Sburb assigns Roles meant to CHALLENGE people.

That being said, here are the challenges/lessons of each class and aspect. (Except for Lord and Muse, due to the lack of info on them in canon)


Heir: learn to communicate and work with others to get things done

Seer: trust yourself and your own intuition

Knight: stop hiding behind a mask and stand by your friends

Witch: inspire/motivate others and stay optimistic/learn to let your burdens go

Rogue: control your emotions/impulses and become independent

Prince: become less image focused and narcissistic

Page: step out from the shadows and accept/embrace who you are

Maid: become less self centered and care/provide for others

Sylph: accept that you have an influence on reality and aren’t powerless and then use that to heal

Bard: care about others well being and spirituality, not just your own

Mage: realize your own talents and don’t get caught up in self deprecation

Thief: don’t be so concerned with what others think of you


Space: learn to balance your imagination and being grounded; either extreme is too much

Time: you’re either too independent or too dependent

Light: break down walls around your emotions and feel the consequences of your actions

Void: break out of your anti social shell without becoming over confident

Life: learn to be lively; neither lethargic or hyper

Doom: find balance between sacrificing your time for others and keeping it all to yourself

Blood: don’t be apathetic, but don’t be too overly sensitive either

Breath: learn to be assertive, not aggressive or passive

Heart: be sensitive to your own emotions but control them; don’t let them control you and don’t repress them

Mind: don’t think of yourself higher or lower than others due to your intelligence; inform others so everyone can understand

Hope: find balance between acceptance and skepticism

Rage: learn to control your anger; don’t repress it but don’t let it control you

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I have another question I hope it doesn't bother you D: how do you find a good title for the things you write? I was kind of inspired earlier and then I realized that I don't know how to give a good title to.. well, anything


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I enjoy answering questions. It might take me a day or two if I’m tired and it’s a long answer, but I LOVE this. Please, ask away!!!

There’s a lot of different ways you could get a title together, but I will give you examples of how I’ve done it so far with various fics, explaining how I came to this “type.”

  • One word title. This practice requires paring down to the core concept of your fanfiction and finding the one word that best explains it. Amen is an Edward Scissorhands oneshot about a fairly minor character, Esmerelda (the one convinced Edward was a demon). In it, I submit the idea that Esmerelda was subject to physical and spiritual abuse at a young age, and I trail “The Lord’s Prayer” through the narrative. You close such a prayer with “Amen” so I named the fic this. Unfurled is a Maleficent oneshot where she goes flying with Diaval for the first time since regaining her wings, I believe this one is mostly self explanatory. Sometimes there is a twist in the meaning, like with Broken (UndertaleXMSA crossover). One would think, by the first two chapters, I am referencing broken lives or broken hearts or something very sad. But toward the end of the third chapter, a character triumphantly states that it is the cycle of hatred and murder that has been broken, a victorious declaration that changes the understanding of the fic title.
  • Half a common phrase. I implemented this in the Thicker Than Water series (MSA) with the following titles: (revenge is a dish) Best Served Cold, (a fate) Worse Than Death, (actions speak) Louder Than Words, What Doesn’t Kill Us (makes us stronger). The thing about all these titles is that most people know the (other half of the phrase). But they can supply the other half (most of the time, I know not everyone knows these), and it becomes an interesting question and hints at the theme of the fic.
  • Song Titles. Use this one with caution. I’ve done this with the Just Legends series (MSA) with the following titles: Things We Lost, The Weight of Living, Torn Apart, and Laughter Lines (upcoming). I decided to stick to a theme and kept them all Bastille songs. Each fic title had to be a song title that related both in song title and lyric content. For example, Things We Lost, both in the song and my fic, are about never being able to recover exactly what was destroyed, but trying to pick up the pieces and move forward in the aftermath. I set an extra challenge to myself that all chapter titles had to be song lyric fragments that related to the chapter contents, but didn’t necessarily have to be Bastille songs.
  • Made up words. This is another “use with caution” because it has to make sense. In the Resilience Saga (Invader Zim) it makes sense because I have an alien race to work with, one with a foreign language. Hence the one-word made up words titles: Maneem, Mekrelmar, Danem, Sempadinum, Scarazial, and Zaygam. Either the summary or some part of the fanfic itself had to define and explain the word. It was actually a lot of fun to do this because it kept everyone guessing what the word I’d come up with meant up until I revealed it in some chapter or another.
  • Theme. You could say that “song titles” and “half a common phrase” points lie under this as well, but if you are doing a series of fanfictions together, it’s good to have a memorable theme that relates the titles. I did another Invader Zim series that always had a color in the title: Green Angel, Red Eyes, White Demon, Black Ties. Again, each title had to have some central meaning to the fic, even if it was only mentioned briefly, it had to be important enough to warrant naming the story after it.
  • X and X. Sometimes I would pick two important similar objects in the fic, or two opposite objects in the fic, and use them as title components. Pennies and Paperclips (similar) is an Invader Zim fanfiction speculating about GIR’s origins, and it refers to the junk the Tallests dropped into his head to make him work and how that’s really more important than anybody though. Burlap and Silk (opposite) is a How The Grinch Stole Christmas fanfiction where Cindy Lou is orphaned and the right to adopt her is fought over by the Mayor (who wears silk and is opulent) and the Grinch (who lives in garbage and wears burlap sacks).
  • Crack Titles. Self explanatory. Have fun with them. For example (although my soul died a little bit): Taht’s gr8 111 is a legitimate Invader Zim crack fanfiction that my name is attached to.

I’ve done others that don’t require a lot of thought, but the types above are definitely ones I’ve had the most fun with. I really like imbuing a fic title with as much of the core meaning as possible.

UK Petition: to require government bodies to accept gender-neutral honorifics


When interacting with the government you often have to provide a title from a preset list of options. Many people prefer to use no title, or a gender-neutral title: government bodies should offer gender-neutral options e.g. “Mx”, as well as the option to use no title at all.

[Image: a screenshot of a green and grey progress bar from the petition website showing that the petition has 292 of 10,000 required signatures.]

This is so important, and for a few minutes I wasn’t going to promote it, because I already have Mx on all my government paperwork and records. But then I realised that if this gets to 10,000 signatures, the Government will have to release an official statement saying that titles aren’t legally binding and that they already accept Mx on records.

That would be a HUGE victory for nonbinary people and people who don’t want to indicate a gender with their title. So please, if you are in the UK or might have followers who are, consider reblogging this. <3

Thank you for your time!

PS: Probably a good time to mention my Freedom of Information Act request of the DWP about how many customers have Mx on their records compared to other titles.