Ships Meme

So Michaela is helping me come up with a multi-fandom ships meme. Because I wanted to photoshop but no memes I came across really made me want to do them all the way through.

○ a ship i never thought i’d ship
○ a ship from my childhood
○ a canon ship that i adore
○ a ship on an actual ship
○ a ship in which one half is dead
○ a genderswapped ship
○ a ship my friend coerced me into editing
○ a warrior ship
○ a time-traveling ship
○ a ship from a book
○ a historical ship
○ an ‘opposites attract’ ship
○ a ship so non-canon it physically pains you
○ a recently made canon ship
○ a crossover ship


Screencap Meme - The Bransons + Touch Me

Requested by piperholmes