relate to, society and school, the struggle that it is. As they grew, their music also grew. Their music wasn’t about school anymore, it was more about life, their lives. They not only told our stories, but their own as well. Not only has their music changed, but the boys have also changed so much. I mean, compare 15 year old, “No more dream” , Shy baby Jungkook, to the now crazy, unpredictable 18 year old Jungkook. Or the cute, chubby cheeks, insecure 17 year old Jimin to the now confident, cheesy 20 year old Jimin. And how about the very serious, 18 year old Namjoon who was ashamed of being called an Idol to the 21 year old, second hand embarrassment, silly leader Namjoon who respects being an idol. It’s crazy how much they’ve all grown, and I can’t wait to see them grow and change even more in the future… because damn, BTS never disappoints.


Summary: In which you realize that perhaps all you needed to break your artistic block was the shy boy in the bomber jacket, who sought calm in the adventure and city lights.
Pairing: Taehyung | Reader
Genre: Fluff with a touch of angst; Artist AU 
Word Count: 8,269


Seven days before.

This is supposed to be your work of art, your masterpiece, your piece for the showcase; something you have worked tirelessly on for minutes, hours, days on end. It’s bright and colorful, glowing exactly where it needs to be, yet it’s—!

“Not right,” You say, dropping your arm uselessly to your side, paintbrush dangling from in between your fingertips. Your teeth come out to gently nip at your lower lip; the anger, the frustration not building up like you expected it to. Instead, you feel rather numb, because the showcase is in less than a week and you still have absolutely nothing of satisfaction to display proudly to classmates, professors, or wanderers.

Besides you, your roommate lets out a gentle sigh of sympathy. “Maybe you’re just tired,” He says quietly. “You’ve been working on this nonstop for two weeks, I think you just have to step away from it for a day. You’ll have a new perspective of it tomorrow, and I’m sure you’ll love it then.”

You whirl around to face him, wearing a rather disgruntled look. “I don’t have time to step away from this, Jimin, the showcase is in a week and I hate this painting.” You want to slash black paint across the canvas to prove a point, but the look Jimin is wearing stops you from doing such a thing. You’ve always been slightly too reckless for your own good, anyways.

Jimin shrugs a little. “I think it looks fantastic, Y/N, you push yourself too hard.”

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Trouble Maker [ Min Yoongi x Reader ] PT. 1

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Min Yoongi, the devilish charmer of when you were in High School. Unfortunately, the year of your graduation, you had gotten fooled by those daring eyes, and the sharp deceiving tongue of Min Yoongi, and was involved in numerous tricky police chases of graduation year. You were a sidekick of Yoongi, along with other six boys. Now, it is 3 years after you had graduated. Your life is under control, and you had moved to Seoul to seek independence and a more easy-going lifestyle, and that had succeeded. You couldn’t be any happier. That is, until the word is on the street that, coincidentally, Min Yoongi is now roaming the streets of Seoul, desperate to find his right hand girl again


“Yoongi!” You called out to the raven haired devil. Yoongi whipped his head around, a hand in his pocket, making his way toward your tired figure. He raised a brow, “Yes?” Yoongi asked lowly, as expecting a successful response from the task he had assigned you. You were a hacking genius, and worked with deactivating alarms and manipulating the systems. “The system is deactivated.” You smirked. Yoongi put his hands together, as if he were about to say thank you, but decided not to. Instead, a grin played on his face, as he inched close to your lips, giving a very quick sloppy kiss. “I knew I could count on my right hand girl.” He purred. “How about I give you your treat after we’re done here, hm?” His words were laced with passion as your cheeks grew flushed. “We’ll see.” You teased, as Yoongi’s expression changed from seductive to baffled. “Ugh, don’t do this shit when your fucking team is around, it’s disgusting, and actually try to help your team out, we don’t, and shouldn’t be doing this.” A familiar voice, practically begging said. It was none other than the co-leader, Kim Namjoon. Yoongi sucked his teeth, as in a ‘whatever’ gesture. 

