This fic is a follow up to Memento Mori and inspired a lot by this phone call

If you’ve been in chat with me over the last month or so, you’ll know how much I’ve wanted to write this. 

Jumin is level headed to a fault. As a young boy, he rarely cried and instead would introduce himself to every new nanny and teacher with a firm handshake. At the onset of every stomach ache or grazed knee, he described the issue to whichever adult would listen, all while eliminating the possibility of appendicitis and pointing out the importance of a clean gauze.

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I know we aren’t supposed to think way deep into this but for the last calling card the p thieves give, like… theyre in costume so they ha to be in either mementos or a palace. they have different shots and angles and cuts they had to have like a billion different takes unless they had cameras everywhere. They’d have to rehearse lines. This just seems like way too much time would have to be put into it, and obv Yusuke would have Artistic Feedback but Ann’s also a model so they could’ve fought about lighting, Haru is way into this kind of dramatic stunt so she’d probably join into the discussion, futaba loves toku so she’s got those directorial sensibilities, what I’m saying is there’s no way they couldve just thrown together this video
Why is motherhood so poorly portrayed in video games?
Kicking off our series of features about motherhood and gaming, Kate Gray looks at why the maternal role is so badly represented in the medium
By Kate Gray

If everything I learned about motherhood was from games, a large part of it would be “you die roughly five minutes after giving birth, surviving just long enough to leave a memento or a letter that will later serve as the motivation for your child to do some big quest”. You are less a nurturing, sentient human being, more a plot device. The statistical probability of this happening is worrying on a pandemic scale: there’s Ellie’s mother in The Last of Us, Evie and Jacob’s mother in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, the drowned mother in Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, the protagonist’s mother in Fallout 3, the saintly Lady Comstock in Bioshock Infinite (who, when she returns to life, does so as a nightmarish and deadly siren) … the list continues.

You’d think that mothers were some kind of impossible narrative puzzle, best dispatched at the beginning so no one has to bother writing a rounded female character. If we’re feeling generous, we could suggest this is down to the fact that video games have habitually drawn their archetypal structures from fairy tales (the brave prince rescuing the fair maiden, etc) – and in these ancient stories, the death of a mother is a familiar inciting incident. But that’s not really good enough in the era of sophisticated storytelling – and the malaise is a lot more complicated.

On motherhood in games.

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Name: Kristy

Nickname: Kiki (also known as Kristopher, and Kiko)

Gender: Female

Star sign: Aquarius 

Height: 5′2″

Sexuality: big ol’ gay lesbo

Hogwarts house: Puffle (Hufflepuff) 

Favorite animal: SHARKS 

Average hours of sleep: depends on the day bc i either sleep v little or i never wake up (4 - 12 hours lol)

Current time: 9:58pm

Dog or cat person: Dog but I love cats I love both but I want doggo

How many blankets do you sleep with: One comforter but I have two soft blankets for the winter time that always end up on the floor even on the coldest days

Dream trip: TBH Metropolis, Illinois. Like bro it’s an entire town dedicated to Superman and they have like stores with hella mementos from movies and every year they have a Superman festival and there are people who live in the town that dress as Superman all the time???? Let me be with my people 

Dream job: Animator/Character Designer 

When I made my blog: 2010ish I think??? I’ve been on this site too long

Followers: 3k

Why I made a tumblr account: my friend showed me her blog and i was like ?? and I made one and i didn’t use it much until I found fandoms and i started to make friends and now i’m stuck 


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Ancient Roman mosaic, depicting a skeleton (perhaps a memento mori) above the Greek maxim from Delphi γνῶθι σεαυτόν (”know thyself”).  Artist unknown; 1st cent. CE (?)  Found during excavations at the convent of San Gregorio on the Via Appia, Rome; now in the National Museum, Rome.  Photo credit: Lessing Photo Archive.