(Context: A group has been assembled to play Pathfinder’s Strange Aeons Adventure Path. My character, an aasimar Paladin, has Alter Self as a once-a-day Spell-Like Ability. We have woken up in makeshift prison cells without our memoreis and are watching our captor gleefully torture a man. Valerie, my paladin, shares a cell with Maerwe, our alchemist. We are all level 1.)

Torturer (NPC): “blah blah blah so much fun blah blah y'all are next blah blah blah your scream nourish me blah”

Valerie: “You won’t get away with this.”

Maerwe: [seduces the torturer to get them close enough to pickpocket the cell keys]

Maerwe: [hands off the keys to Valerie] “Here, use this!”

Valerie: [unlocks the cell, Alter Self’s into a Lizardfolk, bum rushes the torturer]

Torturer: [beats Valerie on initiative, drops her to 2/12 HP]

Valerie: [Retaliates with newfound Claw-Claw-Bite, doing 38 damage and outright killing the captor.]

Tortured Man (NPC): “Holy shit…”

Another Party Member: “Holy shit…”

Valerie: (OOC) “I said she wouldn’t get away with it.”

Maerwe: (OOC) “Damn, Val, did you lay an egg in her chest while you were at it?”


okay so hi im in the UK so i had the pleasure of seeing Thor: Ragnarok today. My following opinons will contain SPOILERS very many of them!!!


long story short i loved the film! very much. Taika Waitiki is Marvel’s saviour and heres all the things i loved

- Tom and Ben had a scene together how amazing was that?? -> DOCTOR STRANGE

- tHe MuSIc!!!!

- Matt Damon and Luke Hemsworth??! I Died

- it had a guardians of the galaxy feel to it and yes. good. 

- but also kind of a wonder woman feel?


- it was SO freakin funny! the whole cinema was constantly laughing 

- Loki’s and Thor’s childhood!!


- Hela was a cool villain and Cate Blanchett is amazing

- (have to see it in 3D again bc the effects were super cool)

- HULK (just all of it)

- The Grandmaster + Loki (’nuff said)

- Thor and Loki had closure, they felt like brothers, they were a team and i loved it 

- Infinty War onset!!

- Lokis emo suit

- Loki bisexual confirmed (fight me)


- Bruce in Tonys clothing was hilarious

- the Devil’s Anus (out of Tom hiddlestons mouth)

- the fight scenes in slow motion. yes. YES. 

- Loki’s magic!!! so cool!! since when can he see peoples memoreis?? i loved it


- so you need to know that i didnt really like thor, i didnt care for him, i watched the films bc of Loki but halfway through the film i was like… I LIKE THOR NOw which is a cool thing to do for a director/ film

- thor didnt end up with valkyrie and im thankful for that

- they EXPLAINED what happened between the films which marvel is really bad at 

- theres so much more but thats what i can come up with rn

- im seeing it again as soon as possible omg

Fight the future was so good if there was one time i could relive right was when i first watched fight the future. I was really happy that summer 2. god The Memoreys. :-)