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Three Elements Home Blessing and Protection Ritual


  • Incense, or Sage Bundle - for smoke cleansing, to cleanse and protect with the “Sky”
  • Purified Water in a small bowl (optional ingredients include salt or herbs) - for saining, to cleanse and protect with the “Sea”
  • Protection Salt and Herbs (I’ll be adding lavender for peace and purification, and rosemary for protection and remembrance) - for protection of doorways, windows, and portals - to protect with the “Land”
  • Chant, Spell or Prayer of Intention - This step is best if you make it yourself, with your magical paradigms. Here is mine - “By the power of elements three, by the power of land, sky, and sea, I cleanse and protect this home to keep us safe from all harm.”  I also have one for each element e.i. “By the power of the sea, keep harm away from me”.


In an empty house, or apartment, open all doors and windows, including closets, bathrooms, etc. Start at what is to be the heart or center of the home, (the hearth, the bedroom, the living area, kitchen, etc) walk walk the perimeter of the home clockwise. If you wish to banish all spirits, spirits that mean you harm, all entities, whatever it is- do so at this time. Once you set your protections, you may accidentally banish or piss off ‘people’ you want to be friendly with. Walk the perimeter and focus on all the good memories you want to make here, the creating that will be done here, the hospitality you will offer guests, etc. 

Sky - Come back to start and light your “Sky” representation. Walk clockwise, chanting your spell. Aim the smoke at the ceiling, walking the perimeter of every wall and every room, including in closets, and around the shower, following the line of the ceiling. (not cupboards in the kitchen, because you might not be able to get the smell out later). Think of the smoke as banishing any previous tenants memories, bad emotions, spirits or energies you don’t want in your new home. End at your predesignated heart of the home.

Sea - Take your bowl of water, your “Sea”, and start again. this time dip your fingers into the bowl and flick water all around, aiming at the floorboard. Chant while you walk clockwise, focusing on the protection of the salt and water, creating a white light around your home as you sprinkle the water. Alternatively you can add to a spray bottle and spray the water. If you wish, sprinkle or ‘paint’ the water around any openings - mirrors, drains, windows - to protect from unwanted entrances for spirits or energies.  End at the heart of the home.

Land - Now take your “Land” representation of salt and herbs, and walk counter clockwise. Chant your house blessing or the chant for salt if you wish (if you chant the salt blessing, do one more pass clockwise saying you final home blessing). Sprinkle salt in a line across any doorway or window to outside the home. The salt should stay on the window sills if possible. The salt can be swept up from the front door if you wish, just ‘paint’ some salt water instead, after it is swept up. Sprinkle some around drains as well, and across wall mirrors. This closes up any magical or physical doorways of outside influence. End back at the heart of the home.

If you have a backyard or patio, you may want to extend the protections out there as well. Use cascarilla powder (powdered eggshells) around any dirt or lawn you have, use pure water with no salt, and maybe use wind chimes or a bell to represent the sky instead of the smoke, if you wish to not arouse suspicion. Please don’t use salt on the land. Its bad for plants and snails.

Home Protection Cont. :

I will be setting up my home altar at this “heart of the home” and from there it will be an easy place to renew the protections. I would recommend renewing the protections once a year, or whenever you feel you need a little extra boost of protection or cleansing. Since you originally did this when no furniture was in place, renewing the protections may seem hard. I prefer to smoke cleanse so that is a little easier for me, just say a protection or cleansing spell at our home altar and walk clockwise around the house with your smoke. Its gets into all the tight spots, now that there is furniture in the way, easier.  The spray bottle works well for this as well. I would recommend renewing one element at a time, in place of all three. 

Don’t forget that other protections are still great to uses as well. I will also be hanging my witches’ ladder made of hag stones by the door for protection, having potted plants for cleansing and protection like lavender, and hanging some wind chimes to know when the Good Folk are near.

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The last step is to enjoy your protected and magical home!

You’re given a life,
To explore the world.
Start your day with a laugh,
End it with appreciation.
Know that life isn’t easy,
It’s a struggle.
But you’re already here,
Make the most out of it.
Be who you want to be.
Opportunity will come
If you try your best.
Feel proud of yourself
As nobody can replace
The uniqueness of YOU.
Know that we’re here,
To create a memory,
For the ones we love.
Treasure those moments,
For they won’t last long.
A good person like you
Is hard to find.
May all the blessings
Be by your side.
Always and forever.
—  rubieheng 

title: five stages of grief

summary: Six years is a lot of time to grieve the loss of the girl who has your heart.

one) denial

When Bellamy wakes up the day After, he doesn’t cry, even though he feels the sadness resting at the hollow of his throat and stinging at his eyes. In his chest, his heart is breaking, and there’s a deep, near-bottomless emptiness, but there’s also hope. The kind that cuts, makes it hard to breathe. She could be out there, he thinks. She could be alive; he hopes, and it is torture. Because she isn’t. He has to accept that. Besides, he thinks bitterly, he has all the time in the world.

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They always say “that that’s the way it is” and “you’ll get over it”.
Maybe you will get over it, maybe you’ll get over my absence…but will I get over yours?

You were everything to me, my best friend, my diary, my safe place.

The person I could run to and suddenly the miserable day I had wouldn’t matter because we’d be singing together so loudly that I couldn’t even hear my thoughts… I skip the songs now.

The 3am phone call when I couldn’t sleep and my thoughts were filling my lungs like a flood travelling up into my throat,almost like I could vomit them straight back up again every time I tried to swallow and suppress them…now the only comfort I find is my tear stained pillow.

The continuous laughter from a joke 10 minutes ago that wasn’t even mildly funny but we thought that it was hilarious…sighs replace our giggles now.

The smile across the room when something made me nervous and I’d look at you, you’d reassure me with that smile…you don’t look at me anymore.

The eye contact when someone asked if I was okay and I muttered I’m fine under my breath, because you didn’t need to ask and I didn’t need to say…it’s been months of “I’m fine.”,I stare at the ground now.

The sleepovers when that morning I didn’t even want to leave my bed, the inside jokes that made me laugh when I didn’t even want to smile,the plans for the future we made when I didn’t even see one for myself. Because you felt like home, you were my best friend.

You were my happiness.

But what was I to you?

Stepping stones.

Something you walked over as you stood above me,used so you could get over your obstacles and reach the side where the grass is always greener.

I didn’t mind helping you along though, but then you walked on the stepping stones to the side that had more to offer, the side that offered alcohol for you to drink, boys for you to love, and better people for you to trust and laugh with,

I don’t blame you though, but you never came back.

You left me stuck in the middle, the water got deeper and deeper and it was surrounding me and no matter how strong I stood it kept washing over me leaving me gasping for air and choking on the water,along with the lies you fed me.

But here you were laughing, creating new memories with thousands of others while I was left in the ocean with no one else but myself.

I don’t know if I can forgive you. I miss you quite terribly but my stepping stone days are done because I have now realised that nobody will ever deserve to feel like they’re not worthy of love.

But when you get tired and the grass loses its vibrant colour and starts to rot and you want to just come home, it’s too late because there will be no access to the side that was never good enough for you.

