2017′s TaiYama Week ★ Day 3. What would you like to see happen in the next remaining OVAs?
  • I want Taichi to exceed all of Yamato’s expectations and make him so fucking amazed and proud and surprised he’s blown away to the moon along with Gabumon!!
  • I was reluctant towards the concept of a new evolution for Omegamon because of how iconic he is by now, but concept-wise I’m all for new evolutions that reflect how stronger a bond gets with time! A friend of mine once dropped this really badass name of “Omegamon Crimson Mode”. We brainstormed endless possibilities for what Omegamon’s upgrade could be like, what would we call it, and so on. The idea of a new evolution has grown on me with time.
  • THAT “LOSS” MOMENT THOUGH, they almost drowned in the ocean and for a second I was so sure this was it! We had three movies of endless bickering, they built up all that ridiculous tension with Yamato acting harsh like a drama queen as usual! I know Yamato regrets it albeit shyly but I was so sure THIS WAS IT. This was the moment he would definitely be forced to reconsider his words for pushing Taichi too hard, let him see Taichi hurt or almost drowned or something. I don’t even know where I’m going with this. lmao I don’t care Taichi isn’t entirely a saint in this mess, I just want Yamato to shut up for once and hold him in his arms. XD
  • For real though. I don’t really expect the climax to end with an honest conversation where Taichi suddenly opens up and Yamato has some kind of epiphany lol! As endearing as it is to have them talk instead of fighting - they have matured afteral. All I hope if they understand each other throught actions alone as usual. I do hope a cathartic moment between the boys at some point, just not something so obvious it has to be spelled out for the audience like we’re too dumb to get it. An eloquent exchange of glances/smiles, some short talk inserted at the right time - during battle, after battle, when (if) Taichi finally gives Daigo his career form - I don’t care - just as as long it’s as meaninful and wraps up everything they have been through!

i will never stop rolling my eyes at fandom’s blatant mistreatment and dismissal of princess allura

like yall know good and well had allura been some pastey-skinned prince and went through all the same shit and reacted exactly the same way to literally everything he would be The Ultimate Fandom Fave and he and keith would be the most popular pairing on this hellsite lmfao like i dunno what the majority of you all thought you were getting into when you started watching but maybe you should take a step back & do some introspective thinkin or just fuckin watch something that suits your ’“‘aesthetic’”’ and let actual vld stans just stan vld