💖How To Be Little At School!💖

So all littles/regressors (Whatever you may call yourself) can be cute and safe at school!

1. Get a backpack with character!

Function AND fashion are important! Make sure it makes you feel confident!

2. Dress up your keychain!

Just to make sure your keychain is easily recognizable and everyone will know it’s yours, spice it up! Put cute knick-knacks on them to make them your own!

3. Stay hydrated! 

It’s SUPER important to make sure you have water throughout the day, especially if you live in a hotter climate, so make sure you get a good reusable water bottle. It’s better for the environment, can come in super cute designs, and can be insulated so your drink is cold all day!

It also helps if your backpack has a bottle holder compartment for ease of carrying!

4. Bring a buddy!

Whether it be a stim toy, for neuroatypical littles, a stress ball, or just a little stuffie, anything that can make you feel like you have a friend is very important to take! Make sure it’s not too big, someone might question why you brought a huge stuffed unicorn to school!

5. Cute supplies!

Whether it be writing or coloring utensils, or cute erasers, these items will make you feel excited even in boring classes! bring cute memo cards/boxes to remember any little assignments or notes throughout the day! (I know I’m forgetful.) Lip balm, hand sanitizer and lotion helps you to feel comfortable all day! Hand sanitizer is important so you don’t get sick, especially if you have a weak immune system like me!

6. Stay healthy!

Bring approved medications with you at all times so you can be ready for everything that might happen! Get probiotics or multivitamins to keep health at the best it can be!

7. Lastly, show off who you are!

Be you at all times. Don’t pretend to be something you aren’t, it’ll make things worse for you! You’re a treasure and school shouldn’t make you feel any different! For me, I put a lesbian flag pin on my bag to show my personal pride! Little pins or DIY projects can really make you feel one of a kind, like you should be! (Warning: Do not try and come out in unsafe places. be safe AT ALL TIMES!) 💖

I hope this helps any young ones going to school! Pay attention, do great, have fun, and don’t get too stressed! School isn’t everything, and if you do your best, that’s all anyone can ask for! 💖 💖 💖 💖

Since I just took a speaking exam and I have another next week I thought i would write some advice for language speaking exams. I find the speaking exams the hardest part of learning a language and I got very stressed before my German speaking which affected my performance. Some of the advice will be general whilst other parts might be focused on GCSE level.

1. Before the Exam
- you have to get to the exam at least 15 before, use this time to recite your presentation to yourself and any key phrases you want to remember. The quiet conditions will help.
-if you have a roleplay section, look over the card and come up with what you want to say and make sure you understand what is being asked and what you must do.
-keep calm! This is very important (and also very difficult) but can really help you. Take deep breaths and focus - my teacher allowed us to bring a stress ball or soft toy to help relax us, but ask your teacher beforehand whether that is okay.

2. Roleplay
- the roleplay can be the easiest part of the exam.
- read the top of the roleplay card very carefully, it will include details of what the roleplay is about and the information could be needed later in the roleplay.
- the words in the questions can often be recycled in your answer!
- you can get all 3 marks by answering the question in short incomplete sentences, you don’t need to use perfect language, for example replying by just saying ‘2 people’ can get you all the marks!

2. Presentation/ Speech
- talk slowly and make the words clear but get into a natural flow.
- if you are allowed a memo card with words on it, make them the start of each sentence or paragraph so they can prompt you.
- the teacher will ask you questions about the topic afterwards so prepare before and come up with some questions they could ask you. Phrases which can be adapted to different questions work well.

4. General conversation
-you will usually cover 2-3 topics (gcse)
- the teacher should announce the topic of conversation before they ask you a question, so listen carefully to what they are saying.
- learn set phrases which can be used in any topic and also sentence started which can play for time while you think of an answer.
-Learn how to say ‘sorry, I don’t understand the question’ and 'please can you repeat that’. These phrases are very good so you can have the question asked again and you will get marks for asking in the correct language.
- even saying 'I don’t know’ in the language is better than saying nothing at all.

Once the exam is over, however it went, just remember that it’s done and you won’t have to do it again!
It’s only 10-15 minutes of your life and will be over very quickly.

