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Where is the most memorable place you've traveled to?

I’m glad I saved this Ask because I’m actually sitting in the the most memorable place I’ve ever visited: Chiang Mai, Thailand. The people are warm, the food is delicious, and the temples are unreal. I’ll never forget hiking with the elephants at the Elephant Nature Park–you wouldn’t believe how incredibly gentle and expressive they are! 🐘

Each house when: studying
  • Gryffindor: Procrastinate it 'till you make it, binge reads every lesson from the last seven years just in case the night before, studying comfy (on the couch or on the bed)
  • Hufflepuff: T E A M W O R K with snacks and blankets, often reads important parts aloud, makes bad puns that help them memorize names and places
  • Ravenclaw: Studies either the most or the less in the class and nothing in between, *opens a book to fact-check something and gets lost for 17 hours*, needs a Hufflepuff friend to tell them to go to sleep
  • Slytherin: Gets irritated by boring lessons real quick, *classical music dramatically playing in the background*, will try to murder you if you interrupt them

They’re so vivid — the memories from back then… I’m so touched. I think I did the right thing to come here. It may be a memorable place for Starlights but it’s a memorable place for me too… I’m remembering a lot of things from before our debut because I’m here. It’s amazing how I can remember every detail from back then.”

This monstrosity has lived in our school’s band room all year. Some of the most memorably places it has been include:
-Upside down in a trophy on the piano
-On top of the projector
-Hanging out of a hole in the ceiling
-Someone brought it with to the preforming arts awards banquet we had tonight

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Top Ten Drunk Yuuri Moments!! °♡° Those must be AMAZING!

10) Once he and Viktor got drunk together which is always a horrific idea and somehow they got away from the main party and over to the ice rink where they proceeded to try and skate absolutely wasted. The night included a lot of phrases like “Viktor why is the ice spinning?”, a lot of slipping and falling over because alcohol and attempting jumps doesn’t mix well and making out on the rink. Eventually they were rescued by Chris and Phichit who stopped them from actually killing themselves being idiotic drunks

9) The third time Yuuri got drunk at university when Phichit had to take him home because Yuuri could hardly stand and he spent the entire journey crying about how amazing Phichit was and how much he loved him and how he was the best friend ever and Phichit was stuck between laughing and being really touched

8) The second time Yuuri got drunk at college and ended up letting people do body shots off him which made him the most popular person at the party. Phichit still has pictures but he’s banned from ever showing anyone on pain of death

7) That one time everyone assumed that Viktor could drink like a fish and Yuuri couldn’t because Viktor is Russian and Yuuri proceeded to drink Viktor under the table to prove them wrong.

6) Viktor and Yuuri’s stag nights where they were supposed to be staying apart the whole night but Yuuri got sad drunk because he missed Viktor and Phichit had to take him to the club where Viktor was after getting a text from Chris saying Viktor was exactly the same. They ended up spending the night dancing together

5) Also at their bachelor parties(s) when Chris hired a stripper pole in the private room of the club they had rented because of course he did and convinced drunk Yuuri to show Viktor the pole dancing version of the Eros routine. Viktor has still not recovered from this.

4) The first time Yuuri ever got drunk in college when he went all out due to nerves and got absolutely wasted and ended up unintentionally making a significant portion of the room question their sexualities and giving a random guy on his course a lap dance. That guy still recalls his fondest college memory as the time an Olympic gold medallist gave him a lap dance and it was awesome.

3) Speaking of lap dances, the moment from my other list of ‘Top Ten Most Memorable Places Viktor and Yuuri have had sex’ where Yuuri wasn’t drunk but he had enough alcohol in him to be very confident and gave Viktor a lap dance in the club which very quickly led onto…other things

2) At one point while they were engaged but not married yet Yuuri got very, very drunk and sort of just stumbled up to Viktor like ‘why are we not married yet? Can we just get married now?’ and Viktor was so close to agreeing to it. The only reason he didn’t do it was because their assorted family and friends would kill them in the morning if they put up with all their bullshit for so many years and then didn’t even get to come to the wedding as a reward.

1) The Olympics party from chapter 8 because it was pretty spectacular and Chris still likes to tell the story whenever he wants to embarrass Yuuri or make Viktor blush


Reader x Stiles Stilinski


Imagine: being in love with Stiles for ages but he never notices, until one day, after a run away from a party, he tells you how he feels about you and things get heated.

Warnings: SMUTTY (oh yeah) SIN, oral sex (female receiving), dirty talk, swearing and sex. Little bits of fluff.

Word Count: 3336

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Stiles x Reader

Requested by Anon

Warnings: Public sex, school sex, 

Edited by the awesome @heyitssilverwolf

“So, what’s the problem?” Deaton asked as he thanked Lydia as who helped him clear away the last of the day’s clutter.

“(Y/N) and Stiles, they won’t say anything’s wrong, I don’t think they want to bother us but…” Scott trailed off as Lydia came back into the room.

“Yesterday’s game, Stiles sprained his ankle except it was (Y/N) that got hurt, it started as small things like bumps and bruises.” Lydia explained.

“When they touch, each other does anything happen?” Deaton asked quickly.

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Sister Vs. Spider

Request: I absolutely adore your writing! Could you do an imagine where the brothers 15 year old sister has severe arachnophobia and they help her when there’s a spider in the bunker? (Double heart emoji that my computer is being mean about!)

A/N: I was laughing while writing this one, so thank you for making me smile! I’m sorry if this isn’t exactly what you wanted, and I am totally willing to rewrite it if you would like, because I may have overexaggerated a little but, nevertheless I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! ALSO, I AM SO SORRY ABOUT NOT POSTING THURSDAY! Some drama and not good things came in but it’s all good now! ALSO THANK YOU GUYS FOR OVER 300! I AM SO SO SO HAPPY AND OMGSH THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU ALL WITH ALL MY HEART!

Before I hit you with this angst masterpiece I’ve been working on, enjoy this little piece of silliness!

Tags: @percussiongirl2017 @metaphysicalmisha @winchesters-favorite-girl @sisterwinchesterwriter @staticweekes @lil-sister-winchester @hi-my-name-is-riley  @the-third-winchester-warrior @awkwarderthanaverage @missygun


You sighed into your hot cup of, well, whatever Sam had picked up from the store earlier that morning. Being mid-October, you were chilled. Your sweater was soft, and made the little couch in one of the spare bedrooms seem just a bit cozier than before. Your brothers were out, hunting the demons they had tracked for a week. You were taking the night off as they wanted to handle it alone, something about Crowley’s minions, and not wanting you to get hurt. Basically, their code for overprotective.

