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PJO Headcannons

The Seven Plus and Sleep

All of them sleep differently.

Reyna is stiff and doesn’t move. Years of sleeping in the barracks at Camp Jupiter taught her that. Shes also a very light sleeper.

Jason is similar though since moving into the Zeus Cabin he sleeps much easier. He also snores like a freight train.

Leo sleeps sprawled out wherever exhaustion take ahold often falling asleep on top of projects.

Piper sprawls out on her bed and also snores though she’s not as bad as Jason. But she kicks in her sleep too so there’s that.

Annabeth sleeps soundly when at camp but very lightly when elsewhere, years of training and dodging monsters with Luke and Thalia gave her that particular skill. If she and Percy are napping together she’s the big spoon despite him being physically bigger than her.

Percy still drools. He loves being The little spoon when he and Annabeth nap together. He sleeps like a rock. Seriously the world could end and he wouldn’t wake up.

Frank sleeps as a bulldog. He finds it more comfortable that way though even he’s not sure why. It also allows him to curl up in Hazels room without risking Nico’s wrath, something he’s keen to avoid.

Hazel sleeps on her side and generally pretty fitfully, nightmares of the war and her first death haunting her. She only sleeps soundly when Frank the Bulldog is there which is pretty much the only reason Nico doesn’t kill Frank for sneaking into his sisters room.

Nico sleeps curled up in a ball so he takes up as little space as possible. Will thought it was cute until he found out why. It’s a habit somewhat left over from sleeping in crevices in caves that connect to the underworld but now a days it’s a leftover from Nico’s stint in the bronze jar where he didn’t even have enough room to breathe let alone anything else. This information made Will want to cry and also explained Nico’s severe claustrophobia.

Will sleeps sprawled on his back unless Nico is there. If the son of death is present the son of Apollo will curl up around him in his sleep. This is one of the only things, save a blessing from a child of Hypnos, that keep Nico’s nightmares of Tartarus and the Jar at bay.

The Seven as Team Voltron

Black Paladin: Jason Grace. Black needs a strong, natural leader and Jason is (probably) the strongest leader of the team (besides Annabeth, but she goes somewhere else.) Also, Jason has gone through memory loss, celestial bronze stabbing, knocked out with bricks and a house in one book, and some other stuff and I dunno, that’s just a very Shiro thing

Red Paladin: Percy Jackson. Red needs someone impulsive and Percy is the most impulsive of anyone, like he could rival Keith’s impulsiveness, I swear. Annabeth said it, not me. “…and I date a dumb risk taker!” -Annabeth about Percy. Also, Red is Black’s Right Hand and I would describe Percy as Jason’s right hand.

Green Paladin: Annabeth Chase. Green values intellect and Annabeth is a daughter of Athena, you can’t get smarter than that. She’s so perfect for the job I don’t think I should have to justify this anything so…

Blue Paladin: Leo Valdez. Since we don’t really know what Blue stands for so I’m basing this off of other Blue Paladins and fan theories. I came across a theory a while ago (forgot who its by, message me if you know) and it said that blue is the motherly figure of Voltron meaning she’s looking for soneone who doesn’t realize their worth to the team but is vital. I cannot express how much Leo fits that description. And they are all flirts so maybe Blue stands for someone who can easily talk to people. And Allura fits that too because she’s someone who can easily work with others to create alliances.

Yellow Paladin: Frank Zhang. Yellow values someone caring and Frank easily fits that description. Also, both Frank and Hunk are people who are quick to be underestimated. Hunk mainly by the fandom and writers and Frank by Camp Jupiter and his grandmother. Yellow also needs someone who can adapt (in my opinion, I dunno, it may not be true) and Frank can… Well… Change into any animal.

Allura: Piper McLean. I can’t really explain how she’s the perfect Allura, she just is. Piper is usually the one to talk to people (charmspeak) and Allura does that too. Also they are both super smart but not meant to take over the “Intellectual” Rank. (Annabeth thought Piper was an Athena kid but she was wrong)

Coran: Hazel Levesque. Coran is someone is often over looked but without him, the team would be lost and falling apart and this is how I feel about Hazel. Hazel woke up in a future and was adopted by a band of misfits and that’s similar to what happened to Coran.