Your plans were clear. Yoongi’s team (including you), had decided to rob a jewelry store, which the team was at, but hadn’t made a move yet, as they were going briefly over the directions and what could possibly happen if specific team members did not succeed in doing their task. But this was not any jewelry store, this jewelry store was one of the most highly secured jewelry stores in America. The team could only imagine how much they could steal, and how pricey it was going to be if they sold it on the black market. As the team prepared, you double checked that every security camera, alarm, and traps were off. It was the dead of night, what could possibly go wrong? “It’s safe to go in now.” You announced to the others. They all nodded. Namjoon and V were responsible for distracting the security guards at the front, and knocking them out as well. Hoseok and Jimin were to keep a look out for any suspicions inside of the store, while Jungkook and Yoongi actually sneak out the jewelry, and lastly, you were also to keep an eye out for any suspicions outside the premises. As everyone split up with earpieces in, you watched them scatter along to their positions. 

You were hidden in the bushes, and could clearly see V and Namjoon having a brawl with the security guards. “We got to the gold successfully.. god it looks so… hypnotizing.” You heard Yoongi over the earpiece. “Yeah, I understand that but you need to be quick!” You quietly exclaimed. “Ugh, I know, quit nagging me!” He growled. You rolled your eyes, biting your lip. You suddenly heard sirens. ‘Fuck fuck fuck!’ You thought. How the hell did the police find out!? You checked ALL of the security breaches. “Shit… I accidentally pressed a.. button.” Yoongi panicked over the earpiece. “What the fuck!?” The team snapped at the same time at Yoongi. Suddenly, all of the doors of the jewelry store opened as you saw the team running desperately for their lives. You caught up with them, running next to Jimin. The sirens grew louder as the team tried to run faster. Eventually, the police cars were right behind the team. “Stop running!” The police said on a speaker. You all were on the track team, so you were very close to outrunning the police cars. You suddenly looked around, as everyone else did. “Where the fuck is Yoongi!?” You screamed at the team members. “No way.. the fucker ditched us!” Namjoon yelled back, enraged. You couldn’t believe it, out of all people, Yoongi? Eventually, the police cars caught up to the team. You couldn’t escape, as you were outnumbered by policemen. The team was pinned against different police cars, restricted in hand cuffs. Your face faced Jimin’s. Jimin’s face was full of anger, yet his eyes practically read the betrayal he felt, as the rest of the team did. You looked out into the far distance, seeing Yoongi’s figure looking back.

His eyes met yours, filled with regret. As you were about to scream his name, Yoongi turned around, running into the distance to the point where you couldn’t even see him anymore. Your eyes flooded with tears, pain, and sorrow. Drops of tears rolled down your once smiling cheeks, but now replaced with red and puffiness, as you were crying. “Yoongi..” You quietly called out. 

You had remembered the scene so clearly, and somehow, that memory always came back to haunt you.

Rap Monster (SugaMon)

Pairing: Namgi/SugaMon (Namjoon/Rap Monster & Yoongi/Suga)
Rating: M (because of one section of smut)
Genre: Humor/Smut/AU

Words: 13,605

SummaryYoongi is awoken in the middle of the night to find a man passed out on his doorstep, and that’s not even the worst of his problems. He has to take care of the guy for a week. Well…at least the guy is cute. Too bad he think his name is “Rap Monster” though…

(Also, Yoongi’s neighbor is literally Satan, he seriously wants to murder a handful of hospital workers, and how the hell can anyone say with such innocence that their name is “Rap Monster?”)

His life is a walking hell.

A/N: Ah~ The first long ass BTS fic I ever wrote. Brings back memories lol. Comments/reblogs/favs appreciated~

Yoongi is quite sure that the world is starting to hate him. In the last week the soles had fallen out of his favorite pair of red converse, he’d bombed the midterm of his Algebra course (but fuck math honestly—he didn’t give two shits about learning the quadratic formula), and now it’s 1 in the fucking morning and someone is pounding at his apartment door. He realizes it’s the hag that lives on the second story—the hag that always tells him his music is too loud even when he has headphones on­—and with an agitated huff flings himself out of bed. This isn’t the first time that witch has started banging on his door at weird times of the day so he already knows he can’t avoid it and goes to shut her up.

