memorable sunset

Question: “What’s today most memorable moment?

Jin: “I think all 7 of us will choose the same moment. The sunset moment really is…”
JH: “The sunset moment”
JK: “When taking photos during sunset and saw the sun gone off completely”
RM: “Today’s most memorable moment is the sunset”
JM: “The sunset photo in the desert is really beautiful”
Suga: “When the sunset”
V: “It’s the first time I stay in such a high class hotel”


The Princess had insisted on keeping Aviva resting, and while the magic within had been contained and the babe grew, her energy began to return. A specific diet and with the Healers of Ithilian keeping an constant eye on her Aviva was allowed only short walks with Jasper by her side.
Sitting there, in the open sun and her toddler curiously playing, she tempted a chance to relish the open warm air.

She had been grateful for Alexandria’s calm demeanor and astute knowledge, granting Aviva’s strength to regain, slowly.

Aviva saw a handful of wonderful sunrises and memorable sunsets, and she allowed herself to think all woulf be well. On one walk with Jasper, she felt a particularly odd twinge, and with a parting of her lips, she noticed the puddle.
As calm as she could she encouraged Jasper to walk on with one of the healers, and carefully took hold of her forearm, pippin’ green eyes widen slightly as she continued to speak with that vacant smile.
Jasper would not catch on to the tone her mother took with the healer, “I need to send a missive, my time has come.” And both glanced to her dark gown, wet, but the pinkish hue to her moistened hand spoke of alarm.

Hurried hands sent a small missive to Seth, begging it arrive in time to reach him.

Breathing hard, she brushed aside one of the midwife’s as she dabbed at her forehead, “a moment, please…” and wrote, trying to keep her tone calm, and not to draw alarm….


Lord husband of mine, it appears our child wishes to be born a citizen of Ithilian. Our little one is right on time. I will send word again once our babe has arrived.”

But the runner, a man who had known the Midwife well, heard her whisper about Aviva’s condition.

The runner would speak the truth when he reached Seth. “Go to her m'lord, go to her.”