// semi-meme ish

// im sick and my main focus over the weekend is gonna be the valentine ball thing, so Jules probably won’t have much to say here before about Monday or Tuesday. Meanwhile, i have a proposition for ya based on tiny banter with @ask-ong-spy in the table chat.

If you like the music that comes up in my daily playlist queue, send me the name/url of a muse and i’ll pick a song that i feel describes their ship, whether it is potential, realised, or would be au. Doesn’t matter whether or not they’ve met. Doesn’t matter whether or not WE’VE met. Doesn’t matter how many names you send me, if you have multiple toons. And for this exercise only, i’ll lift the bars - age difference is not an object, as long as your muse is over 18. i will imagine one or the other at an appropriate age.

The caveats are that i pick the music, based on how i see the possibilities involved, and that these are not prompts or starters on my part - they’re just songs that mean something to me in relation to the proposed ship. If we haven’t talked about our muses or if we haven’t interacted at all, it would be helpful if you have a decent info page for the muse in question (i do take personalities and what i’ve read of character interactions on my dash into account).

As in my queue, there will be links to lyrics, if applicable. But don’t feel like an instrumental is a cop-out, because i pick instrumental songs just as carefully as those with vocals.

i’ll do this up to and during valentine’s day until 22:00 EST (UTC-5). let’s see what happens :3


right so I understand that some men find it “unfair” that feminism is on the rise, and more people are becoming feminists, but to mock and make fun of girls that have been raped and now are raising awareness? like you really think that’s okay? and to make fun of other men who are feminists and want the two sexes to be equal ? I mean wtf