PSA: While it’s always thoughtful to thank veterans for their service, Memorial Day is an awkward time for a lot of living veterans. It makes a lot of vets uncomfortable to be thanked on a day specifically honoring the fallen.

At my funeral
  • Memorial service dude: we are gathered here today to commemorate the life of this person. Their final request was for this song to be played.
  • *opening yoi theme starts playing*
  • *my coffin slowly opens*
  • *everyone stares at coffin in fear*
  • Me: can you hear my heartbeat?
  • My bff: *whispers* t-tired of f-feeling never enough
  • Me: *sits up* close my eyes and tell myself that my dreams will come true
  • My mom: *crying* they'll be no more darkness when you believe in yourself you are unstoppable
  • My dad: where your destiny lies, dancing on the blades, you set my heart on fire

HUZZAH! It is National Library Week, bookworms and library cats!! 

And that means it is the perfect time of year to show some love to your local (and not local) Libraries, both in person and online. So, just as we took time to make a special post on Follow a Library Day last year, we’ve created ANOTHER master post to honor all the libraries we know so far on tumblr so that you can #followalibrary!! 

Check out their tumblrs below and show them some love, bookworms!
(Alphabetical by url)

@alachualibrary (The Alachua County Library District)

@alt-library (By Sacramento Public Library)

@aplibrary (Abilene Public Library)

@austinpubliclibrary (Austin Public Library)

@badgerslrc (The Klamath Community College’s Learning Research Center)

@bflteens (Baker Free Library’s Tumblr For Teens)

@bibliosanvalentino (Biblioteca San Valentino [San Valentino Library])

@biodivlibrary (Biodiversity Heritage Library)

@bodleianlibs (Bodleian Libraries)

@boonelibrary (Boone County Public Library)

@brkteenlib (Brookline Public Library Teen Services Department)

@californiastatelibrary (California State Library)

@cheshirelibrary (Cheshire Public Library)

@cityoflondonlibraries (City of London Libraries)

@cmclibraryteen (Cape May County Library’s Teen Services)

@cobblibrary (Cobb County Public Library System)

@cpl-archives (Cleveland Public Library Archives)

@cplsteens (Clearwater Public Library Teens)

@darienlibrary (Darien Library)

@dcpubliclibrary (DC Public Library)

@decaturpubliclibrary (Decatur Public Library)

@delawarelibrary (Delaware County District Library)

@detroitlib (Detroit Public Library Music, Arts & Literature Department)

@douglaslibraryteens (Douglas Library For Teens)

@dplteens (Danville Public Library Teens)

@escondidolibrary (Escondido Public Library)

@fontanalib (Fontana Regional Library)

@fppld-teens (Franklin Park Library Teens)

@friscolibrary (Frisco Public Library)

@gastonlibrary (Gaston County Public Library)

@glendaleteenlibrary (Glendale Public Library Teens)

@hpldreads (Havana Public Library District)

@hpl-teens (Homewood Public Library For Teens)

@kingsbridgelibraryteens (Kingsbridge Library Teens Advisory Group)

@lanelibteens (Lane Memorial Library Teen Services)

@lawrencepubliclibrary (Lawrence Public Library)

@marioncolibraries (Marion County Public Library System)

@mrcplteens (Mansfield/Richland County Public Library Teen Zone)

@myrichlandlibrary (Mansfield/Richland County Public Library)

@necclibrary (Northern Essex Community College Libraries)

@novipubliclibrary (Novi Public Library)

@nplteens (Nashua Public Library Teens)

@orangecountylibrarysystem (Orange County Library System)

@othmeralia  (Othmer Library of Chemical History)

@petit-branch-library (Petit Branch Library)

@pflibteens (Pflugerville Public Library Teenspace)

@plainfieldlibrary (Plainfield Public Library District)

@royhartlibrary (RoyHart Community Library)

@safetyharborpubliclibrary (Safety Harbor Library Teen Zone)

@santamonicalibr (Santa Monica Public Library)

@schlowlibrary (Schlow Centre Region Library)

@smithsonianlibraries (Museum Library System)

@smlibrary (Sheppard Memorial Library)

@southeastlibrary (Southeast Branch Library)

@tampabaylibraryconsortium-blog (Tampa Bay Library Consortium)

@teenbookerie (Erie County Public Library For Teens)

@teencenterspl (The Smith Public Library Teen Center)

@teensfvrl (Fraser Valley Regional Library)

@teen-stuff-at-the-library (White Oak Library District)

@therealpasadenapubliclibrary (Pasadena Public Library)

@ucflibrary (University of Central Florida Library)

@uwmspeccoll (University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Libraries Special Collections)

@vculibraries (Virginia Commonwealth University Libraries)

@waynecountyteenzone (Wayne County Public Library’s Teen Space)

@wellingtoncitylibraries (Wellington City Libraries)

@widenerlibrary (Harvard’s Widener Library)

Whew! There’s a LOT of you. :) But we now this list is just getting started! Feel free to keep the library love going by adding any libraries we missed/don’t know of yet! (And if you’re not following US already, well, what better time to start than this week? ;) Eh? Eh?) And, of course, never hesitate to visit your Library in person. We love seeing you! :) 

Happy National Library Week, library cats!

anonymous asked:

Tbh I think that what's left the bitter taste in my mouth is how we are supposed to accept Historia, Levi and Reiner didn't get some kind of resolution concerning Ymir, Erwin and Bert, respectively. Especially after we had the development and importance of each of those relationships shoved down our throats so explicitly in the previous months/chapters. If Armin had died back in 82, I would not have expected EM to have moved on and gone to the ocean by chapter 90, it wouldn't have made any sense

Add Hange to your list! They lost Moblit.  

