memorable sunset

Question: “What’s today most memorable moment?

Jin: “I think all 7 of us will choose the same moment. The sunset moment really is…”
JH: “The sunset moment”
JK: “When taking photos during sunset and saw the sun gone off completely”
RM: “Today’s most memorable moment is the sunset”
JM: “The sunset photo in the desert is really beautiful”
Suga: “When the sunset”
V: “It’s the first time I stay in such a high class hotel”

undertheroses  asked:

Forgive me for bothering you, but how come you don't like Starlight Glimmer? I don't particularly like her myself. So I'm just a little curious about your thoughts about her.

Never a bother! I love chatting with people! Anyway, it’s many reasons -

- Starlight comes across to me as if the writers wanted Sunset and couldn’t have her in the show properly (since, y'know, that High School Magical Girl money) so they made a character that was supposed to have all the aspects that made Sunset so memorable and beloved and she doesn’t measure up in any way.

- I kept trying to give her character chances and they blew each one worse than the last - also, I know they can do better and it appears as if they’re content to sit back and not put effort into her story in any way.

- Starlight makes Twilight look very VERY sketchy, she looks bad as both a teacher and a hypocrite - for one example, why was her reaction to Discord maybe, with no proof, mind controlling her friends (keep in mind her only thought was ‘they seem to genuinely like Discord now this is a PROBLEM’) 'I MUST STOP HIS NEFARIOUS SCHEME’ and to Starlight who actually mind controlled her friends and hurt them physically as a result 'oh haha my bad lesson learned that was so funny btw they’ll feel THAT in the morning’

- For someone who feels bad they sure don’t give her consequences to her actions or let her story occur naturally so she comes across as thinking she’s entitled to her forgiveness when she hasn’t earned it. No seriously, she really hasn’t earned it.

- on that point, any interesting story beats were skipped completely - meaningful interaction with Trixie where it didn’t paint her in a 'woe is me I’m so hated but I’VE CHANGED ’ despite really nothing at that point earning that sort of reaction and her literally a scene earlier forcefully controlling someone and annoyed at being called out - THE VILLAGE FORGIVING HER IN A FUCKING MONTAGE WITH NO DIALOGUE OR REASONABLE EXPLANATION - Discord/Starlight interaction and maybe calling out Twi’s shit OR Discord calls Starlight out for her shit. Some of the Mane Six not immediately trusting her OR some of the Mane Six really not trusting her after that episode where she fucking brainwashed them. Etc.

- why does every other villain have to earn reformation when it just got handed to her on a silver platter? Sunset took a whole movie to be trusted and suffers the after effects of her villainy, Discord still has hate toward him and he’s been a reformed villain longer than an actual villain even counting S4’s face heel turn moment (which, why not? The Mane Six minus Shy didn’t treat him with anything other than open contempt. Sure maybe he didn’t earn full trust and he can be an asshole but Twilight “I THOUGHT HE HAD CHANGED?” really? REALLY? Did you REALLY? Bitch WHERE?) meanwhile: I made an entire village into a Stepford Smiling cult because I was lonely and nearly destroyed Equestria out of spite just gets forgiven and a happy montage.


Those are a few reasons. Her design is cute though and her magic is neat af. So there’s that I guess.