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have you done got7/monsta x what they'd be like as a boyfriend and how they'd ask you out? (sorry if this is a lot I just love ur writings!)

okay so because this is gonna be kinda long I’m gonna do two separate posts and we’re gonna start with got7


  • literally the clingiest boyfriend ever
  • like you’re holding hands a lot and he’s always gonna be under you
  • but not enough to really be annoying
  • you’d probably have more stay at home dates than anything else
  • probs do lots of arts and crafts like Jackson would wanna try lots of different things with you
  • he’d send you lots of dumb texts and would flirt with you a lot
  • super caring and protective
  • you two honestly probs work out together
  • and there will definitely be outings with you him and his mom
  • lots and lots of lame jokes
  • him trying to prove how manly he is
  • but its always more cute than anything else
  • him loving you more than anything else in the world
  • honestly Jackson seems the type to get in a relationship and give it 1000%


  • again a super caring boyfriend
  • like he was made to take care of people
  • he’d check up on you a lot
  • good morning/good night texts
  • but he’d also be kinda snippy
  • so there’d be lots of inside jokes and teasing one another
  • him pouting to get anything he wants really bad
  • shopping and cooking together
  • you attempting to get him to treat the members Yugyeom better
  • being slightly jealous of his relationship with JB
  • but him always making you feel better with lots of skinship and kisses
  • trust me
  • jinyoung can be so affectionate


  • so so so much of him trying to get you flustered
  • like guys seriously
  • but at the same time you having to convince him that you actually do really like him
  • fight me if you don’t think JB is just a little bit insecure
  • lots of really really chill dates
  • like guys JB is so low maintenance
  • running out of food in your apartment because HE EATS EVERYTHING
  • sending each other really really bad selfies
  • you getting upset when he shows those bad selfies to the boys
  • him being really cocky around the boys
  • you having to deal with him and his extraness
  • like at some point you may end up having a conversation that’s nothing but emojis
  • hes extra af
  • essentially your best friend that you get to make out with


  • really embarrassing
  • you constantly telling him that you genuinely enjoy him and his presence
  • im sorry but that’s so important he needs to know that
  • kinda super shy about skinship, at least when you’re around other people
  • but I think when its just the two of you he’ll be super touchy and wanna have you play in his hair and stuff
  • lots of trips together
  • him telling you all his jokes and stories
  • plz listen to him he’s so important and has so much to say if you’ll let him
  • park dates with coco
  • also another really low maintenance bf tbh
  • like you could honestly only hang out in sweats barefaced and it’d be fine
  • a really sweet boy tho
  • confesses to you randomly bc sometimes he just starts thinking about how much he likes you
  • ending up on the floor from laughing so hard
  • his laugh makes me so happy
  • im not mark biased wtf


  • like I don’t think you guys understand
  • you ask for anything and you’ll get it
  • so encouraging and always reminding you how much he cares about you
  • literally an angel
  • really romantic dates
  • collapsing on the floor from laughing too hard
  • really silly dates
  • really playful dates
  • like you’ve seen the Bigbang let’s not fall in love video? those kinds of dates tbh
  • playing piano together
  • him singing for you whenever like you’re upset/you wont pay attention to him/youre just hanging out?
  • he’ll sing for you
  • so much skinship oh wow
  • really sweet kisses too
  • backhugs and forehead kisses
  • cutest boyfriend
  • probably super into couple stuff tbh


  • the worst boyfriend ever jk
  • so so many jokes about literally everything
  • everything he says will probably be a meme
  • shopping trips together
  • him being really sweet, gross, childish and caring all at the same time somehow
  • lots of teasing in every since of the word
  • “noona im a man” sorry not sorry
  • him being really really greasy for no reason
  • like you already agreed to do whatever it was he was asking for but he’s still doing aegyo and you’re just like stop gtfo bye
  • dancing together
  • making an absolute mess when you do anything around the house
  • waiting forever for him on dates bc he takes longer to get ready than you do
  • getting ready for dates together and picking out outfits for each other
  • sometimes pretty serious and caring but also pretty easy going


  • my bb
  • a really embarrassing boyfriend
  • like really sweet and he may try to take things slow at first
  • but gets really bold the longer you date
  • but regardless he gets so flustered when you two are hanging out around the boys
  • like extreme hyung slayer when you’re all together
  • lots of really cute dates bc he wants to impress you
  • probably asks to kiss you the first time
  • asks the hyungs for advice but ends up ignoring it anyway
  • really considerate and always tries to make sure you’re comfortable
  • also always putting you on his snapchat
  • kinda likes to show you off a bit
  • always tries to take care of you but it’s a weird mix of you taking care of each other
  • cute selfies together
  • lots of hand holding
  • probs lots of movie dates

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