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DIY Workspace Memo Board // Burkatron

If you haven’t already seen these, they currently seem to be the in thing at the moment when it comes to simple DIY memo boards. And I totally understand! They’re really rad. 

Right now looking at that photo I’m thinking that looks a lot like my desktop, annnd I have a huge blank space above it, THIS COULD BE ME! I can do this. Also I work in a hardware store that I could get these from. So bam! Next project I’m thinking. 

DIY Easy Ribbon and Button Bulletin Board. This is a very lightweight one using foam core - but it’s so simple and cheap to make. Tutorial from adventures in dessmaking here. Can we file this under better late than ever? In response to this question:


 asked you: 

2012-06-06 14:28 Hey, there! Love your blog! I wish I had more time do actually try some of the things you post, but I was wondering if you have any tutorials (or know of any) for a ribbon board/memoboard? The padded bulletin board with the criss-cross ribbons? I was hoping to make one for my new apartment, rather than buy one. Thanks so much! (Truebluemeandyou: you can always pad this project with another piece of foam core or a thin layer of fiberfill)

Because I move into my dorm in less than a month, I figured I would post some room and dorm DIYs. The Double Duty Dry Erase Board is just so perfect. I thought I did mine nicely, but I’m redoing it now! Check out Paper & Stitch for this tutorial!


Weekend DIY: Rustic Memo Board

This week’s DIY is great for an office, entryway, bedroom (or maybe even a locker-sized mini version?). We used cedar shims, glued, then stapled at the corners. Be sure to match a thin side with a thick side, and staple the thin side into the thick side. Then we painted the wood, using our color of the week, Caribe. This is where things get a little prickly. Be very careful unrolling chicken wire, even using gloves if you like. Cut the chicken wire to size, and staple. We chose some twine and hooks to hang ours, but you could use a picture hanging kit, or even magnets to hang on a metal surface. 

What goes best with a DIY? A themed out playlist: