So if my historical sources are telling me the truth…

…and I’m synthesizing the history properly…

…then, in fact, the entire edifice of Western civilization – all the cultural, social, and philosophical structures that define the world in which we live today – can be traced back to a stupid loophole in Roman inheritance law.

NOTE: Everything here is taken either from Francis Fukuyama’s The Origins of Political Order or from a Livejournal post by the Infamous Brad that I am currently unable to find.  I get credit for absolutely nothing, except noticing the connection between Section II and Section III. 

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There’s a debate happening on theunitofcaring’s post about Charles Murray, recent events at Middlebury, and antifa in general. Unfortunately I can not participate directly in that debate as theunitofcaring has blocked me- so instead I’m making this separate post to make my case.

As I’ve stated a few times before, I spent my teen years on the chans, and watched as that community was consumed by neo-fascism and calls for the Day Of The Rope. And I remember, very clearly, that it was endless threads about Charles Murray’s work- namely The Bell Curve- which was the first step 4chan took down that slippery slope.

Hence why I roll my eyes when I hear the argument “oh, no effort at pushing back against this kind of thing is necessary, if people hear their position they’ll just see how silly it is! the best thing to do in response is nothing! And if you think that any pushback against this memeplex is necessary, well, you must secretly think the memeplex has merit!”

I know, from experience, that the result of Charles Murrays work being widely broadcast is not “everything turns out fine :)” but rather “genocidal bloodlust becomes the new viral meme.” And I don’t think what happened had anything to do with Charles Murray’s work having merit.

I don’t know if I can fully explain what happened. But what I saw there convinced me that liberalism wasn’t enough to fight the memetic plague that swept over that community. What’s necessary is a memeplex that actually pushes back against that ideology, and much like antifa successfully managed to do in the underground music scene- the hardcore scene was, for a time, nearly as infested with neonazis as 4chan, and it was the efforts of antifa that managed to seize that cultural territory away from the fascists.

This is what my support for antifa comes down to- not uncritical support for every action done in the name of antifa, but rather the position that the evidence shows that the world is better off, overall, because that memeplex exists. That without the antifa memeplex to act as a counter-force against the neofascist memeplex, that fascists would have claimed more cultural territory, recruited more people, and gotten closer to achieving their goals.

@theunitofcaring and the rest of the lesswrongers: if you think that there should be a better memetic counter-force against fascism than antifa, I’d love to hear what you have in mind. But we already tried “just do nothing!” and that didn’t fucking work.


No but why did the Dark Souls fandom spontaneously decide that Pickle-Pee & Pump-a-rum was DARK Papi? I made a joke about it last night but seriously, is this what a Stand Alone Complex is? Is this the Memeplex? Is the Jungian collective unconscious collapsing upon itself in the shape of hot harpies?

Why did this happen
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ironically the memeplex that comes closest to an honest consideration of male weakness is a subset of the men’s rights movement that focuses on depression, suicide rates, divorce, unemployment, men going their own way, etc.

unsurprisingly they are held in total contempt and scorn by everyone else, for obvious reasons

American nativist anti-UN sensibility should be seen in continuity with the historic American nativist anti-Papist sensibility.

Mind that the Roman Catholic Church as a historical institution included not just the ceremonial corps of a particular religious memeplex but a transnational social welfare and education system that operated in coalition with or to exclusion of host nations, a forum for and arbiter of international diplomacy, and the smiling front of great powers’ colonial apparatuses.

And also a secular, territorial, internally elective empire in its own right, that tended to pursue its own interests by forming the core of multinational military coalitions and using its mythology of universal human brotherhood, as promulgated through that embedded welfare/education apparatus and its affiliates, to constrain foreign sovereigns through internal political pressure.

That cartoon of priests as alligators crawling from the ocean menacingly towards little children was about the fear that the church establishing a role in American education represented a move to capture American youth by, and in the interests of, an overseas and politically unaccountable sovereign.

Because that is exactly what it did represent, because that is exactly what that kind of institution will do if you let it.

The American mythos has drifted far enough from the Germanic Protestant one to make it hard to understand how having an official state church with the monarch as head could be taken as a proud symbol of freedom and independence.