You didn’t mind though, and you were craving some time to binge watch some TV and rest your muscles. You smiled into the cup of liquid again, and giggled at the lines written for your favorite characters. You were sincerely enjoying your off time as you pushed your blanket over to let your socks hit the floor. You were determined to make it to the kitchen and back before the next episode began. Netflix only gave you fifteen seconds, but you were up for the challenge.

You began to skid down the bunker halls, sliding down the step into the kitchen. You poured the rest of the liquid into the mug and smiled as you tried not to spill as you quickly paced back to the doorway of the kitchen.

Amused, you let your socks glide onto the hard floor, and watched the liquid. The second you looked up, you dropped the mug and screamed a sound of pure terror. You flung yourself onto the kitchen’s island and gripped the side of it. You kept your eyes glued to the place just above the doorway as you ripped your phone out of the elastic waistband of your leggings and dialed the number you had memorized.

You placed it to your ear, awaiting the rings to allow a voice through. You felt shivers roll down your spine as tears threatened to break out of the corners of your eyes. The leap you had made from the doorway to the island had taken all your breath control, and fear threatened your sanity.


“Y/N?” Sam answered on the fifth ring.

“SAMMY!” you screamed.

“What is it Y/N? What’s wrong?” Sam sounded just as panicked as you. The sound of your distress made him extremely nervous.

“Sammy, there’s a huge, a huge, and it’s, it’s so viciously starring!” you rambled.

Dean’s voice cut in, “What is viciously starring, damn it Y/N, what’s going on?” Dean yelled through the phone.  

“S-s-s,” you stuttered out, not being able to form the word.

“Shapeshifter, space monkey, what is it?!” Dean demanded through the phone.

“SPIDER!” you screamed as the spider fell down into the doorway from its previous position.

Sam exhaled, and Dean grunted, “Are you freaking kidding me!? You hunt monsters for a living and you’re freaking out about some little spider!?”.

“Dean!” Sam scolded.

“I have a fear of spiders you moron, and it JUST JUMPED AGAIN!” you screeched, causing both your brothers to let out a noise of discomfort on the other end.

“Can you guys come back and help me before it-!” you screamed again as it continued moving to make its web.

“I don’t know, you called me a moron, so,” Dean sarcastically answered but your screams made his answer change almost immediately, “We’ll be there as soon as we can”.


He hung up and you were gripping the kitchen island with all your might. The spider had no idea you were in the room, let alone praying for it to drop dead. You picked up a plastic cup that had been left out on the island you were currently positioned on. You threw the cup at the spider but missed by a long shot. The spider didn’t even flinch.

You then decided to throw more objects, really anything you could get into your sweaty hands. You also opened the fridge with your foot, throwing ice cubes at the web, but always missing. The spider had now made himself a comfortable little strand of silk that he was resting on while you balanced to get more objects to use as bombs against your enemy.

If something did come close to hitting the little pest it would simply move over. Now it seemed to be taunting you, and mocking your every miss.


Your brothers made an appearance just outside the kitchen door.

“Y/N?” Sam asked, as you paused, mid throw of an orange.

“SAMMY!” you smiled and yelled, but fear stilled laced your yelp.

Dean chuckled, “This little guy?” he pointed to the spider that was creeping up its line of web. He quickly smooshed it between his thumb and middle finger.

You sighed in relief, letting out the breath you had been holding since the start of your battle with the spider. Dean took down the strand of web as Sam made his way past the mess of food and objects on the floor. He shook his head at you as he helped you down from the island.

“You know you’re going to have to clean all this up, right?” he asked.

You shrugged, “It was worth it,” you smiled. He put an arm around you.

Dean moved towards the two of you, “I don’t know, he’s kinda cute,” he laughed.

“Don’t compliment the enemy of mass destruction,” you warned.

“Why? Scared?” he laughed as he pushed the mess into your eyesight.

You squealed and jumped onto Sam, gripping his side with your legs.

“DEAN!” Sam chided.


You cleaned the mess up after an intense persuasion to let go of Sam. You then made yourself a new cup of hot liquid, and moved towards the doorway to the TV room. That’s when you dropped the cup and screamed, once again.

“SAM! DEAN! IT’S BACK! IT’S COME BACK TO GET ME FROM THE DEAD!” you screamed as you rushed down thee bunker halls to find the spider killers, or as they were also referred to as, your big brothers.

Discovering New Books

In high school, I didn’t really like history classes. It was always very dry, lots of memorizing dates, names, places, and studying for the sake of passing standardized tests or meeting state requirements. History never had any life or spark for me. It was a dull droning of statistics and facts to learn, use for the test, and then promptly forget. Because of this, I never read books based on history. Why bother? I figured it would be just as boring as the classes I had to take.

Skipping to the start of my book blog, the booklr community had a veritable wazoo of young adult historical fiction to recommend. I didn’t pay much attention at first. Yes, I enjoyed The Book Thief as many who have read it did, but I had figured it for a rare gem, an out of place winner in a genre of boring titles. Still, the longer I was on tumblr, the more I saw recommendations for other historical fiction novels, and one eventually sparked my interest. Code Name Verity was a World War II novel about two young women who become best friends and work for their country during the worst of war. Hmm, I thought to myself. A book about female friendship and empowerment that tons of readers love and adore? I kept it in mind, and when I found it at my used bookstore, I decided it was a sign and got it for myself.

Not only did Code Name Verity break my heart, crush my soul, and leave me emotionally devastated, it also sparked an interest in some of the historical topics discussed in the novel. After reading it, I googled article after article about women during WWII, female pilots such as the US’s WASPS and Britain’s Women’s RAF, as well as getting sucked into other topics as they popped up in related searches. Suddenly, history was living, breathing, and so very real. A subject that never felt like more than dust on things in the attic was now so much more vibrant to me.

I didn’t stop there. I read Elizabeth Wein’s companion novel to Code Name Verity, titled Rose Under Fire. Then, I looked up recommendations, excavated lists on Goodreads, and stalked websites with historical fiction recommendations. Two years later, Historical Fiction is one of my favorite genres, right up there with my life-long love of fantasy. I’ve read an obscene amount of historical fiction novels, read a lot of internet articles, and probably given my parents’ far too many historical speeches on Stalin or Chinese history. It’s become a passion that I might not have discovered without joining booklr and being pushed to expand my reading horizons. It wasn’t just a community to share my love of books, but a place that has helped me read more diversely, not just in genres, but by author, country, and about characters of different ethnicities, sexualities, and religions. I doubt I would’ve ever tried so many different types of books if it wasn’t for the love of other readers I saw on my dashboard every day. It is one of many reasons I love the book community so much and enjoy looking at the reviews, photos, edits, and fangirling gibberish that show up each day. It’s a chance to discover new books, new interests, and new views in the world, as well as share a mutual love for the written word.

