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Fluff #1 Saeran. Saeran saying it?

  • Contemplates back and forth on whether to ask them to marry him and if yes… where, when, how?!
  • It honestly takes him a really long time to get adjusted to the idea himself from begin with. There’s many things he thinks might get in the way, most prominently his own doubts regarding himself.
  • I imagine, if his s/o was into it, he’d suddenly agree to watching chick flick movies with them (which he usually hates to do) because he hopes he’ll be able to pick up some tips and/or smooth quotes.
  • When they ask him what suddenly made him change his opinion on really cheesy movies, he’ll come up with a really stupid excuse.
  • “I’m… having a bet thing going on with Saeyoung about who can memorize the most cheesy movie quotes.”
  • Overthinks things way too much and wants everything to be perfect, in fact. He really puts in so much effort and thought and details, planning to organize a date at their favorite place, with their favorite food, and their favorite music playing, and him giving them their favorite flowers, etc.
  • Ultimately though, the plan fails. One morning he gets up with them, walks down into the kitchen and sees them prepare some orange juice. Seeing them standing at the counter like that, humming along to the song in the radio, a soft semi-tired smile on their lips which have the tiniest spot of tooth paste on them still, hair slightly messy, not having changed out of their sleepwear, an oversized shirt and some boxers and really silly socks and slippers… he can’t help himself.
  • “Marry me.”
  • It slips from his mouth without intention and he curses himself for being so blunt about it. Especially when they look at him all confused or surprised.
  • Saeran is likely going to cover it up, coughing and saying “I MEANT TO SAY… UH C– CAN YOU PASS ME THE MILK?!” but his blush is giving it away.
  • Whether or not they ask him too, he can’t talk himself out of this one, so he gives up and explains himself.
  • “I just… thought about how– you know, how nice it would be to spend every single morning like this. With you.”