memonite replied to your post: I’m a student of knowledge as well. What do you mean by “prepare yourself”? wouldn’t it make sense to prepare if you were already obtaining knowledge while in the states? and why Al-Azhar? Why not Madinah University? Isn’t it the best? Would you go to Al-Azhar alone or with your wife (after getting married)?

Why wouldn’t you want to obtain knowledge from Madinah? While the school is funded by the Government, it’s not run by them

Yes it is. If anyone knows Saudi Arabia, it’s me.

The entire clerical opinions that come from Saudi Arabia are rooted in a collective groupthink that does not allow anyone to think outside the box in many realms that can and are a threat to the Saudi Regime. 

Every Arab country STRICTLY enforces a very restrictive curriculum in all its institutions that are more or less just a sample of True Islamic Scholarship.

The only place you want to learn in terms of Islamic knowledge is from a country where its men are truly free to teach without fearing for their lives. 

You can’t even give a Khutbah in Saudi Arabia without the Minister issuing it; I’m sure nothing in Al Madinah University goes under the nose of Al Saud’s approval.