Daniel Kyre’s Birthday Memorial

Around September of 2016, we had kicked off the ‘Daniel Kyle & Suicide Prevention Lantern Project’, which resulted in this beautiful wreath ( (which took up a large part of the floor, as I’m happy to recall) later in the year. This was in honor of Daniel Kyre, as well as the wonderful efforts of suicide awareness and prevention as a whole.

Yes, we plan to do something once more, whether similar or different, around the two-year mark of his tragic passing. For just Mr. Kyre’s birthday on July 6th, however, I’d like to focus on a celebration that could’ve been…maybe it still is.

Why? I don’t know. I had just remembered Dan’s birthday, and, well…just worried. For Matt and Ryan, for Dan’s friends and family…for everyone else that joined in mourning. I could say it’s me being sensitive; maybe realistically, it is. But, there’s no shame in coping this way.

So, here’s the plan. It’s a little more detailed than the first project, but, I hope people join nonetheless:

Just take a picture. As long as it has nothing malicious or hateful, it will do. It can be serious in light of Dan’s passing - or it can be fun and silly to celebrate his life as a whole; in truth, he was more than a man that died young. Maybe you want to submit more things. However, the maximum will be kept at five. I’d recommend one or more of the following:

* Selfie

* Art

* Candle(s)

* A Typed/Handwritten Message (must fit in one photo, unless you are able to place a full letter into a ‘collage’ format)

* A Quote

* A ‘Memorabillia’ of Sorts 

* Your Favorite Photo/Screenshot of Daniel and the Cyndago Group

* Have a Similar or Entirely Different Idea? Go for It! (You may also combine several of these ideas into one photo, so long as it fits.)

Where To Submit Your Entry(ies):

Easiest Solution: My Submission Box, also under the longer title of ‘Fan Art, Pictures, Thoughts - Send Me Anything!’. These, however, will be kept unrevealed; I will only be transitioning the photo onto my computer for safe keeping, until they are ready to place in the mosaic.

If you are uncomfortable with submission, you are more than welcome to PM me for my email. If requested or recommended, I can also make a separate email for exclusively this project.

All Entries Will Be Due By July 5th, 12:00:00 PM Central Time. Therefore, you all have plenty of time to get things together; I’m only getting this out there straight away to spread the word. So, please take your time.

If you have any other questions, please don’t be afraid to ask. 

Thank you, and have a great day.

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“I look around, but it’s you I can’t replace.” Angst with yoongi in it pretty please

WARNING: its very angsty, so please don’t read if you’re sensitive to these types of genres please! i care about you and i dont want you to read something that will upset you. Please do read with caution, its not awful or anything like that, just sad.

“ i see you everywhere, in the reflection of the window, in my mind. I can’t escape you, it’s like you won’t let me, but the thing is, i don’t want to” Yoongi’s voice was thick with emotion, it was like a tar substance full of guilt and tiredness.

“I can’t take back what i did,  can’t take back the words i said. I can’t do anything and it kills me, everyday is like climbing a mountain with no end. Every single breath i take is like a blunt knife sliding into my lung, and every tear i shed doesn’t deserve to slide down my cheek for what i did” his breath was short, barely able to catch up with his heaving.

“I look around, but it’s you I can’t replace.”  he muttered.

“how am i supposed to continue on without you? It’s been a year, only a year and everyday i have suffered because i can’t let you go. I don’t want to let you go.” the picture he held was soaked in the bitter filled salty tears that escaped from his eyes.

“I can’t live without you, not anymore” His eyes averted to the red canister in the corner of the room.

“I just want to be with you, see you smile, hear your laughter and smell that perfume that you always wore. I want to see you twirl in the rain again to your favourite song, or eat a taco in bath. I miss you so fucking much.” He smiled gently at the memories circling around in his mind.

he’ll always remember the first time those three words were said, they have been branded into his mind, “i love you yoongi” from those rosy pink lips. It was the day he took her to the drive through at 3 am in the morning, the car filled with soft music and she was clad in his shirt and joggers, his cap, his everything and all he could do was watch her, watch how her cheeks tried to hold as much food as they could before they would burst.

“I love you Yoongi” she smiled, her eyes filled with such compassion and love for him. This time, he sensed it was true. He’d never felt the warmth like this crawl through his chest, or his heart beat faster as he heard those words. His blood boiled, not because of anger, but because of her. He loved her too.

But that was gone now, all he had left was memories or the polaroids that decorated his poorly decorated walls of his room. It was no longer a memorabillia, it was his inabillity to let go.

“I don’t want to be alone anymore” he flipped open the lid to his lighter, the red blaring flame staring at him.

