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Is it legal for your workplace to ban you from talking to your coworkers via social media (and also texting) unless it's work related? Because my workplace put out this memo saying that... like it's basically saying we can't be friends with our coworkers and if we contact them with anything other than business related things we can be fired...

My work place has this policy in place but NO ONE listens. The owners kind of know this is going on but they haven’t said anything, luckily. I have no idea why they are so against their employees being friends outside of work. It’s not like drama is going to happen everyday just because of it. Customers give you enough of that shit. -Abby

何かが笑いのツボに入って使い物にならなくなった酔っ払い/そもそも絵心がアレな酔っ払い/寝た/一人寝で怒りの色情狂 まあこうなるよね


Hey! As you all know, February is #HockeyIsForEveryone month. Unfortunately, a certain team didn’t get the memo. The Dallas Stars have done nothing to help include their LGBT+ fans and the one night they were supposed to.

I’m not saying that using Pride tape, making a video, or anything else other teams have done would magically make homophobia, queerphobia, or hate disappear from the NHL. No, what I’m saying is that this obvious play by Stars Management shows that they’re not willing to take that step. If they refuse to even put tape on their sticks, they will NEVER include us.

I would like to point out that the players themselves most likely do not have any say in this. It’s management that we should be angry with. It’s a management that we should riot against.

Myself and others have decided that this is enough. If the Stars are worried about alienating part of their audience with Pride Night, they’ve certainly done it-And not with the people they meant to. No, it’s time for a revolution.

Please, take a stand for what’s right. Hate in sports is a serious issue and it’s time for me -and you- to fight back. Please use the #DIYStarsPride on twitter and tag @ DallasStars as well as You Can Play and the NHL itself so they know that we’re here and we’re angry. @DIYStarsPride is our hub so tag us in any tumblr or twitter posts or use the hashtag #DIYStarsPride to get our-and their attention.

Go wild! Write emails, make signs, tweet, get their attention. This isn’t an attack on just the Stars. It’s an attack on the hate and discrimination in hockey. The Stars? They’re our step one (1). We have thousands more to come. Be a part of it.
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BOA NOITEEEE. Eu estou aqui divamente pra fazer um FS,por quê? Porque deu vontade memo. Abaixo estão todos os divos mais divos de toda essa divosidade divosa :D

É isso,zente. Poucas pessoas,concordo,mas era pra ser algo simples e rapidinho mesmo.

Até a próxima. o/
Government memo on danger of leaking to media leaked to media
A US government memo setting out strategies for preventing leaks of classified information, has been leaked to the media. The four-page document details how Donald Trump’s new secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, might be able to prevent the public disclosure of sensitive information, including issues affecting ongoing policy discussions within the department.

LOL ! This is going well!


Oscars’ 2017

The Oscars happened!  People wore clothes!  Some kind of memo went around about gold dresses but a lot of them were boring so there’s only pictures of a couple. I honestly wonder if there IS some kind of arrangement among stylists, like a cabal of them get together and go “okay, what can we all find this year that’s enough alike we end up on various websites as a specific list, like “See All the Gold Dresses On This Year’s Oscars’ Red Carpet!” and then they run with it.  

I love that as usual Meryl Streep is wearing a lovely gown that suits her well, with sharp details (the way unembellished neckline and belt with just one buckle echo each other), but the glasses and the hair clearly announce the exactly how much she doesn’t care.  This is just some work thing, no big deal.  

I would like this dress on Nicole Kidman a lot more with a non-flesh-tone underdress, but in any case, it’s kind of weird to wear a sparkly target smack on your chest.

So I get where Emma Stone is going with this gold-goddess thing (or the stylist cabal) and I get where Givenchy is going with this throwback to ‘20s Egyptian revival schtick, but that’s a throwback dress with another, different, throwback flapper dress stuck onto it as a skirt.  Two skirts wearing a person pretending to be a dress.  Like the opposite of kids in a trenchcoat.

Sorry, Stone, with that necklace and the makeup, Jessica Biel is pulling the golden Egyptianesque goddess thing a little bit better, although wearing wearing a ripped gold evening gown is a bit peculiar.  

Isabelle Huppert knew gold would be a mistake for her coloring, and went with a Greco-Roman silver goddessy thing I would like a lot more if it wasn’t desperately trying to rip off a Fortuny delphos, and nobody has ever done that successfully.