It seems clear that the segment of the fans who are most fond of characters other than the 104th felt let down by the close of this arc. It’s true that there was some resolution–Historia got a letter, Levi was able to give Erwin a resting place, Hange verbally memorialized Moblit and Bert… uh… he, well, pretty much got the shaft, didn’t he? but maybe Reiner will spare him a thought once the action moves to Marley.

I was talking to a friend (*cough* @julystorms) about this, and she reminded me that this story has never been big on mourning. Most of the dead have gotten little to no acknowledgement. Knowing that doesn’t exactly help, but it’s true :(

  • Ancient Rome: (Pulling a coffin out of his car) Hey, give me a hand with this coffin, will ya? I'm doin' a memorial service for the marble statue of me. Something small, but classy.
  • North Italy: Sorry, Grandpa Rome, but we've got a big break in the case!
  • Seborga: Break in the case!
  • South Italy: We're heading to the town right now to interrogate the murderer.
  • Seborga: We have an axe! [chainsaw noise] REE, REE, REE!
  • Ancient Rome: Hm, it seem like the kind of thing that a responsible parent wouldn't want you to do... Good thing I'm a grandpa. Avenge me, kids! AVENGE MEEE!!

mama leia and bb-ben - Want a cookie, Benling? Yes!!!

space mothers know that growing younglings need lots of snacks on Rebellion picnics and pathfinder hikes. ben likes to jump around like a jedi in training and quickly gets really hungry and really cranky on family outings…

//part VI of a small collection of  Leia & BB-Ben doodle tributes for 🌹Princess Carrie Fisher🌹ROTJ throwback <3 yub yub, love you space mum!

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Royals lead tributes to those who served in Iraq and Afghanistan

17.04.30 bay storm - Ninomiya-san on Aiba-san [English translation]

— Mail: Is there anything Nino-kun want to start doing from spring?

N: Well spring is a season with good feeling. Well, thing I want to start. But if life is broken like this, I don’t want to start anything. Best. Now is the best. Watching Aiba-kun’s drama and drinking alcohol, best. Indeed the appearance of people working, that, that makes me taste that I am evil, this only happens when I see the person I know appears on TV and works hard. To me. Probably, at this moment too, in order for people to watch this (drama), he is working hard day and night? But then what I am working hard for? Thinking about this I am watching drama, drinking alcohol. I’m going to cry.

That is splendid. (Super tender voice) Do your best~ Do your best~. It’s good occupation. If it’s the case this life will be broken, I shan’t start anything. I think it’s really tough~ really. Ne. There are various accompanying works, interviews, promotion etc. Ne. Everyone please watch. Until the end. Um.

— Mail: Ninomiya-kun who knows Aiba-kun for more than 20 years, please tell us the wonderful response of Aiba-kun which Ninomiya-kun knows.

N: “I want to eat hamburg with Ninomiya-kun together” (pen-name of person sending this mail. One listener sent mail to Rekomen pen-named “I want to eat deep-fried chicken with Aiba-kun” and Aiba-san said let’s eat together, so this listener wanted to see how Ninomiya-san responded with this pen-name). Absolutely impossible. (Giggle) I absolutely shan’t tell which shop I go to. In case we meet in shop that will be impossible too. Absolutely. That is so, right?

Aiba-kun is, Aiba-kun is like that, “Let’s eat, let’s eat everyone”. But is hamburg food everyone can share? Deep-fried chicken is food that be shared, though, let’s assume it’s true. One person can’t consume all such amount of deep-fried chicken, right? But, can hamburg be shared? I don’t think so. In the shop too, in case we meet, probably, we shall eat hamburg in the same space, but I shall eat all my portion as I can. I shall not share, hamburg. (Laugh)

(BGM: Friendship)

Wonderful response, Aiba-san. Whatever will be fine, my talk about hamburg. The mail is about Aiba-san’s wonderful response.

Um. He’s a good person. Year after year he is becoming a better person. Aiba-kun. I think he is becoming a better person. Steadily. Year after year. Well. Um. I think just by that, job offers come. He did Kouhaku Uta Gassen host, though what he does now is somehow a continuity of that, before that probably he has always been a good person, right? That person. Those (job offers) come, indeed he’s a good person. Indeed, because if I myself have to seek responsible of the programme, if choose from these five people, indeed I shall go for Aiba-kun, right? If I were to do so I would choose Aiba-kun. Um.

