memorable sunset

Question: “What’s today most memorable moment?

Jin: “I think all 7 of us will choose the same moment. The sunset moment really is…”
JH: “The sunset moment”
JK: “When taking photos during sunset and saw the sun gone off completely”
RM: “Today’s most memorable moment is the sunset”
JM: “The sunset photo in the desert is really beautiful”
Suga: “When the sunset”
V: “It’s the first time I stay in such a high class hotel”

anonymous asked:

This is a heck of a lot harder than I ever expected. How do I accept myself?

Darling, sometimes that is a lifelong process. Start with the little things. Maybe you like the way your smile reflects the sun in the mirror. Or the way you write your name. Maybe your laugh sounds like roses, and your eyes can memorize a summer sunset. Some days may be easier than others, but the down days just means there is progress to look forward to. I believe in you <3