Okay but what if the Richard E. Grant Doctor deliberately remade Tremas’ body as a reminder. As a constant memento mori to the man whose skin the Master walked around in for so long. As a note-to-self that no matter how reformed the Master may be these days, no matter how companionable, he still took the life of Nyssa’s father and paraded his corpse around for the whole world to see. And every time the Doctor looks into that android face, he sees not just a friend, not just the wires and circuitry behind the faceplate, but also sees the man who once deleted a quarter of the universe through sheer carelessness. And he never lets himself forget. 

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If you could only watch 10 episodes of the X-Files for the rest of your life, which 10 would those be?

Bad Blood
Je Souhaite
Field Trip
Redux I/II
Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose
Memento Mori

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I tried out the generator and it described my cat's fur as 小判 which google translate says means "oval"? Do you have any idea what this would mean in context of the game? I tried to find info online but I can't find anything helpful :c

aha 小判 is ms. fortune(koikoi-san)’s appearance in japanese ver. which means a ancient currency(a kind of gold coin)(it’s also koikoi-san’s memento) well it’s not really about it’s fur but it’s about their appearance trait. most of the rare cats has this kinda “not certain” appearance info btw. but the normal cats’ profiles are really all about their fur colors and stuff


Collection of lachrymatorys (or lachrymosas), these tear catchers or tear vials - sometimes worn on a necklace, sometimes merely held - were used to gather the tears wept by mourners at funerals, to hold the tears of people mourning the passing of loved ones. One type of lachrymosa had a special top which allowed the tears to evaporate (signifying the time to stop mourning), others had a sealed top to allow the tears to last for a year, at which point they would be poured on the grave of the person whom the tears were wept for, Victorian era, 19th Century.


The human body is composed of 18% carbon, but San Francisco-based sculptor Agelio Batle (previously featured here) has created a life-size human skeleton that’s 100% carbon. Entitled Ash Dancer, this graphite skellington is a both art and artistic medium.

“When placed on a custom made high-frequency vibrating table, the bones of the skeleton rub marks onto the surface, slowly creating an outline of its own form. The more the work rubs against the table, the more of itself is left behind, slowly transforming the graphite from sculpture to abstract drawings which Batle refers to as Ash Dances.”

Batle’s Ash Dancer is currently part of the murmer | tremble exhibition at the Jack Fischer Gallery in San Francisco which runs through December 29, 2016.

Visit Agelio Batle’s website to check out more of his beautiful graphite objects, some of which are available for purchase via the Colossal Shop.

[via Colossal and Gizmodo]


Vampire Skull Ring with Ruby & Sapphires

Custom made for Sarah this ring was handcrafted from .999 pure silver. It features a red ruby and dark natural sapphires in the eye sockets of each skull. Weight is 13 grams.

Please feel free to visit

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