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gif request meme

send me a number and a fandom and i’ll make a gifset!

  1. favorite female character 
  2. favorite male character 
  3. favorite hero 
  4. favorite villain 
  5. favorite minor character 
  6. most attractive male character 
  7.  most attractive female character 
  8. favorite romantic relationship 
  9. favorite brotp 
  10. favorite familial relationship 
  11. favorite episode 
  12. favorite season 
  13. favorite location 
  14. favorite [insert ship] scene 
  15. favorite story arc 
  16. most heartbreaking scene
  17. blank space (just ask me whatever you want)

Once Upon a Time Meme | Funny Scenes [5/5] | Rumplestiltskin spills all the tea in 5x14 Devil’s Due

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OC questions: music edition

Because the world could use more music AUs

(I’ll separate some of these questions into individual posts later. For now, here’s the masterpost!)

  1. If your OC were to play an instrument, what would they play?
  2. Personality wise, are they brass, woodwind, percussion, string, or voice?
  3. What genre of music do they enjoy?
  4. Which OC is the frazzled middle school band director?
  5. Which OC only knows how to play Hot Cross Buns on the recorder?
  6. Which OC always has a song stuck in their head?
  7. What is your OC’s battle theme?
  8. Which OC is tone deaf?
  9. Which OC is perfect/relative pitch?
  10. What is your OC’s voice part?
  11. Which OC always has their headphones on?
  12. Describe your OC as a musical term (ex: allegro, pesante, forte)
  13. Which OC can learn to play any instrument they are exposed to?
  14. Is your OC a band, orchestra, or choir geek?
  15. Which OC is/would make an awesome DJ?
  16. Does your OC prefer performing solo, or do they like group performances?
  17. Which OC would totally kill it at karaoke?
  18. Which OC is/would make an awesome beatboxer?
  19. Which OC can turn any object into a musical instrument?
  20. Which OC is always humming or whistling a song?
  21. What would your OC’s role in a band be?
  22. What is your OC’s opinion on country music?
  23. Which OC is the best at doing improv?
  24. Which OC sings in the shower?
  25. What song describes your OC’s current situation?