1/31 Days of ISS - Favourite Male OC

Nicholas MacDougal & Alfie Hudson

It’s not that I couldn’t decide between the two (which I couldn’t) and it’s not that they’re similar (not even slightly). They couldn’t be played by more different players and yet, they have a lot of things in common. It is no secret that I obsessively fangirl over ISS’s males in general and that I had a hard time picking somebody to inaugurate this meme with, but in the end, I feel like these two were the only real option for me. Maybe I’m cheating, by picking two instead of the regulatory one, but I’d rather cheat than leave one of these two out of my selection for the day. Najooj and Arti are absolutely fabulous writers in their own right and for them to create lovable characters isn’t that new. Yet, I feel like the mold was broken when these two came flying into the site.

They’re both attractive, sure, and they’re both ridiculous, even truer, but what makes them my pick is the dynamics they have managed to establish on the site. They stay true to form and the writing with which they are portrayed is flawless. I’ve laughed so hard and guffawed incredulously at the interaction between these two (and separately as well) that I can’t believe I am not witnessing a real life portrayal of friends. Nicholas is so unapologetically in your face with his ego and his charm and Alfie is so adorable in his somewhat innocent personality and tentative confidence that, separately, create iconic characters to follow by. Together? They implode.