Bisexual Biographies and Memoirs

The folks on the GLBT Round Table listserv were discussing bisexual memoirs and biographies, so here is a list!  I’ve added links to the ones we’ve reviewed: 

  • Map: a memoir by Audrey Beth Stein
  • Wartime Diaries by Simone de Beauvior
  • Leaving India: My Families Journey from Five Villages by Minal Hajratwal
  • Howard Hughes, Hell’s Angel: America’s Notorious Bisexual Bilionaire by Darwin Porter, Blood Moon Production
  • Humphrey Bogart, the Making of a Legend by Darwin Porter, Blood Moon Productions
  • A Hundred or More Hidden Things: The Life and Films of Vincente Minnelli by Mark Griffin, Da Capo Press
  • Just Kids by Patti Smith, Ecco Press
  • Mad World: Evelyn Waugh and the Secrets of Brideshead by Paula Byrne, HarperCollins/It Books
  • Orange is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison by Piper Kerman, Spiegel & Grau
  • Paranormal State by Ryan Buell, It Books/HarperCollins
  • Sal Mineo by Gregg Michael Michaud, Crown Archetype
  • The Secret Lives of Somerset Maugham by Selina Hastings, Random House
  • Bi Lives: Bisexual Women Tell their Stories ed. by Kata Orndorf
  • Both Sides Now: A Bisexual Memoir: Book One by M. Bancroft
  • Frida’s Bed by Slavenka Drakulić 
  • The Soundtrack of My Life by Clive Davis
  • Look Both Ways by Jennifer Baumgardner
  • ‘My Awesome Place: The Autobiography of Cheryl B’ by Cheryl Burke
  • Maybe Baby: Choosing Motherhood After a Lifetime of Ambivalence by Rebecca Walker
  • Portrait of a Marriage by Nigel Nicholson
  • Biography by Morrissey

True Stories:

What is the difference between Lena Dunham at 17 years old touching and kissing someone who’s six years younger than her (forget about the related part for just a second) and a 17 year old male touching and kissing someone 6 years younger than him? Absolutely nothing.

A 17 year old regardless of gender or sexual orientation you’re aware of yourself sexually and you should have a moral compass that tells you “Shit, they’re 11-12 years old and in seriously taking advantage of them, they’re inexperience and the situation.”

Lena Dunham took advantage of her sister regardless of the fact that they can bond and laugh about it now as adults. The fact it was her sister just adds that extra gross factor.

If you’re 17, around that age or have been 17, think about the person you are, the person you might be and the person you were at that age and ask yourself “Was this harmless childhood sexual exploration?” or “child molestation?”

I know the person I was at 17. Sex was everywhere in high school, I had a boyfriend, I had urges, I did things that most (not all) 17 year olds might do at that time and let me tell you, you’re far more aware at 17 than at 12.

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A Review of Recognize: The Voices of Bisexual Men

All told, over 60 writers and artists are given a stage in this collection, and that stage is beautifully diverse. The nationalities, ethnicities, religions, gender identities and experiences given voice here are as varied as each author – furthering the truth that everyone’s bisexuality is unique to the individual, boxes and labels are for cereal, and the sexual spectrum is as broad as humanity is multiplied. Once humanity as a whole can understand that spectrum, recognition and acceptance can be had.


Finalists for the 2014 Bisexual Book Awards:

(listed alphabetically by title)

Bisexual Biography/Memoir

Oh My, Leni...

Another winner from her memoirs.  I swear, this bitch was delusional! 

“The dim light prevented any filming of the ceremony, and then when Glenn Morris came down the steps, he headed straight towards me.  I held out my hand and congratulated him, but he grabbed me in his arms, tore off my blouse, and kissed by breasts, right in the middle of the stadium, in front of a hundred thousand spectators.  A lunatic, I thought.  I wrenched myself out of his grasp and dashed away.  But I could not forget the wild look in his eyes, and I never wanted to speak to him again, never go anywhere near him again.  But I couldn’t avoid him because of the pole vault…" 

An Excerpt From My Book.

I started writing about seven books in my life; likely more.

Here’s a small portion I’m sharing today.

Every time I see a person in public I unconsciously figure out their gimmick. Everyone has one. I look at appearance, which usually is the first indicator of how someone wants to be perceived. I myself gave up on image a long time ago. I don’t really care what my hair looks like because every haircut I’ve had since I was little has not been flattering. I gave up on clothes because no matter what I wore I didn’t feel like an “individual” anymore. From late middle school until after high school I would dye my hair and dress as differently as possible from everyone else to try and show everyone how different I believed I was. As I grew up and learned that being intentionally different was neither different nor flattering. I decided to try and wear whatever was inexpensive and made me blend. This wasn’t intentional. This was an unconscious decision to shrug my shoulders at my wardrobe. It took a while to notice that I could blend in wearing the clothes I was choosing, but when I did it made me realize something. Wearing clothes to blend in was a challenge to me to get attention using my personality. I almost always wore a hat, which I guess is some sort of fashion, but even when I didn’t I wasn’t particularly attractive or exciting looking. I wore the least flashy “normal” clothes possible. I seldom had any sort of print or designs on the shirts or sweaters I wore and I didn’t wear pants that were too big or too small. I was the opposite of a peacock yet I seemed to attract the same amount of people as I did when I was edgy and trying to create fashion trends (people copying my outfits that I no doubt borrowed from someone on television or in music).

