meme: mv to movie

MV to Movie: Sadisgate

Horror/Thriller. A psychopath who identifies himself on the internet as “Tsuzuku” invites people interested in an exotic proposal of sex to his place where he tortures and mutilates their bodies before kills them. The police already noticed him but could really someone stop his clueless sadistic way of pleasure?

MV to Movie: BIGBANG’s Beautiful Hangover

After a bitter point of his relationship, Taeyang decided to erase the memory of his girlfriend to help him move on with his life. He paid Daesung a handsome amount of money to do the job, by giving him a scientifically developed drug that will erase the unwanted memory of the human. Taeyang fell into what he thinks as a beautiful hangover.

mv to movie: SNSD’s Bad Girl

drama. stressed all their lives by the demanding world of beauty pageants, 9 strangers befriend each other as they lose themselves in the lively and unpredictable scene of New York City. Without any money or guidance, the girls must learn to stick together as they battle against a dangerous and terrifying world they never knew.

mv to movie | bolero, dbsk (requested by anon) –

horror; drama — a rising ballerina is murdered after finishing her most important performance; being found without her feet causes a team of five detectives to discover even more unexpected events which sketch a spiderweb of unpredictable connections.

mv to movie; gtop | knockout (ver. 1)

genre; comedy

plot; when two best friends get themselves into a little too much trouble, they are forced to sign up for the local “big brother” program, and against their will are given two wild, opinionated nine year olds to take under their wings. but resentment slowly turns into admiration when these two little girls out-swag the kings of swag themselves.