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The only thing that ever goes through my mind when I see a fat person exercising is "hey, you gotta start somewhere. At lest they're trying. Go random person! I believe in you!" Besides you aren't looking half bad :) And if you keep in the groove, you'll look even better <3

d'aww, thank you darling

and that’s what i always think when i see someone exercising who’s overweight 

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your lineart is super neat and i love the colors you use! maybe you need a little practice to make bodies look more natural but it’s just a detail and not really noticeable.

more natural? could you give me an example? 

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I like your style. It’s different from anything I’ve ever seen before, and even though I’m not a huge Supernatural person, I always love to see your art!

awhh, thank you, darling. :’)

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You’ve got a pretty good handle on anatomy as is, and your style seems be pretty consistent. I know this isn’t probably what you want to hear, but you should focus on making your art look the way you want it to look.

No no, that’s perfectly fine! And it’s 100% true.

These are great so far! I’d love to get more feedback.

naww, i’m just being a brat. you did send me a new greeting instead of ‘just’ replying to the one i sent so that’s something. ♥ thanks, emppu is… growling and hissing a lot, but that was to be expected. she needs time settling down.

My blog is not for your entertainment

I’m not here to please you

to cater to you

to try and gather a following or follow a certain trend


this blog is an expression of myself, mostly via reblogging shit I like. But at times will write out my thoughts, feelings, post pictures of myself and my life, etc.

This blog is me. If you don’t like me, that’s okay. Just gtfo, I won’t go out of my way to stalk you and hate you just ‘cause you’re not like me, so plis dun do that to me either. ouo

K? K. <3

So truly follow or unfollow or do whatever the hell you please here! I won’t care, I’ll keep doing whatever rocks my boat (…like friggin Smiguel, who the fuck came up with that why do I both hate it and love it on the same time -)


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Awwh, sweetie pie <3 I mean it! I dunno what’s wrong, but I care for you, so if you wanna shoot me a note/talk to me on FB/add me on Skype… please do! What are friends for? <3

Ach, you’re making me cry. again. haha

thanks babe

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I mean you might connect with both! Maybe give you a little boost? :’)

aahhh okay, i get it! i connect a lot with dean so that’s not that big of a surprise, but i wonder what’s the charlie business about.. i guess i’ll just have to watch the episodes tonight