meme: plz

anyone have that video that’s like. a creepypasta thing and it’s a recording of a radio station and the conversation between the current host and the one that’s coming up and he’s possessed or something? one line i remember was after the spooky thing happened the guy called again and was acting normal and was like “are you alone?” and he said “yeah” and the other guy said “ok we’ll be there soon” or smth

i think it was made by the same guys who made marble hornets. anyone have it?

Friendly reminder, this type of shit is homophobic! This degrades the legitimacy of w|w relationships to a “backup plan” for women who can’t find men who think they’re good enough. This is harmful to w|w relationships and any LGBTQ+ woman. To the 35.4k straight women who think this is cute, educate yourselves and STOP WITH THESE POSTS!

I was watching power rangers the other night and my sister pointed out that Trini’s family dynamic seems like one of divorce and that got me thinking that Trini’s mom isn’t actually her mom but she’s her stepmom and that’s why shes overbearing and why she wants Trini to open up more. It makes sense and I need someone talented to write it plz.