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Music Video: Me! Me! Me!
Song: Lund - Broken
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I did alien/space makeup
Since I’m p sure they’re gonna be my new OC here’s a story rundown
They came to earth because they heard about vocaloid and mememe through galactic gossip and wanted to be an edgy earthling
They really like cats, shitty Japanese music with blue haired fictional idols and pastel goth aesthetics that didn’t exist on their planet

10 Things I Love Besides You Beautiful People

I was tagged by the super swimmy super foxy @swimmingfoxsticks so IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER or else my family would be number one:

1. I gotta steal this one from my boo and say my noodle sisters.

2. Writing.

3. The legit fam.

4. Music.

5. Cooking.


7. Winter, rain, cold, ice, fog, dreary horrible depressing weather. It is, as I have come to say, my sexual orientation.

8. Playing games. Monopoly, Life, Cards Against Humanity, Kingdom Rush, Spades and 21 and Gin Rummy, Rummikub, Risk, Battleship, puzzles, JUICE JAM oh my god.

9. Love. I love love. Oh my stars and garters, do I love love.

10. Being told stories. Books, movies, a story over the camp fire, music lyrics, television, urban legends, ghost stories, give them to me. 

Thanks for the tag, Fox! I tag @thinkingonaname, @casuallyotaku and @writerloverpsycho-pomp