“We’ll be together again” he wiped his tears with his forearm, breathing deeply.

“I need you” he dropped the lighter.

The flames roared with the life he lost.


The night at the opera prom got me thinking of ‘The Phantom Of The Opera’. There are many similarites to PLL and I think I have figured ‘Charles’ out….

‘The Phantom Of The Opera’ is a french novel that has been adapted for film and stage. (the stories vary slightly but the essence is the same)

I will lean my comparison to the famous Andrew Loyd Webber Musical. If you can be bothered then READ WIKI HERE. But i’m going to go through the story and symbolism now:

  • The play starts with an auction of old props at the opera. One item is a papermache music box shaped like a monkey. The other item is a shattered chandelier, which is part of some mystery regarding a phantom who haunted the opera years before. The chandelier is lot 666 (devils numbers so obviously evil) The chandelier comes to life and rises over the audience rewinding time so the play becomes the story of the phantom. Not only does PLL have the same symbols: Papermache, music box’s and chandeliers. But finding Charles memorabillia room kinda rewinds time to the beginning to tell Charles’s story
  • The Phantom is rumoured to be a magician and a musical genius.We know that the magician the great Charlemagne (or Charles the great) is the writers root for the name Charles. But I suspect Charles was also a musician and I think that is who Alison was going to find that day at the concert at the gazebo. 
  • When the resident opera singer walks out she is replaced by the beautiful Christine. Christine was secretly taught to sing by an invisible angel of music (aka the phantom) he appears to her in a mirror and guides her to his underground lair. Whilst in the phantoms lair Christine see’s a manequin that looks like her wearing a wedding dress. When it moves she faints and the phantom picks her up and puts her in bed. She awakens to the sound and sight of the monkey shaped music box. The obvious PLL connection here is to -A’s underground lair, it even has manequins in fancy dresses!
  • Christine takes off the phantom’s mask, underneath his face is disfigured. The phantom tells Christine he wants to look normal and want’s her love. In PLL Charles has always worn mask’s, we assumed to hide his identity, but what if it was to hide his face. Also Bethany’s drawing hinted at a facial deformity. I wonder, does he just want to be loved or does he want something else?
  • Meanwhile the phantom wants Christine to sing in the next opera as well, so he pulls some gruesome stunts at the opera. basically torturing the opera showrunners until he gets what he wants. I wont go into details but it is very -A type revengful antics and killings.
  • Christine escapes and runs to the rooftop with her childhood playmate Raoul. She tells him about the lair, he is skeptical but he loves her and vows to protect her. The phantom overhears this and is heartbroken and swears revenge on Raoul and he makes the chandelier crash to the ground. The phantom really looses it and he kinda lays low after this. Just like in PLL -A disspaeared for a while after Mona went into Radley.
  • 6 months later, the phantom returns at a masquerade ball. He is dressed as the red death. This reminds me the woman in the red dress at the masquerade, but also reminds me of redcoat who came on the scene 5 or 6 months after -A.
  • He has written a play and wants Christine to be the star. (she is now engaged to Raoul) Raoul plans to use the play to capture the phantom. Christine is torn between her love for Raoul and her being thankful to the phantom for teaching her to sing. It’s like the way Alison has never told the truth about -A or what happened. It makes me think that Alison owed Charles for something. Alison was a master manipulator, maybe Charles taught her how to use people secrets against them.
  • Christine goes to her fathers grave for guidance. The phantom appears again as the angel of music. Christine nearly falls under his spell, but Raoul arrives to rescue her. Christine begs Raoul to leave with her. Furious, the phantom sets fire to the cemetery. This reminds me of the fire at the lodge. Was Charles there and did he set that fire (not Shana) because he was mad that Alison was not loyal to him.
  • Anyway the play the phantom wrote opens starring Christine. On stage Christine is meant to do a duet with someone but she realizes that she is actually singing with the phantom. The phantom had strangled the other guy backstage. So Christine rips off his mask, exposing his deformed face to the shocked audience. the phantom grabs Christine and flees to the underground lair. In the lair Christine is forced to wear the wedding dress of the manequin. In terms of PLL I think that because the girls were about to expose Charles he had no choice but to kidnap them. He made Mona wear the yellow top to fulfil his fantasy, just like phantom made Christine wear the wedding dress.
  • Raoul finds the lair but when he gets there the phantom ties him up. The phantom tells Christine he will free Raoul if she agrees to stay with him forever, if not he will kill Raoul. Christine tells the Phantom that it is his soul that is deformed, not his face, and kisses him. This is freakishly like Mona saying “-A has a soul”. Maybe he does but my guess is that it is a deforemd soul. It’s also interesting how the phantom uses Raoul against Christine, just like -A has always done with the liars loved ones.
  • But the phantom, having experienced kindness and compassion for the first time, sets them both free. This reminded me of how the girls knew to pander to Charles and offer him the prom crown. I think this act of kindness is the reason Charles didn’t gas the girls that night like he had planned.
  • The phantom then curls up on his thrown and covers himself with his cape and cries. An angry mob from the opera storms his lair and when they pull back his cape he has vanished and only his mask remains.It is worth a mention that in the book the Phantom has never been kissed not even by his mother. This is wierd when you relate it to the film in Charles room. One boy kissed his sister, the other boy just patted her head. Maybe if Charles had been offered a kiss back then things would be different.