Because when you burn bridges you may rebuild them after a lot of work and effort. But you can never rebuild stepping stones.
—  I miss you quite terribly.

The 10 Best Beer Gifts for Father’s Day

Beer isn’t just a beverage. When you’re into it, it’s really a way of life. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of products and gifts that exist to enhance this perfect way of life. No, you definitely don’t need some of the things here, but damn does it sure make beer more fun. From t-shirts to beer soap, theres a gift here for everyone who shares the same love of beer that you do. Check them out below. 

Beer Soap (6-pack…of course) 

If you’ve ever had a shower beer, you’ll know just how glorious it is to have a great beer while enjoying the warm water. Just imagine all of that in your soap…aside from the taste. “You smell like beer” will soon be the highest compliment you can achieve.

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Wooden Bottle Opener

Second on the list is a sweet bottle opener that looks good in any man cave, dorm room or kitchen. The wood definitely gives this gift a rustic feel, and is the perfect price for a small gift. We’re definitely getting one for our shop!

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Stoneware Growler

So at first the actual weight of the growler turned me off, but that thought was swiftly replaced by wanting one just based on how cool it looks. I found out that these clay-based growlers also keep your beer insulated, and therefore colder for a longer period of time. An awesome gift for someone who homebrews and spends lots of time outdoors.

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Silicone Beer Caps

You want to savor your beer. So when you get that 22oz. 13% ABV Russian Imperial Stout, you want to drink it fresh, and drink it slow. With these silicone beer caps, you can pour yourself a small glass now, and keep the rest fresh for later. Any craft beer lover will truly appreciate (and continually use) this gift.

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Beer Shampoo & Conditioner

Oh this is too good. Beer conditioner? You don’t drink it, which is literally the ONLY downside I see. For the person that thought beer soap was end of the road, this will blow their pretty little mind just one more time. Plus, it’s reasonably priced enough to be a truly unique stocking stuffer.

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Diagram of Beer Poster

Over 100 styles of beer and over 600 specific beers dot this striking poster, giving any craft beer aficionado an exact style to many of their favorite beers. We have one up in our shop, and consult it on a weekly basis to give us inspiration on what to brew!

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Mini Oak Barrels

This takes homebrewing and craft beer enjoyment to a new level. For any beer lover that partakes in barrel aged beers, or any homebrewer that has wanted to try this advanced technique, this is the gift for them! These barrels come in sizes from as small as 1L to as big as 100L, and everywhere in between.

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Traditional German Beer Stein

Sure, this stein might be expensive, but it’s unbelievably cool. These steins are crafted using the traditional German methods passed down over hundreds of years. Everything is made out of pewter and is FDA food grade safe.

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United States of Beer Tasting Map

If your beer lover also likes to travel, this beer cap map is the perfect gift. Every time they have a beer from a different state, or IN a different state, they can place that cap in that state’s slot, and write in what they had. Beer doesn’t erase memories, it creates them!

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Brew Candles

All around, this is a really cool gift. The candle is made out of soy wax, the candle holder is a recycled 22oz. beer bottle, and the smell is based off of pleasant-smelling beer styles. What more could any beer lover want?

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Hope you get inspired with some of the beer things and get your father a nice gift! If you have another ideas just let us know in comments. Reblog if you find this useful!

Imprint (Ignis x Reader NSFW)

SayaSin serving up more of the goods. Lately I’ve started writing from my phone because I’m a glutton for pain and find it easier to get things put out sooo I expect more to come. Also, why is it so hard to not end up writing a novel?! Whatever. Treats under the cut!  

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Noct’s living room was alive with the sound of laughter and clanking bottles. With the addition of a few Glaives, the boys had decided to have a small get together in honor of his upcoming wedding. It was a hell of a time and you were thrilled to be a part of it. Sharing laughs and jokes, seemingly endless drinks, or at least you would be participating if you weren’t currently pressed bare ass against the washing machine in the Prince’s laundry room.

 "I-Ignis…ah" A quick trip to the kitchen for a refill on drinks had turned into a sultry escapade. You held on for dear life with each thrust he had laid on you. “We don’t have much time before I set off for our journey-” He had hoisted you up on the machine, feverishly kissing at your ear and neck. “Let’s make these last moments count, darling” You were left breathless each time he moved to kiss you. 

The slight embarrassment of cavorting about during such a special time in such close proximity of others was immediately washed away and replaced with excitement the moment his lips grazed your skin. His hands had roamed about your body to lay rest in the most sinful of places before you had given in. Your fingers came to comb through his hair leaving a disheveled mess in its wake as the grip on your ass tightened. Moans of pure satisfaction escaped your lips without a care of who heard. Leaning back against the machines top, your hands holding you up allowed the adviser to plunge deeper.

“Mmph, Iggy please d-don’t stop” Slender fingers came to kneed one of your breast as it bounced violent in succession with his thrusts. “Don’t stop what?” His words were staggered but taunting, enjoying the insatiable view of his lover coming apart at the mercy of his hands. “Don’t stop fucking me!” You were sure someone would hear but the man could only chuckle. He sped up in that moment, relentlessly probing your g-spot now further pushing you toward a much desired release.

 Ignis’s legs shook beneath him signaling his approach. He pulled you close then, his chest flush against yours as it shown through his unbuttoned shirt. He continued to pound your helpless pussy until the machine below you squeaked in protest. He intended to imprint the feel of your body - inside and out - into his mind to take with him until he could see you again. Your walls convulsed and tightened around his cock repeatedly. You could hold it no longer. 

 "Ig-Ignis! I’m gonna cum!“ “That’s right, cum for me y/n!” His hand shot down to your clit, rubbing it vigorously until your cries spilled out into the room unleashing a lot harder than anticipated, the liquid evidence now dripping down the front of the machine. “G-gods!” The man’s face twisted as he unloaded his hot seed within you, painting your walls and leaving your insides feeling warm.

He collapsed against your shoulder, both of you riding out your orgasms with happy sighs. “I’m certainly going to miss this while I’m on the road. What in Shiva’s name have to done to me, y/n” Lifting up, he adjusted his glasses before placing a soft kiss to your lips. “Aside from making you a better man?” He laughed at your cocky attitude, a sound you would never get tired of. “I absolutely cannot argue with that statement my dear" 

 "Should we get back to the party then? I’m sure they’re looking for us” Ignis glanced around the room before a rather wicked smile pulled at his lips “I’d much prefer to create more memories right here in which your participation is required…” His words reignited the fire in your core. You were’t sure what you did to deserve such a wonderful man but you sure as hell weren’t about to protest. You wrapped your arms around his neck with a ginger smile.

 "And that is something I absolutely cannot argue with”

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Yo hmu with hcs of Sasuke finding out Itachi has a child? Kinda like a sequel to the pregnancy ones you did. Itachi is dead now, his final breath was his gf's name and his child's name. Sasuke tracks them down in like a cabin in the woods, what next? Thx friend. *disappears into a world of goldfish*

Coming right up! Thanks for requesting!