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tbh i think it's hilarious that lesswrongers try to assert that they're not right wing at all, given that multiple members of the community have explicitly said that involving themselves in the LW-sphere has made them significantly more right-wing.

well, the nuance of this is that it can be simultaneously true that the lesswrong memeplex is right-wing and that it pushes people’s politics further rightward, AND that individual lesswrongers could be left-leaning- Eliezer and Scott and the other lesswrong figureheads are smart enough to not just preach to the choir, and are pretty clever about drawing in left-leaning people and shifting their politics rightward over time. 

a good example of how this works is the “red tribe blue tribe” narrative- theres this whole narrative in lesswrong circles that political demographics can basically just be split into republicans and democrats, and also a handful of libertarians (the “grey tribe,” which fits into the now largely discredited narrative that libertarians are “outside the right/left paradigm”). Further, they claim that basically all republicans are poor rural people who want to be able to keep their guns, and all democrats are wealthy whole foods shopping vegans who do yoga, and are in such a political bubble that they’ve never even met a creationist.

this narrative is, of course, complete nonsense- these two groups exist, but they don’t describe even close to the majority of republicans or democrats, and this framework also completely ignores most of the people who, quite sensibly, vote for neither party.

but to many of the people recruited into lesswrong, it seems like a plausible narrative- mostly because many of those people are wealthy whole foods shopping vegans who do yoga, and are in such a political bubble that they’ve never even met a creationist. so they swallow the narrative hook, line and sinker.

due to how out of touch they are, they don’t even notice that it’s a completely false, rigged narrative, which focuses on the most innocent and reasonable right-leaning people, and the most repulsive and hypocritical “left”-leaning people. once someones swallowed this framework/narrative, of course their politics start shifting rightward.

this framework/narrative is, notably, the exact same one used by NRx.

there’s a certain logic to why eliezer and scott chose to recruit wealthy whole-foods vegans into libertarianism. after all, as class based left-wing politics has been on the upsurge lately- from the psuedo-socialism of bernie in the mainstream, to the resurgence of interest in actual, real socialism/communism in the underground- I imagine a lot of wealthy left-leaning whole foods shoppers are feeling alienated from the left. eliezer and scott are trying to reach out to these alienated wealthy left-leaning whole foods shoppers and convince them that right-libertarian politics is more in their self interest than leftist politics- which is true- and that they should act in their own self-interest instead of trying to [ahem] “signal virtue” by supporting the struggle of the downtrodden.

while of course i dislike that eliezer and scott are doing this, i gotta admit it’s pretty clever, and if i were an awful libertarian chode i’d probably come up with the same strategy.

i think the problem with effective altruism is most elegantly illustrated by the fact that they recommend that you should try to buy things manufactured in sweatshops.

the logic being that workers in sweatshops are generally poorer, so if you want to help them, you should help keep the business they work for afloat.

this is, as far as that goes, true, attempting to discourage sweatshops through boycotts only result in people being put out of work, and is an ineffective or even counterproductive method to attempt change.

but like….. buying sweatshop-made clothing helps the person who owns the company (and is exploiting the workers) way more than it helps the workers! and what this really should be highlighting is that neither buying nor boycotting the product on an individual level is going to solve the problem! the important thing is helping workers fight for their rights worldwide!

and the “effective altruism” framework is explicitly offered as a substitute for systematic political change, most clearly demonstrated when nogfhaver was talking about direct political action and mitoticcephalopod jumped in to recommend instead becoming an effective altruist.

like virtually everything in the lesswronger memeplex, the effective altrusim meme is designed to convince people with left wing values that they should be either politically inactive, or right-libertarian. of course, the fact that lesswrong is funded by a far-right, anti-democracy, neoreaction-associated industrialist like Peter Thiel makes some sense of why this might be.

Nosey Parkers

They observe and make inquiry. Natural behavior. They expect that etiquette demands responses and to pass must be accompanied by an explanation. So needy and nosey they are. Soliciting self pride, polluting with endless reminiscence—if nothing more then an organizational processing of their own thoughts, experiences and ideas—is nonetheless a predictable gauntlet to be run daily.

Here comes one now. I count the timer in my head as I wait. Offered food. Nice. As I expected, ruthless to the core.

So maybe I reflected too harshly. There is no doubt that I maintain an aura of rejection. My shield is up and not coming down any other way than slowly. It’s impulsive at this point. The reason is clear to me. Truth. I mean, what if the gist of what you hear brings your ears to loathe their attachment to your person? Play is the response. To find a dance in the passage through the mire, to bloom a lotus and rise above. Invoking the persona is the key. Finding the kinesthetic relationship with yourself that creates the action. Play.

Of course I’m analyzing too much into everything. Instead of simply doing and really playing. Be frivolous with who you are!

Tis all play. Performance. Become wrapped in it all. Flow. Enjoy. With ease comes a freeing of the mind.