Final reminder:
Your teacher is on your side and they want you to do well. They will try to stretch you to get a good grade but talk to them if you are nervous and they will help you.

Well that’s about it. If you have anything to add, feel free. I hope everyone does well in all their language exams !!! 📚💪🏻

Inktober 2016
Day 2: Noisy

This time something… simple :D
Ladies and gentleman - General Hux and his coffee problems…

For @endzii-rawr ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

French History Memo Cards #1869-1

Substitute Butter

Hyppolite Mège-Mouriès

Margarine in its initial form was made using margaric acid, originally discovered by Michel Eugène Chevreul in 1813. It was created as oleomargarine by Frenchman Hyppolite Mège-Mouriès c.1869 following an incentive by the French government of Napoléon III, emperor of the French.
Based on buttermilk, margarine at the time wasn’t made from vegetal oil but fit its intended purpose of providing an alternative to butter in times of war for both the troops and the common people. This of course was in some part motivated by the looming war against Prussia and the other states of the North German Confederation.

Because I played the entire game last night and need to get my feelings out in writing form so something quickly written up. Feel free to send in FoDR prompts/ideas.
PS - What is the ship name for these two? Just ShiroiSuga? Shuga? Shioga? 

- Voice

After years upon years of not having his voice, it’s of course expected for it to take a while for Suga to gain it back completely once more. Any words he attempts to make in the beginning come out stilted, voice hoarse and croaky.

Shiori offers him a reassuring smile when he shows frustration, placing a hand on his arm to calm him down. “It’ll take time, right?” In response, he only lets out a quiet sigh, giving a reluctant nod but clearly wishing to speak normally as soon as possible.

More than anything, Shiori is simply delighted to have her memories of him returned, and the chance to create more with him from now on.

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French History Memo Cards #1648-1

La Fronde Parlementaire

A frondeur/rebel shit-talking the authority.

An event brought about by the Franco-Spanish war (part of the Thirty Years war), the Fronde as a whole was a series of internal oppositions to the king of France’s power between 1648 and 1652.
Starting with Henry IV, France had become unified under a powerful chief of state, with an increasing move towards centralized power at the detriment of feudal lords. Coupled with almost constant war and heavy taxes, this made the regime very unpopular with all manner of aristocrats and parlemantarians who were losing influence to the king, at the time the very young Louis XIV, the queen regent Anne of Austria and cardinal Mazarin.
Following an attempt by the magistrates in Paris to curtail royal authority with the inflammatory Arrêt d’Union, and emboldened by the recent military victories against the Spanish crown, Mazarin decides to arrest the three leaders of the parlementarian opposition.
A full-on revolution ensues, with the parlementarians raising barricades, militias and finally armies against Anne and Mazarin, who on their side receive the support of Condé, the French general who had just come back from the winning side of the Thirty Years war. Note that the end of the war would barely be noticed in the ambiant chaos.
Parlementarian levies are barely kept fighting by unsufficiant funds, as on the other side of the conflict an otherwise bankrupt kingdom of France is being financed by banker Barthélemy Hervart, who apparently was just that rich. In any other part of history such a revolt would have been crushed and the instigators executed. However, following the execution of king Charles of England, Scotland and Ireland in January 1649, as well as the Spanish invasion of Picardy in Northern France, Anne of Austria decides to appease the rebels with the Peace of St-Germain which includes an amnesty for the leaders.
Following soon however is the second round of hostilities, the Fronde des Princes.

Valentine's Day With Jimin

You left for your Saturday morning jog when Jimin was still sleeping like a log. You wished Jimin would come join  you but he worked out so much and stayed up so late, you knew better than to bother his sleep. It wasn’t like he would gripe at you. Jimin would never do that. You respected him and plus, you see him all day, you could live without him for an hour a day.

Halfway through your routine, you couldn’t help but notice the park was getting a bit emptier. The people you usually greeted weren’t there. ‘Strange,’ you thought to yourself but you continued trotting down the path.

Soon you stopped to take a break where you usually do. Sitting on the park bench, you notice something sparkling at the bottom of the tree close to your bench. You weren’t a nosey person but the glimmer pierced your eyes and soon curiosity swept upon you.  

