1. Yeah, I’m a cat like thingy and will always be!

2. Yeah, I have 3 more OCS but I had no room. So, I put down the most recent ones I’ve done which is Sparky and Alex! Sparky can control Blue Electricity and ALEX is a hybrid Evo.

3. They Are ‘DUH’ Evos! They have no jobs.

4. Sparky has her blue electricity and sometimes makes Blue Fire. Alex Raider has her cat like evo powers and darkness.

5. I couldn’t name all of them! Too little space! D<

6. Oh yeah! Sparky can make a HUGE hammer/mallet out of electricity and it still feels real! Alex has her tail and can reverte back into her other form if the reason is really needed.

7. Yesh, there’s my failing 'Rex Ride’. At least Rex looks nice -_-
It says: “I tag who ever likes GR.”