memetic hazards

“what would it take to get you to date me” like miss me with that shit please?? dont lie to me . chances are u dont have what it takes. u all know what it takes . u gotta 

  • be kind
  • be forgiving
  • laugh and smile and love all in life
  • have level 4 or higher clearance
  • have approval from at least two on-duty HCML supervisors 
  • have signed Document EK-511 
  • have witnessed notarization of Document EK-511
  • have completed the necessary training programs for Foundation-approved inoculation against Class III-and-up memetic hazards 
  • rotate duty with at least three other qualified personnel per 24-hour period
  • maintain consistent Hume levels in surrounding areas at all times 
  • report any breaches to Site-42 for offsite emergency response and personnel backup 
  • not approach the anomaly at any time outside of approved testing periods

anyway its not that hard??? thx

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Here's a question, different SCPs seem to have similar effects/triggering mechanisms, with a lot of different terms. There are infohazards, cognitohazards and of course memetic hazards. They often seem to run together. Is there a page with information on the finer points of distinction?

Yes. Let me get the information for you.

  • A compulsion is something that compels subjects to do something that they normally might not do. This is distinct from a cognitohazard because it does not require line of sight or any perception of the source; sometimes mere proximity is enough. This is distinct from mind-affecting because it’s not an overriding force that makes you do it, it’s best described as a strong urge or feeling of intense curiosity

  • A cognitohazard is something that poses a danger to any subject that perceives it with any of our five physical senses: sight (visual), hearing (auditory), smell (olfactory), taste (gustatory), and touch (tactile). This applies to both things that cause physical harm as well as things that cause psychological damage, but only in a way that would be anomalous.

  • A mind-affecting effect is one that (usually permanently) affects the way a subject thinks (most commonly by altering personality or behavior, or inducing psychiatric conditions). This is distinct from a compulsion because of its permanence and in that this is usually an intense obsession, not just a mild urge.

  • A memetic agent is best described as “infectious information”. It is a piece of data in a subject’s mind that has an anomalous effect on that subject’s physical or mental state that is spread when anyone else becomes aware of the same information. All memetic agents are cognitohazards as you can’t be exposed to information without observing it somehow, but not all cognitohazards are memetic.

  • An infohazard is an object that has an effect that triggers whenever you refer to it or describe it. This is separate from a memetic agent because it is still an object, not a piece of information. SCP-426 is a prime example of an infohazard; whenever you refer to it, you always speak about it in the first person.

I hope this is helpful!

  • memetic hazard: *completely decimates my cognitive reasoning and capacity, makes me question my own sanity, induces gaps in my memories*
  • containment team: we need to get this thing's triggers transcribed and tested immediately. every second we're not drafting containment procedures is another second someone could be falling victim to this thing without even knowing. the first thing we need to do is establish a-
  • a cool and hip suburban mom, interrupting: but have you tried yoga??

Somedays im like wow tumblr isnt so bad as long as i stay on ‘this side’ but most days im too nice and i end up being fooled by some absolute freak and get 2 years shaved off my life, some of yall are walking memetic hazards and i kindly ask that you stay the fuck away and educate yourselves

I had a dream that I was dreaming I was looking through a magazine with an article about some new TV show or film that Ian McShane troublemaker was in. There were some other really hot actors in it, including a tall gorgeous man playing Tiamat.

I woke up (in the dream) excited to come tell all y’all about it. On my way to the room, I passed a table stacked with tarot decks; I grabbed the top card off one stack, and it was the Hermit. I laughed (of course it was), and headed up the stairs, almost losing my composure when a man with his hair and beard dyed purple (yes, like that image of Warren Ellis) walked down the stairs, passing me.

When I got into the room, all y’all were /already watching the show/ and I was agog. I had just dreamed of this! OMG.

Not sure if normal dream or ODIN WOULD LIKE TO CHAT. Because it was … a lot.

(earlier I had a dream that probably wasn’t a real dream - it was about spirits - but AAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUGH I HAVE FORGOTTEN THE DETAILS I MOST WANTED TO REMEMBER. I remembered them when I woke from it!!! BUT NOW THEY’RE GONE. WOE)

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Pepe is a memetic hazard I keep seeing pepes everywhere now pe pe mustt. Ne contained

I’ll see what I can do when I get back from snurch (snail church).

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There one was a scip from Nantucket: a memetic hazardous bucket. If you saw it at night, you'd experience fright, and a curious urge to [REDACTED]