Tama Depa: A Final Goodbye

The Tama Depa is a place every Tamagotchi fan dreamed of, a department store exclusively for Tamagotchi products. The Tama Depa’s carried every Tamagotchi branded item you could imagine, and some you would have never even thought of. Sadly today, February 26, 2017 the last Tama Depa in Harajuku Japan has closed its doors.

The Tama Depa in Harajuku was the most well-known one although there were other locations that had previously closed. The Harajuku Tama Depa originally had a doughnut shop containing eight doughnut flavors, drinks, and ice cream, and had a Kuchipatchi of Truth (a fortune telling Kuchipatchi statue) outside the store. Years ago the Tama Depa moved to a smaller location, roughly half the size of the original.

Many of us Tamagotchi fans never got the opportunity to visit a Tama Depa, but have only seen pictures and videos. The inside was quite vibrant with colorful product displays, Tamagotchi themed signage and of course the famous Tama Depa doughnuts. The Tama Depa was a great place to find Tamagotchi’s, Tamagotchi accessories and of course the Tamagotchi Deka’s where you would earn exclusive items.

Although it is unclear why Bandai decided to close the last standing Tama Depa we must assume it is because of declining sales and interest in the Tamagotchi brand. Bandai will continue selling Tamagotchi products through their online website and through retailers throughout Japan, but it just won’t be the same.

The Tama Depa was a core part of the Tamagotchi community, soon it will just be a memory; but it will never be forgotten. Goodbye.


I didn’t
erase you out
of my mind
and heart
because of the
bad memories.

But of the
good ones.

Bad memories make
you stronger.
They let you
learn from
your mistakes.

Good memories
remind you to stay
in that old happiness.
It lets you stop and not
go forward in your future.
—  blcq


Layla was my first bunny. I got her when I was 9 years old. She had a strong personality and was really timid. But if you followed her rules, she was so sweet! She loved throwing around stuff, often walked around with straw in her mouth just because she liked that and always jumped in the bucket when I was cleaning her hutch. She was such a funny bunny. She died in december 2014 at the age of 9,5 years old. I wasn’t planning on getting another bunny so soon after her death, but I just happen to walk into Faline. I like the fact that both my does have similar nicknames. I always called Layla ‘Lay’ and I call Faline ‘Fay’.

I don’t want to fall asleep tonight.
I know that same dream awaits me.
Every year it never changes.
I try so hard but I never find you.

I feel too weak to fight the tears.
Please come hold me tonight.
This is swallowing me completely.
I just need to see you.

—  K.N.B.