HC’s About Sasuke Finding Out That Itachi Has A Girlfriend and Child:

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  • So when Itachi utters his last words, Sasuke immediately knows they’re names. And not just one name, but rather two names. He wouldn’t have thought much of it, but those were his brothers last words, so there has to be something going on. But he honestly doesn’t know where to start, were they names from the past? Were they people Itachi knew currently? It would kind of drive Sasuke bonkers because he’s just stumped on why is brothers final words were two names.
  • He would make it a part of his mission when he leaves the leaf village, as an adult, to find these two people. He would ask the Hokage for the list of all the members in the Akatsuki and start from there. He would quickly go down the list, noting who was dead. But then there is going to be this name at the bottom of the list, it’s going to belong to a female Akatsuki member that he didn’t really recognize. While they were wanted for some heinous crime, she never stuck out like the rest of them, hence why he doesn’t really recognize her. BUT he would recognize the name as one of the two Itachi muttered before he died. The Hokage would inform him that she’s been AWOL for a few years. People have said they’ve seen her around Kumo, but were never really sure.
  • So of course he’s going to start there. If he finds this person, then they may know the second person and the puzzle will be complete and all will be right with the world.
  • He would end up in Kumo, he would ask around, people would be pretty iffy about the information but one common theme is that they all mention a cabin. So what does he do? Go to the cabin. 
  • The first person Sasuke meets when he approaches the cabin is not Itachi’s girlfriend, but Itachi’s child. The small person would in the front yard playing around when Sasuke approaches them. He doesn’t think much of it until he sees their face. The hair color would be the girlfriends, but those facial features, those eyes. Those belong to Itachi, it’s unmistakable. Things slowly start to click, but not all the way, he has a hard time believing that Itachi has a child and needs someone to spell it out for him.
  • The child would notice him and call for it’s mother while slowly backing away from Sasuke (he’s not the friendly neighbor type). Now Itachi’s girlfriend knew all of his fears, one of them being that Sasuke would roll up and kill both her and his child. So she sees him, shoves her child inside the house, and prepares to fight Sasuke. (She knows full well she will not win, but she would DIE for her child because it’s her child AND because it’s all she has left of Itachi).
  • Sasuke would ask for her name, she’d hesitate still anticipating for a fight. But she would give it to him nonetheless. He’d then ask for the child’s name and when that’s given to him, he would finally understand. 
  • From that point Sasuke is going to feel a lot of emotions. He’s going to be a little shocked because he never figured that Itachi would be the dating or the baby-making type. He thought that Itachi would just stay by himself until the final fight. 
  • He’s going to feel like more of an asshole for killing his brother. I don’t think that Sasuke would have not killed Itachi if he knew about his brother’s family, but he might have lightened the blows. He can partially relate to the child about not having a father. Sasuke had Fugaku but he wasn’t really a father in his eyes; Itachi was more of a father to him. 
  • Sasuke is going to be jealous of his brothers family and of his brother. He spent the majority of his life training to kill Itachi. He didn’t focus on relationships or friendships (eh, he did, but that wasn’t his top priority), he lost so many people because of what his brother did. And yet here was Itachi, making memories, being loved, creating a family. Sasuke would rather have that life than the one that was given to him. He doesn’t like that there was someone that got his brother’s affection after all these years. It makes Sasuke feel second-rate and he hates that feeling. He doesn’t like the fact that Itachi got to do some good and got to create good memories, it drives him insane. So if Sasuke seems a little harsh to his new family, it’s mostly jealousy. 
  • He’s also going to be extremely happy. He does miss Itachi, especially after the truth was revealed about why he killed the Uchiha clan. So he sees his new niece/nephew as a piece of Itachi and feels the need to protect them so Itachi’s legacy does not burn out.  He’s also happy because now the Uchiha legacy is more secure and that the repopulation won’t strictly rely on him.
  • He would end up going into the cabin with Itachi’s lover and talking things over with her. Now that he has a new family, he doesn’t want them in Kumo. He wants them to come back to the Leaf Village where they can stay near him and where he can protect them. This is his chance to rebuild the clan he lost, there’s no way he is risking that by having them staying in a foreign land. He would also want to teach his niece/nephew the ways of the Sharingan and what it really means to be an Uchiha - but hopefully he doesn’t unlock the clans Curse of Hatred. 
  • Itachi’s girlfriend would be hesitant because she has a feeling it’s a trap and that she’ll be arrested. But Sasuke swears she will be pardoned for her crimes and he will bend over backwards to make sure she and her child are not separated. She’ll agree, reluctantly, but she’ll agree.
  • Sasuke is going to keep his promise and gets Itachi’s gf pardoned. Now that there’s an Uchiha to be trained, he does come back to the leaf village more frequently and splits his time from bonding with Sarada and his niece/nephew.
  • Itachi’s gf and Sakura become great friends and Sarada and Itachi’s child become super close. 
A Whole New World

Me and Brooklyn have been dating for about 3 months and I have a deep feeling for him. I feel like he feels the same way. We hanged out when he stopped by in LA, but he went back to London and it has been tough. Although we haven’t dated a “long time” for it to be a committed relationship, it feels like I’ve known him for such a long time, and my feelings for him get stronger everyday.

His mom stayed in LA for a couple more days before she jetted off to London. She asked me to come by around 10am at the house before she left so she could say goodbye. I did as she asked and she was standing in front of the door with her suitcases and an extra small black one by her side.

“Hello Mrs. Beckham! Good morning!”

“Call me Victoria! How many times do I have to tell you love, haha, are you ready to go?”

“Oh yes I forgot, Victoria, and umm…. Why am I supposed to be ready?”

“I’m taking you to London with me, it’s a surprise for Brooklyn and you obviously. I’m sure he misses you loads. David tells me how he stays up so late talking to you.”

“Oh no. Mrs. Beckham… I mean Victoria, I couldn’t…. I shouldn’t. I have school and plus my parents don’t know and I didn’t even pack…”

“I called your school and told them you’re on a busy schedule and will makeup your work as soon as you get back, and I also got a small travel study for you.” She handed me the packet and my suitcase. “Your parents agreed, we planned this trip for you, and for the packing I got you covered. Come along now.”

She started walking to the car, and I had no choice but to follow her. She was an extraordinary woman, so kind, I couldn’t find a way to repay her.

I have never been to London. but I have always dreamed of being there, in this new world to explore. With the Beckhams. With Brooklyn.

After 11 hours of flight we finally arrived to the Heathrow Airport. We got a cab and rode off into the city. When we pulled up to the gigantic house, I couldn’t stop smiling. I was going to see Brooklyn again. See his smile, hug him, and create new memories while I stay.

“Here we are. Our cab driver will bring our bags. Follow me, I want to surprise Brooklyn, so at the door hide on the side.”

“Okay! Will do! Thank you so much!”

“You’re welcome sweety. Ok now hide.” I heard loud footsteps come as she opened the door.
“Mummy is home!” I saw Romeo, and Cruz run toward their mom, David had Harper in his arms and down came Brooklyn.

“Brooklyn, I have a surprise for you.”

“What is it?” As I heard his voice my heart began to race so fast. It doesn’t matter how many times I see him, he still makes me feel vulnerable and crazy.