Has joining booklr inspired or encouraged you to explore new genres or novels you never would’ve previously considered? What books have the book blogging community helped you discover? Feel free to send me a message or reblog with your own stories!

September 4, 2017

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imagine the missus always got bullied from this girl during her school time. she'd say things like 'you're so pathetic, you're never gonna find someone.' and since then she always struggeled with her self esteem, thinking she was worthless. until H came around and changed her life. and now her old class would have a reunion and she'd bring harry and he wants to really show that b*tch whats going on, just making her jealous with her engagent ring, wedding plans... a makout session... please?🙄

He’d dress extremely fancy– the nicest dark blue velvet suit he has with his Gucci leather dress shoes, his most expensive watch and his favorite Tom Ford cologne. His hair groomed and fluffed to perfection, his chin sporting just the slightest bit of scruff, just how he knows you like it.

You’d compliment him, your heart swelling at the fact that he’d do this, all of it, just for you.

“You look good enough to eat, Har.”

Harry would smile softly, eyes twinkling with suggestiveness as he presses a gentle kiss to the center of your forehead. “Maybe later, sweetheart.”

At the reunion, he’d shake everybody’s hands and introduce himself properly, working his charm to utter perfection and having your former classmates falling head over heels to chat with him.

You marvel at how smooth and easy-going Harry appears under the situation, talking and joking with everyone so flawlessly it’s as if he’d known them for as long as you had.

And the whole time, he has a protective arm looped across your hips, keeping your body close to his so that everyone can see how proud he is to have you as his fiancée.

Your nemesis is seething quietly, the corners of her mouth dipping down ever so slightly but not evident enough for everyone else to notice because they all seem to be getting along with Harry without catches or obstacles, so blatantly showing her dislike would make her the runt of the event.

Talk of your engagement eventually comes around and Harry is falling over himself to tell the love story of how you two came to be. During the whole tale, his eyes are alight with affection and the giddy smile never leaves his face, the way he depicts you as a “right angel with a smile brighter than her halo” makes all the girls around you swoon.

At one point he tightens his arm around you, turning his head to gift you a soft smirk and, “She was such a proper good girl when I met her. Turns out she’s a devil in between the sheets.”

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I Just Called To Say

Wonho | Fluff | WC: 1.7k

Originally posted by wonhontology

But what it is, is something true
Made up of these three words that I must say to you

“I love you.”

You blink slowly, trying to process the words you just heard. Moving the phone away from your ear, you squint your eyes to look at the screen, reading the name and time at the top of it.

“Hoseok,” you yawn, rubbing an eye and rolling onto your back. “Do you know what time it is?”

Your eyes widen a bit and blink a little faster to adjust to the pitch black surrounding you, and you wait for him to check and see that it’s four in the morning.

“Yes, I know I probably shouldn’t have called you because you have to wake up in a few hours for work but I—”

“Baby, slow down.” He’s talking way too fast, his words blending into each other and your brain is still in its waking up stages so you need him to talk a little slower.

He takes a deep breath before continuing.

“I can’t sleep, and when I can’t sleep I think about a lot of shit,” when he pauses, you hum. “And we’ve been together for a while now. Next week it’ll be six months, right?”

You hum again, switching back to your original position on your side, snuggling further into you comforter. “On Wednesday.” The smallest of smiles stretch your lips because you know he’s downplaying how he feels about this halfway mark in your relationship.

“I know you said you don’t want to do anything for month-anniversaries—”

You snort. “Because they’re pointless.”

Hoseok sighs. He’s always been such a hopeless romantic and you can be one too, but you grew out of celebrating each month of being with someone and prefer to go all out for milestone dates. But you know how excited he is for each month that you’ve officially been together and you feel kind of bad you let that slip out. You blame it on your brain still not completely functioning and not being able to filter your thoughts as fast.

“I’m regretting waking you up,” he deadpans and you snort again.

“So I can go back to sleep?” And when he sighs again, you roll your eyes. Your attempt to lighten the mood clearly isn’t working. “Baby, I’m kidding. Tell me what’s on your mind, I won’t joke around anymore.”

Hoseok hesitates for too long and you call his name, trying to prompt him to let everything on his mind and chest out on the table.

“I don’t know… I was just thinking about how happy you make me. Even when we were just friends and I didn’t even know I wanted to be with you… you’ve always made me happy and I knew I always wanted you to be in my future.”

You don’t think you’ll ever get used to how open he is with his feelings. Not that you’re incapable of expressing yourself, it just takes a little push for you to let it all out like he can.

“We don’t always see eye-to-eye but you balance me out so well and you’ve ruined my expectations for everyone else. I don’t even want to think about the possibility of having to find someone else.”

He’s barely getting started and you have a feeling your cheeks will be wet because you’re a softy for romantic confessions—especially when it comes from the man on the phone—and aching from smiling so hard because he always seems to know the right things to say, even when he’s unsure of his words.

“Ah, I’m getting off topic.” You almost tell him it’s okay and to stay on the mistaken topic, but you just bite your lip and let him get back on track. “Since you promised we could do something on Wednesday, I already have everything put together… but I’m second guessing it all.”

You aren’t hard to please. A simple dinner and movie are enough to make you the happiest girl in the world. Some cuddling and kisses added is the perfect date. Not saying going all out wouldn’t have the same effect, but you’re sure that anything he puts together will be just fine. Knowing he took the time and energy to do something for you is enough to have you okay with anything. He knows what you don’t like, so you’re not worried in the slightest. But Hoseok is such a caring and loving person who always wants to make sure others are pleased and he second guesses himself up until he realizes they’re more than content and he was worried for nothing.

But, you’re not going to tell him he’s over analyzing it. After years of knowing how he works, you know he hates it the most when people tell him something isn’t that deep and to stop thinking so hard.

“I just don’t want it to be a total flop because I’m really excited about it,” he sighs.

“If you’re so excited about it, I love it already,” you speak softly.

“Like I was saying before, you always make me so happy and I want to have the same effect on you, you know? I know you say I do but I can’t help but doubt—”

“Hoseok. I will hang up on you if you continue that sentence.”

Hoseok isn’t clingy. He doesn’t crave your attention every second of the day. He doesn’t have an exaggerated need for validation, but every once in a while it’s good for him to hear how much he means to you, how much you love him.

“As cheesy as it sounds, from the day we became friends you’ve made me the happiest I’ve been since I was a kid. When I realized I had feelings for you I didn’t get scared like I always had in the past. Do you think I’ve ever confessed to a guy first?” you chuckle, remembering how abrupt and unprepared your confession was. The look on his face was priceless and you wish you would’ve caught his reaction on camera. “Just hearing your name makes me smile and makes my stomach feel weird, and you have the audacity to doubt if you make me happy?”

