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Skech shared your pixel tutorial, had to come lurking into your blog because of how you wrote it You sir, are one fine lady. Is all wanted to say. Please carry on being awesome <3

Oh my gosh, haha! Skech is pretty great, but thank you so so much for the nice compliment♥!

Alphabet tag!

I got tagged by @memo-blogs <3 thanks!! I love these, as you might have figured out already ;)

a – age: 22
b – biggest fear: not heading anywhere/accomplishing anything with my life
c – current time:  9:57
d – drink you last had / are having: tea
e – easiest person to talk to: in what way? for my usual nonsense, my closest friends, but if something’s bothering me, it’s easier to complain to someone i’m not that close with yet and might have similar experiences?
f – favorite song: haiiro no suiyoubi. i tried to learn how to play it on piano yesterday, until i realised it’s far too difficult for me, since i can’t even read sheet music :P

g – ghosts, are they real: no.
h – heritage: all my closest relatives are finnish, but further back we have roots from several european countries
i – in love with: no one?
j - Jealous of: people who have their life planned out

k – killed someone?: no…
l – last time you cried?: last week
m – middle name: i have two, but this is where i draw the line of personal information shared online, for some reason
n – number of siblings: one 
o – one wish: “to get a cool job that’s both fun and brings in enough money to live!” was a good answer by memokkeen :)
p – person who you last called: my dad
q – question you’re always asked: how are you? :P
r – reason to smile: i’ve been chatting with a lot more people lately and i feel like i actually have a lot of friends, irl and online! :D
s – song last sang: fallen angel feat. aimee b

t – time you woke up: at 8
u – underwear color: orange and black right now, normally all kinds of colours, mainly pastels, white and some black garments. i’m sure you’re much happier now having this information :P
v – vacation destination: lappland for christmas
w – worst habit: procrastinating
x – x-rays you’ve had: my kidneys? my teeth?
y – your favorite food: several pasta dishes
z – zodiac sign: leo

Do you feel like doing this? Good, you’re now tagged! :D

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Sun FMA Olivier Mira cossi Traconiin? Se oli mahtava! Mut jos heität vaa jotku randomit päälle, neki on varmasti makeet. c; + tajusin just, sä oot Traconissa ku sul on sun synttärit? :D

Ajattelin eka laittaa, mut siinä univormussa tulee niin kuuma et mielummin johonki talviconiin! Ja joo oon Traconissa mun synttäreinä (sunnuntaina) :3

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I don't always talk to you, but you are my friend, and I took time specifically out of my schedule to meet you. It was nice & should the opportunity rise, I'll gladly do so again. You were one of the few people who got a card from me for xmas, too :)

Long story short - I see you and notice you, and you are enough. <3

Thank you, love. It’s just… I’m so lonely and I just want someone to hold me close and tell me that they love me as I am, and I’m trying to search for that someone. With no results. I had an opportunity last year with someone, but I totally destroyed that chance by not feeling the same and that was the end of it.

It’s, like… Everytime I like someone else, they don’t like me back. If someone happens to ACTUALLY LIKE ME I don’t like them back, even if I want to. So so so badly. Why do I have such bad luck with these things?!

And I’m trying as hard as I can. I actually asked from a friend if they were willing to go out with me, lol. I’m on various dating sites but whenever someone comes to talk to me, I freeze. Especially if they want to meet me.

For years I wasn’t interested in any relationships, but a year or so ago that changed and I to be loved and held so badly. I know I have friends and family who love me, but … I feel like that’s not enough! 

What I crave the most is physical contact. Just… someone touching me. Stroking my hair, holding my hand, spooning with me, hugging me… sleeping in the same bed with me… But, at the same time, I’m denying myself that contact when people actually offer it to me, because I think I don’t deserve it.

And now I’m in tears. Great.

Ugh, why is this so fucking hard…

chrisprattstum replied to your post “I’m having an art crisis, so I’d love if you guys could answer a…”

your lineart is super neat and i love the colors you use! maybe you need a little practice to make bodies look more natural but it’s just a detail and not really noticeable.

more natural? could you give me an example? 

ichigootaku replied to your post “I’m having an art crisis, so I’d love if you guys could answer a…”

I like your style. It’s different from anything I’ve ever seen before, and even though I’m not a huge Supernatural person, I always love to see your art!

awhh, thank you, darling. :’)

memokkeen replied to your post “I’m having an art crisis, so I’d love if you guys could answer a…”

You’ve got a pretty good handle on anatomy as is, and your style seems be pretty consistent. I know this isn’t probably what you want to hear, but you should focus on making your art look the way you want it to look.

No no, that’s perfectly fine! And it’s 100% true.

These are great so far! I’d love to get more feedback.

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The only thing that ever goes through my mind when I see a fat person exercising is "hey, you gotta start somewhere. At lest they're trying. Go random person! I believe in you!" Besides you aren't looking half bad :) And if you keep in the groove, you'll look even better <3

d'aww, thank you darling

and that’s what i always think when i see someone exercising who’s overweight 

My blog is not for your entertainment

I’m not here to please you

to cater to you

to try and gather a following or follow a certain trend


this blog is an expression of myself, mostly via reblogging shit I like. But at times will write out my thoughts, feelings, post pictures of myself and my life, etc.

This blog is me. If you don’t like me, that’s okay. Just gtfo, I won’t go out of my way to stalk you and hate you just ‘cause you’re not like me, so plis dun do that to me either. ouo

K? K. <3

So truly follow or unfollow or do whatever the hell you please here! I won’t care, I’ll keep doing whatever rocks my boat (…like friggin Smiguel, who the fuck came up with that why do I both hate it and love it on the same time -)