EXTREMELY   low key — another milestone??   REALLY?!  i JUST posted that bias list last week. wtf are ya’ll doing to me?   i am   s o b b i n g   right now. you’ve ruined me in the best way possible. i can’t thank you enough for all your love!! 

Broadway Casting Meme

Alright friends I’m opening up casting again for ONE DAY AND ONE DAY ONLY bum bUM BUM. (Until tomorrow night :D)

Da Rulez

- Must be following me!

- Submit a picture of yourself here!

- Be sure to include what gender roles you want (if you don’t specify I’ll cast you in any roles)

- Reblog this post when you’re done!! :D

( I can also do Disney if you’d like, just let me know! )

(for friends who don’t want to see all these, they’ll all be under #casting)


So I’m working hard on the project for Darwin Day; all I can reveal is it involves movies. So apparently, to take a break from making videos, I make… a video. 

Sequel to this.