memento mori

Philips Galle, 1570.

Mors sceptra ligonibus aequat.
"Death makes sceptres and hoes equal."

Mors vltima linea rerum.
"Death, the final boundary of things."

Divitiis flores, et maiorum nobilitate te iactas, et exsultas de pulchritudine corporis et honoribus qui tibi ab hominibus deferuntur. Respice te ipsum, quia mortalis es, et quia terra es, et in terram ibis.
"You flourish in wealth, and boast of the society of the great and powerful; you rejoice in the beauty of the body and the honours which men pay to you. Consider yourself, that you are mortal, that you are earth, and into the earth you shall go."

"Mourning in the Parlour" - first creation for our Fall 2014 jewelry collection.

Thick velvet drapes are drawn to keep out the day’s light, but through the lazy gaps tiny beams of sunlight catch flecks of dust that float weightlessly through the quiet parlour. A single oil lamp glows dimly, casting soft shadows on heaps of sweet smelling flowers which encapsulate a dark mahogany coffin.

Inspired by the romantic allure of Victorian mourning fashion and culture.

Center 12mm beautiful natural deep black jade sphere is surrounded by tiny 2mm natural smooth black onyx cabochon stones.