Because he is a human being who, until now, has been acquiring virtues by doing good things in various places. That… right? Even there is mistake, the virtue can offset the mistake, he is a person with such virtues. I don’t have such virtue, not even one. Impossible, I can’t make any mistake at all. Um. I don’t even share hamburg with others, I don’t have any virtue.

Aiba-kun is like this, indeed, “Right so~ Ah! I bit want to eat it too~ Let’s eat let’s eat”, doing so acquires virtues, that person, day and night. So somehow, when there is mistake, everyone just says “kawaii”, “Aiba-kun style”. He himself reflects, probably, on the mistakes. Next time don’t make mistake again, he reflects such thing himself and makes minor changes though, people seeing such mistakes would just say “Ah it’s like Aiba-chan”, “Aiba-chan is genki too today”. Um.

Such monk would be great. A monk like Aiba-kun, um, I want him to do memorial service, when I die (Giggle). I want my memorial service to be done by such good person. Um. Splendid. Such things, indeed, I think even he doesn’t work hard he could do this (naturally do good things to others). Aiba-san. Well, saying this I already sound bit weird. However, this kind of thing, without forcing himself, “Ah! Right so! I also wanted to eat it! Well let’s eat together”. Um. He’s a good person.

No wonder people want to listen to his radio indeed. Well really. When I am aware only I and Aiba-kun are having radio. Ne. So, only I and Aiba-san? Is bayFM not changing? As genki as always, we are working on this? Ah… Ne. for NEWS, only Massu has radio, JUMP-san, Ken-chan, right, Ken-chan also has radio. Surprisingly long-time. Everyone’s radio programmes. Ah! Right! Shingo-kun and Tsuyopon-niisan have radio. Right. Long-time radio programme. Ne.

So we would, ne, head for making a programme which everyone likes. From now on. 15th year (Giggle) of course. From 15th year onwards, make big shift change. Well, we’ll read mails like “I went to picnic”, from now on. To acquire virtues. Um. Until I become Ajari (monk of high virtues), acquire virtues, then future, let’s be a human being who can be craved. Along with the shape of this microphone, such shape. To craved person, virtue will be acquired. Only human being acquiring virtues can be craved like this indeed. (Giggle) So from now on, let’s learn from Aiba-san, good. Ne? Let’s do our best heading a good programme.

Upcoming Engagements Update!

There are four confirmed official upcoming engagements for Catherine: 

  • February 22nd: The Duchess of Cambridge will visit two Action for Children Projects in Wales. This is Catherine’s first visit to the charity since becoming Patron. The two projects HRH will visit will be: 
    • Torfaen to visit “MIST”.
    • Caerphilly Family Intervention Team (FIT). 
  • February 28th: The Duchess of Cambridge will visit the opening of the new Ronald McDonald House in Evelina, London.
    • Catherine will learn more about the Ronald McDonald House and how it treats those in Evelina, London. 
    • Catherine will be given a tour of the new house and meet families.
    • Catherine will attend a reception in the “Day Room” and unveil a plaque marking the new Ronald McDonald House’s opening.
  • March 9th: The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge will join other Royal Family members to attend the Iraq Afghanistan Memorial.
    • Afterwards, The Royal Family will attend a reception on Horse Guards Parade. 
  • March 17th - March 18th: The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge undertake an official two-day visit to Paris.
    • Details of The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge’s itinerary for the visit will be announced within the next few weeks.

Keep checking back at our site to keep yourself updated on all of Catherine’s upcoming engagements! 

Bolton Wanderers Football Club is shocked to hear that Georgina Callander has been the first victim named in the horrific attack at Manchester Arena.

Georgina played in the club’s Under-11s ladies team in 2010 under the management of Jayne Jackson, who still works at Bolton Wanderers Community Trust.

Our thoughts and prayers are with her friends and family during this awful time of loss.

Georgina and all will be remembered at our Annual Memorial Service tonight.

There will also be a minute’s silence before the first team ladies’ friendly against Wigan Athletic tomorrow evening at Macron Stadium, where the team will wear black armbands.

To You, With Regret

Request: A lot of reblogs with comments like “OW MY HEART" and “I need a part 2 plz”

Word count: 1,811

Pairing: None

Part 1

This is the sequel to To Newt, With Love

Requests are currently open! Feel free to send one in

Newt walks into the small, two story house that he knows like his own home. The familiar smell of pine floor cleaner floats up from the floorboards. He clenches his jaw and breathes it in, wondering where he should hang his coat since the coat tree that usually guards the front door has quit its duty and marched somewhere else.

Bulgaria, perhaps, as that’s the last rumor Newt heard about you. To study a Horntail that set up a nest there. He’d laughed once, humorless, when he heard that. You always did like a rush of adrenaline.

He doesn’t laugh now as he turns into the small living room and finds the couch and armchair must’ve marched along with the coat tree. A film of dust coats the ground, dulls the wood’s normal shine.

The boom of his dropped bag disrupts the dust’s slumber. It bursts into flight. The clumps of grey twirl in the setting sun’s light, the same way he had twirled you five summers ago. You’d put a record on and dragged to the middle of the room, forcing him to sway until he willingly took your hands and tried to waltz.

He swallows the memory. He’s here for one reason.

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