memorial day special

Okay but, imagine.

We all have that one toy that we’ve saved since we were children- you know the one.

The one that’s worn from all the times you’ve clutched it to your chest as you slept; the one that’s sitting somewhere in your bedroom still because you could never bring yourself to throw it out; that one stuffed animal that’s missing an eye from when your dog got to it or the toy car that’s lost a wheel from too many adventures across too rough ground.

You’ve spent the best and worst days of your life with that damn thing, running through open fields, knowing somehow that your simple little toy was more than just that, that it was special, that some day, you would need it.

It’s been years since you buried it away in your closet.

But today, you take it out.

Because today, you lost your mother to the cancer she had been battling for months.

Because today, you lost your job and your best friend never answered your call.

Because today, you need something special.

So you go home, curl up in bed and clutch your childhood toy close, tears tracking down your cheeks as you close your eyes and try to breathe.

And then it happens.

It just seems like a burst of imagination, something made up, one of those things that you hear about in stories.

But then it happens again, lightning behind your eyes slowly giving way to sunlight.

You open your eyes and your bedroom is still dark and dreary and you are still alone.

So you close them again and watch the memories unfold, clutching your special something closer, watching in your minds eye as you race across the dirt path, your toy held tightly in one hand as you throw yourself into your mothers arms- she had just gotten home from a weekend business trip, you remember that day. She brought you a little snow globe as a souvenir.

And, like a slideshow, the memories come and go, and you remember thinking that each and every one of those days, whether it be the picnic at the park with your family or the time your parents took you out for ice cream, was the happiest day of your life.

And when it all ends, and you open your eyes, you can breathe again, and the room doesn’t seem so dark and you don’t feel so alone.

You knew, of course, that you would need your special toy one day. You didn’t know why, but now you do.

That thing was with you through it all- a constant in the ever-changing universe.

And somehow, someway, it seemed to have remembered what you couldn’t, what was just fuzzy in your mind, old days that couldn’t matter now but somehow do.

Because your special toy, it’s given you back the happiest days of your life on the worst day of your life.

It doesn’t fix everything.

You’re still heartbroken, you’re still lonely, you’re still sad, but now you’re not alone.

Somehow, this simple little thing, it gave you a ray of sunshine, a little spot of happiness, of remembrance of better days, and now…now you know that you will be okay.

And, someday, you are.

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WWE honors the American Armed Forces on Memorial Day 

‘WWE presents a special tribute video honoring the brave men and women who have served and currently serve in our Armed Forces.‘

*Features both Roman and Dean in the video