“Look outside.” Victoria motioned him towards me. He walked out and I took a step forward. I was inches away from him. He looked into my eyes and a smile grew on his face. Bigger and bigger.

“Y/N !!! What! Why! How! Oh how I missed you!” He brought me into a big hug, I couldn’t help but squeeze him back.

“Your mom brought me, she’s the best, she paid for everything. How can I ever thank her.”

“Oh you don’t have to, she loves doing these sorts of things. Come on let’s go inside.” He wrapped his arm around my neck and took me inside.

“Y/N yay you’re here!!” Screamed Romeo, Cruz and Harper. I ran towards them and gave them a big hug.

“Let’s play football!! Come on Romeo, lets get our boots!” Yelled Cruz.

“No no no guys, Y/N just arrived and I want to show her my favorite places here in London, you guys have to wait.” Brooklyn told the boys.

“Ugh fine. But when you guys come back, promise to play?” Pouted Romeo.

“Of course guys! I love soccer and especially with you guys, we’ll play as soon as we come back okay.” I felt Brooklyn stare at me with the most kindest eyes ever. He said to me, “I love when you’re so nice to my brothers, it means a lot.”

“Well, I do really like them.” I teased him, “maybe even more than you.” He glared at me with a smirk and said, “you’re going to change your mind real fast, just watch.” I giggle as he made his way into the kitchen. I followed. “DAD! Can I take your car out for a few hours?”

“Why yes of course, son,” David answered him, throwing him the keys. “Just be careful okay, don’t do anything stupid.”

“Thanks dad. And we won’t, we’ll be back soon.” He intertwined his fingers onto mine, and placed a small kiss on my cheek. “I’m about to show you a whole new world princess.”

I am what I feel

So I don’t know now how to feel about this, this is the last chapter and I’m not sure if it’s even good enough to be the last chapter or if I managed to give this story the ending it deserves I just know that this is the longest fic I’ve ever written and I’ve worked so hard on this and that so many of you have loved this as much as I do and you guys have no idea what this means to me. I will stop with this before I get too emo, stay tuned for the epilogue next week or maybe this weekend. And well thank you really. 

Chapter 15  (Find the other chapters here)

Does this mean we are out of opportunities,my love?  

Luna sighs as she sits next to her, sadness lingering on it and making Nina look up to her instantly.

“What happened?” She asks to her friend and Luna looks down, biting her lip.

“I’m leaving.” She says and adds nothing more, making Nina frown.

“Leaving?” She asks confused and Luna sends her a meaningful look.

“Leaving, leaving Nina.” Luna mumbles and her voice breaks in Nina’s name.

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A realm of primordial chaos… Who knew it would be so… empty…? I walk this world in search of exit, but I cannot even find the door I first entered through. Every step I take, every drop of my soul screams as it burns. I do not belong here… No, nothing belongs here. The chaos eats away at the remnants of the light that holds my existence together, like a blackhole tearing a star apart to consume it… But I have to hold on. I must endure. 

I was born with a purpose. A purpose I am proud to serve. I was entrusted with a great mission… And only I can fulfill it. Without it, I… I would have no reason to exist. I must exist, because I want to exist. Because… because I am… important… 

How many suns and moons have risen and fallen since I’ve been imprisoned here in solitude? What happened to the world of the shattered El? I do not know… But now… my senses are… slowly becoming dull and numb… My memory… hazy. Why… am I here…? I was… created by… I must… do something…? …Who… am I? Everything… is becoming dimmer… 

I wilt away like a lonely flower in the middle of a barren desert, forgotten by everyone, and remembered by no one. Eventually the sand of time will bury what’s left of me, and it will be as if I had never existed. Even if I disappear, nothing will change… The thought alone surprisingly calmed me. In the sea of nothingness, I slowly closed my eyes. 

Maybe withering away is the only exit out of here…

It was then when I heard someone calling out my… …Name? Yes, my name. I had a name… I have a name. And someone remembered me… After all this time… I am remembered. I was not… forgotten. I am still… needed… somewhere. I must… answer that call. I must get out of here.

I searched for the sound, struggling to remember the familiar melody I had heard in my earliest memory. I grew desperate; before the song ends, I must find its source, before I am lost in this labyrinth forever. When I turned around, there it was, the beacon of my salvation, shining against the darkness and becknoning me to my destiny. I looked upon it like it was the very first sun that had risen to break the long spell of lightless winter. 

I am returning… to the place where I belong.

I shut my eyes to brace myself for the blinding light that broke into the rift. It’s been so long… I almost forgot how the realm of existence felt. Soft breeze gently caressed my skin, and I realized I was free from my eternal prison. I opened my eyes and what came into my view was… an unexpected sight: in the middle of a lush green forest, a red-haired boy stood before me. He either didn’t notice my arrival, or was expecting its exact moment that he did not see the reason to turn around to face me.

He did not utter a word but I instinctively knew who he was, and so, I knelt.

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The Last Night

Dan and Phil’s break from packing takes an unexpected turn as they reminisce about the years they spent in the London Apartment on their last night there.

Phil finished taping up another box of stuff from the kitchen.

“Phil, this is our last night! How did we get so behind?” Dan asked frantically as he began packing up utensils from one of the cupboards.

“You’re the procrastinator, don’t you thrive on this stuff?” Phil asked with a smirk.

“Well, yeah, but not when we’re moving out tomorrow and not nearly finished packing!” Dan exclaimed as he handed Phil the box to tape up.

Phil stopped what he was doing and looked at Dan. “Did you pack what’s under your bed?”

Dan froze. “I’m saving that for last.”

Phil snickered. “Speaking of beds, it’s our last night in the wicker bed.”

“Oh, thank God.” Dan let out as he closed up the last box of kitchen stuff. “Okay, done. What’s left?”

“We’ve got to pack up the lounge.” Phil told him.

“The lounge?” Dan questioned. “What, the entire lounge? Have we not packed any of it??” 

“Not a thing, King of Procrastination.” Phil said as he began pushing Dan out of the kitchen.

“But I’m so tired… and sore… and what’s the point?” Dan let out as he let his legs go limp and he dropped to the floor in the hallway.

Phil just stood there looking like the most unamused person in the world. “Are you done?”

“How are you not exhausted?” Dan asked as he lay face-down on the floor.

“I am, but we have to get this done.” Phil told him.

“Lie with me.” Dan said as he reached up for Phil.

“Dan, we need to finish packing.” Phil fought.

“Come on, just 5 minutes?” Dan asked in that adorable, whiny tone of voice he knew Phil couldn’t resist.

Phil sighed before getting down on the floor and lying next to Dan. He wrapped an arm around his boyfriend and the two lay there, taking a much-needed break, content in each other’s embrace.

Phil nuzzled his nose in Dan’s curly, messy hair. “I can’t believe this time tomorrow we’ll be in the new place.” he spoke softly.

“This place holds a lot of memories.” Dan said.

“Gotta love those sweet mems.” Phil said, making Dan laugh.

“Jump out the fucking window.” Dan said, Phil now the one laughing.

“Seriously though, we shared so many moments here; created so many memories. Remember the day we moved in?” Phil asked.

“I really don’t want to talk about 2012 right now.” Dan said and Phil gave him a reassuring squeeze.

