I like to think Padme would have one of those “tall boyfriend” blogs where she posts pics of all the things Anakin puts too high/out of reach for her including but not limited to:
Car set seat too far back

While also posting benefits like:
Big beds
Tees that she can wear as dresses
Bear hugs
Sun blocker

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Don't you hate it? Seungri works really hard but he's not aknowledged. He wrote, composed and produced his album but his comeback was overshadowed by gd's. Seungri's not promoted. Seungri's not respected in YG. Papa YG clearly hates him or dislikes him. Seungri's the brightest character in BB but that's ovelooked. Seungri always compliements his hyungs but they shut him out harshly and brutally, they rarely compliment him in the first place. Seungri's treated like shit and it hurts so bad :(

Don’t you love it?

  • Even though Seungri was dropped out of BigBang, he worked hard to snatch his rightful place back.
  • Even when Seungri thought about giving up on music, he decided against it and proved his talent.
  • Even though Seungri’s singing skills were lacking, he gradually polished it to reach its current level.
  • Even when so much hate was thrown toward Seungri, he never lost his cool and even joked about it.
  • Even when Seungri’s comeback was taken over by GD’s, he still wished for his hyung success.
  • Even when Seungri couldn’t book Teddy or GD to produce his album, he decided to do it himself and test his talents.
  • Seungri’s one of the most forward and honest people out there. He literally has nothing to hide or be shy of.
  • Seungri established two academies to help those talented kids from the provinces.
  • Seungri’s gifted in multiple languages. He always improves his communication skills for international vips.
  • Seungri’s the same on and off camera.
  • Seungri’s talented in many other areas beside music. He has the most distinguished business mind.
  • Seungri never lost his confidence even in the darkest times.

I can go on forever because our panda is good and he knows it. 

Don’t feel bad for him. Seungri needs our support not our pity ^^

I can’t help but wonder if there was ever a time Anakin broke his arm while tinkering with it. Like he’s sitting with Padme in their apartment, she’s reading some bill or something and he’s tinkering with his hand and then he breaks it. It makes a noise, pieces fall, it steams and they just sit there staring at his arm which looks fine but it hangs limp. “Everything okay?” Padme would ask. “Yeah… sure…” he would say, poking at his arm with his tools again, “I think I might need a doctor…”