This is gonna be rambling and out of sorts but like. I want to put out my stance as a trans sga ace person and I’m sure there’s been plenty of people who have said this more eloquently than me but:

If you aren’t trans or sga you aren’t part of the LGBT community. Like, plain and simple as that.

I’m going to start by saying that when I was 14 I thought I was aroace and I came out to my mom and told her I probably wasnt ever going to want to have a relationship. She reacted bad. Like legit screaming fight and calling me a sinner bad. It was some of the most ridiculous bullshit I’d ever been exposed to. And it sucked and it hurt that she didn’t understand and even tho I’ve moved away from that identity, it still sucks to remember that moment. And this is serious shit that needs to be addressed, aroace people do have a lot of interpersonal stigma that needs to be talked about and remedied.

But see. That’s the key difference. Aroace issues are interpersonal, not societal. And the aroace community has very different goals from LGBT people as a result.

Aroace community initiatives are all about Visibility and Education. And those are noble goals, giving people access to this knowledge is great, but for LGBT people the kind of laser focus on Visibility isn’t great.

LGBT people are hypervisible. Trans women get mocked in media constantly, gay men and lesbians are stereotyped and demonized out the wazoo, everyone Knows we’re here. We don’t have a visibility issue.

We’re busy focusing on fighting the societal laws that literally restrict our freedoms. Because at the end of the day if you’re not an sga ace person, you’re not going to walk into an apartment complex with your spouse and be denied a home by a homophobic leasing agent. You’re not going to propose to the person you love and then have a baker refuse to make you a wedding cake because they believe you’re such an abomination that they think getting money from you is a sin. You’re not going to walk down the street holding your partner’s hand and have to fear for your life. You’re not going to tell your co-workers about your spouse and face social isolation, harassment, possibly being fired. You’re not going to be sent to conversion therapy specifically for your orientation and tortured until you’re too afraid to express your love anymore. You’re not going to be refused the right to donate blood.

If youre not a trans ace person, you’re not going to be stopped on your way to the bathroom and sexually harassed about your “real gender.” You’re not going to be denied work. You’re not going to be forced against your will to identify as a gender you are not.

There are no anti-ace laws. Theres no mandate to have sex or be in relationships. There are social pressures, YES, and I’m not denying that. And social pressures suck. But what you’re dealing with is fundamentally different from sga & trans experiences.

The thing about being ace is that it really is more of an interpersonal than professional disclosure. If someone irl asked me about my partners I’d have to talk about my boyfriends. I wouldn’t mention my level of sexual attraction or engagement because that’s not what was asked or what is socially appropriate to disclose. My boyfriends know I’m acespec because it’s relevant to our relationship, my boss would not.

Aromanticism is a mildly different story, because this is when you would reveal, “oh, I’m not in a relationship, I’m not really interested in them.” This could be met mostly with confusion, misunderstanding, disbelief, jokes, or “it’s a phase"s. Which all suck! They do and they’re issues that need to be addressed and dealt with, but once more they’re fundamentally different from the concerns sga people have to deal with when bringing their orientations into the professional realm.

Aro/ace people are perfectly valid, memeatic as that term has become. These are legitimate identities with definitely legitimate issues. But the facts are that the aroace community has vastly different priorities from the LGBT community and this is why they are fundamentally separate.

LGBT spaces and resources shouldn’t be expended in a direction that takes focus away from actual LGBT issues like the ones discussed above. Aroace people need to rally together and get their own resources in shape so they can create a more focused and targeted attempt to do what they want to accomplish. Because tugging at LGBT resources and insisting on including cishet aces, whose experiences are so fundamentally different from trans sga folks’, in LGBT spaces is detrimental to all of us in the long run.

And all the sitting around flinging insults at LGBT people and comparing them to bigots or their oppressors and being disgusted by LGBT people empowering themselves through displays of affection that they’re demonized for in every other circle just kinda proves the rift that exists between these communities and how much their priorities differ.

Anyways I’m done that was a lot of text

Got7 texting during class

They all get caught

+ this is more texting habits and quirks but its still cute


  • one word responses
  • mainly only texts you if he picks you up
  • refuses to use emojis
  • ends up only using the snowflake and donut one
  • screens shattered


  • texts more during school than at home
  • made a groupchat for everyone 
  • named it THOT7+1
  • has to speak-text because he cant spell so well


  • constantly asks to borrow a charger
  • finds out you lent it to Bum one time
  • fills his snapchat story with shade
  • youre probably blocked for the day
  • his phone dies around 3rd period


  • constantly sends you hand written notes over text
  • sends tests answer with a confetti screen
  • he has an ugly selfie for your contact pic
  • lots of inside jokes 


  • meme after meme after meme
  • at this point they are so old
  • refuses to believe vine is dead
  • YOU get in trouble because of his texts