                So what I learned from my patterns of dressing myself daily after the last couple decades is that when I put on a suit jacket over a T-shirt I am making a conscious decision to be noticed. When I throw on the same pair of blue jeans that I own 4 identical pairs of and whatever shirt is on top of the clean laundry I’m not attempting to be noticed.

LESSON 1- Your daily appearance is reflective of who or what you want to be perceived as.

So two Sundays ago I hung out with one of my best friend’s brother for the first time, and we kind of hit it off. We’ve hung out a bunch and had a couple sleep overs. I told my best friend Ian that I would take it slow with his brother, Evan, but I find myself falling. And it scares me. I’ve already had sex with him and it’s barely been over a week… I’m used to having sex with people who I barely know, but somehow this is different. I promised Ian I’d take it slow, and I feel like a shit friend for not doing so. I haven’t committed myself to Evan or anything, though. I still plan on having sex with two of my friends this holiday season. Evan knows this. A part of my feels guilty, but I haven’t been in a relationship for over 2 years and the prospect is frightening. I don’t want to rush into things. I am terrified I am going to fuck this up one way or another. My confidence in myself when it comes to relationships is nil. Fuck. FUCK.

By: Sarah Bella 'Where I’m From'

I’m from a burning sun
all year round.
a golden tan and sun
kissed face.
I’m from a beautiful sister
who hates my existence.

I’m from a drunken father
who changed his ways;
a strong mother who
never gave up.
I’m from fraudulent grandparents
too stubborn to see.

I’m from a private school
free of uniforms.
I’m from being watched
through my bedroom window
at night, while I changed
into my pajamas.

I’m from a beautiful jungle
in my best friend’s backyard
I’m from a place where our imaginations
ran wild-
where we ran barefoot and
splashed in the river.

I’m from eating tomatoes, fresh
off our garden’s vines.
I’m from ‘accidentally’ falling
into mud.
I’m from learning to swim
and engulfing myself in the ocean.

I’m from the first one in
the water and the last one out.
I’m from building sand castles
and racing the waves
I’m from driving across the country
to a cold and boring place.

I’m from learning what cicadas
and catching lightning bugs in July.
I’m from seeing our nation’s capitol-
not just in the history books.
I’m from accepting change.

I’m from getting lost
in the pages of books.
I’m from memorizing
Romeo & Juliet.
I’m from painting and drawing
my suffering into my art.

I’m from a broken heart.
I’m from falling in love with
a boy.
I’m from falling in love with
a girl.
I’m from learning who I am.

I’m from watching her walk away.
I’m from pushing him away.
I’m from a pain
that still haunts my dreams.
I’m from black tears drops
staining my pillow.

I’m from an emptiness
that left me as numb as
the blades I toyed with.
I’m from being alone
and wondering why
I was never good enough.

I’m from being so close to the edge
that I could have jumped.
I’m from wondering
how a bullet feels
as it enters my temple.
I’m from fantasizing my own demise.

I’m from watching my hair fall out
a little at a time.
I’m from teachers recommending me
for counseling.
I’m from a psychiatric ward.
I’m from hitting rock bottom.

I’m from a dark depression
I’m from drawing my own blood,
I’m from not eating,
and feeling my bones push
through my skin.
I’m from picking myself up again.

I’m from being Born This Way
and seeing that I’m beautiful
in my own way.
I’m from countless nights,
wondering who I will be
I’m from laughter and goofiness.

I’m from fashion and heels.
Style and risk.
Love and pain.
I’m from who I have become
I’m from the way I look at

I’m from a Free Bit Movement.
I’m from seeing through
a new perspective.
I’m from standing up and saying,
“This is who I am,
this is who the fuck I am.”

We were two little people wrapped up in this big ole’ world
Drifting ‘round in space, out of place just boy and girl
Then you took my hand and made me a part of you
And I looked in your heart and saw all my dreams come true.

You did the impossible
You rescued my love
You did the impossible
See I had almost given up.

And now I love you like summertime,
Love you cherry wine,
Love you like free money,
Like a preacher loves Sunday,
Love you like a freeze pop,
Love you like a milkshake,
Love you like a high school girl on a first date,
Love you like shooting stars,
Love you like a muscle car,
Love you like were destined,
Love you like my lover and my best friend,
Yeah, you did the impossible.

Tonight I’m gonna need all your attention
Close the door
I wanna do things I probably shouldn’t mention
Like a bird I'mma hum those three words
I love you, I love you, I love you
Freeze the time
Let the world go by
If your mine say
You love me, you love me, you love me
Boy take my hand and make me a part of you
And the love that you gave to me has pulled me through.

You did the impossible
You rescued my love
You did the impossible
See I had almost given up.

Now I love you like sunsets,
Bubble baths on the jet,
Love you like Kool Aid,
Louis millionare shades,
Love you like sugar daddies,
Love you like a pimp caddy,
Love you like a holiday, duncan hines, yellow cake,
Love you like its 5am and I’m off work,
Love you like louboutin heels and a mini skirt,
Love you like an asher cut pink and white engagement ring,
Love you like laying in the bed, bumping Jodeci.

And I’m forever your lady
Laying in the bed bumping Jodeci
And I’m forever your lady…♥

—  Mariah Carey, The Impossible.