He pulls open the old wooden door angrily, not caring that he’s only wearing pair of plaid sleeping pants because he’s honestly not worried about this 80 year old lady checking him out even if he is good looking, and—shit, her demon cat is with her. How the fuck does that fat shit not break her neck when he sits on top of her head all the time? He really doesn’t get it, like—

“Your boyfriend is hurt,” she interrupts his thoughts, and Yoongi is getting angrier by the moment because is this bitch delusional?! Maybe she forgot to take her old-people medicine because Yoongi hasn’t had a boyfriend in months—maybe even years (he doesn’t try and keep track of time at this point)—and—

“Help him,” she speaks again, turning to stare down the front steps of his house, and despite the fact that Yoongi wants nothing more than to turn around and slam the door in her face he looks. He looks and sees that…someone is actually lying dead still at the bottom of his steps. Holy shit.

Heart thrumming in shock, Yoongi’s anger is momentarily pushed aside as he hurriedly jumps down the steps and kneels beside the person, praying that the guy’s not dead because he really doesn’t have the time to deal with the police when they’ve already visited him once this month because of a noise complaint from that old hag. And speaking of the old woman—

“Hey—,” Yoongi barks, turning his head up the steps to look at her but she’s already disappeared. Instead her demon cat is in her place and it hisses at Yoongi, promising his demise before it disappears as well. Yoongi is sure to spare a moment to flick off their now empty space before he returns to making sure the male at his feet isn’t dead.

Luckily, he’s not. After a few moments of silence Yoongi can easily hear his soft breathing and that’s somewhat reassuring—because now his chances of dealing with the police have diminished—but the guy still isn’t getting up.

“Yah!” Yoongi says with a bit of an attitude, shaking the guy’s shoulder gently—because either way he doesn’t want to chance fucking the guy up more—and as expected mister not-dead-but-sure-looks-like-it doesn’t move.

Now Yoongi’s getting pissed. Because first the annoying cat lady on the second story wakes him up in the middle of the night, then she tells him he has a boyfriend which for some reason in itself pisses him off, and now he’s outside half naked on this cold fall night, and there’s a dude—who he’s convinced is just passed out drunk at this point—on his doorstep and he won’t WAKE THE FUCK UP.

Yoongi’s just about ready to throw in the towel and leave the guy there—because why the fuck should he care anyway—when all of the sudden a car drives by, it’s headlights illuminating the scene, and Yoongi spots blood.


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BTS reaction when they see their ex, who they want back, in an elevator

Thank you so much for the request I hope you like it <3

J-Hope: *He’d like to start a conversation with you straight away and would ask about how you’ve been and the more he spoke to you the more he would miss you being with him*

Rap Monster: *He’d try to act like he was over the break up and would be so laid back but when he started a conversation with you he’d have a slip of the tongue and would accidentally tell you he misses you*

Suga: *He would keep looking at you and would get frustrated with himself for leaving you. He’d finally burst and randomly come out with the idea of you two getting back together*

Jimin: *He’d panic a little bit inside as debates on telling you about the fact that he misses you or to keep it a secret, you’d start to talk to him and he’d be a stuttering mess as he tried to hide his emotions*

Jin: *He’d be very calm in this situation and would try really hard to not reveal his true feelings towards you, he’d feel by the looks of things you were happier now and that’s all he wanted*

Taehyung: *He’d be very quiet and awkward at first but once he engaged in conversation with you he’d drop hints to wanting you back*

Jungkook: *He’d be really quiet and wouldn’t want to strike up a conversation, but he wouldn’t be able to take his eyes off of you and all the memories of the two of you would come flooding back to him*


Cuddles and Kookies

Hi could you do a longish written thing on what it would be like to just cuddle with jungkook and talk about the universe and death and the meaning of life or what? Like a oneshot..? Idk i just need some existential jungkook fluff in my life rn www

Can I have a Jungkook scenario? Cuddles pls and a lot fluff btw love your writing

You had woken up quite a while ago, feeling the warm rays of sunshine seep through your blinds, caressing your skin lightly. You were too used to early mornings. You looked beside you, at your boyfriend’s sleeping figure, and smiled to yourself. He looked so cute when he slept, and in a way, it was comforting to watch him get some well-deserved decent rest.

You observed his chest raise and fall slowly with each breath he took, his mouth was slightly open, and he was clinging onto a pillow like a child holds a teddy bear. You smiled to yourself, wondering what you had done to deserve a boyfriend as precious as Jungkook.