How do you move in this getup without terror of the puppies breaking loose from their baskets?  I get that Priyanka Chopra was thinking “the only time when ‘getting poured into a dress’ can be applied as a compliment,” and tried to run with it, but I don’t believe you can run in that dress safely.

Someone is obligated to come as a duster, I think they draw straws to decide.  This evening, Octavia Spencer is…a sparkly special snow duster?

Viola Davis nailing it in a dress whose draping details manage to also become appliqué details on the bodice?  Down with it.  (I am amused, however, that this is another example of Runway Khaleesi, and don’t tell me it isn’t.)

Karlie Kloss brought straight-up Runway Khaleesi arm capes, although an interesting take here with the asymmetry.  Collar an excellent choice, normally I’d recommend the loosely tumbling waves onto the other shoulder to balance the look, but this way she’s running a direct line from her head to the floor, and she has figured out the exact angle to tilt her head to take optimal advantage of this in photos.  Full points for strategic planning.  Also damn, I really like that collar.

Runway Khaleesi strikes again, with a fun sleevey-capey combo that works very well for Ben Sherwood’s arm candy for the evening, who has done a very nice job indeed of finding a glam dress that doesn’t require a professional glam dress wearer’s figure to look good, suits her coloring, is probably pretty comfortable, and is hemmed to her height.  Full points.

I am intrigued, but ultimately kind of repulsed, by this iteration of the arm cape on Debbie Matenopoulos, so no.

Love the fabric, because velllllvet, points to the designer for finding a new way to draw an hourglass silhouette on the actual dress usually reserved for colorblocking.  But those weird button things.  I just can’t. (Busy Phillips)

So at first I thought Janelle Monae had taken a bunch of shrapnel to the bust, and then I realized that no, this is just a fashion representation of Hitchcock’s The Birds.  Which is a whole other level of weird.

So it wasn’t until college that I learned to wrap presents neatly, and before that (well, actually, still, sometimes) whenever possible I would schlepp off with a gift bag and stuff a bunch of tissue paper in it to make it look all prettified.  Someone had a similar plan to avoid actually doing the neckline on Damien Chazelle’s arm candy. 

Instead of a butt bow, Dakota Johnson opted for a crotch bow, and why did I have to type that.  This dress is a hostage situation of mistakes, as you can tell by the look on her face, that is not a woman who wants to be in this dress.  (Gucci also didn’t get the memo that if you want your victims to be able to sit in their satin evening gowns, you have to cut the skirts on the bias or it’s going to crease.  It just is.  This is no one’s fault but Gucci’s.)

Oscar de la Renta decided to take the bias and just GO NUTS, resulting in this marvelous corkscrew delight spilling off of Brie Larson.  Points lost for the batsignal neckline, but coasts in with an A due to the skirt.

Hailee Steinfield rocking a manic pixie dream fairy’s dress, good god.  I will in her defense say that while the metallic leaves in rather inopportune places look really awkward in a lot of photos, that’s largely a light thing and would probably not have been a problem in person.  

Every so often Zac Posen does something I really don’t like, and Leslie Mann is wearing it.  I like to think Disney slipped her some extra to wear it as subliminal advertising for Beauty and the Beast next month.  

So I like nothing about the actual shape of this dress on Susan Bridges, but I love the way it looks like a red satin whirlwind just swept around her to become it.  Like her fairy godmother bippity-boppity-booped and a yards of satin jusxz swirled into being around her and coalesced into a dress.

I’m actually less against the prommy look of this thing on Laura Dern and more the way it reminds me of a dress Catherine Zeta-Jones wore in a heist movie where the skirt tore off to become leggings for heisty purposes.  Which is totally fine, but now I want there to be a heist involved as well, and I doubt that wish will be granted.

Does anyone else kind of expect to see Felicity Jones go en pointe and start doing arabesques or something?

Nancy O’Dell is flirting with a buttcape here, but the extra skirtage comes far enough forward to get away with it.

Home. Tidied up. Found this ~10 year old note about canine heartworm medicine. Did I initially think it was a badass Marxist memo to self? maybe. Am I disappointed? … maybe

Client Project 3

For my client project, my client is a group here or campus called Fellowship for Christian Athletes. They do have social media but it is not updated as well as it should be. In the one step for my client project when we had to create a memo I talked about ways that my client can improve their social media presence. My clients have a lot of dinners and meetings where they need to be able to post more online to gain more people to come to the events.