You’re wide awake by now, his uncertainty alerting your brain. It’s not even like you did something to make him feel this way, but you feel like you have to let him know he has no reason to feel that way without telling him he’s over analyzing things because his nerves are getting to him.

It’s quiet for too long after you open your heart up to him a little. “Did you fall asleep on me?”

The sniffle you get in response has a wide smile slowly making its way on your face.

“Are you crying?” You try to sound worried but the amusement can’t be shielded. Maybe you aren’t the one meant to cry tonight.

“Shut up.”

You openly laugh, apologizing when he starts mumbling under his breath that he can’t stand you and an empty threat of hanging up on you.

“Seriously, though. I know I don’t say it as often as you do but I love you so so so much and I’m so happy I snatched you before Jihyun did.”

He chuckles, followed by a long inhale.

“Thank you.”

His voice is the softest you’ve ever heard and it makes your tummy do a little flip.

“For what?”

“For putting up with me. I know I’m a mess sometimes and I really try to control my emotions but sometimes…” he struggles to finish his sentence, so you jump in.

“Hush. You’re perfectly fine and I wouldn’t trade you for the world.”

You know he’s smiling on the other side of the phone and keeps your smile in place. You don’t mind getting woken up at the asscrack of dawn when it comes to Hoseok, and you love your sleep. So if that isn’t enough proof of how whipped you are for the kid, you don’t know what else could be.

“If these are your thoughts on a restless night, I can only imagine what your vows will be.”

Shrugging the cover off, you swing your legs off the bed and slip your slippers on. You make your way out of your room and into the kitchen, turning on the hallway light as you pass it for some guidance because you just moved and you don’t have the place memorized yet.

“I guess you’ll just have to wait and see,” Hoseok chuckles, voice a little deeper than before and his words and tone have you biting back another smile as you grab a water bottle and take a few sips. All this talking after being asleep for hours has your throat as dry as a desert.

Months in and it still feels like you’re in your honeymoon phase because you’re always smiling when you speak to him, or even when he simply gets brought up by a friend or a parent.

“Mm, can’t wait.”

Leaning against the counter, you look up at the clock on the stove and the time reads a quarter past five. You can’t see yourself falling back asleep anytime soon and all you can think of is cuddling with your boyfriend while the sun rises in an hour or so, watching a movie or continuing your heart to heart.

“Do you have work tomorrow? Or today, whatever.”

“I don’t go in until two-thirty, why?”

“You should pack a bag and come over,” you propose, twisting and untwisting the bottle’s cap with your forefinger and thumb.

“Don’t you have work at—”

“No one said I work tomorrow,” you laugh.

There’s rustling on the other side and a grunt, followed by a clicking noise you’re assuming was his light switch illuminating his room.

“Say no more, I’ll be there in twenty.”

This is so fluffy and sweet my tooth hurts omg idk how I’m managing to write all this fluff bc I suck at expressing my feelings asjukldlk; enjoy 

hey guys hear me out: legends as a ghost hunting show au

  • rip is the founder of the group and picks the places they investigate
  • ray and jax are the tech mainly, but leonard also helps out sometimes (he’s mainly in charge of Where Cameras Go and shit like that tho because he’s really good at memorizing the layouts of places and somehow knows exactly where to get the perfect angles)
  • nate is in charge of research and lore
  • everyone else is mainly just there to investigate and fight some fucking ghosts
  • they typically split into 2 teams: team A that consists of rip, sara, jax, and amaya; and team B that has leonard, mick, ray, and nate
  • team A is very organized and careful, they just sit around and try to get voices on their recorder most of the time (sara tends to provoke them a Lot and that usually gets a few good reactions)
  • team B is basically just watching an episode of ghost adventures with mick yelling at the ghosts to fight him (followed by ray and nate pissing themselves when they actually do scratch him or some shit)
  • ft. kendra, carter, and jonah that sometimes appear on the show as Special Guest Investigators
  • stein is in charge of evidence review with ray and jax, he’s too old to go out hunting with them he’d probably have a heart attack or something
  • the flash, supergirl, and arrow have their own ghost hunting shows too and they sometimes appear on each other’s shows to provide some extra insight on evidence captured, they’re all in Cahoots with each other and really admire each other’s work even if their television networks are rivals

Bugaria’s pretty big. By bug standards, at least. That’s why the Ant kingdom, with the help of some worms, has taken it upon themselves to build tunnels connecting the land.

That’s right, this is our fast travel area - The Ant Mines! At least that’s the PR given by the Queen.

In truth, the whole project started as a small effort to find more of the shining crystals you can see. The big blue crystal in the middle shoots up, decorating one of the Ant Palace’s rooms!

 The mines are full of different characters that are all invested in reaching a certain part of the world. Although at the start of the game, most areas are closed off, there is a method for you to speed up the tunnel’s progress…!?

 We don’t want to show everything here today, but we’re hoping that even the fast travel area will be a memorable place with characters you care about a tiny bee bit.

 Happy exploring!

No strangers on the Golden Eagle (Snowbaz)

AU where Simon and Baz do not get together in their years at Watford. Simon stayed together with Agatha. However fate leads to the oddest of places in the world for soulmates to reunite.


Everything felt wrong. Everything was wrong.

I looked up at the ceiling of my compartment and enjoyed the silence. It has been so long since I have got a chance to sit somewhere no one is talking to me. No one is staring at me and demanding me to answer.
I have been trying so hard but I just ended up failing. Images fall in front of me. Failing to take down the Humdrum again and again. Agatha kicking me out of her place. She told that we were either going to get married or fall apart, she said that she had to make the better decision for both of us. I think I must have become sort of twisted in my own sense and that I completely agree with her. I didn’t argue, I just silently agree with her. I left without saying anything to her. There was nothing I needed to say and everything I wanted to say would have only upset her further. If she was the one leaving, I wouldn’t chase after her.

I have no plan so here I am. I am 24 with less than a plan for life. I searched where to get away from it all and my search has lead me to the longest train railway. It is called the trans-Siberian railway. It cuts through all of Russia. It takes 9 days to travel it all but I will be going for 15 days as I will be stopping in some of the more memorable places. The most promising thing for me was the promise of spending days with little outside your window that trees and rivers. Maybe I will find out what to do next somewhere there. If not, I have a cool experience behind me.


I have been called dramatic a couple of times in my life. Even overly dramatic sometimes. I have no idea where such grand conclusions have been drawn out. All I am planning to do is kill myself at the east of Russia, where no one will find me and if they do, no one will identify me and let my family know.

