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release the salt 🔥

      unpopular opinion


  I really hate the stigma that comes with NOT rping smut type of NSFW rping. It feels like people think less of you or are less likely to ship with you. TBH I am over age & I DO NOT rp these types of things because they make me uncomfortable. I mean if you do rp these things that’s completely fine! But don’t make others feel less because they don’t. 

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Okay so until this year I had no idea who Andy Samberg was so I only just realised that he is the "mmmmmm whatcha say" meme guy. I had only seen him in B99 and didn't recognise him under all the hair omg

omggg!!!!!! he’s so much more than the mmm whatcha say guy tho he’s the dick in a box guy, the I just had sex guy, the I’m on a boat guy, and so much more!!!!! just search the lonely island and find out everything about andy’s snl experience

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☁ Have you ever forgiven a partner when you shouldn't have?

{ Tbh I’ve never been under those circumstances. Usually I am very forgiving; but it depends on the situation if I forgive someone or not. Or sometimes I just say I forgive you, but I really don’t and just ignore you ( depending on the scale of what happened ) }

                                              the salty af munday meme 

                                                                                            { @asgardianhammer }

I've been gone because the state of Iowa is going to hell

They want to defund Planned Parenthood, cut funding to higher education and regular education, implement a Stand Your Ground law, cut funds from Family and children services to make up the funding we’re losing by cutting out Planned Parenthood, eliminating the eight of the Public Sector Unions, and use pre-emption to block minimum wage ordinances in several counties.

That’s not even everything.

Also, a need a meme of my daughter fighting a grizzly bear in school.


sorry HTTYD fandom but it had to be done

~ we are number one but every one is drago screaming and every hey is stoick getting shot ~

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27, 53, 54, 95? :)

Thank you for the questions! Saving me from boring conference calls!

25. Favorite DA:I place?
This is a great question! I just replayed Jaws of Hakkon and the entire Frostback Basin is gorgeous. I would so live there if I was a retired Inquisitor.

53. That One Headcanon that hurts to think about?
Oh gosh. I try not to inflict pain on myself.  BUT, my mage Inquisitor Lotte Trevelyan had a templar girlfriend (Cathryn) before the mage-templar war separated them at Ostwick. In my hc, Cullen helps her find Cathryn after it becomes apparent they lost track of one another. Because he is a stand up kind of guy. As you might imagine, that’s a difficult decision for Lotte to make once Cathryn comes to Skyhold. I never write angst for them, but it’s there, simmering in my brain.

 54.Fluffiest headcanon ever?
Maybe it isn’t super fluffy, but Hawke brings Fenris with her to Starkhaven as Sebastian had always suggested. Fenris becomes respected and trains other Starkhaven warriors/guards and finds contentment with his two best friends. (Protect Fenris, even when not romancing!)

 95. Which actors would you cast for a movie of your fav DA game?
Hard question! I didn’t go down one game route, but some of the best ones I’ve seen: Morena Baccarin as Cassandra Pentaghast, Jessica Chastain as Leliana, Gwendoline Christie as Aveline, Tom Mison as Anders, Lupita Nyong'o as Vivienne. And then for me personally, Sam Reid as Cullen (I watched Belle again recently and swoon).

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Brotps: Leonard x Jax ☺️.

Oh, boy! This’ll be fun, because I completely headcanon that Leonard has half-adopted Jax. 

  • Who offers to get rid of the evidence and body whenever the other starts complaining about someone: Leonard. Definitely. Jax is pretty sure he isn’t kidding.
  • Who shows up at the other’s house with food and movies when the other is having a bad day: Jax. Leonard pretends to be a little annoyed, because he’s fine, but honestly, he just has no idea how to deal with someone taking care of him.
  • Who sends the other tons of videos/phone game requests: Jax again. Leonard rarely uses his phone anyway, but after the fifth Frozen GIF of the day, he’s kind of done. He will occasionally play Words With Friends with the kid, though. 
  • Who glares at the other til they sit down and eat: Leonard. Like I said, half-adopted. Jax isn’t quite sure he’s serious at first, but he definitely is.
  • Who stands behind the other and signals to the person arguing with their friend that if the person hurts their friend then they will hunt the person down: Leonard, much to Jax’s annoyance because “I got this, dude.” “I’m sure you do, but in the event that you don’t, I’ve got this.” And Len holds up his cold gun.
  • Who starts the war on stealing food from the other: Jax. Like with Amaya, its an accident. Leonard may be the thief, but Jax is awful about checking to see if food is labeled or not. 
  • Who comes up with the bad ideas that they will regret in the morning and who stops them/goes with them to keep them from getting into too much trouble: … Leonard obviously comes up with the bad ideas. Jax sometimes tries to stop him, but usually ends up tagging along. 

Send me BROTPs, and I will answer questions!!! <3