“All right,” Phil began. “How about all the funny videos we filmed in this apartment? This is where I created the 7 Second Challenge.”

“That was you?” Dan asked, causing Phil to nudge him as he giggled. 

“This is where we did so many fun collabs. It’s where we filmed most of the Phil is not on fires. It’s where Dil was born!” Phil said.

“He was created out of pixels in a video game! You make it sound like someone was born in this house!” Dan laughed. 

“Well, it’s where we started playing the Sims!” Phil said. “It’s where we started the gaming channel.”

“It’s where we spent countless hours sitting up in the office writing the book.” Dan chimed in. “It’s where we thought up ideas for TATINOF.”

“It’s where we’ve always come home to. After TATINOF; after Australia; after Japan.” Phil said.

“It’s just an apartment.” Dan then said. “Home is wherever you are, Phil.” he whispered and Phil couldn’t help but smile. “There’s the fan service they all want.” he then said, causing Phil’s face to fall.

“There’s the fan service your mum wants.” Phil fired back. Dan instinctively replied with their weird noise of an inside joke that Phil then repeated and the two started giggling.

Dan snuggled further into Phil as he closed his eyes and Phil could feel his own body becoming heavier.

“Just think,” Phil began. “We’re about to make a whole flat-full of new memories starting tomorrow.” he spoke quietly, closing his eyes as well.

“I can’t wait.” was the last thing Dan said.

Dan opened his eyes to see a blank wall in front of him. He looked up to see their hallway ceiling and a sleeping Phil beside him. 

“Phil? Phil, wake up.” Dan said. 

Phil grumbled as he snuggled into Dan. 

“No, Phil, wake up. We fell asleep!” Dan said as he got out of Phil’s embrace and whipped out his phone. “Phil, its 9AM!” 

Phil shot his eyes open. “We slept here all night?!” he asked as he scrambled to get off the floor. 

“And we didn’t finish packing the lounge yet!” Dan exclaimed as he got up. “We need to box everything up and get out of here!” he said as he rushed into the lounge.

“Well, at least we didn’t have to sleep in the wicker bed.” Phil shrugged before following Dan into the lounge.

Wonwoo: The Things We Lost

anonymous asked: Have you done a scenario where Wonwoo is a single dad (he has a daughter) because if not, could you please write one? (: Please and thank you ^^

Summary: wonwoo single dad au ahh sksdjfl

“Did Wonwoo call you?” Yerim asked.

“Was he supposed to?” You said, balancing your phone between your cheek and your shoulder as you pulled items out of the fridge.

“Shit. He was supposed to ask you if you could drive Jisoo to her ballet lesson. Shit.” She panicked. You laughed.

“Calm down, Yerim. I can do it right now. He’s probably in a lecture, it’s Thursday. It’s not his fault.” You said as you put everything back in the fridge and walked towards your front door.

“It’s Thursday? I thought it was Tuesday. Okay, my fault. I am deleting this angry text that I was about to send him as we speak.” She said. You laughed again, harder this time.

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In which Newt motivates you that giving up shouldn’t even be an option.

It was unbearable.

Nobody could care less about your sanity, even if it continued to diminish by the second. It was almost as if continuing on, would drain you completely.

It was hard to keep up with the battle. And frankly, you knew well that it was your time to rest.

But he had a different idea.

“Hey! No matter what happens, remember to always stay optimistic. Okay love? No thinking negative, no quitting, nothing like that, alright?”

You frowned, “Newt.. It’s impossible. Do you know what I have to go through?”

“I don’t, darling. But I believe in you. I believe that you can fight this. I trust you to never let go. And to keep your head high. Alright?” He was grasping your shoulders.

“I’ll.. I’ll try?”

“Do you promise to never leave me?” He held out his pinky.

You smiled weakly, “I promise, baby, I’ll never leave you.”

You looped your pinky with his and sealed the promise with your thumbs.

Newt knew how sick you were. It pained him to see you suffering, but nothing pained him more than to see you giving up.

It was one of those nights, where your mother had unleashed her wrath to the nearest person she can. You.

On normal days, back when you were mentally strong, you could handle her poisonous words. But the venom she had today, was strikingly hurtful. Not to mention she’d decided to get physical, thus resulting to your skull nearly cracking.

You’d returned to your little house with Newt, a solemn look replaced your normal, cheerful smile. Newt had been busy nurturing his beasts, while you stared out the window, gazing at the stars above.

You wondered how it’d be like to become one of them. You wondered how it’d be like to finally leave the living hell you called a life.

You wondered how better off you’d be if you were gone.

Newt knew how sick you were. It pained him to see you suffering, but nothing pained him more than to see you giving up.

Newt had just finished taking care of his beasts, and he’d climbed up from his suitcase. From the late hours of the night, he’d already expected for you to be tucked into bed. He was rather surprised to see you still wide awake, doing nothing but staring at the sky in silence.

He thought you looked beautiful in the illuminating gleam of the moon. He smiled. How lucky he was to have you.

He dusted off his hands, slowly approaching your figure. The smile he had, suddenly vanished as he neared your still figure.

You were crying.

He’d pulled you towards his chest, combing his fingers through your hair. He didn’t need to hear any words from you. But what he knew was, you needed him and his arms.

Newt knew how sick you were. It pained him to see you suffering, but nothing pained him more than to see you giving up.

You couldn’t control the sobs that wracked your body. You could only pull him closer. The pain you felt was unimaginable. You wanted nothing more than to finally be happy, and yet happiness seems to be light years away.

“I love you”, was all he said, “Don’t give up on me. On us.. please.”

You could only stay silent, as he pulled you closer.

“Newt..?” Your voice croaked.

He gently pulled you away from him, wiping your fallen tears with his thumbs. His heart had sunk from the horrid sight. His princess was broken, and he couldn’t do anything. He felt helpless. If it wasn’t for his self control, he himself would’ve cried.

I love you.”

His eyes watered. He pulled you back in his embrace. His voice was shaking.

I love you too, Princess.

The night had fallen, and the both of you had fallen asleep on the balcony, tangled in each other’s arms.

Newt was the first to awaken, the bright sun blinding his vision. He winced from the brightness, stretching and yawning away the sleep he had.

He looked down at the beautiful creature in his arms. Amongst all the fantastic beasts he had met, you were still, without a doubt, the most beautiful he had ever encountered.

He lightly shook you, in hopes you would waken and grab some early breakfast with him.

“Love, wake up. It’s morning.”


He chuckled, strengthening his shake a little more. You were always so stubborn.

“Princess, c'mon. Up you go.”

No answer.

His smile faded, “Hey.. wake up sleeping beauty.”

No answer.

His voice cracked, “You said you wouldn’t leave me. You promised.”


He was crying. “No please.. I can’t do this.. without you..”


“Please wake up.. you promised me!


“I can’t do this..”

His heart had fallen. His world had crashed.

A white sheet tucked in your pocket had caught his attention. Wiping his tears, he reached for the slip of paper.

The beautiful sight of your handwriting had nearly brought him to another set of tears. But he held them back.