  • youre the first one to see his ootd
  • has the Cowboy Bebop theme song as your ringtone
  • third time this month his phones been taken away
  • dresses up as his mom to try and get it back from his Math teacher
  • it never works
AU: Teacher!Vernon {Req}
  • teaches at an all-girls private school lmao
  • wears khaki pants, white collar shirt with a tie and glasses ;;
  • yes, is one of the only males on the school campus lel
  • is a second language teacher, teaching the English language
  • is also quite handsome + young (25) and he is that one teacher all the girls have a teacher-crush on
  • on valentine’s day, he got so many cute gifts and cards on his desk from his students that he had to move some so he could have space to correct papers
  • is oblivious to all the giggling and meaningful looks his students exchange with each other when he comes around though
  • all the girls sighing every time he smiles or laughs tbh
  • is the type of teacher who would put on music so his kids could listen while they do their work
  • gives a high-five of encouragement when his struggling student gets the answer correct
  • mr.choi would just be a really chill and helpful kind of teacher, another reason why the girls love him
  • and in this school, you are the music + dance teacher
  • and like, the school was having some fancy banquet coming up with the school’s brother school which means: slow dances
  • so you decided that your lesson that week was going to be teaching the girls the history and steps to the waltz
  • that week was also inspection week so it didn’t surprise you when one day during the week, vernon came in with a clipboard
  • the second he walks in, all the girls heads turn and they’re all like “HI MR CHOI!!!!”
  • and vernon’s just grinning like “hi everyone” and gestures for you to proceed
  • and like, you’re not even nervous bc it’s vernon, he was your closest colleague so you continue your class, showing the girls how to dance in a box formation
  • and while you’re teaching, one of your girls are like “hey, mr/ms.y/n? you should dance with mr choi so we can see how it really looks like!”
  • #sneakygirls
  • you and vernon lock eyes, internally panicking, and the kids are egging you both on like “dance dance dance dance!” and you’re like “girls, please…” but vernon is just like “it’s okay, i’ll help” and he walks up to the front
  • vernon also being awkward and shy while you were placing his hands on your body, explaining to the girls how to hold their dancing partner
  • for the next ten minutes, you danced with vernon while explaining the process to the girls but tbh they’re all squealing at how cute you and vernon are……..they’re totally shipping it
  • after, you thank vernon for helping and he’s all cool like “no problem” but when he gets out into the hallway, his cheeks start blushing red bc omg that just happened ;;
  • the rest of the week goes past with no event and before you knew it, the banquet was here
  • you and vernon both volunteered to be teacher chaperones so you both sit on the sidelines and watch the kids party and socialize
  • the whole night, vernon couldn’t stop staring at you; since the banquet was formal, you were all dressed up and you were stunning even if it was a simple look
  • vernon didn’t look too bad either, dressed up in a nice black suit except….
  • he literally wore red heart-shaped sunglasses since the dance was for valentines day…….meme
  • at one point, some girls pulled vernon onto the dancefloor and he knows all the trends so he was breaking it down with the kids while you giggled on the side
  • so towards the end, the dj is playing the last slow song and you can see everyone on the dance floor, even some teachers
  • you feel someone tap your shoulder and you turn to see vernon
  • “since there’s some teachers on the dancefloor…….can i have this dance?” vernon shyly asks with his gorgeous smile and you’re like asfhhjjj “sure~”
  • and this time, it’s not awkward, it feels right and vernon just tells you how great you look tonight and when he confesses your feelings, you’re like omg,,,,,,, but you confess too
  • after that night, it’s a lowkey relationship but tbh your girls have already sensed it and now the whole school is buzzing with rumors lol
  • vernon the type to substitute for your music period and teach the kids about rap lol
  • also gives you hip hop song choices for you to make a routine out of for your dance class (hotline bling maybe? haha jk)
  • the type to surprise you at lunch, covering your eyes and saying in a very girly tone “hi mr/ms.y/n! guess who!” “vernon i know its you” lol and then he would laugh and gives you the lunch he bought for you
  • overall, a really cute teacher couple ^^

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What did I do wrong? Was I boring? Did I ignore you?

deathless ♚ sentence meme

At the sound of that voice, he froze. He sat completely still on his bed, the book in his hands dropping to the floor, as he practically lost every strength in those slender fingers of his. He had been in that room for weeks, rarely leaving it. He had been under repairs for a couple of days, and had woken up on a working table, hooked up to various wires and tubes. And the first thing he had done, was cry. He knew what he had done. He knew. He remembered, the images wouldn’t leave him alone. 

After that, he had been escorted to his room, The Hall of Wires. And he had stayed there. He had not really talked to anyone, he had refused all physical contact. And most of the time, he would spend in silence, or with the sound of a movie playing on one of the screens. He had been reading. Maybe strumming away on his guitar. But had he opened his mouth to speak, to sing? No. 

He had assumed that it was all over, really. That it would be the last time he would see him. But now, that voice pierced the deafening silence of the room, and he froze. Emerald eyes were still directed at his hands, where his book had been. They were shaking now. Images flashed before his eyes. A few weeks ago, those fingers had been stained red. His blood had been on his hands. Why? Why was he there now?

He swallowed harshly, his simulated breath shaky, as he parted his lips, as if to breath easier. He couldn’t look at him. He could barely utter any word at all. And there was silence for a good while, before one word left his trembling, black lips. The only word he could even think of. His voice was barely noticable. But he spoke. The first word he had said in a while.

“…… No….”


a bunch of old people being scared

I need to step in to the Haunted House meme /misunderstands the purpose of the meme

At this point I’ve drawn literally everyone in this Final Fantasy installment and the game isn’t even out yet! /wrists snap /laughs

If Square doesn’t release any more info about Cor or Regis or the other characters then I’ll keep drawing them in embarrassing situations until the producers give in