Lost. That is how my family think of me and I like that. But I cannot go out simply, I took the Golden Eagle’s Imperial compartment. The most luxurious train around. Why not drink myself to insanity in the privacy of a nice room and a private toilet to throw up in. I carefully organized for no traces that I am taking this trip is found.

I sit on my bed in my compartment and trouble myself with a simple question enough as should I take off my suit before drinking or not bother. My thoughts were interrupted by a knock on my door. It was a lady with a dining cart, offering tea, coffee, and other warm drinks. I have been learning Russian for a while so I do not have trouble talking to her. She turned out painfully chatty and I couldn’t get rid of her with a simple ‘no’.

At that moment a young man exits the compartment next to mine and the world stops.
I could recognize him from just his hair. That bronze mess of hair atop of his head. I could spot a mole on the back of his neck. I would have been able to tell even if I hadn’t spotted him. His scent fills the wagon.

It has been so long but it is really him. Now. A few steps away from me.

Simon Snow.


I leave my compartment to go to the dining cart. I am extremely hungry and just want to have a proper meal. Or get drunk because just the thought of falling asleep right now feels like a chore. A lady pushed me with a cart full of drinks and I keep walking forward.

I had planned to zone out complete and just forget myself. Yet in the instant when I felt like the world will just spin apart from me, I am grounded by the most familiar voice ever. “Well look who it is… if it isn’t the Chosen One.” I stopped stupidly in my tracks. I turned around to make sure I didn’t hallucinate. I did not need to turn around to know that the voice belonged to the one and only, Tyrannus Basilton Grimm Pitch. And in a fucking suit to top it all off.

I feel the same rush that I usually used to get when I would see him back in school. A mix of frustration and nervous butterflies in my stomach. He always had that effect on people. “Baz,” I say lamely. I am oddly happy to see him. Maybe it has been all the years we were apart and seeing him brings back good memories of Watford.

“Of all the people in the entire world I have expected to have been caught by here, you were the absolute last person I could have expected.” The way he phrased it caught me off guard. I can’t catch Agatha’s clear hints when she coughs and clears her throat but I cannot ignore a single word he says even years after.
“Caught by?” I ask him. “Are you on the run from somebody?” He grins and walks over to me. With him up closer, I realize he sort of smells the same way, it reminds me of our old room. “Oh Snow. Never changing, I see. Still assuming that I am plotting and up to no good?” He presents me with that malicious smirk of his. I can’t help but smile. It has been a while since I did and Baz was the last person who would have tried to make me smile, but he did. “Well, are you up to good?” I ask.

He laughs. I have heard him laugh many times but this felt much more kind hearted. I feel so much less empty than I did before but the butterflies are still there. It was frustrating that six years have passed and he is still significantly taller than me. “You’ve fucking caught me, Snow. Indeed I am up to no good. I plan to ruin my liver tonight by getting savagely drunk.”


I felt lost and found at the same time. All it took was to have him look at me and here I am. Putty in his hands. “You are planning to get drunk tonight?” He asks me. God. I’ve missed his voice. I have been obsessed with hs voice ever since it changed at the age of 13. I always loved his accent. He would rarely speak when we were young but he still had a unique accent. It was a mix of proper received pronunciation and Cockney, that he got from growing up around East London. “Absolutely. I have packed enough for 15 days so I hope to get through it all in one night.” I feel like actually chugging the 30 bottles of alcohol I have in one night after this encounter.

“Do you need help?”

I drank blood just a few hours prior so I felt a blush creep up on my cheeks. “You want to join me?”
“I would love to.”
I cannot help but laugh again. It has been forever since I last laughed and he already made me laugh more than I did the whole year. “Since when did you get so snappy?”
“Since I cannot stand being sober. I was going to the dining cart to help myself to a bottle of vodka.”
“Well, luckily for you, that is most of what I have. That and cranberry juice. You will fucking owe me, Snow.”
“Bring it.”

I don’t know what the fuck happened but I have never expected this to happen of all things that could have. I got glasses and we started drinking. After we had finished the cranberry juice, we started mixing the vodka with coke. We would laugh about random things that happened back in school. Oh all the stupid memories, it seemed too stupid for us, despite how drunk we were getting.

It was when we started to get low on coke did I start thinking about kissing him. I could completely blame it on the alcohol tomorrow morning when we are two hung over pieces of road kill that rolled from the bed onto the floor. We gave up on the glasses and would sip both from both bottles, a teasing indirect kiss that drove me insane. I kept on looking at his lips when he would look down, which he would do quite a lot when he got drunk. Very soon, he finished the coke and threw aside the plastic bottle. The was a few mouth fulls in the other bottle.

He wanted to say something but just hiccuped and we laughed.
“You are going to hate me so much when we wake up tomorrow,” I tell him. I really want to kiss him right now. I am considering opening about opening another bottle and drinking it straight. Maybe Snow won’t be so straight at the end of the bottle.
He does not respond to me for a moment. “I won’t.”
“Huh?” I must be too drunk and my brain is going stupid on me. But I just stupidly want to make out with him. No… I shouldn’t. He will honestly hate me in the morning. Maybe I will indulge on the last day here with him. Before ending things. What a way to go. Crossing off what is at the top of your bucket list.

Snow rubs his eyes and finally says “Fuck it.”
He chugs the rest of the vodka and throws the bottle at the garbage can, causing it to fall over. I turn my attention from the bin back to him and he grabs me by my neck and kisses me.

My eyes slowly flutter close as I enjoy what I wanted for so long. The kiss was a mess. Sloppy. Wet. Messy. He tasted bitter of alcohol. He was too rough for my taste. I have been with people who wanted to do right by me and kissed me more carefully and less drunk. Yet here I am, enjoying the best I’ve ever had.
It got deeper and messier. He pulled me closer by my waist and hair. I tangle my fingers in his curls and pull to get a good moan from him. He fought back by biting and sucking on my lower lip. He moved lower to my neck and one would think that he was the vampire with how he just went for it. I wrap my leg around him and he pulls me down on the bed.

And because all sexual fantasies are bollocks, we fall asleep just like that because we were just that drunk.


In the morning afternoon, I drag myself painfully to the dining cart. Baz was waiting for me at a table for two. He looked more like a vampire now than he ever did. He was dressed in a black turtleneck and black jeans. He was wearing very dark shades to complete the hung over aesthetic. He was drinking his coffee black to create the vampire/dangerous hipster look.

