memes are bads kids

getting sick
  • normal kids: awe man this sucks, hopefully I'll get over it soon
  • choir kids: nOO *drinks 80 cups of water and lives off of cough drops and DayQuil*
  • me: *sits down at the table*
  • date: why do people keep saying sappho was bisexual?
  • there's barely any evidence for it, like wtf
  • me, shoving breadsticks into my purse: I have to g--
  • date: I mean, terms like pansexual didn't exist back then. how do we know she would've chosen bi over pan to describe her experiences? yeah she was attracted to men and women, but I highly doubt there was an ancient greek term for "bisexual." she basically had her entire sexual identity assimilated into lesbianism, and bisexuality is treated as the only legitimate alternative.
  • me, sitting back down quietly: continue


Feeling guilty when you have freedom and you don’t know what to do

At a friends house and feeling guilty because they’re doing dishes and you’re not and you should be helping

Going shopping and being hyper-aware of what your parents would approve of

The dilemma of going out with friends but having to lie to go but if you lie you know you’ll get caught so is it worth it

Parties aren’t a thing in your world?

“You dress so conservative” hahaha yeah my parents have to approve my clothes.

Having anxiety when you hang out with friends and they do something bad you didn’t know about

Going to concerts and having a panic attack that you’ll get grounded because you’ll smell like pot even though you weren’t smoking

having an anxiety attack because you didn’t get all your chores done well enough before your parents come home

#growingupwithstrictparents isn’t great. My parents have to approve what I wear, approve my friends, and ground me for frivolous things. I can’t hang out with neighbors or babysit without having to know who will be there what time they’ll be gone when they’ll be back where they’re going what I plan on doing and where I’ll be among more. I’ll have anxiety attacks because no matter how well I do my chores it never seems to be enough. And the expectation of straight A’s every semester and dissapointment when I don’t. Dissapointment when I get some A’s but they’re not as high as they could be. (I got a 98% in acting studies and got grounded because it’s not as high of an A as it could be because it’s an easy class)

Growing up with strict parents sucks. It harms your self esteem, self worth, mental health, makes you question your choices for everything as menial as a shirt. Constantly doubting yourself and worrying about everything. So please stop making it just a funny hashtag.

Yeah, a lot of parents are less strict than mine. But it’s not funny how harmful that level of control can be.

From NCT’s extra lifestyle:

Late-night gathering with NCT family

  • Me: *is a dad*
  • Me: *is watching a marching band with my son*
  • Me: Son, when you grow up, will you be the savior of the broken, the beaten, and the damned?
  • Son: Dad, you do this every time we see a parade, can you not?

in british schools, there are a lot of rules which we should follow. it’s the rule in general educational schools - wearing the school uniform. I don’t like it, i’d better wear more fashionable clothes than these. 

what is this? :D 

this is a text which was written on russian by english letters. also, it’s some сhild’s homework. call me the man who can do school homework better than kids now.

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give me a clarence and bay kid or a cas and bay kid whichever you have more muse for

❛❛ i'mma dance my heart out ‘til the dawn  – Nova Reese Silver.❞

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Tbh the whole making fun of fidget aids and shit is pretty sad. You’ve taken an aid from people, more importantly children, and not only made it into a trendy toy (causing it to be seen as a toy and no longer being an option for autistic kids, kids with adhd, etc) but have also made it into a shitty meme where the whole idea behind it is mocking autism. Fuck y'all.