I now think of Charles as a deformed, unloved, discarded child who was locked away at Radley. There he developed a twisted mind with a lack of empathy. He thought he could just take everything that he wanted and fight off anyone that stood in his way. He used spite in his path to find happiness and that is sad (so for that I do feel sorry for him) Regardless of who’s brother he is or who his mother was I think I can finally understand what made him that way. Even if I don’t know the finer details.

WHAT IF.....Charles was a prisoner in that bunker/dolhouse?

It is a possibility and it kinda makes sense, think about it:

  • The girls rooms were set up with their stuff. Charles special room was set up with his stuff. There was alot more stuff in Charles room, but what if he has been held captive for longer.
  • Why would he keep his most prize possesions in a remote place where he couldn’t look at them all the time.
  • The surveillance lair was set up far away from the bunker. Why would he set up his memorabillia in that remote bunker and not where his surveillance lair was. 
  • Why would he risk the liars being able to see his stuff.
  • If he is the real master mind then why didn’t he pick up on the girls plan to short the electricity
  • Why did he freak out when they did short the electricity. He kinda got flash fright. It’s possible he hasn’t seen the sun in a while.

It has been suggested that Charles is more the WHY and not the actual WHO and I feel like it doesn;t fit for him to be the genius behind all this,


what do you mean these just fell out of my sketchbook nope nuh uh i do not recall having these uh

nope they are not mine

ha haahaha you know like ash being ho-oh spawn and getting dressed in long flowing regal robes to resemble it and having ho-oh wings ahaaha naw nah that’s a dumb idea it’s not like i wrote badfic about that when i was little or anything NAAAAH

so what if he looks really good with ho-oh memorabillia and has been associated with it since day one and and and I TOLD YOU THEY’RE NOT MINE i’m holding them for @nihilistgirlfriend yeah exactly

okay. okay they’re mine. they’re mine

i’m so weak for ho-oh!ash don’t look at me

Been going crazy from the moment I met you

Pairing(s): GavinxGeoffxRayxRyanxJackxMichael (AHOT6)

Words: 2250

Summary: Michael’s a nerd. Geoff has a gang that basically wants to bang him. What more can I say?

A/N: Loosely based off of spazzunion’s GANG AU

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13

A/N: I need art of Lindsay and Geoff from this chapter like I need air.


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MY ANALYSIS AFTER 5 mother f#ck!ng 25

Firstly I DID enjoy watching this episode, it was the creepiest yet. I was worried I wouldn’t want to analyise the show anymore - but I do. It did however feel like a bit of a disconnect from the rest of the series. But heres what I think: (oh and I am ok with refering to -A as a male but It feels too wierd to use “Charles” at the moment so I’m sticking with -A)


  • -A IS MENTALLY ILL - -A must have been incarcerated at Radley back in the days when the children’s ward was operational. This fits with the chimes and the regimented routine -A has for the girls in the dollhouse. It is all a replication of the institutional way -A would have known from being at Radley. All the “Welcome home” stuff in the dollhouse rooms is probably how -A hoped to return to their family one day. 
  • LOST CHILDHOOD - So many references throughout the show that indicate missing out on a normal upbringing.
    • DOLLS & TOYS
  • WHAT ALISON IS CAPABLE OF - Peter & Veronica emphasised that they “know what Alison is capable of”. Ashley mentioned this recently as well. Alison has said it about herself to Byron. So This tells me that Alison may have contributed to -A’s incarceration at Radley.
  • DOLL HOUSE IS UNDERGROUND - This fits with what the grunwald was saying about Mona’s location. It also ties in with the war clues if it is some kinda of bunker. It is also symbolic of everything being buried!
  • -A’S RESOURCES - It has always been evident that -A has loads of money. Now with the elaborate spy equipment and dollhouse in a bunker….-A has more than just $$. If -A is meant to be a Dilaurentis (like Jason’s twin) then I guess it is family money. 
  • APPLES - They have been a re-occuring symbol on the show. Apple picking is -A’s fond childhood memory from a time he wishes he could go back to. Like ‘Charles Foster Kane’ from ‘Citizen Kane’. Kane had a snow globe that reminded him of his sled from his childhood. Which makes Alison’s snowglobe finally make sense. it’s someone picking apples. This was Charles reminder of a time when he was happy and Alison took it, she took his childhood…