As I sit down, he tells me “I would attempt to kill you where to stand if I wasn’t so bloody hung over.”
“That’s not my fault,” I grumble as I try to pull the hood of my sweatshirt even further over my head to no avail.
“Sure. And I am guessing that you have no hand in doing this either.” He pulls down his turtleneck, revealing way too many bruises around his neck.
“My bad…”
“Could you at least try to sound guilty?”
“No. You liked it too much.”
“Piss off.” I could tell that he didn’t mean it that much anymore because I could see him struggle with the smile in the corner of his mouth.
“I am actually sorry for just… doing that. Without asking for your permission.” I really did feel bad about it but it just felt so fucking right and at the moment I just wanted to kiss him so badly that I just went for it.
He pulls his shades on top of his head and looks at me with his slightly red eyes. “I would have pushed you away if I didn’t want it.” That took me completely by surprise but it made easier what I was about to ask next.
“You told me last night that things have not been going that well for you.” He responds by angrily putting his glasses back on the bridge of his nose so I just go on. “I told you that I have been doing quite poorly as well.”
“You define ‘poorly’ as being kicked out of your ex-girlfriend’s house into the streets and escaping to Moscow? That sounds like a train wreck.”
I cross my hands. Me and my drunk mouth. “I will get my shit together when I get back. But until then…”
“Until then what? Are you going to literally wreck this train?”
“No. How about we just go for it?” I ask as he sips on his coffee, which he chokes on. “What the fuck are you talking about?”
“We are going to be here together a little bit over two weeks. So why don’t we enjoy it a little? I mean… it is just… I…” I cannot help but fumble up my words.
“Are you actually asking me if I want to casually hook up with you?”
“I never put it like that I…” He shut me up.
“That is essentially what you are asking me. I’ve never expected such gayness from you.” He folds his hands across his chest.
“I am not gay. I can’t really explain it. Just… neither gender or sex change anything for me in terms of attraction.”
“So do you suddenly find me attractive because of a drunk make out session?”
“Oh, piss off. You know you are attractive. You don’t need me to confirm it to boost your already overgrown ego.”
He blinks at me in pure shock, unable to respond. I realize what came out of my stupid mouth only moments after. I essentially told Baz Pitch that I fancy him. Which is kind of hard to deny from where I am currently sitting.
Baz gets up. “I’ve ordered food for us to my compartment for the both of us. I hadn’t expected you to get up. Let’s go.” He just goes on ahead without looking back at me.


Fucking Snow. Fucking Snow. You will be the real death of me. My heart is racing so hard, it feels like it will jump out of my chest. I return to the room without closing the door, waiting for Snow to do it. The food was waiting for us. I lie back down on the bed in exhaustion to ease my killer headache. I feel Snow sit down at the base of the bed and hear him clear his throat.
“Is that a yes?” How in the universe can I reject you when you ask something like that. “Yeah. Fine. Whatever. Probably more fun than reading a book.” I respond without opening my eyes. I somehow did not feel Snow move close enough but suddenly he was kissing me again and I just give up. I wanted this so much.

The 2 weeks seem to have swum by quickly and pleasantly. It was honestly the best time I’ve ever had. Snow practically moved into my room and slept in the same bed as me. Oddly enough, it helped me sleep better than anything that I have ever tried before. It had helped that Snow would let me cuddle up on his chest and steal his warmth. At each stop, we would go to different local attraction together. We would try random food and see different things. The train almost once left without us and we had to run like crazy to get there.
It was all very sweet. Having small dinner dates, making out, and snuggling while we sleep.
It wasn’t until the half-way point when we reached the Baikal Lake and we went swimming did things move forward. Simon loves swimming and was super enthusiastic about it. When we swam a little too far away, we started making out and then Simon hugged me from shoulder to waist. I felt so weak to that I would have drowned if he hadn’t been holding me. Eventually, he pulled me under water and we just kissed. It was like something out of a stupid romance novel.
That evening things were a little less innocent. It went from kissing to mutual masturbation to oral sex very quickly. And Simon was not acting innocent about it as he had managed to sneak away from me and buy condoms. I have fallen much deeper in love. It cannot last but I could have really indulged myself before ending this. It is worth living for but I am delusional to think that he would want to stay with me


We finally arrived at our final destination. Baz had packed up, he told me had an early flight the next day from the airport in Vladivostok. I felt horrible having to leave him. I didn’t want to. It physically hurt me knowing that I wouldn’t see him the next day. That I cannot wake up and kiss him. I was always kind of obsessed with him but this was something else. I needed him so badly that I cannot breathe.

I was going to tell him something but when the train stopped and I woke up, he must have already been at the door with his bag and left right away. It hurt so badly. It felt like nothing like being left by Agatha. I was not okay. I could never chase after him. I couldn’t. I shouldn’t.
But such stupid thoughts were not enough to stop me as I ran out of the train and started searching frantically for him.

I was about to leave the railway terminal until something caught my eye. A gorgeous young man dressed in black, looking back at the train. Baz didn’t realize that I ran out looking for him. Maybe I should have reconsidered that he did not want me. Maybe I should have. But I really didn’t.

I ran up to him, he noticed me a little too late, when I already pounced to jump on him. He is not getting away from me.
“Baz! What the fuck?!” I yell at him. “Did you need to leave just like that?”
“SNOW! You idiot. Did you really need to fucking tackle me?”
“Yes, I did.”
“What are you doing?!”
“Don’t go.”
“What are you talking about? This is over. You don’t need me anymore.”
I was going to yell but the loudness of my words was lost when I saw his eyes and the tears he was trying to hold back. “Why? Why do you think that I don’t need you anymore?” I ask him.
“Why would you?”
“Because I… you… just…”
“Spit it out.” He yells in frustration.
“BECAUSE I LOVE YOU.” I really need to think before yelling.
He looked as shocked as he was that night I asked him to spend the trip with me. I was waiting for rejection. Complete annoyance and disgust. I am glad to be wrong sometimes.

“I love you too.”


Song: Here is the House
Artist: Depeche Mode
Year: 1986
Why it’s Dope: Fantastic synths that are vivid, strong, and 80′s as hell, next-level songwriting from Martin Gore that is second to no one in this genre, powerful lead vocals from Dave Gahan that give the track force, and memorable, well-placed instrumentation throughout the tune.

Nico diangelo headcannons

• Nico’s definitely fluent in Italian, English, Greek, and Latin
• he’s picked up phrases in most other languages due to him shadow traveling and ending up in random places
• he memorized where most underworld portals are so that wherever he goes he can have an escape route
• when Nico is at camp he sneaks up behind older campers and scares them
• he also tells a lot of the kids that are year-rounders about the mortal world
• he’s definitely the best at hide and seek
• him and Will’s first actual date is to Italy in the spring
• Nico plans a trip on a gondola with some pasta he made the night before
• their plans are cut short when Nico sees some local children playing a game he suddenly remembers loving from when he was a kid with his mom
• he gets extremely excited and him and will play the game with the kids until sunset
• after that they take a walk in the moonlight
• they fall asleep tangled together under a tree and Nico accidentally shadow travels while he’s asleep
• they land at the very top of the Rock wall still cuddling
• everyone is wondering what Nico and will are doing until they realize that they are S P O O N I N G
• so many drachmas are received
• Percy won the jack pot on betting that Nico was the little spoon
• they become the new otp of the camp
• Aphrodite’s kids make t-shirts
• will wears one everywhere.


