| Spring Exchange: Calliope Dress - 16 colors and 10 prints |

Hello @justthatsimmer2015, this is your secret creator speaking! I have to say, this project has almost giving me sleepless nights lol. This was the first time I decided to create clothes, because I wanted to learn it some day and this seemed like a perfect opportunity. Except it was a lot harder than I thought, because of course I tried too much at the same time. Oh well, this is one of the results of it, there is a second piece in this post.

I decided on a dress, because I love dresses but don’t have many in my game. The dress is a sort of two-piece, but the top and the skirt are connected with mesh (a see-through fabric). 

  • mesh and alpha edit of a get together dress, made base game compatible
  • comes in 16 solid colors from my Ode to Candyland palette and 10 prints
  • has a custom thumbnail
  • tested in-game, but if you see any issues, please message me
  • mesh by me (and eaxis), if you wish to recolor, please don’t include mesh

Download: | Sim File Share

Credits to the people at Sims 4 Studio forum that helped me out when I ran into some issues. And thank you @habsims for creating this exchange, even though it dissolved. I still had fun creating this stuff!


約束したよね 「100歳までよろしくね」


We made a promise, right?
“Let’s be together until we are 100 years old.”
I didn’t expect the 101st year would come so soon.

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now with better textures! the original retexture was almost totally flat, but i took the time to splice some EA fabric textures onto it and now it looks so much better (with three more colors) - thank u!

this is my absolute favorite sweater in-game, so much that i wanted it in a more multi-purpose texture and more colors than the original three black white and grey, to celebrate the change of weather (even if we don’t have seasons…)

standalone top
teen thru elder
16 19 swatches in aelia’s autumn colors
sweater texture cobbled together by me
mesh by simsoertchen

download - updated sweater  ♥

Newsea Aeolian Bell Re-Texture for Female and Optionally Male

i originally intended to give the bow a different color for each hair color,
but that would be very limiting in terms of what outfits the bow fits with,
so i turned it into a soft black bow for all hair colors, black can go with everything~

hope you enjoy!

Made with Sims4Studio
Hair by Newsea
Texture by Pooklet
Colors by Me

Mesh Included
if you want a better look at the colors please go here


Dropbox - Female Only

Dropbox - Female+Male

*Please choose only one.

Don’t upload anywhere else!
Don’t use my colors for re-texturing other hair.