~The Riace warriors or else the treasures of the sea~
   The Riace bronzes are two magnificent full size greek statues of naked bearded warriors, created around 460-420 B.C. The warriors were rediscovered in 1972 and they’re now located at the Museo Nazionale della Magna Grecia in Reggio Calabria, Italy.
   The statues of these two powerful men belong to the early classical style of ancient Greek sculpture, some say they are works of the famous Phidias himself or of his pupils. Sure thing is that these two statues were part of a greater complex of statues, perhaps a memorial tribute of thirteen bronze statues from Delphi. It is also rumoured that one of these two warriors is the general Miltiades, victor of the battle of Marathon himself and that the other twelve statues portrayed heroes and gods. I guess we’ll never know so let’s stop to admire their beauty, that will do…

Head of Athena
mid-2nd century AD (after a 5th century BC Greek original)
Artist/Maker: Roman
White Anatolian marble with remnants of bronze eyelashes

Allen memorial art museum



Etched into my bronze skin

Fragments of fleeting love

The soulless property of my being

Shattered memories

Of love lost

Of sleazing and wheezing

Ominous air surrounds me

Giving my body breath

Expelling out death’s blossoms

Who would’ve thought

That I could live

Through these hollow thoughts

These harrowing memories

Etched deep in my skin

Never letting me go

Keeping me in this somber tone


#HolocaustRemembranceDay brought back #memories of my visit to the #HolocaustMemorial at the #LegionofHonor in #SanFrancisco. #TBT

This #white #painted #bronze #sculpture was created by the #artist #GeorgeSegal which was dedicated on November 7, 1984.

After reading The #Diary Of A #YoungGirl by #AnneFrank as a child it left me with quite an impression and sensitive to the events of this #unthinkable #genocide.

As an adult many years later I learned from my grandmother that my grandparents’ (my mother’s parents) home and town in #Italy were occupied by the #Nazis during the #war.

Although, I am not #Jewish I felt I needed to pay my #respects to the #memorial.  

These are some of the #photos I had taken at the time with an #instant #film #camera, so they are not the greatest resolution.

bobek792  asked:

whats the accepted timeline for biblical events such as exodus? who was the pharoah? were the Jews the Habiru or the Hyksos?

Some archaeologists, and myself, hold to the theory that Exodus is actually a folk memory of the Bronze Age era Egyptian imperial hegemony over the southern Levant. The people archaeologists can identify as being distinctively different from other Canaanite groups began to emerge in the central Judean hill country around 1200 BCE, and their settlements and inscriptions can be traced as distinctively “Israelite.” This is called the Israelites as Canaanites Theory. Exodus came into the form it is because the Biblical authors needed it for the cosmology they were constructing, and they borrowed extensively from Near Eastern literary tropes (the Baby With a Destiny Found in a Basket in a River, for instance) and Israelite folk memory in constructing it.

If you put the Books of Exodus/Joshua and Judges side by side and really read the texts, you’ll see that they tell the same story. One tells the story of an exiled people making their way home after so many years and violently reclaiming the land via military campaigns which left dubious archaeological imprints, and one tells the story of a loosely organized Iron Age tribal society sharing the same general folk religion and language gradually emerging and gaining power over other Canaanite groups, including the ones which were theoretically wiped out in Joshua.

….Biblical Studies was my jam in undergrad.

Further Reading:

Grayson, if I die, I would appreciate you doing one small thing for me. I want you to build a one hundred acre museum dedicated to my memory. Bronze my clothing and possessions. Have at least three hundred marble statues erected of me in my most fear inducing poses. One of these statues should stand a hundred feet tall, and greet ships as they float down the nearest river. One of the fourteen wings of the museum should have a weaponry display, booby-trapped so only the most worth while can enter. There should be no safety devices of any kind. The gift shop should sell stuffed Robin dolls packed with broken glass and asbestos. You’ll find a more detailed list in my room.
—  Damian Wayne

Dark Shadow

The dark shadow of history, captured on a bronze plaque for fallen soldiers of WWI. For me the image is still a symbol and has it´s own language. It is still a warning and shows that the long and dark shadow of history has been present.

“Sometime they´ll give a war, and nobody will come.” (Carl Sandburg)

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