You would always be the first one up. Meaning you’d always fixed breakfast for the two of you but this time you slept in late. You woke up and notice Charlie wasn’t on his side of the bed. The smell of bacon rush to your nose,causing you to flee from bed. You walked downstairs,into the kitchen and there Charlie was. Fixing breakfast in his red Calvin Klein briefs. You smiled and sat on counter beside where he stood

“Morning princess. Sleep good”

“I was until you left me this morning” You pouted

“I’m sorwy. Have some of my famous bacon”

You bit into the crispy bacon,moaning in the process. Charlie laughed and sipped on a glass of orange juice. He separated your legs and stood between them. You cupped your hands around his neck,staring into his memorizing eyes. He softly placed his lips on yours, nibbling slightly on your lower lip. You teased him and didn’t kiss back for the fun of it

“Kiss me princess” he said helplessly and continued to kiss you

You laughed at how pathetic he was being and finally kiss back

“I knew you loved me” he smiled

5 Years

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Taehyung x Reader

Word Count: 2678

Genre: Fluff, some angst

“Why did you want me to meet you here?” Taehyung’s words trailed off as he looked at your entwined hands. The two of you sat on a park bench, the spring air softly brushing past you both. You refused to meet his eyes, instead opting to keep your gaze trained on your enjoined hands, his thumb brushing across the back of your palm in a soothing motion. This park was one of your favorite places, it was where he had taken you on your first date together. After spending the afternoon at your favorite coffee shop, the two of you had walked, hand in hand, to the park that was nearby, spending the evening playing on the swings and stargazing. It was where the two of you had kissed for the first time, where you had said “I love you” for the first time. This park was a place of memorable firsts for both of you, and this would be no different.

The two of you were about to graduate from High School and move on with your lives. You knew how busy he was preparing for his debut with BTS, putting in countless hours of practice and hard work. You expected nothing less from him, it was just his nature. In your case, you were preparing to go on to university, having received the opportunity to study overseas at a prestigious university in the states. Needless to say, your relationship was about to encounter some major turbulence. The two of you had begun dating part of the way through your sophomore year in high school (Grade 10), and your relationship was over two and a half years strong.

               As you bit your lip, staring at Taehyung’s fingers as they played with yours, you felt your heart begin to crack. You knew why you were doing this – to give each of you your best chance at a stable and successful future. You were doing this because you loved him. You felt a lone tear begin to make its way down your face, betraying your emotions as it left a wet trail down your cheeks. Taehyung made a soft noise of concern, bringing his free hand up to cup your cheek and wiping away a tear with his thumb. “What’s wrong Y/N?” He asked you softly, his deep voice only causing the fissures that had begun to form in your heart become deeper. You slowly met his eyes, the sadness in them betraying you as your gaze met his concern filled one.

               “You know how much you mean to me, right?” You asked him, voice shaking with each syllable. Taehyung nodded slowly, the confusion evident on his features as he tried to decipher the meaning behind your words. The tears that had begun to gather in your eyes threatened to fall, and you looked up at the clear blue sky, attempting to blink them back. From his place next to you, Taehyung watched you, a bad feeling settling itself in the bottom of his stomach.

               “Y/N…” He said your name, his tone turning serious as he used his hand to softly grip your chin and make you look at him. You swallowed as you stared at the boy in front of you. The boy you had loved for years, even before you started dating. You had been casual friends in school for several years before you started dating, and you knew that what you were going to do was going to break both of your hearts.

               “We can’t keep doing this.” You started, choking on your words as you forced them out of your mouth. Taehyung furrowed his brow in confusion. Upon seeing his obvious confusion, you used your free hand, the one not entangled with his, to gesture between the two of you, “This. Us.” Taehyung’s mouth dropped open slightly in shock. You sniffled and cursed the tears that began to fall.

               “I don’t understand.” His voice was barely a whisper and it killed you, seeing the hurt look on his face. You quickly shook your head, trying to convey your thoughts through the vigorous shaking of your head.

               “No, no, no,” you spoke quickly, your breath becoming ragged as you realized what he must be thinking, “It’s not because I don’t care about you.” It’s because I do care about you. You took a moment to take a deep breath, struggling to regain some of your bearings and continue. “I’m doing this because I care about you too much.” You whispered to him, meeting his eyes once more and trying to convey all of the love and emotion that you could through your gaze. Taehyung didn’t say anything, only rubbed soothing circles on the back of your hand with his thumb, his silent urge for you to continue. “I’m going to university in the states, you’ve got your debut. And then your career because I know that everyone is going to love your group as much as I will. You need to focus all of your energy on your debut because I know how much it means to you. Tae music and performing means the world to you.” You told him, the tears now falling without limit.

               “You mean the world to me…” He murmured, placing his hand on the side of your face once more, causing you to look at him. The look on his face almost made you break down completely. He looked lost and confused, the slight hurt in his eyes making you choke back a sob.

               “I’m doing this because I love you Kim Taehyung. I love you too much to let you miss something you’ve worked your entire life for.” You whispered so softly that they were almost carried off by the gentle breeze. Taehyung’s eyes searched yours, seeing nothing but love and pain. He of all people understood why you were doing what you were doing. You were always thinking of others and what was best for them, no matter the consequences for yourself.

               “I know.” He replied honestly, and your eyes snapped to his in surprise. “I understand, Y/N.”

               “You do?” You asked him, your voice hoarse from crying. Taehyung nodded sadly, the corner of his lip quirking up.

               “I would do the same for you. Of course I understand.” You choked on another sob as the boy next to you wrapped his arms around you, pulling you into his chest as you cried into his shoulder, your fist gripping handfuls of his shirt. His large hands rubbed up and down your back, soothing you as you cried. As you let yourself go, you felt Taehyung bury his face in the crook of your neck, and your heart broke even more as you felt wet tears on the skin of your neck. You stayed like this for well over an hour, just embracing one another, committing the scent and feel of the other person to memory.