You picked up the glistening object. The blue crystal flickered against the sunrays. A necklace… with your birthstone dangling off it. It was so pretty and looked so new, whoever lost it must be devastated. You debated on whether you should leave it or take and give a notice that you found it.

In your contraversy, something else caught your eyes. A little pink piece of paper, nicely pressed was folded up and sticking out of the disturbed soil. You could tell it was just recently, even maybe purposely placed there. Maybe it was a clue to the owner, what great chance but you picked up anyways.

“congratz on finding this. now look around for a tree with a red marking on it…. and keep everything you picked up.”

You felt a little uneasy. Should you play along? What if it was a trap? You took another look at the sapphire gem and curiosity got the best of you. And plus, the handwriting… it seemed so familiar but you couldn’t remember where you saw it, which gave you another reason for you to find out.

More people started pouring into the park. You probably looked really dumbfounded to them as you were looking for the a tree with a red mark on it.

“Did you lose something _______?” a familiar voice asked. It was Hakyeon, a regular jogger you see almost every morning. “Haha, sort of,” you said as he passes you. “Well good luck,” he waves and leaves.

You decided you were receiving too much attention and looked pretty stupid so you find the closest trashcan instead to throw away the small paper. In the process of doing so, the pink note slipped out of your hand into the winds.

“You’re more trouble than I thought,” you sighed and chased the flying paper, you didn’t want to add more litter to the mess.

Lucky enough, the piece of paper hit a tree and just landed lifelessly on the ground.

“You don’t want me to give up huh?” you asked looking down at the paper. Something suddenly caught your eyes. The tree. There was a red heart with arrow through it.You looked back at the little paper, there was the same heart but black printed on the outside of it.

Your heart started skipping, how could it be so coincidental? Your eyes quickly searched the rear of the timber. And sure enough, you found a little box and a sky blue paper tucked underneath.

Without a second thought, you picked up the box and opened it… but it was empty. Your eyebrows twitched and you took hold of the paper.

“Very good ______. Now find purple marking (;”

Your heart drops when you see your name written in the paper. You had to get to the end of this. You scanned your surroundings and your eyes stopped on a tree at the far side of the park with the same heart but purple colored on it.

You gulped and ran over to the tree without a second thought.

You bent down right beneath the mark but didn’t find anything. “This was a joke after all,” you said. But you didn’t give up just yet and inspected around the tree and undoubtedly, behind the tree, there was a trail of the hearts in yellow. You took no time to see where it lead and just followed it.

The path lead you right into another tree, you were becoming impatient at your resultless effort. Tree had the same yellow heart on it but with an arrow pointing down to the pile of cardboard hearts.

You sighed and quickly got to the bottom of it. But there was nothing. You sighed again but then a black memo card sparkle caught your eyes. You snatch it and read it as get up.

“turn around”

Without questioning but confused you slowly turned around without moving your eyes from the slip.

“Looking for something?” a familiar voice asked, making you jump.

“JIMIN!” you exclaimed. He was holding flowers. You favorite kind, red with white roses. “It was you?!”

He smiles cheekly, “Happy Valentine’s Day baby,” he chirps.

“You couldn’t just tell me when you got home?” you asked.

“You wanted me too? I thought our third valentine should be special,” he answers. “i’m surprised you got this far babe. Did you keep everything?”

Yep it was three years already. The first year when you two just met and had spent time together and the next thing you know, the next year you were enjoying Valentine’s with him.

You nodded, “ But this is empty,” you pout, showing him the box.

“I knew that was going to happen….” he mutters.

“What are you going to do about it?” you asked concernedly after seeing the worried expression on his face.

“Don’t worry about it baby,” he smiles, “Just give me this and pretend you never saw it okay?”

“Okay,” you managed to say, you knew he was trying to mot make you worried so the only thing you could do in return was to not worry and do as he asked.

“I love you baby,” he bear hugs.

“Thank you Jimin, I love you too.”
“Cheers,” you and Jimin say in unison as your glasses clinked. You were having candle light dinner at home. Both of you had insisted in it. You and him had been glued stuck to each other all day.

