What if fleet trolls got dog tags specifically for their quads

Like u get the typical tag w ur own info then for every quad filled u get another tag, one side w a diamond/heart/spade/club and the other side w your quad’s contact info

That way u not only know who’s corpse is who’s AND you can notify their partners of their death


I forgot to add memento post about Wakfu.
My dA says that at July 20, 2010 I added first art on that website.
I still remember that summer when I just copy/redraw some caps from serie Wakfu with ballpen.
I was so hyped that I was made four drawings per day! That was good time, though kind of silly…

But without that I wouldn’t be able to draw as I do today.


SO hype over my new pin by @mementomorigoods !!!!!!!! 😍✨ #oujia #pingame

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“I don’t mean to be rude, do you have fucking Memento disease?”


Collection of lachrymatorys (or lachrymosas), these tear catchers or tear vials - sometimes worn on a necklace, sometimes merely held - were used to gather the tears wept by mourners at funerals, to hold the tears of people mourning the passing of loved ones. One type of lachrymosa had a special top which allowed the tears to evaporate (signifying the time to stop mourning), others had a sealed top to allow the tears to last for a year, at which point they would be poured on the grave of the person whom the tears were wept for, Victorian era, 19th Century.


Vampire Skull Ring with Ruby & Sapphires

Custom made for Sarah this ring was handcrafted from .999 pure silver. It features a red ruby and dark natural sapphires in the eye sockets of each skull. Weight is 13 grams.

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