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Stelena Forever Meme || [1] Moment You Fell In Love With Stelena

↳ 1x02: The Night of the Comet

#( wheezes about FORWOOD. jealous caroline in her black dress. tyler asking her to make it crystal clear. #cries about caroline holding tyler after his first full moon bc she knows! she knows what it feels like to lose control over your body #and she doesn’t want tyler to go through it alone. #THROWS TABLES BC TYLER BROKE EVERY BONE IN HIS BODY ONE HUNDRED TIMES FOR THE WOMEN HE LOVES #SCREAMS bc until we find a way #WHERE IS THE WAY THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO FIND A WAY #also all the sex #could they be any hotter?? #my babies. )  (via fangsalaforbes)

Bad Things x Enzo St. John

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What had gotten into Enzo’s mind to fall in love with a human, once again? But he couldn’t think about that right now, not with [Y/N] right next to him.
Ever since he was back in Mystic Falls, he seemed to come across [Y/N] everywhere. So it was obvious that they’d end up at the bar one night, on the stools right next to each other. Both of them getting drunk, and eventually starting a conversation.
[Y/N] complaining how the Salvatore brothers were the worst, how they in some way always got her into trouble, while [Y/N] literally did nothing but watch TV shows and hang out with her friends. Still, they managed to get her in between everything.
Enzo had laughed about that, and said that that was the Salvatore brothers. So they kept on complaining about the whole town, and every person in it.
‘You’re literally the only vampire that is not that bad.’ [Y/N] grinned, taking another sip of her drink.
‘Well, and you’re the only human I’d rather see with their head attached to their body, love.’ Enzo had said back, raising his glass, as if he was toasting to that. [Y/N] had looked a bit stunned at first, but then burst into a fit of laughter.
‘Finally someone with a sense of humor.’ Enzo grinned, taking a sip from his glass.
‘Tell me about it,’ [Y/N] had sighed. ‘But let’s stop talking about that. I’m sure a vampire as you has many stories to tell.’
‘I do.’ He looked at his glass and swirled it around. ‘But they’re all the basic boring stuff. You know, tragedy human history, got his heart broken, spent some time in some dark cellar, got betrayed by the only person he trusted, that kinda stuff. I’m more into human drama. So, make me drool with your human stories.’ He grinned at her, shuffling his stool closer to her so that her legs were almost stuck between his.
[Y/N] should’ve felt uncomfortable, but she didn’t. It felt weird. And complicated.
‘It’s not that interesting.’ [Y/N] smiled, starting to feel the alcohol a bit too much. Or was the intoxicated feeling radiating from Enzo’s body?
‘The night’s young, we’re both kinda drunk, so what’s holding you back?’
[Y/N] looked up to him, not sure what to say next.
‘It’s complicated.’
‘Ah, I see,’ Enzo laughed. ‘You know I can make you forget about it all for a bit, right?’ Enzo whispered just loud enough for [Y/N] to hear, while he placed his index finger underneath her chin, but not in a dominant way.
‘I … Eh … What do you mean?’ She asked, afraid for the answer.
‘Well, I may not be a bad vampire, but I want to do bad things to you.’ Enzo winked, and then gave [Y/N] a cheeky grin, sitting back straight on his stool.
And what [Y/N] did next, surprised the both of them. She pulled on Enzo’s shirt, pulling him almost of his stool, closer to her.
‘That’d be great.’ She whispered, grinning too. He wasn’t the only one that could play his little game.
She then pushed him back, leaving him bewildered on the stool, one foot on the ground and his leather jacket pushed off on one shoulder. It was as if a hurricane had locally found place, right around Enzo. [Y/N] walked out of the bar, not giving Enzo one more glance. Her heart was beating fast, still surprised by her own actions.
‘I can hear your heartbeat, love.’ She heard Enzo say, as soon as she was outside. ‘You’re trying to fool a vampire,’ Enzo suddenly stood right in front of her. ‘Very daring, I love that.’ He grinned, taking a step closer, making [Y/N] take a step backwards.
‘What can I say, I’m insane,’ [Y/N]  softly breathed out. ‘That happens when you live in a town like this.’
‘Good thing I’m the same.’ Enzo smiled, cupping her face and kissing her on the lips, without flinching about it.
[Y/N] really didn’t think about it twice either, and kissed him back, right then and there.
Enzo let go of her lips, only to place them next to her lips, on her cheekbone, right under her cheekbone, on her neck, and softly nibbling on the soft skin there.
She could feel his fangs coming out, but it didn’t even scare her. Enzo did stop and looked at her, his eyes dark and his fangs all out now.
But he quickly recovered, and the dark eyes turned into eyes filled with lust.
‘Let’s go.’ He whispered, picked her up in one swift movement and ran towards her house.


GET TO KNOW ME:  Favorite Relationship [1/5] Klaus/Caroline

“Oh, I will be cruel to you, Caroline Forbes. It will stop your breath, how cruel I can be. But you understand, don’t you? You are clever enough. I am a demanding creature. I am selfish and cruel and extremely unreasonable. But I am your servant. When you starve I will feed you; when you are sick I will tend you. I crawl at your feet; for before your love, your kisses, I am debased. For you alone I will be weak.+

I Could Never Love Like That

So now witches can be vampires now? What happened to the balance of nature and all the stuff Bonnie’s Grams was saying when Bonnie was first getting involved in vampire business? Do the writers really take us for fools? 

Someone needs to give Bonnie’s mom a call. I’m sure she would love to hear this