               As the sun slowly descended toward the horizon, you moved apart, Taehyung’s hands moving to cup your face. Softly he pulled you to him, your lips meeting his in a desperate and passionate kiss. You knew that this very well may be the last time you got to kiss your first love. Tears streaked your face, the salty droplets mixing into the kiss, the two of you reluctantly pulling away from each other. Taehyung gently kissed your forehead, his lips resting there for a good long moment.

               “I will always, always love you Kim Taehyung.” You promised him, your fingers finding their way to the necklace he had gotten you for your one year anniversary, the winged pendant nestled in the center of your chest. Taehyung smiled at you, his boxy grin never failing to make your heart flutter inside your chest.

               “You’re my first love Y/N. I couldn’t stop loving you if I tried – which I never would, and never will.” He told you sincerely. You bit your lip again, the tender flesh becoming pink and raw from your constant nibbling.

               “God I’m going to miss you Tae.” You pulled the boy to you once more, wrapping your arms around his neck and burying your head in the crook of his shoulder. You felt the boy chuckle slightly.

               “Y/N…” He murmured and slowly pushed you back, hands on your shoulders, holding you at arm’s length. You watched his facial features, searching for a clue as to what the beautiful boy beside you was thinking. “I want you to promise me something.”

               “Anything.” You assured him earnestly, nodding your head frantically as you reached a hand to link your fingers together, your hands fitting together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

               “In 5 years, when you’re done with university and I’ve debuted, I want you to meet me at the coffee shop. The one where I took you for our first date. Can you promise me that you’ll be there 5 years from today?” He asked you sincerely. You felt your body spark with warmth at his words.

               “I promise Tae.”

 5 Years Later

               You walked into the familiar coffee shop, the cozy décor shooting a rush of comfort through your body as you slowly walked up to the barista, your eyes carefully scanning the shop patrons. You felt your heart sink slightly when you didn’t see the familiar boy you were looking for. Quickly, you shrugged it off. He would be here, you knew he would. The spring breeze swept over you as the door finally swung closed behind you, causing you to shiver slightly. Without much thought, you pulled your jacket tighter over your shoulders. The barista smiled at you, which you returned quickly.

               “Just a hot chocolate please,” You informed her. The girl nodded, quickly totaling your order. You handed over the correct amount absentmindedly, exchanging the cash for a warm cup of hot chocolate. Smiling once more at the girl, you shrugged the strap of your bag a little higher onto your shoulder and made your way toward the table in the corner of the shop, near the small reading nook. This had been your spot. Yours and Taehyungs.

               Taehyung. The boy that was your first love. The boy that you never stopped loving, no matter how much time had passed. A fresh graduate of university, you possessed your Bachelor’s degree, and had decided to move back to South Korea for work. Your studies had progressed nicely, graduating top of your class and quickly being able to find a decent job after graduation. During your time in the states, you got to witness first hand the success of BTS, Taehyung’s group. You followed their success from debut, through each awards ceremony and accomplish, your heart swelling each time you saw a video of the boy you loved doing what he loved. You had nearly cried when BTS had won their BBMA. Or any other award for that matter.

               Throughout university, you never dated. Your roommates couldn’t full comprehend why you didn’t want to date, but after you explained to them that you were not interested in dating for a while, they gave it up and let you be. You fingered the lid on your cup of hot chocolate staring down at the cup deep in thought. You had watched as Taehyung achieved the success that he had always dreamed of. Each Music Video, each comeback, and each Vlive was watched by you. His silent cheerleader from the other side of the world.

               “Y/N?” A deep voice shook you out of your thoughts. Your head snapped up in shock, your E/C eyes meeting the warm brown eyes that you had come to miss so much over the years. He came.

               “Taehyung,” you breathed staring at the man in front of you. Seeing pictures or videos of him did no justice as to how much he had grown. The boy you had loved had turned into a man. His shoulders were broader, and obviously more muscled than you remembered, and his arms were shoved deep in the pockets of his jacket, his biceps flexing obviously. Along with his stature, his sense of style had also improved. The boy in front of you looked like he had stepped out of a fashion magazine, and his hair was now a light brown color. You stared at him in silence, watching quietly as he sat down at the table across from you. The silence that hung over you was stifling, it wasn’t awkward, but it was palpable.

               “You came,” he said. You smiled at him, eyes dropping to stare at your cup of hot chocolate again. It had been 5 years, but the way he smiled, the way he talked, the way that he was. It still made your heart flutter.

               “So did you.” You replied softly, fingers drumming on the sides of your cup in nervousness. You watched as Taehyung’s hand slowly slid over your hands, gently pulling them off of the cup, his fingers lacing with yours. You looked up at him with wide eyes.

               “I’ve really missed you Y/N.” He told you, his deep voice shooting familiar sensations down your spine and causing a slight blush to appear on your cheeks.

               “I’ve missed you too Tae.” You replied, allowing the taller boy to stand up and pull you with him, your body sliding into his arms, the two of you fitting together perfectly. Taehyung wound one arm around your waist, the other burying itself in your hair as his head found its way into the crook of your neck. You wrapped your arms around him, your head finding a place on his chest, now broader and more toned than you remembered. He still smelled the same. You took a deep breath, the two of you just standing there in the corner of the coffee shop, your hearts finally finding the little part that had been missing for the past 5 years.

               Slowly the two of you pulled apart, Taehyung’s hand sliding from your hair to cup your cheek as he looked into your eyes with such intensity that is surprised you. They always said that absence makes the heart grow fonder, but you didn’t believe it until that moment.

               “I never stopped loving you.” He murmured to you. You smiled and slid your hand from its place on his chest to wind your fingers in the hair at the nape of his neck.

               “You’re my first love Tae. I couldn’t stop loving you if I tried – which I never would, and never will.” You told him, repeating the very words he had told you that day 5 years ago. His mouth dropped slightly at the fact that you remembered the exact words he had said to you, but then again, he remembered everything about that day like the back of his hand. It had often played in the back of his mind like a movie, each detail a concrete memory. The two of you stared into each other’s eyes before pulling each other closer simultaneously.

               Your lips met and you felt the fireworks, the same feeling that you got every single time you kissed him. Nothing had changed. You felt every emotion that the two of you had harbored for each other for the past 5 years put into one kiss. You didn’t even notice as a tear began to trickle down your cheek. You pulled away from each other slowly, resting your foreheads together. Your eyes met Taehyung’s and you watched the emotion in his eyes as he spoke,

               “I promise you Y/N, I’m not letting you go ever again.”

 So I hope you all enjoyed this one because I freaking loved writing it so much. It gave me so many feels. I came up with the idea while listening to the Song “Five Years” by Tonight Alive (although the lyrics for that song don’t really match up with the theme of this but whatever). And then I listened to Bathwater by Tonight Alive while writing this if you were interested. Thank you all for reading and I hope you enjoy!