memorable moments in our lives

Memorable Moments

Sooooo…..It’s nearly 2 whole years since our lives changed forever and we got hooked on this ship. 

I am interested to know what has been peoples most memorable moments of their storyline so far.

So lets have your top 5 most memorable moments in any order and any form-text, gif, pic etc. and tag it  #Robron Top 5 so everyone can share the love for what brought us together.

Heres mine :)

1. This took me by surprise and reeled me right in. Best first kiss ever.

2. I loved the whole dialogue here, Danny smashed it. And Chrissie/Robert reactions were brilliant. 

3. I took me ages to be able to re-watch these scenes, but I am now able to appreciate them although I thought there would be no coming back from this.

4. We had waited so long for this moment and it was beautiful. 

5. Every Robron moment in SSW is memorable for me, but i loved this talk in the woods.

Last kiss // Tyler Posey

Pairing: Tyler Posey x Reader

Prompt: “I never thought we’d have a last kiss”

Imagine bassed on “Last kiss” by Taylor Swift

Word count: 1018

A/N: English is not my first language so I’m sorry for grammatical errors it can have. I did my best to write this. Please, don’t be rude.

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My eyes burned from so much crying, I embraced my legs stongly, I needed someone at my side, but he was not here anymore. I looked at the thousands of photographs on the floor; each marked a memorable moment in our lives: when we met, our first date, the first kiss, everything that was printed on paper.

There was one in particular, he and I together on the beach, it had been the best day of my life…

“Come on (Y/N), the water is delicious” he said smiling"

“No Tyler, no way” I said “And I do not trust you”

“How can you not trsut me? Come here litte girl” he smiled

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