memorable movie moments

Preference #21 - Your First Kiss

Niall: It just happened so naturally. You’d had a movie date at his place with a few snacks and lots of laughing. When it came time for you to head home he’d leaned in and given you a goodbye kiss. Something about it just felt so right, so completely natural.

 Harry: Harry wanted your first kiss to be something big and memorable. Something movie worthy. That moment came in the spring, not long after you’d started dating. The two of you were walking through a park, hand-in-hand, when he paused to look at you. A breeze had blown blossom petals from a nearby tree. In that moment, Harry found himself so overwhelmed by you and the nature around you, he knew it was already something he wanted to remember and pulled you close, pressing his lips to yours.

 Liam: Liam was walking you back to yours after a date when you bumped into some fans. You didn’t want to stop him meeting them, but not being ready to get involved yourself, you slowly continued walking. That’s when you heard one of them make a snide comment towards you. With that you sped up to get away as quickly as possible. Liam noticed and jogged after you. “She doesn’t know what she’s talking about,” he said, cupping your face in his hands, “you’re amazing.” And with that he pulled you in for a kiss.

Louis: You were out at a bar together with a few mutual friends when a girl pressed herself much closer to Louis that she needed to pass him. The look she gave him had bad intentions written all over it. While it was only early in your relationship and you didn’t want to let your jealousy out just yet, you squeezed his hand a little. He turned, seeing the look on your face. His softly placed a kiss on your lips whispering, “Don’t worry, you’re my only girl,” before re-joining the group conversation.

anonymous asked:

did you enjoy the jl movie? i know a lot of dceu fans are in a weird place rn because of it so what are your thoughts

overall, i enjoyed the movie. it wasn’t perfect. it had flaws, like all movies do. but i enjoyed it. it made me laugh, cry a bit, and it warmed my heart to see all my childhood heroes on the big screen, fighting together against the common enemy. i think the critics that are giving it a terrible review are being WAY too harsh on it. did it have flaws? of course. WB butchered the runtime and j*ss wh*don put in unnecessary scenes and lines. but nevertheless, critics are too harsh on it. if it was a marvel film, we all know critics would be eating its ass right now. it’s an enjoyable film. it’s not terrible. i’m going to watch it again and many more times. because you know why? the dynamics between the characters was amazing. it never felt forced to me. i enjoyed watching them talk together and watching them work together. they felt like a family to me. 

but on the other side, as a 100% zack snyder fan, i’m … disappointed, too. while there was scenes that were DRENCHED in zack’s magical touch, you could definitely tell where j*ss / WB fucked up. MoS, BvS, and JL were meant to be a trilogy. zack had a vision. a beautiful vision, i know. and it really breaks my heart to know his vision didn’t get to go through. because, once again, while i did enjoy jl, it never felt like i was watching a 100% zack snyder film. yes, there were scenes that i KNOW he directed and those scenes were beautiful. but it never felt like i was watching a true sequel to MoS and BvS. j*ss put too much cliche lines it. some reshoots tarnished good moments. WB hacked the runtime of an originally 2hr 50min long movie down to like 1hr 59 minutes. there must’ve been SO MUCH footage we didn’t get to see, SO MUCH that zack wanted us to have but we didn’t bc of j*ss and bc of WB hacking the movie down. that did, admittedly, hurt the movie because i wanted MORE and j*ss’ fucking cliche lines thrown in everywhere annoyed the fuck out of me. bc it was so easy for me to tell what was zack and what was j*ss. i hope we get a director’s cut tbh. i would absolutely love it. 

but listen, i’d give the movie like a ,,, 7 or 8 out of 10 tbh. i know i said a lot of negative things about, but that’s just because i know what the movie was supposed to feel like and what zack would have wanted. and it makes me sad because we didn’t get to see zack’s vision in the movie. and now that the movie is flopping a bit w/ bad reviews and not a good start for box office, i’m afraid of what WB will try and do next. but honestly look, i did enjoy the movie. i’m gonna watch it again. and again and again. because it’s still a childhood thing for me and i didn’t hate and i think critics are way too harsh. i just wish it would’ve been longer and that zack’s vision could’ve been shown. it was still a good movie though. not as great as BvS, but it was still good. and i do love it. and those post-credit scenes were fucking LIT af. there was honestly a lot of good moments in the movie that i can’t want to re-watch bc they were just so ZACK. and i love him for bringing my heroes to life and my villains to life. once again, i just wish WB / j*ss hadn’t hacked it so much. 

A memorable/iconic horror movie moment #5:

The Ring (2002)


   It feels funny to put this film here because it’s less for me, and more for those affected by the supernatural. Say what you want about this remake, (the original is an Asian horror called Ringu,1998), the character of Samara terrified a lot of people.
      I remember torturing people I knew who were freaked out by her at school and flipping my hair over my face and doing the odd stilted walk she did. I didn’t even have black hair and it worked!
     I think the scene of Samara coming out of the TV should be considered iconic, even though it’s a remake, as she easily goes down in horror history as one of the most memorable creepy child horror villains as far as I’m concerned