“How do you like your necklace babe?”

“It’s beautiful! I love it! When I picked it up, I knew I couldn’t let it even if it’s the right thing to do,” you laugh. You take hold of the glistening crystal around your neck and smile. It was perfect.

“I have something for you baby,”Jimin says and slips his hand into his suit and pulls something out. He slid the box over to you. It was the same box you had picked up from the park. “Jimin?” you ask but he just gives you a light nod.

You slowly open it and gasped. Inside was the most gorgeous ring you’ve ever seen. With a sapphire stone engraved in it, it dazzled against the candle light.

“Jimin….” you were speechless. You bring your eyes back to him, he was moving your way. The ring is taken away from it’s shelter and soon slid on your finger.

“Jimin! It’s beautiful!” You were crying, your arms wrapped around his head. “Jimin….”

His arms wrap then wrap around you. “I’m glad you like it. You’re the only one I ever need to see this happy,” he whispers.

You pull way, your eyes meet, looking into the depths of each other’s, your lips intertwine.

“I love you ____ _____”

“I love you too Park Jimin.”


A/N: Late, sorry. I wanted to use to use my birthstone but its a diamond and diamonds are for proposals… maybe next time.

The collected content as I read it is a fraction of what there was but nevertheless it serves the purpose. 

GIGroup made this happened and recovered what was the “Online” content, now I see in action what it means “Internet never forgets”

If I knew it in 1998 I would rather have the full content on the Internet since its a fact - ineffective could be the “digital storage” when it changes (floppy to cd’s to memo cards, to hard drives etc)

This also refers to word processing programs as they IMPROVE and upgrade to make you inadequate. I am not trained or will train to actually know any software program for “word-processing” as I can only type the old fashion way as on a typewriter, even hand-writing is better. 

I just remembered how I once lost all the digital backup of the “gleitzeit” essays without a chance of recovering. Sometime around 1996-98. When computer was a new thing to me. But everything eventually ended well when I discovered my notebook with handwritten essays as I was actually writing them in the same notebook with my conspectuses.. to be continued

anonymous asked:

i dont know if you take requests still but i /need/ more angry!chloe bechloe fics or minifics or anything honestly (if not, its alright!! do not rush or anything or feel obligated!! also i love your work!!!)

Our good ol’ pal angry!Chloe can also be found here and here 

Beca has a routine. And, though it would take a hell of a head-lock (or a whole lot of shots) for her to ever admit it, she lives for that routine in an eerily Posen kind of way. When the schedule cracks and the familiarity of time and place slips, she becomes even grumpier than normal, the shake of her leg not matching any beat that’s booming through her head, with bloody-bitten-lips and a tendency to snap. Which is why she can’t seem to see the words written on the page in front of her - they’re blurring, seemingly on purpose so as to force her to unlock her phone and check the time once more. 

Because part of Beca’s routine is Chloe - more particularly, at this moment, the 3:24 visit she gets from Chloe when the redhead finishes her final class of the afternoon and slumps into Beca’s room for a quick rant about the events of her day. Or a quick distraction. Or a quick stress-reliever. Or even, really, a quick cuddle. It is currently 3:30, and she heard Chloe whistling her arrival like always at 3:23, and, right now, there is an utter lack of Chloe-Beale-visit happening in her room. 

When the whistling gets loud enough to press at Beca’s temples and she cracks the lead in her pencil, she finally slams the book closed and sits back. Running her hands through her hair, she stands up and heads for the door, moving like she’s working against the syrup of time - which, with the strictness of her routine, might actually be true. 

“Chlo? You home?” she shouts down the steps. There’s a distinct red bun on the couches in the living room, and she watches as one hand reaches up uncomfortably to tug at it. 

“Beale, I see you,” Beca continues, taking another step out of the room. It pains her to say it, because it’s a game of improv in a place where they have set and distinct daily lines, but Chloe has yet to turn her head to face Beca, and the discomfort curling in her stomach at that overcomes the pain of veering even further off her routine’s track. “How was your day?” 

“Fine,” Chloe says shortly, sharply, and Beca reaches the bottom of the stairs to find Chloe’s arms crossed.

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