Where do I even begin? Well, let me start by saying I’m thankful I met you. I’m thankful for the happiness you brought me. I’m thankful for the kindness in your heart. I’m thankful for the wonderful memories we were able to create. I’m thankful for the times you were here by my side, when everyone left.

But most of all, I’m thankful for your love.

It was your love that got me this far. It was your love that motivated me to keep fighting this battle. May it be that I lost, you of all people should know, that I went down with a fight.

And I just want to say, I love you.

I really really loved you. More than I should love anyone in fact.

But at the same time, I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I’m so stubborn. I’m sorry for cheating when we play games. I’m sorry for the times I would hurt you. I’m sorry that I never got a chance to give you your Christmas present. I’m sorry that I never finished the wonderful dinner you made. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to keep my promise.

I’m really sorry.

Well, take care. I’ll always be here. I’ll never leave your side. Because no matter what happens, I’ll always love you to the moon and back.

- Your Princess.’

A silent tear had fallen from his cheek, and to the letter.

He already misses you.

Newt knew how sick you were. It pained him to see you suffering, but nothing pained him more than to see your lifeless body, asleep in his arms,


Trailer Surprises


“Let’s break!” the director called out, making everyone let out a sigh of relief - Kyungsoo included.

Relaxing a little, he handed his props to a member of staff and rolled his shoulders back to loosen them, rubbing the back of his neck to help do away with some of the aching. It was late, he was tired and there was still hours left of filing to get through before he would finally finish. It meant that the beginning of his birthday would be spent on set filming, away from his members and away from you.

He let out a long sigh and headed outside to the massive trailers in the car park that were acting as dressing rooms, quickly finding his among the many. In his head, he was already running through the script for the next scene, not really paying attention as he climbed the short ladder to his trailer.

It was perfect for your surprise however.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” you called out excitedly, surprising your boyfriend so much he stumbled back a couple of steps. Throwing your hands up in the air, you smiled sweetly and waited for Kyungsoo to get over the shock and gather his wits. “Surprise!” you said excitedly, when he finally looked up at you.

Kyungsoo ran a hand through his hair and moved to kiss your cheek. “What are you doing here?” he asked, still blinking at you in disbelief as he took your hand and led you to the little sofa in his trailer. “It’s really late, shouldn’t you be at home?” he asked, his tone filled with concern.

“I came to be the first one to say ‘happy birthday’,” you told him softly, leaning over to grab your bag. “I even made you a cake!” Letting go of his hand, you lifted a small white box out along with some candles.

Kyungsoo took the box from you and rested it on his lap, lifting the lid. “Wait, you made this?!” he asked, staring at the beautiful cream cake you probably spent hours slaving over. You had even piped ‘happy birthday kyungsoo’ piped across the top in swirly handwriting. “It looks amazing!”

You took the cake out of the box and placed candles around the edge before fussing around with the box of matches. “It may look nice but it might taste disgusting,” you quickly told him as a disclaimer,  trying your hardest to light a match. “I haven’t baked a cake since I was in school – oh are you kidding me, why won’t these matches light?”

“Pass them here,” he insisted, taking the matches out of your hands. In one swift flick of his wrist, the match instantly lit, burning brightly as he lit each candle carefully.

Your mouth fell open in shock and awe. “How did you do that?” you exclaimed, taking the box of matches out of hand and trying again, only to fail again. “Did you steal Chanyeol powers?” you giggled, knowing how ridiculous Kyungsoo thought the superpower concept was.

He instantly frowned as he lit the last candle. “Ha, ha,” you exaggerated, shaking his wrist to extinguish the match. “You’re so funny!”

“Nuh, ah!” you uttered as a warning, taking the cake out of his hands. “No sarcasm on your birthday,” you told him, pulling his hand as you stood up.

“What are you doing?” he asked, shyly running his hand through his hair.

Straightening your dress, you checked your watch and then looked up at Kyungsoo, the flickering glow of the candles twinkling your eyes and making them sparkle. “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday my Kyungsoo, happy birthday to you!” you sang softly, watching Kyungsoo step back and smile into his hand in embarrassment of how cute you were being. At the same time, he couldn’t help but feel incredibly lucky to have you – how many people could say their girlfriend would go to such lengths just to be the first to say happy birthday?

“Don’t blow out the candles yet!” you exclaimed, holding the cake out for him to hold. “I want to take a photo of you,” you explained, rolling your eyes as he immediately started to moan. “We’re creating memories here babe and I want to remember everything when I’m old and grey.” Taking your camera out of your bag, you took a step back and smiled as Kyungsoo posed sweetly for your photo.

As soon as the flash went off, he blew the candles out and sat back down on the sofa, patting the space beside him. “Come on, let’s dig in before I have to go back on set.”

You sat down next to him and started picking the candles off the cake again. “Don’t they know it’s your birthday? Can’t they let you go home early?” you asked, turning onto your side to face him better. With your finger, you scooped up a bit of the cream topping and held it out for your boyfriend.

“I wish!” he muttered, leaning forward to lick the cream off your finger. “It’s ok. We don’t have that much left to film and I’ll be able to go home.” He broke off a little piece of the cake, bypassing the need for any kind of utensil, and fed it to you, gauging your reaction.

“Are you checking it doesn’t taste bad?” you accused, playfully slapping him on the chest. “I promise it’s not going to kill you! It might make you ill but I doubt it’ll kill you!” You broke a bit off and held it in front of him, waiting patiently. “I’ll cry if you don’t try it.”

He rolled his eyes and gave you a little smile before letting you feed him. “It tastes quite nice actually,” he exclaimed, nodding his head and giving you a thumbs up.

“Well don’t sound so surprise!” you replied, poking your tongue out and breaking a piece of cake off for yourself. “We can’t all be culinary geniuses like you!”

He pinched another piece of cake off and helped himself. “That pasta dish you made last week was really good,” he said sweetly, warming your heart with his little creamy smile.

Moving the cake of his lap to the little table, you cosied up closer to your boyfriend and kissed the cream off his top lip. “Happy birthday baby,” you murmured, leaning on his chest to reach up and brush the hair off his face. Meanwhile he reached up and cupped your cheek with his gentle touch. “I’m sorry you had to work on your birthday.”

“Don’t apologise,” he interrupted, your fingers playing in his hair. “You’ve already made it the best birthday and we’re only 5 minutes into it,” he added, leaning forward to give you a little kiss.

“It was my pleasure,” you told him softly, smiling as he pulled his lips away. “But wait until you’ve actually digested the cake. If you don’t throw up, then you can thank me.”

A knock at the trailer door made you jump in Kyungsoo’s arms, making him laugh as he sat up straight and pulled you up with him. Leaning his head back, he called for whoever it was to come in. A small woman poked her head in, a clipboard in her hands. “We need you on set in five minutes Kyungsoo,” she said in a quiet voice.

Kyungsoo smiled at her and nodded his head. “Thank you,” he replied, waiting for her to close the door before turning back to you.

You huffed loudly and folded your arms across your chest. “You have to go back so soon?” you moaned softly, your bottom lip jutting out in a pout. “It’s not right that you have to work on your birthday.” Moving your arms up, you wrapped them around his neck and leaned closer so you could hold him tight and not let him go.

