A prompt list for everybody who wishes to share their current views and thoughts on Digimon Adventure tri.!

Now at least three movies out of six have officially been released it’s a good time to ponder what the new series have offered us so far and what is most likely ahead of us for the next movies.

It’s fun to think the answer to several of these questions is subject to change in the future. Since we’ll have to wait another 4 months until “Loss”, why not play with the odds a little? ;)

I suggest we start on November 1st 2016! The tag is #30daysoftri. But feel absolutely free to handle it as you please, especially if you find this later on! 

A big shoutout to everybody who helped come up with the list above and that includes @firstagent, @whatthehell-is-a-gigawatt, @nekoharuko@motomiyadiesuke, @iam-artist, @amaitapioca​ and @adventure-hearts!

Be cool, have a nice debate and have fun!


3.04 The Dissent Memo - Promo

“Wait, who’s that stranger Steven’s hanging out with?”

“Oh man! You didn’t get the memo about this episode? This is gonna be amazing.”

That totally looks like a gem weapon and if it becomes one in the future I will eat my own hat.


If this entire episode is about the gems reacting to uncle grandpa then I might actually really enjoy this.



The Dissent Memo - Sneak Peek #4

Miscellaneous short truths and randomness

The Duo’s school sent home a memo yesterday saying that they are going peanut free for the safety of several students. Although this is a sad moment for my peanut butter loving children, they somewhat understand and don’t want to hurt any of their friends. Any advice/reviews/suggestions about almond or sunflower butter would be appreciated.

I survived my potato coma yesterday. What I may survive is not having @bourbonismyspiritguide closer to me on a regular basis. She is currently living six-ish hours away, and I really don’t like it. I’m not good at hanging out, going to actually do stuff, or even being a very good friend in general (I tend to get caught up in my own head and household), but I need my people closer. I’m selfish like that.

I’m trying to get back into the swing of cooking. Two nights of “real” dinners feels good, but moving around in this kitchen still feels a bit awkward.

Oh, the family drama for Thanksgiving is cranking up. Last year’s show out by the bratty cousin and her mama is probably going to mean either an awkward meal or a purposeful split in the family. I don’t really care either way. I’m already over it, and if they want to come and not be assholes, I’ll smile and serve them turkey, simply because it makes my grandmother happy to have them there. She outranks me. But we will see how it all shakes out. My mother is making the calls this week to see who is coming, using our address change as an excuse.

The Situation is becoming complicated. (That’s how I’m referring to the Oldest and her boy) I will not share details, just know that parenting teenagers is a motherf$@ker. Foresight is not in a 16 year old’s skill set.

I’m about to take my lunch break to go early vote. Partially because I know the lines will be horrendous on Election Day, and I may not have enough time to get through on my lunch hour then. And also because even though people are usually cool and quiet in line for voting, I’m expecting this election to draw out all the inconsiderate assholes and loonies. And if I hear even one idiot espousing the “merits” of Trump while I’m waiting to vote, y'all are going to see me on the news: “Woman arrested at polling location, beats man twice her size nearly to death with her bare hands.”

That’s it for now. I’m sure my brain will vomit up more nonsense later.