  • -A’S INTENTIONS - If -A has always had it in for Alison and -A wanted to see her punished or die, then why was Alison(Mona) -A’s favorite?
  • -A STEELING THE GAME - They really made a point of Mona being the original game maker and -A only stole the game from Mona. This sits a bit iffy with me because I don’t think Mona’s was truly mentally ill and her motive never matched her actions. I really wanted a better connection to Mona and -A. Not just a bit of chit chat at Radley and Mona gets taken over. I wanted Mona to have been unknowingly working for -A all along. It appears -A has been around since Alison was a baby so why not make them the silent leader of the -A team from the start.


  • EZRA’S RESEARCH - Thank goodness it is finally being used
  • VERONICA & PETER - Thank goodness their skills and smarts are finally coming into play.


  • BETHANY - Was Bethany in love with Charles at Radley. Is this why Charles is after Ali and the girls. Because they hurt Bethany. I was so sure that Bethany was still alive and the body was switched. hmmm
  • THE 2 YELLOW DRESSES - Is this to point out that Mrs D has a soft spot for other people’s children. Or was Charles a cross dresser.
  • DOES -A WORK - He has more than just money. He had access to the date rape drugs and gas. He is a capable of Hacking. He did that thing with Hanna’s tooth. He must have trained somewhere. It’s just too wierd.
  • ANDREW CAMPBELL- They made the obvious connetion to him with the “ Old Campbell Barn”. They said he played a big role in this episode. I really hope he plays a big role for the right reason’s not the wrong ones. I am hoping that they meant “Old” as in the Campbell’s don’t own it anymore. I hope Andrew just knows something and that he is acting alone to try and find the girls.
  • TRAINS - If the picture of the train in Ezra’s cabin was a version of a psych evalutaion picture (like wren’s family at the farm) Then -A might have some affinity with trains. This is interesting because the police van’s GPS went offline near the railway crossing.  Also the train set in the dollhouse playroom was the same as the one Ezra played with Malcolm when they were bonding. This also makes me draw a large connection to the halloween ghost train episode. I am sure -A snuck out of Radley that night alongside Mona and he was on the train. please see THIS POST
  • THE GAME - The game is breaking someone mentally. Mona said: “It wanted me to become Alison, so that’s who I am when it’s watching, It thinks it beat me, but I’m still here, I am the one who is winning the game” this must have been what Alison did to Charles and what Charles is going to do back to Alison by taking away the girls.
  • THE NAT CLUB - How does NAT and all the killings tie into this. My guess is that the NAT was filming for -A/Charles. Meaning the NAT club knew about his existence and he has been killing them off before they can expose him.
  • MARION CAVANAUGH - she must fit into this somewhere. hmmm
  • A’s LAIR - is different to the Lair we have seen black veil in. If Blackveil is meant to be endgame. Then I am guessing that Black veil is a totally seperate entity to -A. She has her own lair and does her own things and is the one who stole the stuff from Mona’s RV. She has tippi and is going to figure this out on her own.
  • THE FAMILIES - Mrs D was holding a little girl that had two older brothers. Then you have the manequins in A’s memorabillia room that was parents daughter and younger son. the same as the ones in Aria’s room. Are the manequins a representation of -A’s family or Was -A just more fond of Aria’s family.
  • WHO IS CHARLES - It seems that Charles is one of the twin boys in the film with Mrs D and a baby girl. If they are infact twins. The obvious choice is a twin for Jason. Making the baby girl Alison. And that is where my mind is going. Especially since they hinted at the Hastings secrets and that would make Charles Mr H’s son too. I hope this is the case. BUT there are other possibilities, remember Mrs D treated Bethany like a daughter because she was having an affair with Bethany’s dad. It could be the same in the film and:
    • Maybe none of the children in the film are Mrs D’s.
    • Maybe the boys are not Mrs D’s, but the girl is Alison
    • Maybe one boy is Jason and the other is another boy to someone else who is his age and just looks similar to him and the girl is Bethany.

Finally I just wan’t to comment on the future of the show…..Are we to assume that it is going to take some time before the liars are found??? is this the change to the show the writers were talking about. we are now just going to be watching them like on big brother. Or are we going to be learning about -A/Charles and the main girls won’t be in it that much.