“I’ll only be a couple more hours,” he replied, kissing your cheek. “Then I’ll come straight to yours and we’ll go out for breakfast or something,” he promised, tucking a little strand of hair behind your ear and tilting your head up to kiss your lips softly.

“Can I wait here for you?” you asked, licking your lips. Even though you had just kissed him, you still wanted more: more of his lips, more of his touch, just more than him. He didn’t know how addictive he could be. “I don’t really like driving by myself when it’s so late?”

Kyungsoo smiled softly, warming your heart. “You won’t be bored?”

You shrugged your shoulders. “I can always just take a nap while you’re on set. Now go on, you should be getting back there before they tell you off,” you quickly told him, pulling him up so you were both standing up. “I don’t want them thinking you were late because of me. They won’t let me visit again if they think that.”

He put his hands on your hips and tugged you closer in a very unlike-Kyungsoo way. Maybe because he was a year older now meant he was much more forward. “I can’t wait to spend the rest of my birthday with you,” he said softly, lifting your head up to help his lips find yours. The kiss was brief and left you wanting more but you knew he would be late otherwise.

“Happy birthday baby,” you replied, pecking his lips before you steered him in the direction of the trailer. “Now go and be amazing!”

“With you here, I will be,” he told you sweetly, squeezing your hand before leaving you in the trailer and heading back to set with a smile on his face – a smile only you could put on his face.


The Rock Show

for @josh-dun-stan

This was my favorite part of being home from tour. Just getting to wander around Columbus again was exactly what I needed. There was something calming about being back in your hometown that I never understood until I wasn’t there anymore. I continued to walk down random streets, being reminded of the times I spent here with friends and family, creating memories that would last a lifetime. 

Tonight, however, I was alone, my hood pulled up to cover the bright yellow beacon that was my hair. Not that I didn’t love the fans or anything, I just didn’t want to be noticed tonight. I almost missed what it felt like when nobody knew my name.

The nightlife in town was in full force. Music could be heard from almost every building, bars were overflowing onto the street, drunk people stumbling everywhere. I looked around for a place to sit, settling on one of the more hole in the wall bars that was advertising a live show. 

I dipped inside, looking around and finding a spot at the almost overcrowded bar. I slid into a stool between some people that couldn’t care less of who I was. Perfect. Alone in a crowd of people.

The stage was still being set up for the band that was going to perform so I ordered a drink while I waited. As I slowly sipped on my coke, I decided to scroll through Twitter. I huffed as I read post after post of all of my friends doing cool things, releasing albums, making movies. It felt like I was in a slump, live shows just weren’t bringing me the same joy like they always had, and it seemed like Tyler was stuck with his writing. Maybe thats why I was wandering around alone. I just wanted to feel something again. 

Luckily the lights dimmed before I started thinking too much again. I turned my stool so I could watch the band that had now taken the stage. They had a decent crowd huddled up waiting for them to begin, making me think that they were regulars around the city. It was a simple setup, a lead singer, guitarist, bassist, and drummer. I grew more excited by the second to hear what they had to offer. I was always in the mood to find some new music. 

The moment they started playing it felt like I was alive again. The drums rattled the entire building and they had the sound system turned up so loud it was hard to breathe. And I was in love. Their songs were somehow exactly what I needed to hear. I found myself tapping along to the beat of songs that I’d never heard before, but at the same time it felt like I had been singing their lyrics for my entire life. 

The farther they got into their set, the closer I moved to the stage. First I moved from the bar to some tables near the center of the room. Then I crept up to the back of the crowd. And soon enough I was dancing along with everybody else. 

The set ended all too soon, and before I knew it the lead singer was announcing that it was their last song. I made the most of the four minute and twenty-three second song, but couldn’t help but wish they could play forever. I found myself looking back at the singer more often then I had been the entire night. I could tell they were passionate about their music with the way that their eyes squinted shut as they sang and the slight swaying to the beat. And there was undeniably something very attractive about it. 

They thanked the crowd one last time before exiting the stage and I came crashing back down to earth. The rush and excitement of live music was starting to dissipate as the crowd thinned out. Its strange how quickly a group of people can come together and fall back apart all because of music. I looked around and spotted a makeshift merch booth that caught the attention of a few others. I quickly made my way over and bought the EP they were selling before pulling my hood back up and making my way back out to the cold city air.

xxx A Few Days Later xxx

I couldn’t stop listening to this CD. I memorized all the words to the six songs in a matter of hours. Somehow, my life now revolved around these twenty-three minutes and seven seconds. I was never the type of person to listen to songs on repeat for fear that they would get old too quickly, but there was no way I was ever going to get sick of these. 

And it didn’t help matters that I couldn’t stop thinking about their lead singer. Something about them just drew me to them and I couldn’t tell if I wanted to do something about it or not. Would I ever even see them again? Probably not. My lack of luck in the romance department really is astonishing sometimes. 

I was currently tucked away in the corner of my favorite coffee shop with my headphones in, trying to distract myself by reading a book. The distracting wasn’t really happening so I was just kind of staring at a page while my mind wandered. That is until I felt a tap on my shoulder.

My initial instinct was to get slightly upset, thinking it was somebody that wanted a picture or something. Even though everything I was doing was screaming “don’t bother me!”, I put on a smile and tugged out one of my earbuds. 

“Hey, uh, sorry to bother you but I just. You were at that bar the other night right?” Oh my god, holy shit what do I do “I couldn’t help but recognize the bright yellow hair. Not many people can rock that color but I think it really suits you.”

How I hadn’t imploded yet is a mystery really, because in front of me stood the exact person that I was trying to distract myself from. The grey eyes, the brown hair. Everything about them was breathtaking and I was sitting here like an idiot staring at them.

“Yeah- uh,” I stuttered, “yeah I was there. Um. Your band is really good.” Their face lit up at my compliment.

“I’m Kian, mind if I sit down?” they asked, gesturing to the empty chair that sat across the table from me.

“Josh, and yeah totally. I wasn’t actually reading anyways,” I laughed nervously. This isn’t actually happening right? It’s some weird dream.. its gotta be,

So, Josh, what brought you to our show the other night?” 

“Oh, um. I kind of just stumbled upon it while walking around the city. I’m really glad I did though, you guys were amazing.”

“Yeah,” they laughed, “you mentioned that. Glad to see we’ve gained a new fan though. We’re still pretty new to this whole thing.”

“Well if you keep putting on shows like that then you’ll get signed in no time,” I reassured them. 

“Oh, and you know this for a fact?” They giggled.

“I’ve got a good feeling about it.”

“Alright Josh. I’ll take your word for it then.” There was a small pause in the conversation, both of us trying to come up with a new topic.

“So you got a job around here or something?” They asked,

“Nah, just visiting the hometown for a while. I travel a lot so I’m just trying to relax while I can,” I explain.

“Oh cool. So what do you do that makes you travel so much?” They sipped on their mug of coffee, their grey eyes never leaving mine.

“Well, I too am in a band. Our tour just wrapped up and we’re working on our new album for a while.” Their eyes lit up as I mentioned the band.

