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Nyaa-chan ISN’T a man. That’s the point. If she was always a man to start, then I wouldn’t have fallen for her as an idol. Because she would have been a MALE idol. And I like FEMALES. You shouldn’t go around telling people what their sexuality is, you wouldn’t like it if I did it to you! Shame on you!!!

It WASN’T BL! It was BASEBALL magazines! And I was buying them so that Jyushimatsu could feel like he’d sold something! Because let’s be honest here, he wasn’t going to easily sell Baseball memorabilia at a COMIC CONVENTION! Besides! What do you think is sold at comic conventions?? They sell more than just YAOI you know! They sell YURI too! Among other things! Not all doujinshi are about that anyway. I wasn’t there for the BL!

I don’t know! We’re family! The human body has in-built defenses against that! Like not liking their smell for example… And the fact we GREW UP TOGETHER… We’re IDENTICAL too! That means we came from the same egg and sperm, like clones of each other! We’re brothers!




At least YOU’LL always love me, Nandeyanen-chan….

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Zodiac Signs + Fandoms

Aries can be passionate about their fandom and might lead clubs or gathering that have to do with the shows, books, movies, and hobbies that they love. They can be surprisingly open and eager about getting to know others who love the same things as they do.

Taurus gets really into a fandom but in a low-key way. Taurus is likely to only have a few shows, games, or books that they are truly a fan of but when they are a fan of it they love it forever. They don’t mind talking to others about the stuff that they love but usually isn’t very showy about the fandoms they belong to.

Gemini is the type to be in every fandom and a nerd/geek for so many shows, books, games, ideas, etc! They love talking about their fandom interests with others and might frequently visit chat rooms and some could even dabble in fan fiction writing.

Cancer is the type to represent the shows and books that they love with t-shirts, key-chains, etc. They can also be a little protective when someone talks negatively about a subject they love. Close friends of theirs are probably into some of the fandoms they are and they easily get “the feels”!

Leo can sometimes be a show or actor’s “number one fan”. They find inspiration from their favorite books and shows. Leo is also one to visit conventions, definitely wants an autograph or picture with some of their favorite actors, and you bet their room has artwork and posters based on their beloved characters and subjects. 

Virgo can highly involve themselves in the world of a show, book, or movie. Fan fiction, being part of a club, attending conventions, signing up for contests, etc. are some activities that they might do. Virgo can let their creative side out through their favorite characters and plots. Diving into others work can help a Virgo get in touch with their imagination.

Libra doesn’t mind representing the movies and books that they love but might try to act cool about it. You bet if they had a chance to meet a singer, a show’s actors or an author of a book they will turn on the “fangirl” button (no matter what gender). 

Scorpio connects their own adventures and life with the characters, songs, and stories they are a fan of. Concerts, t-shirts, and posters are what they spend their cash on and might be the type to go into fan art. Scorpio can be passionate about their fandoms and might be highly active in online communities and clubs.

Sagittarius changes what they are a fan of a lot and when involved in a fandom is the one to make jokes or thinks of “what if’s” about characters and plots. Some Sagittarius fans can poke out flaws in a plot and should be careful of being too serious about what they love.

Capricorn proudly admits that they love a certain subject and is a huge fan. A Capricorn can be a bit casual in how they represent their fandom. Desktop backgrounds, avatars, and maybe a poster is how they show off their fandom pride.

Aquarius might make what they are a fan of as part of their identity. They can be an all out fan with memorabilia, conventions, fan fic/art, fan inspired music, autographs etc! Aquarius is never afraid to support the shows and music they love but at the same time they will always speak their mind (good and bad) about how they feel about a certain athlete, singer, actor, writer, etc. 

Pisces gets involved with a fandom if they can truly get lost in it. Fan fic, art, and music videos could be a thing if it promotes their escapism trait. Because of Pisces escapism association they might be fans of video games, computer games, and literature the most. Video games and books might allow them to be more immersed in a world than a movie or show.

Lana Parrilla writing “love wins” on swan queen memorabilia at the Brazilian convention today feels super important. Did fans ask her to, or was it unprompted? Because if unprompted, it shows she’s not just writing bland messages of support; but has actively thought about how the Supreme Court ruling would apply to Emma & Regina, and applies to her fans. Which is pretty freaking cool.