You watched him for a while, what else could you do? If you got up to make breakfast Jungkook would probably wake up too, and you knew he really could use some rest, so you just watched him, taking in all of his features, trying to memorize them perfectly, so even when he was far away, you’d still be able to imagine his beautiful sleeping face.

His eyes fluttered open, trying to adjust to the lighting in the room, and he turned his head to look back at you, a grin slowly spreading over his sleepy features.

“Morning” He spoke with a gruff voice.

“Morning” You chimed back, smiling at him. “Do you want breakfast?”

“Not yet, just cuddle with me” He asked you, grabbing you by your waist, and pulling you back towards him, so he was spooning you. His body pressed against yours. You could feel his warmth around you, and you were happy, you felt safe.

He breathed in deeply, taking in the scent of your shampoo, one of his hands playing with a loose strand of your hair. There was nothing Jungkook loved more than waking up next to you. No concert, no award, no joy after having learnt a choreography could ever give him the same happiness he felt when he opened his eyes to see you there with him. He would never admit it, but it was he who stole the shirt you thought you had lost, he took it on tour with him, and held it against him every night when he went to bed, because it made him dream about you and feel you closer.

“Why do you think we are in this world?” You suddenly asked him, and he smiled. You always asked the oddest of questions at the most random of times. It was a trait he had grown to love.

“Ah… Y/N I don’t know… I think we each have our own purpose in life, you know? Everyone is here for a reason.” He replied, closing his eyes, as if trying to search for an answer deep inside his thoughts.

“Ah, I see… Then what is your purpose in life Jungkook? To entertain millions of people around the world, and make them happy?” You asked, turning around to face him. He intertwined his legs with yours so you could rest comfortably beside him, and smiled at you.

“I guess that could be part of it. But my main reason to live, is to protect you” He confessed, blushing slightly. You cooed, and poked his cheek, but you couldn’t hide the fact that you were blushing too. Even after all this time, Jungkook still made you feel butterflies.

“Yeah, yeah keep laughing at me for being romantic! Very nice. What is your purpose then?” He huffed at you, sticking his lip out in a pout. You pondered for a couple of seconds, trying to come up with a good answer.

“I guess my purpose in life is to make the world a better place, even if it’s just slightly” You replied, shrugging. He beamed at you, and held you closer, calling you cute. He loved how you always thought about others before you even began thinking about yourself, and how you wished you could save the world. Maybe the world didn’t know it, but you were his superhero.

“What do you think happens when we die?” You asked him, the recent loss in your family suddenly popping back into your mind. He froze.

“I’m not sure… I think there is a Heaven. Maybe not, like the bible describes it, but I think there is a place where we all go after we pass away, to meet our loved ones once again” he replied, rubbing you back gently, attempting to comfort you. You sighed.

“Do you really think so?” You asked him, your voice slightly shaking as you tried to hold back the tears. He knew it, he could hear the pain in your voice, so he held you tighter, resting his chin on top of your head. Your arms snaked around his neck, pulling him closer to you.

“I do Y/N, I promise”  He whispered against your hair, holding you so close you thought you were going to mold into one.

He knew you were crying, even if you were completely silent, because your body shook ever so slightly, and the front of his t-shirt felt slightly dam. But he didn’t say anything, because he knew you hated crying in front of others, and because in all honesty, there wasn’t much he could say to comfort you. He rubbed circles with his thumbs against your back, kissing the top of your head every now and again.

“Kookie?” You whispered cautiously, your voice slightly hoarse.

“Mhm?” he replied, and you felt the vibrations run through his chest.

“Do you think we are alone in the universe?” You asked him, and he couldn’t restrain the smile from forming on his lips.

“Ah… I don’t think so… Just look at Tae. He must have come from another planet”. He replied, making you both laugh loudly, the painful memories now lost in the back of your mind.



*cries in korean*

OH MY GOSH 😭Run BTS ep. 20 brings back some old memories. ❤️😭😭😭😭 I never knew I miss them cooking until this happend 😭 As soon as I watched the episode it reminded me of the BTS rookie king days.

I realized that izzz been years since I became a part of this (army) fandom. I witnessed how they worked hard to be this popular and well known. 😭😭😭 I feel like a proud mom lol. I love you all Armys and Bangtan! Let’s work harder from now on! Coz Team Work Makes The Dream Work ❤️❤️❤️ hwaiitiingg~