Teacher Au 2/3

Middle School
Teacher Au 2/3

-Tyler and Ethan are both elective teachers in the computer science department, so they teach all grades (6-8)
-Ty’s curriculum leans more towards programming and sort of? hacking? while Eth leans more towards graphic design and animation and stuff like that
-Ethan likes to make his class contribute to the latest dank memes because he’s a memelord and it’s fun for all of them
-Their classrooms are right across from each other and they’ll often drop by if they have a free period
-During the transition time between classes, they both stand sort of outside their doors to say hi to their students and make sure nothing bad is happening in the hall; they also use this time to tell each other shitty jokes
-Tyler has a coffeepot in his classroom because he’s extra like that and he’ll sometimes bring Ethan coffee while he’s teaching
-Sometimes they carpool because they live relatively close to each other and they hang out after school because they’re great friends and they don’t really have anyone to go home to
-Tyler has a hard time grading everything because a lot of the projects he assigns are really complex, Ethan will sometimes come over to help him grade stuff
-If there’s teacher drama going on, one will always be on the side with the other and they support each other when one of them is feeling down
-They’re both fiercely proud of their classes because many of their students are very talented
-Ethan will print out a lot of the designs and tape them all over his room, Ty’s room is also filled with them because Ethan just wants to share stuff
-There’s sort of a friendly banter/prank war between them and all the kids are on it and it’ll be like “what’s the silliest thing we can program Ethan’s computer to do when he receives a notification” or they’ll like program his cursor to not show up and in return Ethan and his class will spam their google drive with memefied Tyler edits or whatever
-The artistic kids sometimes draw Tythan fanart but it’s not that shippy so they don’t realize they’re being shipped
-Tyler and Ethan are always the first people to start dancing at the middle school dances to encourage the kids to join too and there’s lots of videos on Instagram and snapchat of them laughing as Tyler tries to teach Ethan how to do a waltz
-They don’t even realize they’re being shipped until they’re voted “best couple” in the yearbook like five times in a row

starmaiden777  asked:

Do you ever just have the random mashup happen in your head? Like one minute you're looking at a totally normal picture of Ren and then the next minute Ten becomes He-Man in the What's Going On video? Cause I'm having that right now. I've become memefied.

omg lmao

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What are your thoughts on Hisame?

I really like him! The original, non-memefied Hisame anyway.

JP!Hisame is this weird, overly serious kid that essentially acts like a 60 year old trapped in the body of a teenager. His interactions with his dad are great too, they make for good foils.

What I find interesting is how much the localizers missed the point with this character. It’s not that he doesn’t provide humour. In he original, he also had an obsession (though it was less… exaggerated), but with pickled food in general. Pickled food is more or less the same as pickles. Big deal, right? Except that in the west we are missing a cultural factor: In Japan, preoccupation with pickled food is something stereotypically linked to old people. Yes, it’s all part of the joke that Hisame acts like an old man.

They could have translated this as him being into brussel sprouts, or some other “old people food”. But instead they went for pickles and made him really, really creepily obsessed about it. Because memes, I guess.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Our Cajun son Roe!

oh friend, i need to take some deep breaths here, because my body is 93% feels about eugene roe.

how I feel about this character: an absurdly superhuman ideal who still manages to be humanized to the point where you ache for him above everyone else. he reminds me of a song that got memefied into ridiculousness by overplay and because it is a bit silly in its earnestness, superman by five for fighting - you get to see how being the the “angel” medic who was “always there,” the one so above and beyond that people could hardly comprehend it, affected him as a person. you get to see how doing his best, which was all he knew how to do, just redoubled the pressure because it made him more and more indispensable, and made any performance below that level potentially lethal for others. and you get to see how personal all of it was for him, that he wasn’t just an insanely driven workaholic but a giving and caring soul who was here to heal people in the one way he could.

and you don’t get to see that because he rants or raves about it, or because he has any kind of selfish explosion, or even expresses those difficulties to others - no, he’s so goddamn determined and selfless that you see it because he will not stop, and you get to watch him grow more and more threadbare and still refuse to stop, and that should tip him over the edge into “too perfect to be true” caricature when taken with all the rest but it STILL DOESN’T. it makes him EVEN MORE HUMAN AND RELATABLE, i think because neither he nor the show makes any moral statements about him or holds him up as an example for others. he’s clearly a “good guy” and a hero, but he’s also a cautionary tale in his own way. he’s not any kind of paragon. if anything, he’s a textbook example of how no good deed goes unpunished.

so he walks a lot of very complicated lines as a character and pulls off every risk they take with him, and he’s still just viscerally heartbreaking if you don’t take him apart and see all the levels beneath what’s shown. he’s so, so beautiful.

all the people I ship romantically with this character: gimme a name, i bet i’ll make it work.

my non-romantic OTP for this character: this is the harder question for him, tbh. i would say that while i can and do ship reneeroe, i understand people who feel like their bond transcended romance, friendship, any of the most common human bonds, and became about so much more than a ship could ever get across.

my unpopular opinion about this character: there’s an incredible amount of focus on his softness, and i’d just love to see more about his strength and, in particular, how he remains a beacon despite the incredible depths of darkness his mind can reach. my favourite roe is study in contrasts roe, and anything simpler than that does him a disservice.

one thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: i wanna hear him really LAUGH. i mean belly laugh, double over laugh. i wanna hear him lose his breath laughing and then go into that whooping laugh when he has to try and get it back. i want to see him compose himself, then slowly dissolve into laughter again and have to apologize to everyone for the total loss of composure.