Bronze Swords of Hafrsfjord Tell a Legendary Tale of a Powerful King and a Great Battle

Long ago, the inhabitants of Norway lived in warring tribes and villages. It was not until the 872 Battle of Hafrsfjord that the fractious clans of habitable Norway were united under a single ruler – King Harald “Fairhair” I. The astonishing victory was commemorated in 1983 by a memorial placed in the Hafrsfjord suburb of Madla, near the city of Stavanger, Rogaland.

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And here’s the rough pencil sketch the artist did while we were talking about my tattoo. It’s about as big as a hand and that top line is my left collarbone. I can’t wait to see what he draws out with color. I’m booking my first appointment for mid-September. He thinks he’ll be able to get the line work done in about 2 hours, then I’ll go back for the color. He’s guessing it’ll be between $400-500. I’m excited. 

In light of what had happened and in an effort to keep…a record of what has been built and written I’ve set up a side blog to archive interactions between @metuspes and this blog. I’ll be trying to cobble it into a cohesive narrative and reposting drabbles as pages. I don’t know how many would be interested in that. It’s not going to be updated, RPed on, or anything like that. I’m mostly doing it to keep the story alive given that I believe tumblr now has an archival and deletion system for inactive blogs, though I don’t know how long it takes for it to come to their attention. In any case it’s mostly for myself, however if anyone cares to follow it as someone would to keep a fine story, it will be found here. Currently under construction, prolly this weekend.

There’s a guitar-shaped forest in Argentina. The 7,000 trees were planted by a farmer in 1979 as a tribute to his late wife.

When Graciela Yraizoz was only 25, she suddenly collapsed from an aneurysm. She was carrying what would have been their 5th child when she died.  A few years later, her husband decided to plant the guitar-shaped forest she’d always dreamed of. With the help of his children, they planted and nurtured over 7,000 trees together to honor her memory.

“It was the closest thing possible to having my mother alive,” says her daughter Maria.

Due to an intense fear of flying, he has only been able to see it from above in photographs. 



#WeAreHere: WWI ‘soldiers’ appear across UK in moving and powerful tribute to the Battle of Somme

Volunteers dressed as World War I soldiers appeared in towns and cities across UK on Friday 1st July as part of Battle of the Somme commemorations, marking 100-years since one of the bloodiest battles in human history.

The soldiers silently handed cards to passers by, each bearing the name of a soldier who died at the Somme on 1st July 1916.

Occasionally the volunteers broke into song, singing “We are here because we are here” to the tune of Auld Lang Syne.

The Battle of Somme (1st July - 18th November 1916) was the largest battle of the First World War on the Western Front - more than one million men were wounded or killed.

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The Reality-Spido: As a genetically superior Military Working Dog, Spido had a gift at detecting humans and making them pay for their deception. Spido was doing what he did best, detecting while on lead across a field of tall grass. The assault force already had killed over 30 terrorists on a massive target set including multiple buildings.

Before anyone else could, Spido detected a terrorist waiting prone in the reeds at the ready with an AK-47 with armor piercing rounds. Spido pounced while simultaneously being shot twice through the chest. The two rounds ripped through the American flag patch velcro'ed onto his kit. He had put himself between him and the terrorist, giving him no time to site in the operators behind him.

The burst of rounds would also find his handler. The bullet ripped through his 416 cutting through the bolt carrier group like a laser and indexing into his front armor plate. The operator adjacent to Spido’s handler dispatched the terrorist, and the handler drug Spido’s limp body to cover where he would take his last breath.

After the dust settled, 36 terrorist were killed; 4 operators were either shot or fragged, and Spido paid the ultimate sacrifice. Never forget the brave souls no matter the form factor that give their lives so we can live ours. #neverforget #spido #soothersmaylive #hero #GlobalRecon #mwd #k9 #malinios #patriot #kia #memorial #freedom #dogsofwar #specialforces #usasoc #americanheroes #heroesofsf #dog #love @ronintactics @dogsoffreedom @trikosdogs @malinoisofficial @northamericanrescue @thequietprofessionals @_the_us_army_ @adamhousley @marcusluttrell @markowenseal @livehard18d #fieldcraftllc #survival #survive

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Deep in the woods of Washington stands this remarkable mausoleum which was erected by Methodist, John S. McMillin, to hold the remains of himself and his family and show what was truly important to him - family. To many, this mausoleum is known as the Afterglow Vista and as you can see, is extremely impressive and beautiful. In the centre of the open air rotunda sits a limestone table surrounded by stone chairs. These chairs act as the headstones of the graves and they contain the ashes of the McMillin family. The empty space at the table was built to represent where the McMillin son would be buried; he turned away from Methodism and is buried elsewhere. The unfinished column symbolises death breaking the column of life. Locals say that when the sun goes down on the warm summer evenings, the light shines through the trees onto the tomb and the McMillin family meet again to enjoy a ghostly dinner in the afterglow.
United Nations Unveils Stunning Memorial in New York To The Millions Who Were Killed and Sacrificed in Slave Trade To Create America's Riches - Atlanta Black Star
Visitors to the United Nations headquarters in New York will get a powerful reminder of the brutality of the transatlantic slave trade and its enormous impact on world history through a visually stunning new memorial that was unveiled yesterday in a solemn ceremony. There were speeches intended to touch the emotionality of a system that …

Slavery was the economic engine upon which American capitalism was built, providing the seed money for United States businesses to create the most vibrant economic system in the world. The enslaved Black person (whose gender is purposely vague to represent men, women and children) lying inside the dramatically shaped marble memorial, which is called The Ark of Return, is a symbol of the millions whose deaths led to the building of those skyscrapers, the visual emblems of American capitalism’s enormous financial windfall for the white beneficiaries of slavery and their descendants.