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I've been infected by a memeplex and I'm passing it on ---> Ten facts about yourself then pass this on to ten of your favorite followers :)

1. I am learning how to play the bass guitar. It is the first musical instrument I have ever tried to play without being forced by parents or school. So far I am only playing with 2 strings, and want to get better before graduating to 4 strings. 2. I still buy CDs and would prefer to have a physical copy of all of my music, even though I listen to it most often on digital devices. 3. I generally like the company I work for, but I don’t talk about it on Tumblr because a lot of people really, REALLY dislike my employer. I want my Tumblr to be about music, clever Simpsons quotes, and other fun stuff, but not endless arguments about my employer and how “evil” they are. 4. I used to watch professional wrestling almost religiously, both live and on TV. I have even won free beer for my extensive knowledge of wrestling trivia. However, ever since the Chris Benoit murder / suicide, I just haven’t enjoyed it as much and have switched to UFC. 5. A few years ago I started going to the gym twice a week, and it is one of the best decisions I have ever made. My job and hobbies both involve me sitting in front of glowing rectangles for extended periods of time, and I enjoy beer. Going to the gym is usually the only physical activity I get. I will never be a speedo model, but I will also never be out of breath from climbing stairs (anymore). 6. When my wife was my girlfriend we had a regular weekly date night. One one particular night, she asked if it was okay if ordered pizza and played Super Mario brothers instead of going out for dinner. That’s when I knew she was “the one”. 7. I was once hired to be foreign Santa at a Japanese Christmas party. It was one of the most fun jobs I have ever had. 8. I grew up with two great parents that are still happily married. I never appreciated that until I got older. 9. Growing up my sister and I were raised Roman Catholic. In University, my sister decided to become a born again Christian at a local evangelical church. I was the only family member to attend her adult baptism, and in the interest of maintaining peace in the family, will never reveal that fact to my mother. 10. I have been the dungeon master of a reasonably successful Dungeons & Dragons campaign. It was a lot of work to prepare, but a lot of fun to execute. My players called me “Doug Doug” most of the time.

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So, that thing you shared, it's obviously saying "if you're not with us, you're against us". And yes, that's scary. It has to be. no?

I actually don’t think that post is directed at people with opinions the author hates. I think it’s directed at people with opinions the author shares, but who have friends who disagree with them. The message is ‘if you were better you wouldn’t have those friendships’, and yes, it is scary and horrible.

And has 50,000 notes. I actually don’t think that’s 50,000 self-loathing people with guilt complexes who think they need to cut off loved ones who have impure politics. (it’s more than zero. But I doubt it’s everyone.) Something about that post speaks to people, and my guess is that some people want to end friendships with ‘friends’ who think their relationships are immoral or they should be imprisoned for their sex-work job or they’re not really their gender. Or people who really hate that their boyfriend’s friends call him gay for dating a trans woman or people who wish they didn’t have to lie to friend A and say friend B miscarried because friend A will call friend B a murderer if she learns it was an abortion. 

Or people who are told that being around Different Opinions is virtuous but who spent their whole lives surrounded by Different Opinions in a fundamentalist small town, and are now really enjoying not having any fundamentalists around.

So if we want to cut down on the ‘it is Right to end Impure Friendships’ rhetoric it makes more sense to ask ‘where is that coming from?’ And it’s coming from people who have a hard time navigating differences of opinion on things that affect them intimately. Or it’s coming from people who’ve done a lot of being surrounded by different ideas and are exhausted by it and looking for a intellectual circle of choice not of birth. And if we don’t want that challenge to be acknowledged only by toxic SJ purity memeplexes then we have to acknowledge it ourselves.

It is not better not to have those friendships. It is understandable not to have those friendships. I can relate to your desire not to have those friendships. I can relate to the desire of other people to have those friendships. Friendships are for you, and you should have ones that make you happy and not have other ones. It is okay to have friendships with people who profoundly disagree with you; it is okay to let go of friendships that are taxing for you for any reason, including profound disagreements. 

Privilege interacts with this in complicated ways; some people have the mobility, money, class standing, and general-acceptability-in-most-circles that lets them cut off friends for disagreements, while lots of people cannot afford to do that. But there are also people for whom an issue touches them closely enough they don’t want to have close relationships where it’s up for debate, and that’s okay.

I don’t want to be on Team It’s Virtuous To Not Use Ideological Criteria In Friendships so we can stand against Team It’s Virtuous To Use Ideological Criteria in Friendships. I want to be on team ‘it is a lot of work to figure out how to have positive affirming meaningful relationships, and which direction you need to move in to achieve that probably depends a ton on where you started, and for some people that means caring more about ideological differences and for some people that means being more open-minded about ideological differences and I, not being in your shoes, can’t tell you what you need, just what you deserve. (Happiness. You deserve happiness.)’

It the Persona 5 Press Conference

All the fucking waifu-loving weebs of the world are gathered to learn about what memetastic adventures they will encounter in their up-coming chair-filled game.

Katsura Hashino stands up from his chair and reveals a screen behind him. Without a word he turns on the screen

It’s the same teaser for P5

At the end of the teaser it says

“You are slave, do you want….


Persona 5 is actual the codename for Persona 4 Golden 2: Ultimate Memeplex

It’s the same as Persona 4 Golden all the lines are replaced with memes and all the personas are replaced with Nanako.