It’s been a bit more than two years since I created my Tumblr account. So here are the most beautiful, talented and amazing blogs I’ve had the good fortune to follow in these past two years:


joey naomi mouse bianca kat olga


aesthesos aryasnark baratheom beverlekatz billwiggins brokenfates canaill canalcat caterwauled chlton cloudplays crieff cumberbatchs curties deerstalks demonter dosiphea dracares draculahs edmound frankanstein flghtclubs heisenberge hifas htchcock 


johnwatsone klueing konzei lucrezas memnger mikkkelsen mindpalace monsieurwatson mozsart myecrofts nahares narcissvs niqhtvales noyees nymiera pianti plizm pop-that-bubblegum-heart 


qolour riimbaud royautes scorsece sebastlanstans shezzas stahrk stlara suaron tectives threepipe travellersfarfromhome velificantes victortrevs vieserys vvolare waltzon watsonly whenwedeadawaken winterzfell wntersxldier wolfstarks xylotos

Hi there, I decided it was time to make a follow forever because everyone’s doing it at the time and yeah. It’s also my first one, so forgive me for the mistakes I might have made. I wanted to thank all of you for making my dash a great place and some for being around for so long. If you’re on here, you and your blog are fab as fuck. If your url is cursive, you’re someone I look up to. If your url is bolded, I consider you to be my friend.

a  - d

aegors araella avoxia alayneestone amysfall benjenstark 
caputdraconis cedridiggory cersai cromwyll daenerystargraryen 
deadjoffrey deadpadfoot doctorsafraid 

e - i

everllarks fatnis festivelokii finnicqodair fuckingdraco gallifraye 
gendreh girlonfired goldensnitching grayjoyed greyewind hazelrace

j - n

kaxtniss killedbythecareers kingjoffrey kirk-out lionheartis 
lthlorien lyannastarke malfoycharms malisandre maysille memnger 
merlns nymheria

o - s

owdair patchface primros priorisincantatem ellsmiller queencersei 
queendaeneris queenlecter reedusgrimes roselleslie 
rosetylher rnorphling saansatyrell slytherihn starkdeath starkswaters

t - z

tildaswinton toraks trackerjabbers travellersfarfromhome 
travellingthestars tywinllannister tzarkoschei vhalyria vieserys 
visaerys watersaugustus ygritted ygritteh

I hope I didn’t forget anybody because the whole christmas url thing is really confusing. If you think I forgot you don’t hesitate to tell me. Okay. Thank you all for brightening up my dash and have a wonderful 2014!