“Okay I’ve got like 5,000 questions for you. What’s your bands name? What do you play? What’s it like touring? Where’s the coolest place you’ve been?”

“Woah woah, slow down!” I laughed, “Let me answer a few questions before my brain explodes.”

And that’s how we spent the entire afternoon. Sipping on our mugs of coffee, talking about music and touring. They were kind of embarrassed when I told them who I was, apologizing for not recognizing me. But really, I was kind of glad they didn’t already know everything about me. It can get kind of weird when somebody knows more about you than you do. 

“So you guys are writing new music? How’s that coming along?”

“Eh, not great right now,” I admitted. “We’ve kind of hit a wall. Although something tells me that I’ll be inspired once I get back into the studio.”

“Oh yeah? And why is that?”

“Well, I saw this band the other night, and I’ve kinda been listening to their EP nonstop since then,” I smirked, noticing the blush rising on their cheeks, “and well you’ll never believe this but I met the lead singer of this band and well… They’re pretty cute. And we talked for hours about music and well I’ll just say it. I kinda like them and how flustered they get when I compliment them and don’t even get me started on their eyes. Oh, and their voice! It’s like angels,”

“Josh! Stop! I get it!” Kian giggled. “You are too much did you know that?”

“Hm. Some would argue that that’s a good thing,” I countered.

“Well I’m not disagreeing with them.”

A/N: Wow I’m a horrible person and just now getting around to writing again. I’m probably putting the fics on hold for a while so I can get some of these done! love ya guys xx

Imagine Lahache totally catching you off guard when he confesses how completely in love he is with you

A/N: I’ve been wanting to write about Axeman- or as the fandom has named him, Lahache- for SO LONG you guys don’t even know. Enjoy some Lahache fluff! The gif is not mine!

It was a quiet day. Outside, one could hear the sounds of the busy street market- people yelling out prices, people bartering over the worth of goods, people trying to get something for less than it was worth.

But the only thing of value to Lahache was sitting right across from him.

You and Lahache had been frequents to this Café ever since it started as a run-down, dingy tavern. Now, it was a hotspot; visitors and locals alike came here for the coffee, conversation, theatrical performances, and the atmosphere of safety it provided from the dangerous streets of revolutionary Paris. Nobody knew why they felt so safe here, but you and LaHache did- it was run and owned by Assassins. They kept troublemakers out and paying patrons safe to enjoy the Café. It was both a safe haven for the customers and the owners alike, as Templars couldn’t cause any trouble here without being blamed and publicly shamed. It was a harmonious cycle of protecting and being protected, but this Café was more than that.

Lahache sighed, his dark tawny eyes studying you with a quietness that you had learned to decipher. He never really spoke that much- mainly when it was necessary. But his eyes revealed everything when you knew what to look for; perhaps that was why he wore his hood so low. You could see a sort of softness in them at the moment, as he studied your own eyes with the same level of knowledge. You wondered what he saw in your eyes- was it the same tenderness you observed in his?

It was both comforting and nerve-racking being so close to Lahache, not because he scared you (which most would assume), but because you were undeniably, but rather secretly, head over heels in love with him. Every day you found out something new about him- he had a cat named Marteu, he was a blacksmith in his spare time, he even knew a bit of Spanish and could play the piano (not well, but he knew how to play at least). He always surprised you, and you doubted that he could do so again.

“Lots of good memories of this place.” He spoke suddenly. You smiled, “Yes. This was where I tried coffee for the first time, did you know that?”
LaHache nodded, “This was where I first donned my Assassin robes.”

Determined to have more ‘firsts’ than he, you thought hard on all the memories you had created here.

“This was where I was first introduced to the Assassins.”
“This was where I baked my first muffins.”
You snorted, “You’ve baked muffins?”
“Yes. They were very good.” Lahache replies seriously. You grin, “Shame I wasn’t there to try… This was the where I first wore my hidden blade.”
“This was where I first met you.”
“Wha- Oh, yeah, right!” You blushed, “I had just got back from a mission and you were… right here… at this table…”

Lahache nodded, “And this table was where I first fell in love with you.”
You were totally taken by surprise by this, and in your shock, you blurted, “F-first?”

“I fall in love every time I see you. I didn’t think I could be in love, but you manage to make me fall in love over and over and over. Tell me,” He leaned a bit closer to your reddening face, “Was this the place where you first found out you had me completely smitten from the moment I laid eyes on you?”

In a rush of adrenaline from his confession, you had trouble keeping your voice down, “Yes! Jean, I felt the exact same way, too! I-I just didn’t know how to andI’vealwaysreallylikedyourbearddidyouknowthat?” You started talking a mile a minute, and Lahache just chuckled.

“So, if I were to ask you for your hand, would you say…?”
“Yes! I would, Jean!”

Meanwhile, sipping on a hot cup of coffee, Arno and the rest of the Assassin quartet were watching Lahache and you with smiles and laughs. They were happy for you two, no doubt, but they enjoyed the sight of Lahache smiling and being happy- it was a rare sight, especially these days. The three of them had been secretly rooting for you two, and they couldn’t help but feel a sense of accomplishment seeing you both together. And they had an inkling that the bond between you two was stronger than anything Lahache could smith.

And Lahache was a very good smith.

As I do when I feel a bit down and feel like a failure as an artist, I skimmed through my sketchbook. I looked at my crappy doodles and notes and general messiness as well all my nicer sketches and realized, this is my life. 

Every little thing I put down in there, whether it be a lame doodle I made while bored in class or a note about an upcoming dentist appointment, there is a memory attached to it. I open a page and remember the last time I skimmed through my sketchbook just like now, and then look at all the new pages I’ve filled and think like, wow, there’s so much new cool stuff my past self could never have imagined to see… and I feel happy.

I’ve created new memories, new experiences and they’re here my sketchbook, and while it still looks messy and ugly, this is my life and I’m proud of it. 

anonymous asked:

Do you guys hang out together? Where?

Rich: We all hang at Jake’s new place! It’s awesome, man. Well, actually, by we, I mean most of the squad. Michael doesn’t come around anymore though. I kind of miss him. We used to talk a lot in the hospital. I know Jake doesn’t like talking about what happened either. I still see something in his eyes when he talks about his old place. I’m still sorry for what I’ve done to him. He insists it’s fine, but I know he misses the old place. We can create new memories here though ;)

I Just Want You

Niall Horan Smut

Warnings: Language/Smut

Word Count: 1,366

“Niall you’re acting like a child! Can’t you just grow up?”

“You know what? Fuck you then!” His words spat at you as you stared wide eyed in shock that they even came out of his mouth at all.

“Really? Is that how you really feel Niall?” You yelled back at him. The day had been filled with nothing but screaming at one another for reasons so stupid you couldn’t even explain to a friend.

It had all started when Niall woke up this morning, he was a little on edge from the stress to begin with from having to write and record another album while on tour for the second year in a row. On the outside, he might have seemed put together, but once you crack the surface, it was like a tsunami of emotions pouring out of him. And he snapped on you, just as you asked him a simple question about cleaning the house. He turned into a ranting bull, spewing things he wouldn’t dare say to you on any terms. He just cracked.

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