meme alignments summer 2015 edition
  • lawful good:"another one"
  • neutral good:“look at this graph”
  • chaotic good:flowerpot meme
  • lawful neutral:beautiful cinnamon roll
  • true neutral:okay....that sounds fake but okay.......
  • chaotic neutral:let's mcfreakin lose it
  • lawful evil:you STOLE fizzy lifting drinks
  • neutral evil:dan nicky your bobbie s
  • chaotic evil:gun
  • What she says:I'm fine.
  • What she means:What if after the taping of Make Happy is released, Bo drops off the face of this planet like he did last time? I don't know if I'll be able to survive off of just tweets and maybe some Instagram posts, even though he's barely on Instagram anymore. I'm going to end up dying if Bo goes on another hiatus.

Right this is the post to clear it up. If you’re in it you’re in the ‘meme trash squad’ cult. This is a definitive list because of shit storms. That’s it. We gonna get matching jackets. Pass on the word. forgetmemenot loofahjpg gaypasta tinyleafjpg gothneki urbanjesus webdirt sugoiye kanyejpeg kanyeve lxzyfangirl danisnotonfire cantyewest princesskeki itsybats alyshca gothskater teslapng thefuuuucomics cookiemoji onlinememes whentheskyisdark fakeyourmemes furbyjpg radiohoead ingenxe incloude kaleeallover kimkardahshian sassytito httpixel lamehoe ironicallyrad animemejpg hailtothememe exdigitate windows-96 hella-ela ultrasdevil unfollcw soulmeme overratedmemes cosmicmemes humidtowel existentialismm somewhat-savvy meemye dirtbagundies stephghetti 666tacos wikipepedia @sicctransitgloria @troyboltonhentai @kate-minola @easyvirgin @retuhrn ohmygodcarys

Meme trash squad cult.